• Me:*wears professional business outfit* *knocks on door*
  • Person:*opens door* Oh hello...
  • Me:Hello there, I would like to talk to you about Phil Lester. He's close to 3 million and needs your help to get him there. Would you like to subscribe to him on YouTube?
  • Person:*begins to close door* Um no thanks
  • Me:*stops door with foot* pLEASE IT WILL JUST TAKE A MINUTE --
  • Person:I said no!! *steps on my foot and slams door*
  • Me:SUBSCRIBE TO HIM DO IT *slips pamphlets through crack* *bangs on door* GET HIM TO 3 MILLION PLEASE HE DESERVES IT COME ON SUBSCRIBE RIGHT NOW --
New Zodiac Outfits!

☆ the stars have decided your outfits! ☆

Aries: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Taurus: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Gemini: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Cancer: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Leo: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Virgo: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Libra: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Scorpio: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Sagittarius: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Capricorn: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Aquarius: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

Pisces: Top - Bottoms - Dress - Jewellery

☆ message me what you think of yours!

who the signs should subscribe to right now!!
  • Aries:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Taurus:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Gemini:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Cancer:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Leo:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Virgo:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Libra:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Scorpio:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Sagittarius:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Capricorn:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Aquarius:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>
  • Pisces:<a href="m.youtube.com/user/AmazingPhil">x </a>

so i just stumbled across this website and found such cute clothes and accessories omg you guys have to check them out;

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We were out and about this weekend brainstorming some travel plans for 2016! Traveling with an infant and a toddler seems overwhelming to me to be honest. Flying, nap times, coordinating ways to still #EatWell while traveling, and I’m really inspired with what @westin is doing. They’re finding ways to genuinely add wonder and exploration to family stays and travel in a lot of ways. #WonderAwaits #Westin #Spon