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Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 17 Spoiler Images

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Young Jump Cover. <— It looks fabulous! (●´∀`●)

Result for character popularity poll.

No.1: Kirishima Touka
No.2: Kaneki Ken
No.3: Sasaki Haise
No.4: Nagachika Hideyoshi

Mutsuki: …!? Eh? Huh? …

Mutsuki: (I… was in the middle of investigation…  I rode on Nutcracker’s car… And then… And then…)

Mutsuki: (No good, my consciousness is drifting away…)

Mutsuki: (Su-Suzuya-san…? …Anyone…)

Participant: Have you seen the catalog? My item is also in the line up.

Participant: Really, it has been a while.

Participant: It hasn’t started yet. Ah, I’m so nervous.

Participant: △~□◯△◯◯~

Participant: What an interesting line up. It would be great if it’s a child.

Participant: There are stuff that’s not in the catalog, too. I’ll ask my house chef to cook it.

Participant: Recently, they also sell Doves’s eyes.

Participant: Is the person over there Big Madame?

Black-haired Person: You have gotten a good seat.

Kanae: …Indeed.

Kanae: (The groups in hoods… They were also in the passageway… Are they Madame’s bodyguards…? How shady…)

Scarecrow: …□▽▽◯~…

Scarecrow: △□◯△◯◯▽◯

<— Japanese? Nope, Playstation’s controller language for life! (  ̄▽ ̄ )

Big Madame: I’m so looking forward to this~ I wonder if there will be kids that are to my liking…!?

Big Madame: Guho, Guho, Guho! C'mon, my new human pet-chan~♥

*** Guho is how Big Madame’s laugh sounds, I suppose. ^^;

Participant: Oh my!!

Uta: Ladies and Gentlemen, apologies for the long wait.

Uta: This is the auction where numerous famous and rare items are gathered!

Uta: Human, human, human…

Uta: The auction that dealt with humans is the specialty that belongs to only us in the ghoul world.

Uta: Be careful of Doves on the way home. I pray that everyone will not be converted into a box. <— Suave Uta like always. :D

Everyone laughs at Uta’s words.

Uta: Sorry for the late introduction…

Uta: Please let us, the Clown be in charge of the host, as well as the auction.

Uta: Well then, everyone, please enjoy the auction to your heart content.

<— They aren’t even hiding the fact they are Clowns. Σ( ̄□ ̄lll) 

Mutsuki: —Hello… It’s Mutsuki Rank 3… Please respond…

Mutsuki: It’s no use. Am I being so faraway that I couldn’t communicate?

Mutsuki: …That’s right. The plan was… to ride on Nutcracker’s car together with Suzuya Associate Special…

Mutsuki: We traveled for a bit before I feel drowsy…

Mutsuki: …CCG is—

Mutsuki: Sensei and the rest are aware of this place, right…?

Mutsuki: …I… What should I do?

Nutcracker: Carry them!

Roma: I shall introduce the following item.

Roma: The next item is the actor, Okura Yoshiki!

Okura: Please stop—!!

Roma: He is the famous actor who starred in the drama “Play Ball”… Has anyone here ever been brought to tears by his performance?

Okura: Uh~ I will talk~

Roma: Oh my, oh my. What a wonderful performance! Everyone has a good look at it!

Uta: The starting price is 10 millions! Those who have interest in bidding, please put up your paddles!

Uta: 10 millions 400 thousands! 11 millions! 11 millions 600 thousands! 14 millions! 18 millions!

Uta: At the moment, the ones who still have interest are No. 33 and… No. 1! It is going to be a one-on-one match!

Kanae: What value is there for a mere actor who goes downhill. His body is no longer at his prime.

Black-haired Person: It’s easy to put expensive price on actors and celebrities.

Kanae: In any case, it’s a terrible hobby.

Uta: The current price has reached 24 millions!

Kanae: …Ahem.

Uta: 24 millions…! 30 millions…! 34 millions…!!

Monsieur Clock wins the bid.

Saeki: —That person is?

???: That’s too bad, Madame.

Big Madame: IT’S FINE! It’s not like I want it that badly!

Ayato: That person is called “Monsieur Clock” in this place.

Ayato: He is different from the Big Madame. He’s also a wealthy ghoul, though I have no idea where he gets them from.

Saeki: To think humans can be traded for such a price. I wonder how many years worth of me working as taxi driver to get that much…

Ayato: The value depends on the person though.

Uta: Well then, the next item is…

Ayato: For example, from the line up just now, the women who aren’t even written in the catalog are cheap. The upper class ghouls won’t touch them but they are at the affordable price range for moderate ghouls.

Ayato: Well, it’s because somewhere in their heart, they think those humans are worthless, that’s why they are able to put a price tag on them.

Uta: And so, it is sold for 400 thousands! A quick bid like that is also helpful!

Ayato: There are times when they trade it for even more cheaper price.

Saeki: (If only I have money…)

Hinami: Ayato-kun.

Ayato: …What’s wrong?

Hinami: …Something is odd.

Uta: Well then, I shall once again introduce a last minute item.

Uta: Please take note that this item is not listed in the catalog.

Mutsuki: Wait— What are you… It hurts…

Uta: Well then…

Uta: The starting price is 1 million… 

Mutsuki: Eh?


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