• The Spokeman: Doctor Moira Vahlen, you stand before this council accused of illegal genetic experimentation. How do you plead?
  • Vahlen: Not guilty! My experiments are only theoretical, and completely within moral boundaries.
  • The Spokesman: We believe you actually...created something.
  • Vahlen: Created something? But that would be irresponsible and unethical. I would never ever-
  • [The Viper King is revealed]
  • Vahlen: -make...more than one.

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I think you're right about Simon being afraid of Louis but I also think Simon KNOWS Louis is the band's weakness. Louis is the leader, protector & the spokeman. I have no doubt that Louis has personally taken on other people's stunts so that they don't have to as well. To take down the band you have to remove the supporting pillar = Louis. Then you need to embarrass the band until they decide it's either a) not worth it to suffer b) dangerous for their future to stay associated (to each other)

Right I agree but that’s where Simon Cowell got fucked. See, with Five (or 5ive or however the fuck you spell it) some of the boys legitimately hated each other and they were plagued by internal issues that rendered them entirely ineffective against Cowell.

Not so with One Direction. Because they went bigger and they went further and, in the process, they bonded tighter and closer and chose to fight for each other and have each other’s backs. I think the others are well aware that Louis is a critical pillar of support, an advocate, a leader, and a businessman. And I think they’re smart enough to protect this.

All four signed with Irving Azoff. All four. And what that tells me is that they did this together, they chose to take this on together no matter how much the media is currently portraying them as separate entities.

Simon Cowell is like Voldemort in Harry Potter. He’s lost because he doesn’t know what real friendship and real love is. Love forces an allegiance stronger than simple business can understand and those four boys love each other so much that they’re still fighting for each other after five years. Simon Cowell is Voldy. Think of that anytime it gets maddening. I do, and it helps me.

I'm happy now with the fact that Bryan left the band

Probably I’m the only one but I don’t care


  • We met Brandon which is an awesome drummer

  • if Bryan stayed in the background as a drummer we wouldn’t known him as a singer

  • Bryan has a lot of talent and couldn’t be just a drummer

  • We wouldn’t listened his songs and new sounds for us

  • The band had to grow up to make a lot of important decisions by themselves

  • Jesse had to took a position of a spokeman which is hard

  • Bryan took a great chance to make it worth himself without the nbhd

  • Bryan gave us more that he would given us as a drummer

  • The band had many challenges that tested themselves

  • The nbhd now has a lot of responsibilities which we can see how they manage them

  • We can see the real problems and stop playing

So they need to keep working on it but i think that they’ll make it work soon. 


The already very thin line between Real Life Peter and the Cardinal – who is of course ALSO him (especially when they both have on the little hat and Greatest Mustache) – does rather disappear completely when Real Life Peter contemplates just exactly WHY Armand finds the happy-go-lucky Musketeers So Damn Annoying.

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apparently the senate voted to repeal the aca and defund planned parenthood. i hate this country. but why didnt bernie even vote on the bill. i thought he supported planned parenthood and obamacare.

He does support those things. In the wake of the terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood in Colorado he called the bill that just passed, “a witch hunt for an organization that provides critical health care services, from reproductive health care to cancer screenings and preventative services to millions of Americans.

According to his campaign spokeman, Michael Briggs, “By the time of the final vote, [Sanders] had a plane to catch for New Hampshire.

Now, that doesn’t really seem like a good excuse, but lets actually look at what that means in the context of how our government works. 

First, the bill passed 52-47, which means that 99 senators voted on the bill. That also means that if Bernie votes, the bill passes 52-48 and Bernie misses his flight. 

And this isn’t a private jet like most of the other candidates for President. He waits for his flight just like the rest of us.

And travels coach to his destination

Anyways, now the bill goes to the House to be voted on. Republicans have control of the House, so it will likely pass there as well. The full bill will then end up on Obama’s desk to be vetoed. 

Or, as how Bernie put it, “The bill we are debating today is a complete waste of time. This is just another reason why the American people have so little respect for the Congress. There are major crises facing our country, and the Republican leadership once again is attempting to repeal Obamacare…. Obama is not going to sign a bill repealing Obamacare. I think that is not likely to happen.

If he voted or not would have made no difference on the outcome. It would have been ceremonial at best. In some ways not voting is just exemplifying how much of a time waste he feels the bill is.