San and some of her Kodama friends.  Can you guess what they’re looking at? :)

Sharing another snippet of a larger piece for the @spokeart Miyazaki gallery show.  It will be happening on Feb 4-25th in San Francisco!


Working on my piece for an art show tribute to the films of Jeunet and Caro, coming soon to @spoke_art in San Francisco. Portrait is oil on canvas paper. 💇🏻 #amelie #spokeart #spokeartgallery #jeunetandcaro

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I did a bunch of free sketches for people in line at the SpokeArt booth at NYCC. I’ve never done con sketches before, and the results were…varied. Still, it was fun if terrifying. Not used to drawing with people watching. Also, not used to drawing while wearing pants. My apologies to everyone in line when I took my pants off.

These are the ones I remembered to take photos of- there was another Batman, an Iron Man, and a portrait I did for a girl of herself…maybe a few others. It was quite a blur!


Thanks for everyone who made it out to the ‘Jeunet and Caro’ show last night at Spoke Art. This gallery has no problem bringing in the crowds, and with a line up of great talent on the wall, it was no surprise. The salon style gallery gave the feeling of being in a collectors den, of someone who had been a big fan of Audrey Tautou, opening the work to the public for the first time.