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This will be my absolute last post on the MM debacle, and I will no longer even read anything about this individual who has nothing to do with anything in my OL, or Sam and Cait orbit. But one last thing to ponder…

I decided to look at Sam’s IG post to see how many likes that glorious picture has (so close to 80k!…talk about making a statement folks), and noticed the negative comments that have been added over the past few days. This made me mindful. While we have been so focused on the nastiness of MM’s post and comments, we failed to see that they were beginning to also be directed at Sam on a picture that clearly means something to him since he posted it on his IG account.

Can this be the real reason he spoke up? And, while he did post on MM’s IG as well, which was ok since that nastiness was due to his supposed affiliation ( and rightfully so), but what really set him off was the shade that was beginning to permeate a special picture with Cait? We KNOW that Sam protects Cait at all costs….we have seen it. And, did he finally snap because he didn’t want Cait touched by all of this? And then to have Cait support him……well, that speaks volumes to me. Remember the last time….he ONLY spoke up when Cait got dragged in, and just maybe, it is the same now. We are too focused on the meaningless people here, but no more for me.

So, no more MM, no more speculation on this topic, and I stand tall on this ship. I will focus on OL, and the love that I know S&C have for each other.

Happy Friday, and spread some love today!💗


120: “When I was young, Grandfather told me I must have a thankful heart. Being able to become a celebrity today, I am especially fortunate. I am able to receive so much love from the fans and have some small fame, so all the more I must be thankful. When I received news of this, no matter what, I must attend this charity event.”

A Different World
  • Dwayne: What kind of husband do you want Whitley?
  • Whitley: What do you think?
  • Dwayne: Rich.
  • Whitley: I thought you knew me better than that...I would like a man who is educated,um enterprising,and ambitious.
  • Dwayne: So, you wouldn't mind if he was poor?
  • Whitley: That kind of man is never poor.
  • Me: *nods approvingly*
Imagine This

Imagine if Mark and Lexie hadn’t died.
Just humor me.
Like, Derek wouldn’t have accepted the job in DC, because Mark would have told him how big of an idiot he was being for thinking about taking it, because that would be basically throwing away the relationship with Mer, because you know how mad she was. And he would’ve told him that he couldn’t leave his kids for that long. Just no. And with that, Derek wouldn’t have been in that accident.
And that whole thing with Arizona and Callie wouldn’t have happened like it did, because Mark would have spoke with reason.
And he would’ve been able to see Sofia grow up.
And if Lexie had lived, Cristina wouldn’t have had PTSD about hearing the wolves eating Lexie.
And Lexie and Mer could’ve been happy sisters.
And Mark and Lexie could’ve been happy together.
Just imagine.

Dean can’t connect with his mother, not like Sam. The nostalgia fueled fantasy created by foggy memories and stories John told over and over about his late wife don’t mesh with now living person in the room down the hall.
It’s not the big things, but the little. Fantasies are usually better than reality anyway.
Sam has no memories and didn’t hang on every word his father spoke. For some reason Sam and Mary can talk for hours.
Dean can for a little while, but something always comes up, something to change a memory or one of his long held beliefs that he thinks make him who he is.
He sits and thinks on things too long, deep in thought at a table in the library when he should be sleeping.
He thinks about calling Cas again, knows he won’t be sleeping but knows that at 3 am most of the conversation would be about why Dean should be asleep.
He has been doing that more and more, talking to Cas, calling him for no reason or when he is unsure or feels out of place.
He knows there will be an adjustment period to having a mom, he just hopes it will be over soon and the feeling of home will seep in, like he always imagined it would feel to have a mother.
His phone glows in the darkened room, his resolve runs out and he hits the little phone on the screen then the 2 that speed dials Cas.
The ring only lasts a second before stopping and the scruffy voice on the other end answers, “ Dean, is everything okay, or are you unable to sleep again?”
“Hey Cas, I can’t sleep, everything is fine.” Dean answers looking down at the table,“ I’m just… I don’t know..”
“Thinking?” Cas finishes the thought for him.
“Yeah, maybe,” Dean leans back in the chair and looks to the stairs, wishing he could leave and go to wherever Cas is.
“Dean you should try and sleep, you’ve called the last five nights in a row. It worries me, you can’t keep going on so little.” Cas’ voice is quiet and sincere.
Dean thinks it and says the words at the same time before he can stop them falling from his mouth, “I miss you Cas, I wish you were here or I was there.”
The moment of silence from the other end has him squeezing his eyes shut and rubbing the bridge of his nose, regretting the words.
“I can be there in an hour if I drive fast.” Finally breaks through the speaker. “I miss you too.”
“Please, if your not busy, if you’ve got something you need to do… I mean, I know your busy buddy.” Dean tried to sound indifferent.
“I’ll be there by 4:15, do you want me to stay on the line while I drive, I have questions about a few things I encountered today.” The door to the old truck closed in the background and the radio came on with the engine.
“Yeah what happened?” Dean relaxed and leaned on the table waiting to hear about the angel’s day.
“What does ‘bamf’ mean? I think someone referred to me by that today while I was questioning someone. I didn’t know if I should be offended.” Cas asked.
Dean just smiled and relaxed a little more, forgetting all of the worried thoughts he had been having only a few minutes before.

Marielena always loved the cold, though that was before she’d had a daughter who didn’t appreciate the cold like she had. As the snow fell, and it piled up high enough for her daughter to giggle and have fun, Marielena found herself happier. Since her husband disappeared, she wasn’t exactly in the happiest state, but mostly just ‘getting by’. Hearing her daughter laugh, and watching as the already pretty city turned into a winter wonderland only warmed her heart. She turned her head to see her daughter about to throw a ball of snow she’d just prepared and before interjecting the girl threw the snow which landed on a complete stranger. “Oh shit.” She cursed, she was far enough that her daughter wouldn’t hear her foul language, though close enough to reach the scene in less than twenty seconds. As she reached the stranger, her daughter was still giggling not realizing she’d yet out of play mode. “I’m so sorry!” She spoke though, for some reason, a small laugh couldn’t help but escape her lips. Maybe it was their reaction to the snow, or maybe it was the look of pure evil her daughter was emitting that she couldn’t help but think was adorable. She bit her lip trying to stop the giggles. 

i spoke to a new alter (who im calling alexia as a placeholder name), she basically gave me a lecture about my pursuit of the truth (trying to remember trauma). She said it was disrespectful to the protectors who have worked so hard to keep this kind of stuff hidden so I can live a semi-normal life, and that theres literally no reason to want to find out the truth because i would gain nothing from it and it would only hurt me more. Shes probably right and im just a curious person, maybe I enjoy being ignorant, because ignorance is bliss. 

She seemed a bit blunt and stern, i dont think i like her from this first impression, and she brought up some personal memories that made me question their legitimacy.

Dating Mark Would Include
  • him being a sweetheart to you constantly, he was like your perfect boyfriend.
  • you guys did fight but he didn’t raise his voice at you, he spoke softly trying to reason out with you.
  • you guys would make up by saying the things you both could of done better, and hug it out like you always do.
  • he’d hug you so hard, that you both fell on the couch.
  • he hugged you like he was afraid that if he let go you’d leave him, which you never would.
  • when the members came over, it was an absolute blast everybody got along together.
  • Jackson kept the mood up with his comedic self, he was also your partner in crime. 
  • Bambam was like your older brother, but he felt like a younger brother with his cute face.
  • Jaebum was like your sexy cousin, and to which Mark got upset when you told him that but you reassured him that you were the only one you saw.
  • he’d surprise you randomly just for fun, and you’d be delighted at the things he thought of.
  • you were jealous a little bit because of the girls he was around everyday, but you knew that you could trust him.
  • at the end of a tiring day, he’d come to you with his arms open wide just to cuddle.
  • it was a necessity for him to cuddle with you every night, you didn’t mind you loved it actually.

if you want me to describe what dating (person) would be like just ask!

Puppy Danvers

Damn, I am so bad at getting these done on time. (Though, it is still Saturday where I live.) And I’m still putting off homework to finish it.

“Keira, what are your plans for this weekend?”

Kara stopped short in her approach to Cat’s desk. Her eyes bulged and a tiny squeak escaped her throat.

This is it! a voice cried out in her head, before her rational mind could catch up. She’s asking me out!

Don’t be ridiculous, her voice of reason spoke up. Of course she isn’t. Cat Grant will never see me that way.

“Um, well I –”

“I’ll tell you what your plans are. You see, I’ve finally agreed to let Carter get a puppy. His therapist suggested it, and he’s been begging me for years. So this weekend, you are going to stay with us and help him train it.”

Kara’s mouth dropped open at the unexpected information. Of all the reasons Cat Grant might have had for wanting her assistant’s weekend open, that was definitely not one Kara had considered.

Kara’s surprise quickly turned to pure excitement. A PUPPY!

Cat rolled her eyes at the blindingly bright smile stretching over the girl’s face. Her heart most certainly did not swell at its appearance.

“A puppy? That’s so exciting!” An audible sigh left Cat’s lips. She honestly couldn’t comprehend how Kara could always be so full of positive energy. It sometimes exhausted Cat just to observe. “But, why do you want my help?”

“Well God knows I don’t have the time myself, and his nanny will be in Metropolis for her grandmother’s birthday. Besides, you’re perfect for the job, considering you’re basically a puppy already.”

Kara cocked her head to the side, brows furrowed and eyes wide, like this notion confused her. Cat fought the irrational instinct to pat the girl on the head. “What? How am I like –”

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She was smiling at you, something you found slightly unnerving but then she spoke and for some reason you felt a little bit better. “You’ve got the potential to help a lot of people. You could do a lot of good with the right training. I can offer you that training. I can also offer you a way out of this that doesn’t involve me putting a bullet through your brain, which I’d honestly rather not do. SHIELD doesn’t think you’re worth the trouble but I disagree. I’m giving you a chance to prove that to them. So what are you going to do?”

*not my gif

I am helping a male friend of mine produce his first indie film

(I’ve been in the industry for 10 years, he’s just starting out). 

Since starting pre-pro he has been fighting against every recommendation I’ve made for this project. He recently called to tell me that he has given in on one decision I have been pushing for months. 

The reason? He spoke with my husband earlier that day and MY HUSBAND thought it was a good idea. 


Being Not Fluent In Korean Really Sucks

The biggest setback I struggle with as a half Korean who has been in the US my entire life is not being fluent in the language. My mother was completely fluent as she was born in Seoul and lived there for years before she moved to the US for my white dad. She still spoke Korean when she was talking to herself and her Korean friends/family but for some reason, she spoke English with me and my sister.

The only time she ever really used Korean for us is when she would call us “이쁘다” (pretty), and sometimes she’d ask if we knew what that meant and we’d say yes, because we picked it up easily. She would always look so happy and proud about it. It makes my heart ache. The only other words we knew were really basic ones like “안녕하세요” (hello) and “감사합니다” (thank you).

For years, the only Korean I knew was that, and I didn’t feel the need to learn any more because I didn’t care much about connecting with my Korean side. That changed after I got into Kpop. I’ve been a fan for years now, and it still amazes me how I can see actual living, breathing Korean people singing and dancing and acting and being stars. Because we all know how Koreans are nonexistent in American entertainment.

So, my feelings took a complete turn around. I started to get immense urges to learn Korean. I started with Hangeul, and I got the hang of it much easier and quicker than I thought I would. That was last year, and now I know how to read and write it, and I’m confident about it. I still struggle with the bottom character sounds because they can change from their original sound, (like ㅊ usually has the “ch” sound but sometimes it can be a “t” sound), but other than that, I’m 100% good.

I now know a lot more words than I did in the past. I aim to learn a new one all the time. Sometimes I get discouraged because I know that learning Korean is hard, and that it will take years before I can speak it as good as other Koreans, but I always get motivated again.

My spaces to use Korean are very limited however, as my mother passed away years ago and my sister is also a beginner. My dad knows how to read and write it, but he is only a beginner too. The only time we can be around Korean people in real life is at church, because it’s a Korean church.

I use much more Korean online than I do in real life, because I have a Kpop blog. Sometimes when I comment in the tags, I’ll use Korean instead of English. I’m sure that most of the time, my sentences are terribly disarranged, and that I might be using the wrong words for the specific context, but being able to make simple sentences in Korean makes me so happy. Because it’s a huge difference from my nonexistent Korean when I was younger. It feels like a big accomplishment.

Despite this, I’m still struggling. I’ll see other Korean bloggers talking to each other in Korean, and talking shit about Koreaboos, and I feel left out because I can’t join them. Being a mixed Korean, I feel like they see me as less. I’m scared that they see me as a yankee or not Korean enough because I can’t speak it well. Especially since I’m American and know more about Florida’s weather than I do about Korea’s culture and history.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t regret not asking my mom to teach me. I always feel desperate about my Korean. I constantly daydream about what it’d be like to be fluent, to be able to engage in conversation with Koreans, to understand what the members of my church are saying. To read the posts Korean bloggers make and laugh with them because some Koreaboo did something hilariously ridiculous.

I can’t deny that I wish I was fluent, or at least know Korean well. There have been, and still are, days when I feel so bad about my Korean that I get really distressed about it and find myself tearing up. That I’ll have actual chest pain because it hurts that much to not know my own language. I can never find others who struggle with learning their language, so it makes it even worse, because I feel so alone. Everyone else seems to know theirs well.

And on top of that, I have to sit here and watch non-Korean people learn my language and become good at it, appropriate my culture, get Korean friends, and go to Korea. It makes me so angry because they have the money to go to my home country but I don’t, and probably never will. The worst of it is when Kpop bloggers are throwing around “oppa”, when they use “selca” and “ㅋㅋㅋㅋ” and claim that it’s not offensive because other cultures use those (???????)

I don’t know my own language, and I have to watch other people use it as a toy. It’s so frustrating.

Being a diasporic, mixed Korean that is nowhere near good at Korean is exhaustingly frustrating.

eight moments on earth

in which Monty & Miller share some secret times together. included: drinking, lip-licking, and all around canon compliancy up to the season 3 premiere. (ao3) ~4k


Monty liked moonshine.

Monty liked how moonshine made him feel.

Monty liked how Nathan Miller looked across the fire.

They were strangers, mostly. They’d seen each other at dances, at Unity Day celebrations. He saw Miller in Agro Station every now and then but wasn’t entirely sure why, considering he was from Alpha, and he always smiled at Monty when they passed. A knowing sort of smile. But they hardly spoke. The only reason they were sitting around the same campfire now was because Monty was in with Clarke, and Miller was in with Bellamy. And Clarke and Bellamy were being, well, Clarke and Bellamy. The two were off doing God knows what, planning a scouting trip or some bullshit, and Monty was drunk.

He was really, really drunk.

He tipped his cup back and his eyes darted back to Miller. Monty licked his lips. He liked moonshine a lot. Miller’s eyes flickered to Monty’s mouth, and then Miller smirked. He licked his lips, too. He did that a lot, Monty was starting to realize. Or maybe he did it a normal amount of times, but Monty was so focused on Miller’s mouth it just seemed like a lot.

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