spoke reasons


“…Do you want to talk for a bit?”

Imagine sneaking off with Chris.

You sat at a table sipping cocktails and gossiping with Scarlett, Hayley, and Cobie while Chris, drank beer on the other side of the room with Robert, Sebastian, and Mark. The two of you were in attendance of a MCU office party; Kevin’s way of letting his cast and crew let loose and have fun before he dropped the hammer on all of you with Infinity War. The calm before the storm, as Chris put it.

Speaking of Chris, he was subtly watching you over his beer. He’d been trying to get your attention for the past fifteen minutes so he could get you to sneak off with him, but you were yet to look over. He wanted some time alone with his best friend on the roof; the usual spot the two of you would go to at every office party after an hour of mingling. The more time he spent with you, the more he grew tired of being just friends. He’d always kept that to himself because the last thing he wanted was to screw things up, but seeing you in that white lace dress, smiling and laughing like an angel- he couldn’t hold back his feelings anymore.

The two of you’d been friends for almost seven years now; you’d met Chris while on the set of ‘The Losers’ and immediately hit it off. You quickly became best friends, and though there was a slight attraction between the two of you- nothing ever happened because you were both in relationships at the time. Even after you both became available, there was a mutual agreement that the friendship was too important to screw up, so again- nothing happened despite how badly both of you wanted something to. Something almost happened at the premiere of 'The Winter Soldier’, and again at the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron’ viewing party. The 'will they, won’t they?’ eventually reached a point where your friends, families, and co-workers felt the need to start a pool.

“You know you can just walk over there, right?” Sebastian reminded Chris when he noticed him staring at you. Chris quickly darted his gaze away, feigning innocence; the three men in his company chuckled. “You know we all know you like her, right?”

“Well, she is one of my best friends,” Chris retorted, running a hand over his hair; a nervous tick. Sebastian, Robert, and Mark shot him a weary gaze and he sighed, “what? We’re good as friends, we’ve established that.”

“You’ve been staring at her with heart eyes for the past fifteen minutes,” Robert chuckled. “There is no way you’re fine with just being her friend.” Chris made no effort to respond, he just sipped at his beer. “She likes you too, you know.” He said and Chris choked on his beer. “She’s just afraid of losing you as a friend if things don’t work out.”

“But it’s obvious that’s not going to happen,” Mark continued, “so just go and make your move. The two of you would be so good together, you’d be like Hollywood’s new power couple.” Chris chuckled softly at that, blushing at the thought of being with you. “Go, Chris,” he urged.

“Go,” Sebastian and Robert agreed.

“If you won’t,” Sebastian joked, “I will.”

“Fine,” Chris chuckled and downed his beer. “Wish me luck.”

You caught Chris’ gaze before he reached you, he beckoned his head in the direction of you roof and you nodded, smiling. He walked off in that direction, grabbing his coat on his way up; you excused yourself from your table and did the same. Scarlett, Hayley, and Cobie squealed when they saw looked over to Sebastian, Robert, and Mark who were winking and giving them thumbs up from the bar. Perhaps tonight was the night they could finally end the pool and give the world the couple they wanted; Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N.

“Aw man,” Chris groaned, pretending to be annoyed when he saw you.

“What?” You chuckled; confusion contorted in your expression.

“You were meant to come up without a coat so I could give you mine,” he said then laughed when you did. “As always, you’re your own hero.” He teased and you rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him when you reached his side.

“You’re such an idiot sometimes,” you chuckled softly.

“You still love me, so- whatever works, right?” He smiled when you did.

There was a short moment of silence that gave Chris the opportunity he needed to talk to you about becoming something more and to confess his love for you, but before he could push past his nerves and start- you spoke.

“There’s a reason you brought me up here, isn’t there?” You asked him, turning away from the city’s beautiful skyline to meet Chris’ as beautiful blue eyes. “This isn’t one of our usual hang-out-and-escape-from-the-crowd rendezvous?”

His immediate reaction was to back out so he didn’t screw up what he had with you, but when he paused and watched you intently- he realized he couldn’t play it safe anymore. He wanted- no, he needed to be with you. He was done fantasizing about the life he could have with you, he wanted to make it happen. He wanted to marry you and buy a house with you and have children with you; you were his one and he’d known that for a while now. It was time he stopped stalling and started doing even if it meant leaping out of his comfort zone.

“No, it’s not,” he shook his head. “I brought you up here to tell you I love you and I can’t just be friends with you anymore.” You felt your heart skip a beat at that confession. “I don’t know why or how nothing’s happened between us yet considering there were so many moments where something almost did. I don’t know what’s holding us back, but I’m done letting it. I’m putting all my cards on the table, I’m all in. I want to be with you,” he said, taking your hands in his.

“I want to be with you too,” you smiled, squeezing his hands. “I’ve wanted to be with you for so long now, I just-” He cut you off, pulling you into his arms and pressing his lips against yours. The two of you’d kissed before because of your roles, but it was nothing like this kiss; this kiss took both your breaths away. “Wow,” you breathed when he broke it, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Wow is right,” he chuckled softly, rubbing gentle circles into your sides. “Why have we never kissed like that on-screen before?” He quizzed and you laughed. “It would’ve definitely sped things up for us romantically, and- professionally? Think of all the awards we could’ve won for best on-screen kiss.”

“Shut up and just kiss me.” You lifted your head, reaching to meet his lips but he pulled back before they could touch. “What are you doing?” You chuckled softly, narrowing your eyes at his deeply flushed cheeks. “What are you looking at?” You turned to follow his gaze which was locked on something behind you; heat rushed to your cheeks and your jaw dropped at the sight of your cast members.

“Finally!” They all cheered.

“Oh God,” you buried your face into Chris’ chest, which was quivering with laughter.

“Yeah,” Chris pressed a kiss to the top of your head, “we’re never going to hear the end of this.”

There You Are

He had no idea what it was about this girl that got under his skin. His normal cool exterior was lost where she was concerned. His fingers moved fast to grab the tongue that was spitting vulgarities. He just needed a damn moment of quiet. She moved to disarm him by both knife and knee. He pressed against her hard, pinning her against a tree.

He reluctantly released her tongue, knowing that vulgarities would ensue. What he did not expect was for her to spit.  With no forethought he bit her, a deep primal bite, a bite to claim. He didn’t have enough time to form expectations as she shifted and pushed him away. Even if he had had time for compile a list of expectations, he would have never expected for his magic to sing. He could taste the embers in her blood and the claim of another. Faint but there none the less. Before he could help himself he grinned, “There you are.”

He spit her blood out, he had no desire to lose control again and the taste of her was not helping. Her blood for whatever gods damn cursed reason spoke to him. He did not want to think or acknowledge what that could mean. He could sense her magic wanting to be released. “Let it out. Don’t fight it.” His body, his magic didn’t care as it pulsed towards hers. Damn him. Damn her.

The forest around them erupted in blue flame. If his life had been different he would have appreciated the beauty of it, but he had stopped seeing beauty in the world. He died two hundred years ago, since then he just existed, waiting for deaths final blow.

Without a thought he extinguished the flames. He didn’t know why he asked, “Does your lover know what you are?”

“He knows everything.” He had the feeling that was not entirely true. What bothered him more is why he cared.

“I won’t be biting you again.” A declaration. A line he needed to draw.

A/N: Another drabble lost in the black hole known as my computer.

"That's almost the exact opposite of what I said"

Request: Haaii!! #28 with Tom? Duh? Lol thank you!!! Absolutely adore your blog!!

Peter was never one to lie to you, he could hardly bring himself to do so. If he ever did, his guilt would end up shoving the truth out of him before he could utter another word.
One thing that eats him alive every time he’s with you, is that he still hasn’t told you the truth about the red and blue suit that sits hidden away in his room.
Spider-man is an important part of Peter’s life, but you’re more important to him than any of that. He’ll take a lazy pj day with you over a web swinging, crime fighting day along side Tony Stark. If keeping you safe means leaving you in the dark about his second identity, then he’ll do it, without hesitation. He wants to tell you, he really does, but he just can’t.
Today he wanted nothing more than to spend as much time possible with you. He wanted to hold you, smile with you, talk to you, and to just be with you. But he wasn’t so lucky.
“Peter that chocolate is not for you!” You playfully scowled at him, as he stuffed a rather large piece of chocolate into his mouth. You both were in your kitchen preparing a bowl of popcorn for a movie, pillows and blankets that awaited you.
“Oh,” Peter mumbled past the chocolate glob in his mouth, his eyes widened, “Who’s it for?”
“Well not you!” You giggled making your way over to where he stood, taking his face into your hands.
His eyes watched your every move and glimmered down at you as you stood before him. The chocolate that was still in his mouth was pushed against his cheek widening his smile adding on to his adorableness.
You both turned your heads to the picture window that showed you a piece of the city as the wale of police sirens ripped through the streets. Rushing over to the glass, your eyes wondered down to the road below searching for the cop cars.
Peter let out a huff of frustration knowing what he’d have to do. Pulling at the roots of his hair, every cell in his body was telling him not to leave you, but he knew what he had to do, “Um, y/n, look I-I’m-I’m really sorry about this but, uh, I just remembered, I gotta help aunt May finish -uh- finish painting, her…. room.” He thought up quickly, making it up as he stuttered along.
You spun around to catch him taking small steps towards your apartment door, clutching the back of his neck, looking everywhere expect your eyes, “Peter-” You let out not holding back too much disappointment in your voice.
“I know, I know, I hate doing this to you, but I’m gonna make it up to you. I promise. I just-I gotta go.” He forced out, while taking several steps backwards out of your apartment catching one last glimpse of you before closing the door in his own face. Furrowing his eyebrows, letting out a sigh and leaning his head against the wooden board, all he felt was guilt. He knew he had to leave but he wanted so desperately to walk back in and hold you close.
You stood astonished with your arms crossed, your eyes glued to the door where Peter just was a moment ago. Every time, it seemed like every time you were with Peter, he’d end up ditching and feeding you an excuse about how he has to help his aunt. The first few times you believed him but now it’s gotten out of hand. You knew he was lying, you weren’t stupid. But what you didn’t understand was why.
Shaking your head and turning back to your window, you were just in time to catch the cities latest superhero swing by at the end of a stringed web, following the flashing lights of emergency vehicles heading towards the scene of the crime.
You emitted a slight gasp as the puzzle pieces joined together in your head. The details all added up and you could finally understand now, “Peter.” You breathlessly whispered to yourself.

Waiting impatiently you paced the roof of your apartment building knowing he’d meet you up here once he was done dealing with the crime downtown. Crossing your arms, you tried to bury yourself further into your sweater, not taking a liking in the cold.
“What’s a pretty girl such as yourself doing hanging around here so late?” A voice called behind you. A wave of comfort washed through you as soon as the voice was heard. You slowly turned around to the Spider-man standing several meters away from you. The lenses covering his eyes widened noticeably upon your eyes catching them.
“I could ask you the same thing.” You spoke softly.
“Well I asked you first soooo..” He drug on, beckoning his arms towards you, taking a step forward in your direction.
You smirked and took two steps backwards knowing what you were soon about to do.
“I have my reasons,” you spoke slyly taking a few more steps till your heels bumped against the bricks that lined the edge of the roof.
“Okay-well-uh-” He stuttered behind his mask taking cautious steps towards you and slowly reaching out his hand.
You stepped onto the bricks, wind ripping over your body taunting you of the long drop below.
“What are you doing?” The hero asked desperately,
You tilted your head, taking a daring look at the city several stories down from your feet,
“Y/n wha-”
“How do you know my name?” You interrupted him, hiding the smile that wanted to show itself.
“Look y/n this isn’t funny-” he began taking large steps to your body not wanting to risk what may happen next,
“I trust you Peter,” you said leaning backwards letting your feet leave the ground.
“Y/N” Peter yelled, taken aback by your outrageous actions.
He didn’t waste a second running off the building, throwing his arm out catching you at the end of his web, yanking your body securely against his.
Bringing you both back up to the roof of the building, he breathed a sigh of relief as he placed you gently back on the ground. He yanked himself away from you throwing his fists through the air trying to contain himself, “Are you crazy? Like seriously, are you crazy y/n?” He asked, letting his voice raise higher than the quiet tone he’d usually speak in.
“When were you going to tell me?” You asked with the same amount of urgency.
“When were you going to tell me about this Peter?”
“I was going to, but then I didn’t, I was ready to tell you but I just didn’t, I couldn’t.”
“So you were never going to tell me?”
“Alright, that is almost the exact opposite of what I said,”
You both paused, taking a few breathes, your eyes locked on each other’s, but yours on the lenses hiding his.
You let out a laugh, letting the stress, and intensity cascade out of your body.
“Stop laughing,” Peter spoke, trying to remain stern to get his point across, but you could hear the smile that he was hiding.
Your smile grew wider as you began taking steps over to him.
“I’m serious y/n, this isn’t funny,”
You stood inches from him. Bringing your hands up his biceps, they slid to bottom of his mask, taking your time tugging it off him.
The red mask revealed his toothy smile, his red blushed cheeks, then finally, his chocolate brown doe eyes, sparkling from the street lights.
You held the mask in your hands that were brought together at the back of his neck. His feathered brown hair draped over bits of his forehead, the rest sticking out in various directions.
He looked down at you admiringly, momentarily forgetting about the event that occurred just moments ago. He couldn’t help it though, it was your fault for batting your big y/e/c eyes at him.
“I’m really serious though, please, please don’t ever do something like that again,” he begged in a whisper, bringing his forehead down to yours.
“Then please don’t lie to me about this anymore,” You implied looking down at his suit.
“Not a problem baby girl,” he sighed in relief, “not a problem.”

Fairy Tail Pranks ❤️️

Summary: A Valentine’s Day special based on the show “Impractical Jokers”. Natsu, Gray, Gajeel, and Loke love their jobs. They get to go around pulling pranks on people and each other all while earning a paycheck. It seemed like a normal day on the job, but one prank ends up changing Natsu’s life forever when he runs into a special woman at the park.

Rated: T for foul language.

Pairing: Natsu/Lucy

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Romance, & Humor.

Word Count: 5,283

Read on FF.net or AO3.

Fairy Tail Pranks

“So your friend,” Loke started, running a hand through his short orange hair, “is she hot?”

“She’s engaged,” Levy said, wanting to crush whatever hopes the playboy had of hitting on her old college roommate in one blow. “Happily, I might add, judging by her tone when I talked to her.”

“Sooo,” he grinned, “what you’re saying is she’s not married yet?”

Levy could only drag a hand over her face in frustration. “She’s unavailable to you, and any other man for that matter.” She turned to face Jellal, seeing he finishing up a conversation with the sound crew. “Change of plans. Loke can’t prank Lucy tomorrow.”

“What?” Loke’s jaw dropped, shoulders going slack. “But I wanted to meet her!”

“Yeah, and I don’t want her getting hit on by a pervert!” Levy reasoned, then spoke to Jellal. “Throw someone like Gray or Natsu on her prank.”

“Why not Gajeel?” Jellal asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Lucy’s already met Gajeel. We all went to college together, so she’ll recognize him,” Levy explained. “It has to be a guy she doesn’t know,” she cast a glare over her shoulder at Loke, “but I don’t want her getting hit on.”

“Fair enough,” Jellal nodded. “I’ll probably send Gray.”

“Sounds good,” Levy smiled, excited to see Lucy’s expression tomorrow. Gray was married already, but his wife was back in their hometown holding down the fort. There was no way Gray would hit on her friend.

Levy McGarden worked with her boyfriend, Gajeel, and friends for a TV show called ‘Fairy Tail Pranks’. The show was fairly new, only started up two years ago. They were now back in Levy’s hometown where her old friend still lived. She hadn’t seen the beautiful woman known as Lucy Heartfilia in years, so she was excited for a reunion.

Only the reunion wouldn’t go as planned.

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Playbook - Jughead Jones x Reader

A longer one my dear readers - 1,900+ words. Hope you’re enjoying my little Riverdale fics ! ☺️

Warning : Swearing



“I am an acquired taste. You don’t like me? Get some taste.”

That was the first thing I had heard her say. Practically spitting into Cheryl’s face. That’s when I first spoke to her, but it wasn’t the first time I had noticed her - she was like me. Carrying around a laptop and paying way too much attention in English classes.

Upon approaching her and admiring her rebellion, she revealed to know my name but I ever found out how however it made me smile the tiniest smile in a long time.

We became good friends after that, working on the blue and gold together and becoming close enough that we were so often mistaken as a couple that the two of us didn’t even correct people anymore, it was like an unspoken agreement. That was until Reggie Mantle come onto the scene.

The hot shot captain of the football team. The backstabbing man whore.

She was almost an hour late to Pops again when she finally walked in, without her laptop non the less almost as if she had forgotten our plans. Again. “Where have you been?”

“I was tutoring Reggie again…” she seemed quiet at my sudden outburst.

“You were meant to be helping me, or does our work mean nothing now?” I spat, furious that he was taking the only girl that I particularly cared for away,

“Of course it does, Jughead, and you know that!” with each word she seemed to get more upset, “I was just helping.”


“God, Jug, you’re not my boyfriend what does it matter that I was being a friend to someone.” At the reminder that we weren’t all I really wanted us to be my heart broke a little.

“A friend to someone who will use you. Who will break you. You will end up just another name in that god damn playbook. Just another score for Reggie fucking Mantle.” I grew angrier, staring at her as tears filled her eyes a little more,

“How dare you. He isn’t like that, he is just a friend.”

“We are just friends.”
“What is that meant to mean?”

“We were just friends. Working together and now what are we? When did we stop correcting people over what we are? Answer me this, (y/n), what are we to you?” She stood in silence for a moment staring at me blankly,

“I don’t know.”

“And what are you and Reggie?”
“Just friends.” she said, barely above a whisper.

“So Reggie and you get a label and we don’t?” My voice broke a little as I tried to scoff but I felt my eyes glass over,

“I said I don’t know what we are.”
“And what do you want us to be?”
“I don’t know” she looked down at her hands beneath the table, shaking a little,

“You don’t know much apparently.” Her head snapped up in shock suspended in a stunned silence, tears finally rolling down her cheeks,

“goodbye, Jughead.” she mumbled, standing and leaving yet I didn’t call after her, I just stared at her empty spot.

“Jughead, you need to see this.”

Veronica and the others piled into the common area, I tired to push past them but to no avail, forcing me to sit on one of the couches with serious looks on their faces. “What? Because I am really not in the mood today.”

“It’s (y/n), Jughead.” I flinched minutely at Archie’s words.

“What about her?” they glanced between each other nervously before Kevin opened his mouth,

“She’s in the playbook.” My heart seemed to stop at them words. My (y/n) was in Reggie fucking Mantels playbook.

“Who’s name.” I asked, my teeth gritted,

“Reggie’s.” Veronica spoke carefully, “Last night, 8 points for…”

“For what?” I became more demanding, clenching my fists and staring at no one in particular,

“For the freaks unstable girlfriend.” Archie was the only one able to say it and at last I exploded, standing up suddenly my head felt dizzy. Then she walked in. we all turned to look at her and as her eyes met mine, she teared up herself. But what could I do. I wasn’t her boyfriend.

“Don’t talk to me. Again” I seemed to growl as I stormed past her, knocking her to one side and not caring to look back.


You looked over at the group and slowly approached them. They weren’t welcoming as normal. “Whatever you know is a lie. I swear it.”

“Then how do you explain your 8 points?” Betty seemed on edge but then she had never liked you and Jughead being close.

“Nothing happened between me and Reggie! Last night, he came to my house to work on some English he needed help on and we got carried away with some extract. Before I knew it I was late and I went straight to Jug but he blew me off like I had done something wrong - he wouldn’t believe me! He was asking me all these questions I couldn’t deal with and I left. I found Reggie nearby and he offered to walk me home and that’s when he tried to kiss me. I pushed him away telling him no and then that was it. We walked home and end of. Nothing happened.” You were almost in tears by the end as Veronica moved up to make space for you and you collapsed into her side. “The playbook is lying because half the football team hate Jughead and you know it, especially you, Archie.” Veronica rubbed your back lightly,

“Oh sweetie, we’re so sorry.” she murmured in your ear,

“God, I should have known It was a joke.” Archie looked more guilty than ever, “You need to go and find him, (y/n). You’re the only one that can talk to him when he is like this.

"No, Archie. I caused this and now he doesn’t want me.”

“No, we caused this. Reggie caused this and when I see that prick I wont be able to help but punch him.” Archie rested his hand on your knee gently.

“We will help you find him…”
“He will be in the English rooms. I know he will.” you interrupted Kevin and stood abruptly.

“Hey, (y/n).” Reggie waltzed in looking perfectly content with himself until Archie stood up in front of you, blocking you from view,

“I saw the playbook, Reggie, you think its funny to fuck up a friendship like that? Fuck up people like that?” Archie was getting dangerously close to Reggie’s face as he held up his hands in mock defeat.

“Look man, I hadn’t been in the book for a while and she’s never made it in, as far as the guys are concerned we made out but that’s it. Look, I didn’t even write it in.” Despite his attempt at an explanation Archie landed a firm hit to the side of Archie’s face.
“Archie! Stop it, he wanted his score, he got it. This isn’t worth it.” You laid your hand firmly on his shoulder giving him a warning glance before glancing at Reggie once more and leaving.

As you had thought, the abandoned English corridor has just one partially open door. Inside sat a boy, slumped against the wall, head in his hands and his beanie long forgotten on top of a long forgotten laptop bag.  "Jughead" you said timidly, slowly he looked up and you faced the broken boy you had once called your best friend. Wait… once called? When did you ever consider losing the boy that meant so much to your life?

“What are you doing here?” his voice was trying to be strong and still but you could hear that small waver in it as he tried to hide the emotions that were clear on his face.

“We needed to talk.”
“About what?” he snapped, “Your little score that made you late or was it after you left me last night?”

“Jughead. You need to stop this right now.” tears had began to brim your eyes too.

“Stop what? Because honestly, (y/n), I’m not too sure what I ever did wrong to you because let me tell you, it’s sad when you realize that you aren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.”

“You didn’t do anything and my god Jughead Jones you mean more to me than anyone!” you almost shouted, “The playbook is lying okay? Reggie wanted a few points and lied. Nothing happened after I left you other than the fact he walked me home because I was so distraught because my favorite boy had pushed me away like I was nothing.” Jughead studies you for a moment,

“You don’t mean nothing. You mean everything.” He pushed himself up off the floor as he spoke, “you are the reason for my life, the only good thing I have and you brush me off so easily for a boy that has never done anything good for either of us and then doesn’t even know what this is between us.” he paced as he spoke pulling his hands through his hair, “God, (y/n), do you have any idea how many nights I have spent wondering if I even mean anything to you more than a writing buddy?”

“Of course you mean more, Juggie…” you tried to interrupt but to no avail,

“Wondering if you even like me sometimes because I sure as hell like you. More than I have liked anyone in my life. I don’t know what love is because I have never had it but I am sure as hell that whatever we are,” he gestured between the two of you, “I’m sure that this is it. I can’t lose that.”

The tears were fresh on your face, you hated him being so broken, so insecure when all you wanted was for him to see himself the way you saw him everyday, happy and full of a dark kind of light that got you through the day, everyday without fail. Stepping forward to him slowly, your eyes not leaving his, he didn’t move back so you reached out taking his hand in yours.

“Of course I like you.” you whispered, “You’re fun to be around. You’re smart. You’re funny. You’re cute. You’re different. You’re crazy. You’re perfect, in an imperfect way. You always speak your mind. You have the best laugh. Of course I like you. You’re you.”

He looked at you for a moment longer before his hand found your cheek, brushing away the tears with his thumb and sighing.

“I am sorry, (y/n).”

“lets get through this bullshit together” you murmured glancing over his face watching as that little crease appeared under his eyes from when he smiled. His thumb still caressed your cheek lightly and, using the hand that was still entwined with yours, he pulled you even closer to him so you were so very almost touching,

“We could be perfect, but that would be boring” you smiled at his words.

“Agreed,” you whispered as he leaned in, inch by inch until your lips met for the first time.


“Agreed” that was the first time I kissed her, but it wasn’t the first time I had wanted to. We would further correct people, telling them that we were a couple, carrying around our laptops, the dark and light, working on the blue and gold together and no one could come between us.


Not even Reggie fucking Mantle.

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Are You Finished?

Author: an-obrienhoe
Pairing: Non-famous Dylan O'Brien/Reader
Disclaimer: This is my first smut/imagination I’ve ever written. My grammar is complete shit, but I’m working on it. Be prepared to cringe. You have been warned. Also, this may me kind of hard to follow and I’m sorry for that :( I’m not 100% confident in this but I’m 100% confident that I will get better at this the more I write! Please just stick with me through this process :))

Warnings: smutty smut, swearing

Originally posted by hothothotgg

There he was, in all his glory. He was leaning against the wall talking to someone I couldn’t care less about. All I cared about was him and how hot he looked. Black t-shirt clinging to his body in all the right places. Khaki pants hanging deliciously low on his hips. That stupid Mets hat he had worn every other time I’d seen him. Dylan was hot and he knew it. Him and all his hotness was all I’ve been able to think about since we’ve met.

“God you’re so hot.” He breathed against my lips. His hands were gripping tightly at my hips, keeping me flush against him and the wall. A moan rumbled in his chest when I pulled at the roots of his hair.

“Dylan. My names Dylan.” But I already knew that. His words were rushed, our intense kissing causing a lack of breath. I struggled to tell him my name as his lips traveled across my jawline and down my neck. His hands were rough against my smooth skin, leaving goosebumps in their wake as he bunched my tight, red dress around my hips.

“Are we really going to do this here?” I asked, the realization that we were in a hallway secluded from the party but anyone who came down here would be able to tell what’s happening.

“How about we take it to my place?” This sounded like a much better idea. I nodded my head and pulled my dress back down as he lead me out the hallway to the front of the house. We were so close to the door, so close to taking this ‘party’ somewhere else whenever Dylan’s name was called. He turned around to meet a tan boy with brown hair. God damn, all the fine men are bred in this town. They conversed for a few minutes before Dylan turned to me with a mad expression on his face.

“Sorry princess, but I have to leave…” I couldn’t focus on his reason as to why he had to leave because the ache between my thighs was so prominent. I was snapped back to reality whenever his phone was put into my vision. A contact with my name, him waiting for me to put my digits in. I took the phone and put the numbers in before saving the contact.

“I’ll call you soon so we can finish what was started.” He gave me a quick, but hot kiss on my lips before he walked out the front door with the boy from earlier.

That was on of the many times Dylan and I had crossed paths, but for some reason  we never got to finish what was started. Each time he promised to call or text whenever he was free to do something, but that never happened. I was pissed he never lived up to his promises because he was a sex god and looked like he’d be so good in bed, but I would never reach out to him because I don’t want to come off as desperate as I probably am.

I stood at the alcohol table with my back faced the majority of the crowd, mixing a drink that I’ll probably regret later. My plan wasn’t to get drunk, but who knows what the night has in store? 

Hands roamed along my backside and forward to wrap around my torso, a head resting on my shoulder. I knew it was him because of the way my body reacted to his touch. Where his hands were and had been left a burning sensation, an ache forming between my legs.

“Hey princess.” He whispered in my ear before taking my earlobe between his teeth and biting gently. Goosebumps arose all over my skin as he lightly grazed his lips along my neck and collarbone. I remained silent and tried to not relax into his body. I was not going to get lured into his trap just for him to have to leave again.

I slipped away from his grip and walked toward the kitchen to find some ice for this room temp drink, but mostly to get away from him. He was more intoxicating then any drink I could ever make. Just being in his presence made my mind go foggy and my body buzz.

He appeared back into my line of vision whenever I turned away from the freezer. His eyes were burning holes into me as he stared at me, but I wouldn’t look up to meet his gaze. His footsteps could barely be heard over the music as he sauntered towards me. A hand gripped my chin and tilted it forward so our eyes would meet. He studied my face for a few moments before he finally spoke. “Is there a reason you're ignoring me?” I just looked at him blankly for a few seconds before answering.

“Yes.” He looked a little taken back by my response. His hand left my chin as it ran through his hair. “And why would that be sweetheart?” He was such an ass and so cocky, but it was turning me on so much.

“Well where do I start Dylan?” I rambled on and on about why I was ignoring him. The whole time he just stood there, that sexy smirk plastered on his face. After I was out of breath from the rant I just went on, I leaned against the counter opposite from him.

Dylan tilted his head to the side and ran his tongue across his teeth before his sexy smirk was plastered on his face for the umpteenth time tonight.His eyes raked over my body before he spoke.

“Are you finished?”

His words shocked me. Did I really just say all that shit just for him to ask me if I was finished? Now I was livid. “Yes.” I said through my gritted teeth. Dylan pushed himself off the counter and within two long strides he was in front of me with his hands on either side of my head, caging me in. I took my bottom lip in between my teeth as his eyes bored into mine. His eyes then trained on my lip before his hand came down and his thumb swiped across it to release it from my teeth.

“How about we finish what should’ve been finished awhile ago?” He whispered seductively, his lips going to work on my neck again as one of his hands snuck around my body to squeeze my butt. I shook my head yes, afraid that my voice would betray me because of how good it felt to have his hands on me again. He removed his hands from my body and laced his fingers with mine as he walked towards the front doors of the house.

We didn’t say anything as we made the journey to his car. The tension was palpable, but we both stayed quiet. Whenever we reached his car, he opened the passenger door then walked around to the driver’s side and slid into the seat.

The car roared to life and he pulled out of his spot and started driving down the street. One of his hands had a tight grip on my thigh while the other’s knuckles were turning white because of how hard he was gripping the steering wheel, The hand on my thigh was massaging the skin gently, slowly moving towards my core.

The car came to a halt as the traffic light turned red. Dylan turned to face me, his hand finally coming in direct contact with my heat. “No panties?” The expression he wore on his face was a mix between shock and lust. “No panties.” I stated and bit my lip. “Fuck, you’re going to be the death of me.”

The car accelerated again as the light turned green. With a newfound feeling of confidence, I placed my hand on his growing bulge and began to palm him through his khakis. For a second his eyes closed and his head tilted back in pleasure. “Better pay attention to the road, baby.” I whispered as seductively as I could while I kissed along his jaw. “Fuck.” His response made me smirk and just encouraged me to continue.

His hand that was on my thigh left and joined the other one in gripping the steering wheel. I continued to palm him through his pants until he gripped my wrist and yanked my hand away from him. “If you don’t stop I will cum in my pants.” I sank back into my seat in triumph.

Luckily we pulled into the driveway of his house, I’m assuming, a few seconds later. He hopped out the car and came to my side of the car to open the door for me. When I got out of the car, I was pushed up against it and was trapped between it and Dylan’s body flush against mine. “I haven’t kissed you yet.” It sounded more like a statement to himself, but he said it loud enough for me to her. His lips molded into mine while my hands tangled into his hair, pulling at the roots. A moan virbrated through his chest but was silenced by my lips on his.

“Dylan, take me inside please.”

His grip on my waist was released before he took my hand in his and lead me inside. The house was dark, but Dylan had no problem navigating to his desired destination. He ushered me into a room; the walls were decorated with a few picture frames and posters, the bed not made.

“I’ll take my time with you later, but ,” he took a step toward me and I took one back. “Right now,” he took another step towards me and my back hit the door, “I’m going to fuck you senseless.” His lips came down onto mine as his hands went to work on ridding me of my dress and, leaving me in my heels and bra. He took a step back and let his eyes rake over my body, suddenly making me feel self conscious. 

He bent down in front of me and took off my heels. I was now almost completely naked and he still had all of his clothes on, expect his shoes that were taken off by the front door. “You’re wearing too much.” My voice was raspy for some unknown reason, but it made me sound like I have more confidence than I actually do.

“Mhm, you’re right baby girl. Mind helping me fix that?” His voice was so hot, so sexy; he was so hot and so sexy. My hands gripped the hem of his shirt and pulled it off his body. I dropped to my knees in front of him, a moan coming from Dylan at the sight. I popped the button of his jeans, puling both his pants and boxers down slowly. My hands massaged up his legs gently and a little too slowly for his taste as he groaned impatiently above me.

My hand stroked his member a few times before my tongue licked a stripe along his vein from base to tip. His hands tangled in my hair, gently guiding my mouth on his member. The sounds coming from him encouraged me to take more of him in my mouth, his tip touching the back of my throat. My nose was buried in the dark hair at the base whenever he removed my mouth off of him and pulled me to a standing position. He was breathless, face and neck flushed, and there was a slight sweat on his temples and chest.

He gripped the back of my thighs and mumbled for me to jump as his lips went to work on my collarbone. I complied and was soon dropped onto the bed, my hair splaying in all different directions. He starred at me for a few moments before he went digging in the pocket of his pants that were lying on the floor. After a few seconds he took out a foil packet and set it down on the nightstand next to the bed.

His eyes met mine as his hands trailed up my body. Hands were rough against my smooth back as he went to work on the clasp of my bra before sliding the straps down my arms and throwing the article of clothing somewhere in the room. He showed attention to both my breast attention; the left one with his large hand and the right with his lips attached to the pink bud. The pleasure elicited a moan from me and made my back arch up towards the ceiling and into his touch.

“As much as I enjoy this,” I wriggled out from beneath him and grabbed the condom from the night stand and Dylan sat up on his knees, “I really need you to fuck me.” I pushed the foil packet into his chest and I swear I could hear his breath hitch at my words.

“Yo- you can’t just say st-stuff like that and expect me to no- not cum right then and there.” he stumbled over his words as he tore the foil packet open and slid the condom down his member. Anticipation coursed through my veins as Dylan slotted himself between my thighs and lifted my leg up to rest on his chest.

“Are you ready?” The cockiness that usually filled his demeanor was now replaced with sincerity. I met his gaze and shook my head, waiting for him to slide into me.

A moan sounded from both of us as he slid his length into me entirely and stilled so I could adjust his size. After a couple of moments I opened my eyes and nodded from him to move. He slid out of my entirely and rammed back in, automatically setting a fast and hard rhythm.

My head rolled back into the pillows from the pleasure that was coursing through my body and bringing me closer to the edge. “Open your eyes for me, baby girl.” Dylan grunted from above me and I slowly picked my head up to open my eyes for him. Whenever our eyes met his hips bucked into mine so hard I’m sure they will bruise. “Fuck you’re so sexy. I’m-oh fuck- close baby.” I nodded my head in agreement, feeling my orgasm approaching quickly.

As soon as his thumb made contact with my clit, my orgasm washed over my like a tidal wave and I screamed his name. The shouting of his name and clenching around him was all it took for my name to leave Dylan’s mouth and him to release into the condom.

His thrust got sloppy as we both rode out our highs. He pulled out of me and exited the room for a minute before coming back in a fresh pair of boxers and plopping down on the bed next to me. I got up and was almost out of the bed, expecting to just get dressed and leave, whenever grabbed my wrist and his amber eyes meet mine, confusion etched all over his face. “Where are you going?”

“I was going to get dressed and leave. I figured you wanted this to just be a one time thing.” Dylan let go of my wrist and sat up to come face-to-face with me. “What? Why would you think that?”

“I don’t know. I guess because you never called or anythin-”

“Oh baby,” he cupped my face and pulled me in closer to him, “I was scared. You’re Y/N. Sweet, smart, and unbelievably sexy, and everyone in this town knows it. I would get a surge of confidence for a few minutes then it would go away and I would talk myself down. I didn’t think you would want to hookup with me.” He mumbled the last part and broke our gaze. I know who Dylan is and he obviously knew who I was, but we weren’t in the same crowd. I giggled at the thought of both of us reading the situation completely wrong. His head snapped up at the sound of my laugh and he opened is mouth to question what was so funny, but I cut him off by placing my lips on his. This kiss wasn’t like the ones we’d shared earlier; this one was slow and passionate.

He broke away from the kiss, both of us breathless. “So, you’ll stay?” I giggled again and pressed my lips to his. “I would love to.”


Feedback and requests are always welcomed, wanted, and needed!

Captain’s Colours

ANON: “Can you write something about a human on a ship with aliens and they are all really confused by why she wears makeup/does things to alter her appearance? Or recommend one? Thanks”

Well, I tried my hand at writing a small story for this anon! I’m not quite sure of the quality, but I hope you like it! If you know of any stories involving aliens and makeup, please reblog this and link them!

There were only two human crewmembers of the Explorer, and both of them were women. The rest of the crew, save for Vi, had never met a human before applying to join the Captain on her maiden voyage to the furthest reaches of space (Or rather, that one really good restaurant a few planets over, as their first stop turned out to be). As such, human traditions were quite the mystery, and one many of the crew wished to unravel.

Captain Amelie, a tall, adventurous human with very little understanding of the phrase ‘patience’, was the resident curiosity, for lack of a better phrase. Rita, the resident engineer, was persistent in her day-to-day routine, down to the minute, and her appearance was just one of the things that could be relied on to stay the same every day. Captain Amelie, however, seemed one big, rainbow-coloured ball of spontaneity.

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Alexander Nylander - Permission Part Two

(Gif from Google)

Word Count: 1836

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten

*Alex’s POV*

Last night was unbelievable. The girl I’ve had countless dreams about, craving for over a year, finally under my touch. The way she felt, the way she moved, the way she sounded. Everything was breath taking. That is, until my intoxicated brother had to ruin it all. He wasn’t being reasonable. He’s never done this before. So, I don’t understand why it’s happening now, when everything starts coming together for me.

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Family, Friends, Feelings (part 1)

request by winter-soldiers-doll Hey could I request a got7 imagine when the reader is Jackson’s sister and she comes to visit him but she ends up meeting all the other members as well and her and JB start to like each other.

Jaebum x reader 

Summary: You were just planning to visit your brother for a bit before your teaching job began. You didn’t plan to become close to GOT7 and maybe closer to one member in particular

Genre: fluff/romance

a/n hope you like it thanks for the fabulous request. Also I kind of love this idea so much I am turning it into a series so stay tuned. ~JJ

You landed in Seoul around 7 pm. Your heart was racing and you couldn’t wait to run out of the airport to see your brother Jackson. You were studying abroad in weren’t able to see him all the times he visited home with GOT7. It had been almost 2 years since you last spoke in person. The reason you were visiting was because you were starting an English teacher job in Seoul in a month but came early to spend time with Jackson who had a break in between comebacks. Since your apartment in Seoul wasn’t ready you were staying at the GOT7 dorm which made you nervous but excited to meet the members. 

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Fantasies (M) | Yoongi/Jimin

Anonymous Requested :  An Incubus!Yoonmin threesome, m/m, with face/thigh riding.

Genre : Smut | Incubus!Yoonmin | Supernatural AU | Yoonmin x Reader

A/N : Okay so I am by no means an expert on incubi, like at all. So when I was doing research for writing this, I kind of just picked which elements about the lore I wanted to incorporate into the story, to fit the nature of the request. The sin was rolling off of my body while writing this, so hopefully you’ll all enjoy!

Word Count : 5,291

Description : They have an underlying strangeness about them, that you just can’t put your finger on. Regardless though when you meet the two boys at a party you still decide to go home with them, how will this night turn out?

Originally posted by jeonsshi

You could feel the stares from across the room, but you couldn’t tell where exactly they were coming from. The party was crowded, and there was almost no space to walk, but you couldn’t shake the eerie feeling that there were specific pair of eyes on you at all times.

You moved over to the drink table to down another shot, so you could try and shake the strange feeling that was clouding the atmosphere around you. The liquid burned as it slid down your throat, but the instant the drink hit your stomach, an overwhelming desire to dance takes over your body. You saunter over to the pack of people dancing, and join in as you let the music control your movements. It’s fun, and you can feel a lightness overtake you as you feel yourself drifting through the mass of people.

You continue to enjoy the feeling of the alcohol taking over your impaired mind, when you suddenly feel a body press into you from behind, and a pair of hands attach themselves to your waist. You’re about to turn around to kindly tell the person grinding into your ass to fuck off, but when his face comes into view, the words get lost.

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A/N: An anon request for one where the reader starts at the BAU and Spencer isn’t so nice when she first joins the team. It turns out, he likes her. @coveofmemories


“I don’t get it, Morgan,” you said, sitting down next to one of your best friends in the Bureau. Ever since you started, Morgan had seen you as a little sister. Very protective - sometimes to a fault. But no matter what, he always meant the best for you. 

Since you were new to the area, he and Garcia had been taking you out and about, introducing you to the best places to shop for groceries, clothes, go for coffee, books, etc. You told them everything, so for the past few weeks, anytime Spencer snapped at you or ignored you, you went to them wondering what the fuck was up. “What don’t you get, babygirl?” he asked. 

Just then, Garcia came up behind you. “I thought I was your babygirl,” she said jokingly.

“I have plenty of love to go around,” he laughed, stretching out his arms and pointing at his beautiful, muscular, confident self. 

He definitely filled the big brother role. You never had any siblings so you’d officially adopted Morgan as your own. Your eyes rolled wildly up in your head before you started in on what was bothering you. “Ever since I started, Spencer has been snapping at me or ignoring me, and I don’t know why. It’s pissing me off that I can’t figure it out. Like, I don’t know what I did to make him hate me.”

Garcia wrapped her arms around your neck, giving you a hug from behind. “He doesn’t hate you. But I think I might know what’s going on.”

“Really?” Both you and Morgan exclaimed simultaneously. You wondered whether anyone knew and whether you were just paranoid. 

Walking around to take a seat next to Morgan, she smiled. “In my opinion, the reason is two-fold.” Proudly, Morgan looked at her. Apparently, he had the same theory. “One,” she said, “You are also a genius - a Spencer-level genius. He’s carved out a very special place on the team and in our hearts, which can never ever be replaced or duplicated, but my guess is that he feels like you’re trying to outdo him.”

Your mouth dropped open at the realization. “But why would he think that? What did I ever do to make him think I was trying to replace him? I just wanna complement the team.”

“We know that,” Morgan said. “But you do have a tendency to talk over him, whether you mean to or not.”

“Do I?” Did you? God, you never wanted to give him that impression. You looked up to Spencer. Throughout college, you’d read his papers; he was the reason you wanted to join - to be like him and meet the man who’d inspired you so much. “The last thing I ever wanted to do was make him think I was trying to replace him.” You hesitated for a moment. “What’s the second reason?”

Garcia craned her head to look around, making sure no one else, especially Spencer, was coming up behind her before she spoke. “The other reason, as far as I can tell, is that he likes you.”

“What?” you exclaimed far too loudly for such a large office. Didn’t that kind of shit happen in high school, grade school even? “Since when does an adult express their interest my ignoring them?”

Morgan handed you a chocolate chip cookie he got earlier, which you immediately downed out of anger and confusion. “Since it’s Reid,” he said, shrugging his shoulders as Garcia took a bite of the cookie you were still holding in your hand. “He doesn’t get these things. He’s liked very few women since we’ve known him and he has absolutely no clue how to express an interest. I would say the ignoring stems from the fact that he likes you and doesn’t know how to react or what to say, and the snapping is because he feels like you’re trying to replace him.” He lifted up a hand on either side. “See, two fold.”

“Oh, fuck me,” you said, letting your head fall back. You understood Spencer was different than most men, but you had underestimated his feelings for you. Never in a million years would you have guessed he had an interest. “Are you guys sure?”

“Sure as I can be,” Garcia said.

“I’m positive,” Morgan said. “When you’re not looking at him, he can’t keep his eyes off you.” Dammit. Next time you were alone and he pulled that shit you were going to call him out on it. 

Ever since the day you walked in, you’d had the hots for Spencer. He was brilliant, and he wasn’t bad to look at either, but you hadn’t said anything because you were convinced he hated you - and now this? You wanted to smack him.

Later in the day, you found yourself alone with Spencer in the file room. Garcia had asked for something from you, and Hotch sent Spencer down there for something else. “Hey,” you said, figuring you’d let him dig his own grave before smacking the shit out of him. “What’s up? How’s your day been?”

As he entered the room before you, he said next to nothing, shrugging his shoulders and turning toward the file cabinet he needed. Now that Morgan and Garcia had pointed it out, you couldn’t believe you didn’t see it before. “Nothing?” you asked. “Nothing interesting’s happened today?”

“Not really,” he said. “I just wanna grab what Hotch needs and get upstairs without any distraction, okay?” You could feel the heat in his voice.

Angrily, you turned around and grabbed his arm, snapping him toward you and taking him by surprise. “Okay, Spencer, what the hell is up?”

“What are you talking about, Y/N?”

He was still playing stupid. You wanted to smack his beautiful face. “Dammit, Spencer. Ever since I started you’ve been rude to me. I started this job because I was inspired by you.” You jabbed your finger into his chest, causing him to back up slightly and his mouth to drop one. “I wanted to meet the man who inspired me and I walk in here and you’re an ass to me. Now, if I’ve stepped on some toes, I’m sorry, but it was never my intent to make you feel like I was pushing you out. I’m just trying to do my job. You snap at me all the time and when that’s not happening you’re ignoring me. Are we not adults?”

His eyes dropped. For an instant, you felt bad, his puppy eyes looking all sad and dejected, but he needed it. “I’m sorry,” he said softly, bringing his one hand up toward his arm and clutching it to himself. “You’re right. I’ve been rude. I just…you talk over me all the time and correct me in front of the others. I’ve only ever had my intelligence going for me. I’m not tough like Morgan, or cunning like Rossi. I’m not like everyone else, so seeing someone come in, who’s just as intelligent, and basically a mixture of the best pieces of everyone rolled into one person, I…I acted like a child. I’m sorry.”

He thought you were the best of everyone all rolled into one? That was high praise. Your teammates were amazing people and agents. “I’ll forgive you,” you said with a smile, turning around to grab the file you needed. “And I know I have the tendency to speak over people. I’ll work on it.”

“Thank you,” he replied. “I appreciate it…but that isn’t all.” Oh my god, they were right. He liked you. When you turned around and urged him to continue, he blushed. “I’ve…had a bit of a crush on you since you started. I don’t normally develop feelings like that for people, so when I do, I don’t really know what to do with them.”

“Is that why you’ve been ignoring me when you’re not snapping at me?” You knew the answer, but you wanted him to confirm it.

He shrugged. “I guess? I just don’t really know what to say to someone who is so out my league, so when you started talking over me, I just used that as an excuse to be rude I guess.”

“Just so you realize the whole ‘boy ignores girl because boy likes girl’ thing is a trope that should be left in the past,” you said, brushing up against his arm on the way out of the file room. Again, he looked ashamed. “You underestimate yourself, Spencer. Your worth. Your place on this team. Garcia was just telling me today that you were irreplaceable.”


“Really. You are the team’s resident genius, but you’re a Spencer genius, and I’m a Y/N genius. There’s room for both. If we can both try to work on our arrogance.” He nodded, pushing the elevator button to head back upstairs. “But you’re more than a genius. I see how you are with everyone else. You love them wholeheartedly. You’re tough in your own way. You may not be as physically strong as Morgan, but physicality isn’t the be all end all of strength. And despite what you may think, you’re not bad to look at either.” When his head snapped to meet your gaze, you winked. As your floor approached, you figured you’d let him know outright, so you leaned in and pressed a tentative, but promising kiss on his soft lips. “As long as we’re both going to work on ourselves, I’d be interested in going out some time.”

And as the doors open, you left him behind, dumbfounded. It was nice to leave a fellow genius speechless.

Only You

Title: Only You

Pairing: FP Jones x Reader

Warnings: Implied/Smut, some slight cursing, underage sex, underage drinking.

Request:  Can I request some FP Jones smut? I love your blog and I think you’re literally the only person who writes for FP.

Can I please request fp x reader where readers friends with Juggy but like she likes FP alot and he likes her too but he tries to resist her and he tells her to like find someone her age n she goes and gets drunk n kisses this guy but fp swoops in takes her home and he can no longer resist her?

can you please write a FP Jones x reader where you are friends with jughead and the gang but its jughead’s birthday and FP is there and after loads of people arrive some smut happens between FP and reader ?

Can I have fp x reader where (don’t shoot me) juggy likes the reader but she likes fp and he likes her(but he hides his feelings ar first) and one day the reader comes to their house to find juggy to tell him like nicely she doesnt like him in that way (just friends) and fp is like you should go out with jug n FP is like we can never be together and she kisses him and he gives in for a bit then pulls back n she runs off and in the mornin he sees her with archie n gets jealous n pins her n smut?

A/N: There were a lot of requests for FP and I felt like I could fit them all in one fic because they kind of go together? Hopefully.
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy! (Also the reader is eighteen in this fic for obvious reasons).

Tag List;
@sunshine51879 @dempsey-mantle @day-dreaming-nightmare @emotional-wrek-hello @aezthetically @nafa1604 @angstylittleteen @theselfishllama 

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Million and One

Request: Y/n is terrified of love (because of her past) and she realizes she’s falling in love with Shawn and he finds her having a breakdown about it when he comes home / “Hey, hey, calm down.  They can’t hurt you anymore.” / “Take your medicine” 

a/n: so this one has a few requests bundled together!! and there’s also mention of a panic attack in here, so i don’t know if that’s triggering to anyone, but just a little heads up😊 feedback is always greatly appreciated!🤗

Your name: submit What is this?

“Are we in a hotel tonight?” Shawn tiredly asked as he threw an arm around your shoulder.  He had just finished a show and the two of you, plus Andrew, were lounging around in the dressing room. 

           Without looking up from his phone, Andrew nodded, “Yeah, it’s about a ten-minute drive from here.  We’re staying for a bit tomorrow too.  You have a photoshoot and a few interviews tomorrow in the city,” Andrew rattled off Shawn’s tasks for the next day.

           Shawn nodded his head, you didn’t even know if he was fully listening to his manager because you sure weren’t.  The past few days you’ve been with Shawn on tour.  And all it’s been is a constant string of events. The only real time you got to spend with him were during his small breaks in between interviews, small performances here and there, or between photoshoots.  Of course, you attended all of his events, but he was always off doing his job.

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I wrote this for Taylor who knows how long ago and just completely forgot about it. While at work today I went through my old notes and found it and told myself that I had to post this today. I don’t even remember what the request was I think it was shklance were Lance is sick during a presentation. I hope this is OK I don’t know I just… I don’t know. Here ya go @taylor-tut

Lance knew he was sick. Normally he wasn’t one to admit to others, or to himself, that he wasn’t feeling well. He usually just powers through his colds, working until he can’t anymore and then he has to take a day off to recuperate if needed. But this time his breaking point was on the day of his presentation with Keith AND SHIRO.

The presentation he honest to God forgot about until the night before.

Staying up all night doing a presentation, for his personal most difficult class wasn’t a good move on Lance’s part, but there wasn’t anything he could do, other than just not doing it all.

And that’s how he got into this mess. The world spinning, in his micro biology class, sitting down in the front waiting for his turn to speak. Every bone in his body ached, it was so freaking cold, and his jacket was doing nothing to aid his shivers. Sitting was the only relief at the moment but just knowing that once Shiro was done his slide, he was going to have to stand AND READ.

Lance felt someone shake his shoulder, and he could hear his name being called in an aggravated tone. He sat up straight so fast Lance got whiplash. His world was a blue of color as he tried to reassess where he was. When did he fall asleep?

Then Keith came into focus. Keith was wearing a scowl as he looked down at Lance.

“Goddammit Lance, it’s your turn.” Keith scolded.

Lance’s didn’t say a thing as he stood up and stumbled to the front of the class, while Keith and Shiro shared a look of concern. And as Lance’s slides came on screen, their hearts dropped.

Aesthetic wise the slides were done, but the information about the experiment was all wrong. The data looked like Lance hadn’t comprehended what he had been reading the least bit. And Lance was stuttering as he spoke. His eyes squinted as he tried to read off the slides.

They didn’t know if they should step in and help, but soon Lance was done. His face was red, and not just from embarrassment. Lance mumbled out and apology and he ran out of the room, too embarrassed to look at Keith and Shiro’s faces.

Shiro and Keith haven’t heard anything from Lance for at least 10 minutes now. It was obvious Lance wasn’t on his A game and they were both extremely worried about him. They’ve called and texted, but he wasn’t answering. They’ve been wandering the school, trying every classroom they’ve come across, until they stumbled e across a locked janitors closet. The one that isn’t normally locked.

It’s Shiro that knocks on the door. "Lance, buddy are you in there?”

“No” was his only response. Keith couldn’t help the snort that came out.

“Why don’t you come on out? We have to answer questions and then we’ll be done.” Shiro tried. “You don’t even need to answer any.”

“Then you can go back to the dorms and get some rest.” Keith cut in. They didn’t really have time for this. Their grade already wasn’t looking too good.

The lock clicked and the door opened.

Everything was going well for the few minutes, until Lance started swaying on his feet. It was clear to both Keith and Shiro that Lance was much worse than they had anticipated.

“I need to sit.” Lance mumbled so quietly, Shiro almost hadn’t heard it.

“Just another minute Lance, your doing great.” Shiro tried for soothing, but it was clear it wasn’t doing much.

But then their professor had a question.
“Lance, why was the data presented on your slide different then the one Keith and Shiro had on theirs?”

Lance took a moment to process the question, and honestly he couldn’t have repeated what their professor just said.

“I–I don’t know.” Lance stuttered.

Their professor wasn’t pleased by this answer whatsoever.

“What do you mean you ‘don’t know’? That’s not an acceptable reason.” They spoke in a stern voice.

Lance face seemed to have paled even more than before and his eyes darted around the room, as if he was trying to find the acceptable answer somewhere hidden.

Before either Keith or Shiro could step in, Lance kinda just… broke. His eyes watered, and he shakily tried to give a response. His mind was so muddled and he was just so tired. It was Shiro that stepped in first. With a gentle hand to his back, he guided Lance out of the room, before he could embarrass himself. Keith waited in the hall as Shiro went to speak with the professor. Lance was still crying, slumped against Keith’s chest as he sobbed.

Keith was very out of his comfort zone. He rubbed small circles into the others back and shushed him whenever he made a choked sound. “Sorry"s and "I didn’t mean to"s were mixed in and Keith tried his best to reassure Lance, that neither of them were angry at him. They were both just extremely worried.

Getting Lance back to the dorms was a lot more difficult than they expected. The poor boy could barely walk, even though he put all his weight onto Keith. When his legs gave out, It was decided that he had to be carried and that is how Lance ended up being carried on Shiro’s back. It wasn’t exactly ideal either since Lance was pretty tall and lanky. But they eventually got there. Lance was asleep when they entered the dorm. His room was a mess, clothes and papers thrown about. Food containers littered his desk and it was odd to see the oh so tidy Lance to keep his BEDROOM of all places so… disorganized.

Shiro maneuvered Lance and set him on the bed. He placed the back of his hand to the others forehead and curse under his breath.

"What is it?” Keith asked worried

“His fevers really high.” Shiro mumbled
“You stay here with him, I’m gonna go grave some things.” Shiro said.
Keith made a worried face, and shiro knew just how anxious he felt. he placed a comforting hand on Keith’s shoulder.
“It’ll be alright. I’m just in the other room.”

Keith relaxed and nodded his head.

Keith sat down on the bed next to Lance. The others face looked uncomfortable and Keith felt powerless. It was almost on instinct that Keith’s hand found its way into Lance’s hair, combing through it in a way Keith hoped was comforting. His face instantly relaxed and he mumbled something that sorta sounded spanish. After a few minutes of petting, Lance opened his bleary eyes, and tried to blink away the fuzziness.

Shiro came in then. “Oh he’s awake.” He said as he placed a damp cloth on his forehead. Lance mumbled more words that didn’t sound English and then a very clear “I love you guys.” Made Keith and Shiro share a look of pure surprise.

But that could wait till later. Shiro still needed to get Lance to take the medicine he brought and to take his temperature.
They would definitely talk to Lance after this. They didn’t exactly want to get their hopes up, even though it was too late. They were already pretty smitten with the boy.

Logged in - Part 4

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Summary: Dean x Reader: Sam tells Dean and the reader about a new online community for hunters and they both scoff at him, but secretly use it and end up drawn to each other.

Word Count: 3953

Triggers: None really

Y/N = Your name

Note: OK, so by now we all know I’m a filthy liar who can’t control my word count >< The “final” part ran just over 8000 words which seemed a bit excessive, so I split it. Final part is ready though, just gonna read through it and should be posting it tomorrow unless the coworkers tempt me with after work wine. Which honestly might happen, I don’t just get lead into temptation, I have memorised every shortcut.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5


The anonymity of the computer screen had made it too easy for you to open up more than you’d ever meant to open up to anyone. Especially considering you were still fighting your whole red pill, blue pill battle. You unfortunately came to this realisation quite late, almost a full month after your first drunken confession to the internet stranger. By the time you realised you had already spent countless evenings, nights and the occasional lazy afternoon talking to J.T about all the little things that occupied your mind. Including your messed up emotional state. Specifically your conflicting feelings for the two separate hunters.

Yeah, so maybe it was stupid to talk to one of the two men you found yourself attracted to about said attraction. Actually it was abso-fuckin-lutely the stupidest, most insane thing you’d done, and you’d done some fucked up shit. Still, J.T wanted you to share and he had only responded in kind. And since that vulnerable moment where you had confessed your confused state of mind and him his, your evenings had often returned to the topic as you both felt so close to each other, yet still in love with your respective hunting partners. Your conversations easily ranging from light and easy to what read like a bunch of really really sad one-line love letters.

And every time you spoke you found another reason for not ending it. Whether it was the easy, friendly chats that read like the script of some low-budget sitcom or the more in depth chats where everything he said made it seem like J.T was reading your mind. Or like he had just bypassed your mind completely and hooked an amplifier and full surround sound system directly into your heart. Those nights were always the sweetest, yet the most bitter and hardest to deal with. Like whiskey and dark chocolate.

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Haunted : Jughead Jones

request: I know your requests are closed and you can just say no, I won’t mind. I am just going through a rough time and I need something comforts. Jughead finds out reader is a csa victim and comforts her when she starts panicking about him knowing 

 requested by: @iknowyouwuvme

A/N: This has a really heavy topic that may be triggering, so proceed with caution. Please check the warnings before reading this imagine. I hope this is what you were looking for, my darling. love ya, xx aubree

warnings: mention of child sexual abuse (proceed with caution); mention of a murder ( not Jason’s.)

word count: 729

(gif not mine) 


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