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Ok ok ok better because the only maeglin I care about is little boy maeglin: DOES DAD KNOW THAT AS SOON. AS HE GOES. ON THIS BUSINESS TRIP. I’M GOING TO KIDNAP MYSELF AND MY MOTHER?????? SWEATS

maeglin, testingly, every night before dinner, in the loudest mental voice imaginable: I’M GOING TO KIDNAP MYSELF AND MY MOTHER

eol: leaves pamphlets about intrusive thoughts on maeglin’s spidersilk hammock


Yes you are, Minseok. Yes you are. 

i’m never going to shut up about this.

i saw a middle-eastern, muslim man on u.s. television depicted as a real human being. someone who faces struggle and tries to approach it with humor. someone who is kind and is capable of love. someone who has desires and seeks to give and receive affection. i saw a middle-eastern, muslim man on u.s. television who loves other men.

in fact i saw two muslim men depicted with such dimension and humanity. and i got to see them become intimate with one another. clothed to fully naked. from gentle touches to loving sex. all of it.

i don’t think some people understand how immensely important this was on so many fucking levels.

why does no one ever talk about the southern dalish clans of thedas? the ones from origins?

and by that i mean their weird, horrible pronunciation of elvhen.

in dragon age 2 and inquisition, you’ve got your graceful, correct way of saying things like “lethallin.” “andaran atishan.” “ma serannas!” 

and then there’s just…the southern clan. you know the one.

“UhnDAYruhn aTEEshun!”

“Dayreth Sheeral!”

the northern clans don’t talk to them. don’t talk about them. they hear the gentle whisper of “mah seerenus” on the wind and shudder.


East Sooke Park by Lichon