spokane photographer

Spokane RiverRiverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher, Spokane, WA 2010

“A bit of my hometown’s history”

Spokane, Washington; The Washington Water Power Spokane Falls generating station, and the Post Street Bridge.

One of Spokane’s most iconic buildings and bridges in this shot, taken I think in 2012 by me. All of the images I post here are my own. This was at one time the only source of electric power for all of Spokane.

Back in more innocent days, and when the river hadn’t been so abused or polluted by our waste, there were giant carp below the dam that employees would shoot with their hunting rifles they would take to work with them to fire from the windows facing the pool above the dam and falls. It made for a fun break time diversion and sport among the employees.

There were crews also that were charged with keeping the screens for the turbine entrances underwater clear of miscellaneous debris that would clog the flow of water through them, and they would bring home some of the strangest items, such as whole kitchen table sets, motorcycles, bowling balls, etc, and yes, sometimes bodies, though I don’t imagine any of those were taken home. I’m sure this is still going on to this day, at least the clearing of the screens..

Sometimes it isn’t the grandiose deeds of our leaders, our generals, or the waves of social changes that define us and tell who we were at any given time in history. The simpler stories… The whimsical or every day anecdotes are what define us, and our humanity to history