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Okay look, I understand that people with anxiety don’t necessarily want to be huddled onto the floor because it’s really close and not that nice (I’ve almost had a panic attack at a Don Broco concert before, thanks anxiety), however 5sos did not force anyone to go down to the floor, they would never in a million years have called you out because you stayed in your designated seat and chose not to go down there. They sent people down there for a better, more lively experience rather than sitting pretty much on your own. Don’t try to take what they did out of adoration for their fans and mold it into this horrible, torturous thing that could have caused people unnecessary stress and pain.

a history of strange events in the town of Greywood, Maine, from 1766 through 1987

August 1766 - Greywood is founded by English colonists. Town founder Bartholomew Church writes of the environment, “It is dreary and sombre in character on the coast, but inland the sights are richer, the woods are dark and seem to grasp at the very fibre of the soul, and the stars shine like pale lanterns in the night. I have seen no clouds in the sky since our arrival.”

November-March 1766/67 - The town experiences its first winter. One elderly man, a hermit, visits the nearby forest to gather kindling in mid-December and disappears. His name is not recorded in any accounts. He is referred to only as “the hermit”.

June 1767 - Town records note “a hermit” as having disappeared during this month. It is unknown if this is a clerical error or actually a separate disappearance; no name is given.

August 1767 - The townspeople celebrate the anniversary of Greywood’s founding. Several young artists sketch the event; many of their drawings feature large, braided hoops approximately 4 meters in diameter, floating above the crowd. One depiction seems to feature a label written beside these hoops, but it is blotted out, likely intentionally, by ink.

September 1771 - Bartholomew Church begins excavations underneath his home.

1780 - The first instance of moving lights in the sky occurs above Greywood. Townspeople give varying accounts; most suggest these lights were dull white, only appeared when behind thick clouds, and moved rapidly. Several accounts describe their movements specifically as appearing distressed or anxious, but do not give further explanation.

1787 - Bartholomew Church dies, apparently killed by a coyote in the forest. This is the first of many recorded “coyote deaths” in the town’s history, indicating behavior significantly different to that shown in most coyotes. Church is buried in an undisclosed location by his family.

Summer 1793 - Greywood experiences a severe drought. Unusual figures are spotted in the deep forest by several children – tall, skeletal humanoids with bodies made of bundled twigs. 7-year-old Peggy Farrow describes them as “Two thin men who chattered at us, then ran away to their little house.” The likely explanation is heatstroke coupled with dehydration.

February 12th, 1838 - A meteorite impacts the wilderness near Greywood, making the town into a brief local news spectacle. Searches are conducted to find the location of the impact.

February 13th, 1838, 2:17 AM - Lights behind the clouds converge into one large disc much larger and brighter than the moon. The disc changes color several times before losing cohesion and dissipating.

February 13th, 1838 - Searches for the impact site cease.

Christmas 1845 - The uninhabited former home of Bartholomew Church collapses.

1848 - The debris from Church’s house is cleared. A system of apparently hand-dug tunnels is discovered beneath his home.

1848-1853 - Church’s tunnels are explored. In total, the system measures nearly a full mile, and descends more than 200 feet into the earth.

1854 - An sealed iron pipe 3 feet in diameter, leading directly downward, is uncovered at the lowest point of Church’s tunnels. No attempt is made to remove the pipe’s seal, and investigations end for two years.

1856 - Church’s pipe is unsealed. Stones are dropped to test depth; results are inconclusive.

1857 - Church’s pipe is resealed and the tunnels are filled with earth. Construction of a (presumably) Puritan church on the property begins, and is finished by October.

April 4th, 1864 - A sizable heap of Confederate uniforms is inexplicably found in the town square. In South Carolina, a regiment of soldiers finds themselves naked upon waking.

September 20th, 1871(?) - A Laserdisc home video was discovered amongst the town’s records in an envelope bearing this date. Paper and ink appear to be period-correct, and when played in a Laserdisc home video set, the video displays heavily distorted footage of people in period-correct costume talking to each other, firing rifles (possibly hunting), and performing several unidentifiable activities. The disc carries no audio information. The handwriting on the envelope has not been matched to any known historical or current Greywood inhabitants; it is thought to be a practical joke.

1898 - Greywood’s first hotel opens, and the effort to brand the town as a vacation retreat begins.

October 1st, 1902 - The first instance of “wrong coyotes” in Greywood. 28-year-old Isaac Primm returns from a walk outdoors terrified, telling his wife that he encountered an animal he could only describe as a “wrong coyote”. He sketches the animal; a skeletally thin coyote with patchy fur and legs more than twelve times the natural length, with between 6 and 15 joints in each leg. Primm initially did not include eyes in the sketch; when asked what was wrong with the animal’s head, he apologized and “corrected” his sketch by drawing his own naked body on the paper.

June 30th, 1910 - A rumbling noise persists throughout the night of the 29th, and bright lights are seen rising from the eastern horizon around 11:00 PM, slowly moving upwards and disappearing in the direction of the star Vega. Residents notice on the morning of the 30th that the streets are soaked in ocean water, as if splashed by a large object rising out of the ocean.

1915 - Residents report they can hear “shelling across the ocean” from the war in Europe. Crude drawings in the sand of what appear to be French and German soldiers, as well as unidentifiable glyphs and partially vitrified areas of sand, are found frequently along Greywood’s beach in concurrence with these reports.

1917 - Two people are killed when a bucket of worms explodes at a local bait and tackle shop.

1920 - A layer of biological material closely resembling the velvet covering of growing antlers appears on the trunks of trees near Greywood, occasionally covering portions of the forest floor as well. It withers and dies by mid-July.

1926-27 - Wet sand falls from the sky during rainstorms.

February 2nd, 1931 - Eight large soapstone tablets appear on the beach near Greywood. They are too heavy to be lifted and bear no discernible markings, despite clearly being manmade by their shape. They disappear at high tide.

May 10th, 1939 - A large, dark cylinder, rotating slowly, follows the sun’s path across the sky, obstructing its light between the hours of 5:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

January 26th, 1943 - An 18th-century British ship-of-the-line is sighted off the coast near Greywood. It discharges cannon shots, seemingly aiming at nothing, for several minutes before turning and sailing out to sea.

1946-51 - Household pets periodically discover wooden masks resembling the faces of their owners throughout this period.

October 31st, 1949 - A local Halloween party, advertised in flyers as a “Ghoulish Gala”, is cancelled at the last minute when a naked, hairless human with sharp teeth and heavily scarred flesh arrives at the venue. Police are notified, but do not manage to apprehend the naked person. A town law is passed shortly afterward banning any “explicit or implied reference to folkloric beings in publicly distributed documents”.

1953-78 - Automobile accidents on the highway near Greywood occur very frequently throughout this period. Sightings of coyotes with mange and severely disfigured bone structure, usually walking along the roadside or on the road, are often made in close conjunction with these accidents.

1954 - A pair of animated boot-cut denim jeans is sighted frequently at night, walking with what one resident described as “a spring in its step” along quiet residential roads and, very occasionally, on the roofs of houses.

October 3rd, 1957 - Newspapers with front-page articles on Sputnik’s launch are delivered to Greywood more than 24 hours before the launch occurs.

1960 - An unlabeled book of pressed flowers, bound in whale skin, is discovered in the town hall.

January 9-10th, 1962 - Greywood experiences a midnight sun. Positions of visible stars in the sky suggest its location has been temporarily moved to Earth’s north magnetic pole. On the 10th, the stars return to their normal positions and the sun rises and sets as usual. Greywood does not experience any significant change in local temperature throughout this event.

December 30th, 1968 - Led Zeppelin plays an impromptu concert at Greywood, despite simultaneously performing in Spokane that night. Video is recorded of the event.

Autumn 1970 - Humanoid figures, lacking hair and appearing to possess long, webbed digits, are seen frolicking along the beachfront just after sunset and directly before sunrise.

1974-78 - Metallic spheres between 1 and 3 feet in diameter, anchored into the earth by up to 15 curved rods averaging 8 feet in length, appear in the deep forest near Greywood. They emit a low-frequency hum when approached by most animals, though not when approached by humans, dogs, cats, insects, or toads.

August 16th, 1980, 9:24-11:32 PM - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is projected onto the clouds in its entirety from a source within the ocean. The projection is very large and remarkably bright. No audio is provided, but English subtitles are enabled.

Winter 1985 - An unnamed hermit is recorded as having gone missing while gathering kindling from the forest.

September 17th, 1987, 8:30 PM - Local television programming is interrupted by a broadcast claiming to be from the National Weather Service. The broadcast warns of heavy fog throughout the night, and includes several unusual statements. A thick fog did indeed appear over Greywood during the times predicted in the broadcast. The event was very likely actually a broadcast signal intrusion rather than a legitimate NWS message.