spoilersandscrewdrivers replied to your post: I’m sick of pissing people off, of offending…

Dang girl :( It sucks that people are so easily offended that they can say such hurtful things. That was a fantastic blog and I’m sad to see it go, but I totally get your reasoning for ending it *hugs*

I understand where some of them are coming from, that they feel “left out” or forgotten altogether because there’s a big, popular blog dedicated to girls only. But for one, I never, ever, ever expected it to get so freaking huge. I thought, at most, each post would get a couple hundred reblogs at most, sort of not much bigger than my own blog. But dear God. It got way too much for me to handle, and I can fully admit that. So yeah. I’m a bit sad to see it go, but I just want a stress-free Tumblr experience (well, as stress-free as one can hope for!).


jumperbamf replied to your post: I’m sick of pissing people off, of offending…

Good for you, eliminating the added stress in your life. You’re too nice of a person to deal with unnecessary, unwarranted criticism, and I’m sorry that such a quality blog was forced to shut down due to, for lack of a better term, haters.

Thank you very much. This made me smile. I do want to point out I don’t feel forced into doing this by any means, and that this was my decision and my decision alone. Did the “haters” have some influence? Sure, of course. But I weighed my options. I was a good Ravenclaw. ;) I didn’t just rush in and go “omfg, can’t handle! shut doooown!”. It’s taken me about a week to come to this decision, and I feel good about it.