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a song of ice and fire + lesser houses per region (plus one extinct house)
(requested by sarcastic-enigma​)

          Janet Montgomery as Betha Blackwood, Santiago Cabrera as Arthur Dayne,  Natalia Wörner as Maege Mormont


|| She got her first look at the man she must kill later that morning as she wheeled her barrow through the cobbled streets that fronted on the Purple Harbor. He was an old man, well past fifty. He has lived too long, she tried to tell herself. Why should he have so many years when my father had so few?

I’ve been given permission by Bubug’s collaborator to crop portions of Sandor’s portrait and post them for those of you wondering about some of the smaller details/symbols within the piece. I’ll attempt to explain those elements as best I can, or rely on the words of the collaborators themselves, as I’ve done here.

On the toy knight within the brooch:

It was deliberately left small, as something to look for. It is Sandor’s main attribute in canon, and something that anyone who enjoys the character is immediately familiar with. As such, I didn’t feel the need to use it here to tell his story. It is in the piece to convey not only the bleakness of childhood aspirations (little boys dream of being knights, in the Kingsguard!), and how those dreams more often than not ring false, but also to hint at the hypocrisy of that same myth. Knights kill, and sometimes with malicious intention, but children are still led to believe there is nothing so honourable. So, it sits there, on Sandor’s tattered and stained white cloak, just as bloody and useless as the rest. Dreams are for children, but they don’t do them any favours.

If anyone would like to see any other details of the piece with a bit more clarity, please drop me an ask and I’ll do my best to feed your needs.

Corseque, this one is for you. XD

sirelig asked:

Who is Septon Meribald? What is his true identity? I find him as a very interesting character wondering the Riverlands with his Dog (that isn't his, of course) Feeling protected with his Dog (anagram to God, maybe?) So I'll ask again - who is Septon Meribald?

You want to know who Septon Meribald is? OK, fine.

Meribald was once a 12-year-old boy from a small village in the Riverlands. When the lord of his village was gathering men to fight in the Stepstones for the War of the Ninepenny Kings in 260 AC, his brothers and their friends were all determined to go, dreaming of adventure and glory. Meribald was a bit young to go off to war, but his brother Willam said he could be his squire, and so they all marched off together, barely shod and barely armored and with weapons like kitchen knives and sharpened farming equipment.

In the Stepstones Meribald saw his three brothers die, two of disease before they even saw any fighting, and one from the mace of a knight who ran him down and split his skull open. His lord died, and he was taken up by another lord he didn’t even know the name of. He saw friends disemboweled, saw others break and become thieves, rapists, and ruthless killers. One day, starving and sick from dysentery, surrounded by strangers, he was ordered to line up for one more stand… and the knights came charging… and Meribald broke. He ran, he deserted, and became a desperate man (though he was still truly a child), stealing to eat, drinking to forget, lost and lonely and afraid.

But somehow he made it back to Westeros, back home to the Riverlands, and somehow he found himself again, found the will to live again, with the help of the Faith of the Seven. He memorized the entirety of the Seven-Pointed Star, even though he never learned to read or write, and became a septon. For nearly 40 years now he has been  ministering to the smallfolk, traveling a circuit around the Riverlands (six months to complete the circuit), exchanging his duties (giving confession, performing marriages and funerals and naming babies) for food and shelter. He walks barefoot as penance for the sins of his youth.

Septon Meribald’s only companion is his dog, though sometimes he has a donkey to carry his possessions. He is a friend to the Elder Brother of the Quiet Isle, and gives confession there when he visits. He was a friend of Masha Heddle, the innkeeper of the Inn at the Crossroads, before Tywin Lannister had her hanged. He knows much of the history of the Riverlands, at least in the way that the smallfolk would tell the stories. He cares deeply for his flock, brings food to those that have none, and believes that broken men are not outlaws – and though travelers should be wary of them, they should pity them as well.

I hope that helps you understand.

“Dany shivered, and pulled the lionskin tight about her. She looked like me. It explained much that she had not truly understood. He wants me, she realized. He loves me as he loved her, not as a knight loves his queen but as a man loves a woman. She tried to imagine herself in Ser Jorah’s arms, kissing him, pleasuring him, letting him enter her. It was no good. When she closed her eyes, his face kept changing into Drogo’s. ”

A Song of Ice and Fire - A Clash of Kings

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