spoilers: tmr

My name is Newt

My name is Newt
And you are sad
Because my life
Is very bad

Bad people came
And took me from
My own pet dog
My dad and mom

They left me in
A special place
With grass and walls
No loving face

We learned to run
To try to find
Our own way out
I lost my mind

When we got out
We didn’t see
The kind of peace
We dreamed it be

For we were tricked
We had to run
Through heat and sand
Under the sun

I lost my friends
So many dead
But i kept on
Looked straight ahead

We made it but
They said im sick
I lost my mind
It went too quick

I helped them all
Until the end
I had enough
I asked my friend

I used to run
And fight ahead
But now i dont
Caus i am ded

imagine #7

character - Newt

words - 1172

warnings - n/a

description - You and Newt are dating, but Newt thinks you like Minho more than him.

a/n - @brooklynalpha requested an imagine with a jealous Newt, but I think I made it a little sadder than it was supposed to be…

Originally posted by loventer-lotzku

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It’s a tragedy, the way our story goes; 



                                                               A L M O S T . (insp)


Imagine having a secret relationship with Newt, which means breaking one of Alby’s rules. The two of you think you sneak out together in the night and steall kisses now and then. It doesn’t take the others long to figure out something is up between you two.