spoilers: it's thor


In the painting scene, there’s a really well edited moment that goes from a shot of Thor putting on a hat on that cuts to a similar shot of Shaolin putting his helmet on before revving up his motorcycle. But did anyone else get a good look at the type of hat he was putting on?


It’s a really quick shot (the time stamp is between 32:46-32:47) so I had to rewind a few times to get a decent enough picture. But I really only noticed it because he’s holding onto the same top hat, positioned right behind Dizzee’s head, when Shaolin walks in.

Maybe it was supposed to be a cute, blink and you miss it thing, but the top hat is an important part of Rumi’s story/symbolism/imagery. So now I’m thinking about the meaning behind Dizzee letting Thor wear the top hat instead of wearing it himself, and now I’m emotional about this scene all over again.

i know it’s been like. half an hour max but uh,,,, here’s some alex headcanons

  • she’s beautiful and im sobbing. that’s not a headcanon i just needed 2 remind you all
  • cares too much about her hair,, gels it into a perfect pompadour every morning & fights ppl who try to squish the floof down 
  • (yes that kinda contradicts the official art but idc!!)
  • blitz makes her a chain mail sweater vest !!
  • speaking of sweater vests ,, wanted to grow up to become a professor (pottery, maybe!) one day before. yknow. he died :(
  • fav animal to turn into is a koala aww
  • when shes close to someone *cough* magnus she becomes a lot more affectionate & dare i say.. cuddly!!! than one would think she would be
  • she and sam are the best pair of sisters the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!! soooooo much sisterly support and they only shout at each other occasionally!!!
  • magnus: “i’m so lucky, i’m the luckiest guy on the planet, i have a boyfriend AND a girlfriend” someone: “wait… is ur girlfriend alex okay with this?” someone else: “wait you have a girlfriend named alex?? i thought your boyfriend was named alex” magnus: “yes”
  • alex is actually really easily startled for someone so good in combat loooool just sneak up behind him and poke him in the side and he’ll screech and probably smack you
  • one time halfborn convinced her to turn into a bear and fight him to see if he could survive. alex won
  • a SOFTIE!!!!!!!! she’s such a SOFTIE!!!!!!!!!! don;t let his tough exterior fool u he actually cries at disney movies and once almost got hit by a car trying to save a stray cat and really truly cares for the emotional well-being of everyone around him
  • “executive function is for chumps,” she says, having eaten solely cheeto puffs for the past 2 days. doesn’t remember the last time she showered. it’s fun 
  • owns at least 20 “down with cis” shirts 

so I was re-watching the get down…AND DIZZEE PAINTED RUMI AND THOR

hE PAINTED THOR behind their stage when Thor was locked away HOW DID I MISS THIS the first time!?!

(this is also the episode Thor goes to Dizzee once he’s released)

Wow ok so apparently ppl have know this for years but jane wont be in the new thor movie? Bc they broke up or something?

Jane and her gang is like one of my favorite things about the thor franchise and i thought they were such a cute pair :(

  I mean i respect their choices (especially bc one of those choises seems to be adding a kick ass looking woc to the cast, like being sad jane isnt there is in no way me hating on the new love interest she looks cool as fuck) but please just give me something MORE than a throwaway line about “not being right for each other after all” (which is the standart line for “we couldnt get this actor/actress back so here’s the reason they’re not in the film)

They spent so much time on their relationship and i want a DECENT explanation to WHY they broke up (they have alot to work with here,, them almost never seeing each other being one thing.)

Just..tosssing her out makes the first two movies seem a bit shallow since he’s so invested in saving her, so at least toss her out with some emotional grievances from thors side, or maybe a flash back, and at the very least a good explanation. The last thing i want is thor all happy and like “Jane who? Oh, thats long over lol loving the single life!”

It could be cool if they parted on friendly terms, like “yeah it didnt work out, i was never on earth, she way busy being a nobel price winning scientist, but she’s still my friend and i respect her” 

(This would also leave marvel with the option of bringing her and her gang  back in future movies without it being weird…maybe not as a love interest but as  sidekick or helper ofr something….probably not tho…let me hope dammit!!)

also this is a tiny side note but the article i read about this mentions that thor is looking for a love interest that is more his equal (which is cool for the new love interest!) but wha does that imply that jane was? His pet hamster? Like…i dont really like the implications of that line. Of course shes not superpowered like him but even so?

anyone know the song played in dizzee and thors scene at the club in ep3???

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I want to wrap hearth up in blankets and put him in a nicely lit room with a nice cup of tea and his favourite TV show or book or movie or blitzes and just. I want my son to be happy





Thor’s gladiator costume reminded me so much of Luffy’s gladiator disguise I’ve spent most the day imagining Thor in an aloha shirt telling Loki dressed up in a rediculous flamingo pink feather coat that they have to take the Hulk with them when Loki comes to break Thor out because Loki’s lost control of Asgard finally


(tho can’t imagine there is a soul left on tumblr who has not seen the set pictures…)

I know there was already a rumor that Odin would be on Midgard, but I have still been biting my nails. Since like, November 2013.

I needed to see him, guys. I needed to see the All-Vagrant on set.

I am so relieved that Loki didn’t kill Odin. Sure, he might have done a number of other horrible things, but nothing else in this movie can hurt me as badly as that could have.

(Haha. Yeah, that’s me lying to myself. Everything in this movie has the potential to hurt. This movie has power over me, and I both love and hate it.)