spoilers: dos

so i wanna talk about the scene where cheryl was telling polly the twins she’s carrying couldnt protect her in this episode. okay so cheryl was starting to cry while twisting pollys wrist and that confirmed what i was thinking

cheryl IS trying to protect polly, but her parents and the blossom family fucked cheryl up so badly that cheryl’s only way she thinks she can do this and deter polly from getting into more trouble would be to scare her 

BECAUSE thats what her parents did to her

physical abuse and fear tactics kept cheryl in line…… that’s obvious

and cheryl does only a little bit of that in hopes polly will understand and stop like my heart really does go out to cheryl this is really fucked up

i just think it’s interesting magnus isn’t the one who wouldn’t budge on not destroying the crystal.

even lup said “/you/ magnus, would do something like this?”. from the first reality where magnus left his friends and the ship behind to save villagers from the hunger to now, where he was willing to doom an entire planet to their deaths. that’s huge, my dudes

i can’t wait to see what happens when they get to faerûn. how lup died!!!! after they all promised not to let something like this happen again. what happened to her?


Tary and Grog at the beach

actually u know what, since this is my blog im gonna shred this right here like first of all,

“Heaven’s Feel, which requires a huge amount of writer fiat and nonsensical cheap write arounds in order to make it so there’s no actual romance possibilities for Shirou other than Sakura.”

which is just, what? what the fuck are you talking about? To my eternal frustration, theres still tons of rin/shirou shippy moments in heaven’s feel, and the epilogue explicitly says that rin still has a crush on him even though he’s in a relationship with her sister. So no, the writing does pretend like theres other romance possibilities for Shirou even though it really fucking shouldn’t when Rin would be the biggest asshole who ever lived if she made a move on her sister’s bf after all the shit she’s already suffered.

(This person also claimed UBW good end was the best possible ending to FSN, so maybe they’re just salty about Saber, but uh sorry dude. Some of us liked that Saber got a drastically different narrative from the first two, even if that meant you didn’t get to waifu her.) 

“Well, that and them doubling down on the bodyhorror, yandere vibes, and Shirou selling his moral code out for huge boobies. Cause huge boobies.”

I wasn’t aware body horror was a bad thing? Again, some of us liked that hf was very, very different. Darker does not equal bad.

And that last part im just like ha ha fuck off? Objectifying Sakura (a character who’s entire narrative revolves around her being treated like an object and sexually abused) and reducing her to just a pair of breasts while also implying that Shirou is just a horny teenager with no principles who totally abandons all morality and his life goals just for boobs or something i guess. Two character assassinations with one stone. I guess this person somehow missed all the scenes where Shirou agonizes over his choice and what the right thing to do is, to the point where he nearly goes back on his decision at one point. And also missed like all of Sakura’s character but what else is new there, she gets tons of haters that say this shit.