spoilers: dos

sansa probably already carries the guilt of what happened to ned and her whole family on her, the last thing she needs is her own sister blaming her for it. she was a child, forced into accusing her own father by people much older than her. she begged for ned’s life and had to watch him die right in front of her.


So you’re trying to tell me that the two major players that have both been REBORN won’t be able to have children of their own?

I don’t know about you but all this…DANY CAN’T HAVE KIDS…talk is making me thinking she’ll be in for a wonderful surprise after her and Jon get together.

this better be a con because i can’t believe that @ry@ would threaten to physically harm Sansa in their own HOME, after she was physically and mentally harmed by Ratsy in their HOME, after she has done nothing but try her best to keep their HOME safe in Jon’s absence

writing spaces

so @deathbycoldopen posted a WIP picture that had her writing space in it. how different people write fascinates me. some people use gdocs, some use notes on their phones, others use scrivener (*raises hand*).

this is one of my favorite things to talk about and i’d love it if people shared pictures or descriptions of their writing spaces. 

here are mine, below a cut because huge pictures.

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Shoutout to tumblr for not saving any of the multiple times I tried to post this.
This was supposed to be semi-serious, but I went overboard on the stickers and had too much fun with it haha. There are slight manga spoilers, but nothing too major. I will be doing a coloured version with 1-A and B when I find the time.
Here are the characters:
LG- Izuku/All Might
TG- Aizawa
CG- Bakugou

LN- Overhaul
TN- Civilians
CN- Vanguard Action Squad

LE- Stain
TE- Nomu/Tomura
CE- All For One
Overhaul and the vanguard, off the top of my head, show up after the internships.
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