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Hi! Your blog is AWASOME. Every tip you got is useful, so thank you very much your kind soul. So, here's the thing: In my fantasy story, my main male character is the big villain. In the first book, he's just a kind little boy, a caring, selfless guy but later so much shit happens to him that he just snaps and becomes the villain, the very insane type. But, there's a problem. I want him to be fucking scary. He's a power hungry guy, and he also wants revenge. So, how can I portray him mad?

HI! First of all, I love your blog and you are so helpful :)) So, the thing is that my MC is the villain of the story. It’s like in the first book he’s just a normal kid and a kind one too. Later on so much shit happens to him that he becomes the villain. The second book begins with 5 years after the first one and he officially is the bad guy there. My question is that how can I portray him to be mad scary? How can I portray that he IS the villain of the story?

I included both of your messages because they each have some new information.

First, thank you so much! I’m glad to be of help!

Now, your question!

First of all, I’m gonna drop my Antagonists post right here just as a point of reference for developing most antagonists, and then we’re gonna apply it to your scary dude in particular.


First of all, a transition such as that takes time and some real “shit” happening to him. 5 years is a good amount of time, but we want to also make it clear how these events change him bit by bit until he is no longer the person he once was.

We also have to make these changes make sense. Think about where he started personality wise, and then map out how he gets to where he is. You can do this by taking his traits as a “good” character and turning them against him. For example:

You said he is “caring” and “selfless”. In order to take those traits away from him, they need to do him harm- perhaps he was overly selfless, and people took advantage of him or walked all over him. Perhaps he was so caring, he gave and gave until he had nothing left to give, or maybe one day he realized that he never got anything back. This all happens over time until he is finally fed up. The things that are good about him cause him to suffer the most, and therefore he no longer sees the point in being “good” any more. 

Even in the first book when he is not yet “officially” the villain, you can show him starting to crack along the way. In fact it’s important that you do, in order to make the change in character feel real. More outbursts, less sympathy for others, not caring about things he used to, becoming more and more pronounced as the story goes on.

The Mad Scary Part: Use his background to sort of hint at the madness to come. Maybe it was in him all along, and all it took was the right (or wrong) actions to draw it out. Perhaps sometime in the past someone does something rather minor that bugs him, and he has a brief outburst/”snap” that makes them think for a moment, “oh snap, remind me not to get on his bad side” (unfortunately it seems no one reminded them)


Often when a villain becomes that scary and out of control, they are driven from a core belief that they are clinging desperately onto for dear life, to the point where nothing they do makes logical sense any more- they have one goal, one belief, and that’s all they have on their minds. Pick out that core motivation and get to know that in the context of your character. In this example, revenge:

Who is he getting revenge against/who does he think he needs to get revenge against?

Is the list expanding to include every single person who wrongs him from now on, or his is focused on someone very specific?

Does he feel any sort of remorse for the people who get hurt along the way, but see them as a necessary collateral damage?

Or, does he believe that no one is worth saving or pity, that the whole world is rotten in some way?

The Mad Scary Part: Either way you want to go with any of those questions can be turned very scary. If he’s hyper-focused on a few characters, that means he’ll be pretty scary relentless, and there is always something terrifying about being hunted down. If the list goes ever onwards, it means that he’s lost all perspective on what he’s even fighting for- any transgression provokes the need for revenge, because that’s all he knows any more. 

And one more thing: As I’ve talked about, when villains have such a motive as revenge, they really cling to it with everything they have got- and the reason is simple. It is all that they, as villains, have. It is their goal, their motive, that keeps them focused, because if they are not pursuing their motive, then they would have to stop and look at themselves. There’s nothing more dangerous to a bad person than time to reflect and see what they have become. That is why so many “evil” people or organizations discourage questioning their leadership or decisions- questioning themselves could lead to destabilizing everything they fight for. 

But you can use those doubts to capitalize on the mad-scary, too! If you want him to be “very insane”, let him be conflicted. Having conflicted emotions can often be very terrifying and confusing. Villains such as yours don’t want to face what they have done or who they once were, because that only leads to misery for them- and thus, he will lash out or do anything to avoid or “destroy” that kind of guilt, such as proving to himself that he is happier being bad by doing something bad.

Tipping Point:

This is going to be the most key part of his background. It takes a lot of little things piling up to push you to the edge in the first place, but what is the big thing that pushed off in the end? This particular moment is going to leave a big impact that fuels a lot of their motive or places blame (in their mind) on the people they want revenge against.

As I also mentioned in the Antagonist post, you want to think of you antagonist as a character that has already gone through the Character Development Arc and reached a negative end. Map out an idea for yourself of what this arc looked like even if you don’t go into full detail in the story, and particularly get to know this final change.

The Mad Scary Part:

Think about how your character looks back on this “tipping point.” Perhaps they fixate on it, constantly referring to it or reminding themselves or others of it. Perhaps they ignore it, or pretend it never happened, because that’s easier than remembering. Perhaps they “worship” it in a way, thinking of it as they moment they were “freed” into their current way of thinking. Maybe it is the one thing that sobers them up and makes them stop acting crazy for a moment. Maybe it triggers those terrifying moments of conflicted feelings in them. There are a number of ways to respond to it that reach those “mad crazy” traits.


This is going to be where you need to come up with a creative list of Uncomfortable Things. There are a number of things that people find inherently creepy, and a different person becomes creepy when they embrace those creepy things. For example, it’s creepy when someone laughs or takes joy from something scary/hurtful/tragic. It’s creepy when someone takes pleasure from pain. It’s creepy when people are manipulative- perhaps they seem charming or charismatic or even likable but say and do such horrible things, it’s shocking to believe that they are really that deeply terrible under that facade of Cool Dude.

In your character’s case, you can use the personality that they used to have to make their current creepiness a lot… creepier. Maybe he starts to show signs of those old traits that give the other characters hope for him, before proceeding to do something completely horrendous and destroying that hope altogether.  Maybe they still recognize things in him- not just his personality, but all the little things too, like his old likes and dislikes. Maybe his favorite food is still ravioli. Maybe still likes to watch rom-coms in his spare villain time. The point is that seeing someone you recognize in someone you know you can never trust is a very terrifying experience and a constant reminder of who you lost.

He can also use their mutual past to psychologically torment the other characters. Maybe he uses as an old inside joke or commonality as a threat or terrifying reminder- maybe they used to eat lollipops together or something, and now he leaves lollipops at the scene of his crimes to tell them he still remembers. Maybe he constantly guilt trips them for all their wrong doings, or blames them for everything that he has become until they start to believe it. Maybe he even likes to pretend like they’re still “friends” even when he’s tormenting them. Just buddies being pals. With knives. Guys being dudes.

Another old trick- turning positive things, into negative things. That is almost always creepy. Maybe he likes to pretend the terrible things he is doing are “games.” Lollipops are supposed to be sweets, but now he’s turned their whole association around into something scary. 

The Mad Scary Part: I was kinda doing that they whole time. Basically, anything that is out of the ordinary way of acting can be seen as creepy. Take a situation, and think of the “normal” way in which someone would react- and then maybe he might do the opposite. Secondly, use his background and “previous self” to influence his current one- the contrast can be tragically scary. And third, even the way he interacts can cause mind-meddling that is very frightening. Treating people or lives like games or property quickly makes one feel sick. 

Appearance and presentation can be viewed on the other post, since this is getting lengthy.

Finally, never let things get too comfortable when it comes to him. When villains have tragic backstories, audiences tend to get hooked on them. To some extent, you do want your audience to pity him a little. After all, he was once good, but now he has been lost, and that’s a sad, sad thing. But ultimately the depths of his crimes have to outweigh the horrors of his past. Tragedy aside, he must be past the point of no return, and sometimes that might take a shocking little reminder. 

Wait- one more, very important thing:

In my explanation over Character Development Arcs (linked above), I talk a lot about how those “turning points” on a character’s arc are determined by their choices. Something has happened to them, and now they must choose how to respond. When writing this character and their backstory as well, keep that in mind. On some level, he chose this. He chose to give in to his suffering and sacrifice his goodness. He chose to continue doing evil at every opportunity he had to go back. Maybe in his mind he thinks he didn’t have a choice, but the truth is that we always do. Sometimes, the most shocking and disappointing thing is to see a “bad” character presented with a chance, even a small one, at doing something right- and then seeing them turn it down. 

Those choices will continue to be pivotal moments, every time. 

You will know your character the best in the end. Use your world and your other characters to determine right and wrong and then let him play with that line. Anyway, sorry for taking such as long time to respond, but I hope this all helps! Sounds like a great and interesting character!


Our Past | Characters

This a Idol au so don’t except the characters to be the people in real life. I have tried my hardest to come up with original content so yeah and I have spent a lot of time on research for this . Hope you like it


Y/n : Your in the group Girls Day. Your position in the group is Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper, Center/ Face of the Group and Maknae. You only turned 19 a few months ago.

Rose :

Rose is one of your other band members. Her position in the group is main vocalist and lead dancer. She is 20 years. The two of you are in the maknae line

Joy :

Joy is another member in your band , her position is lead rapper and visual. She is 21 years old.


Jiwoo is another member in your band , her position is lead dancer and lead rapper. She is currently 21 years old

Jisoo :

Jisoo is the oldest in the band. Her position in the lead vocalist, visual and the leader of Girls Day , currently her age is 22

And together you make Girls Day


They are themselves

Other characters will be introduced later on

The characters original groups Jisoo/blackpink , Rose/Blackpink , Jiwoo/K.A.R.D and Joy/Red velvet 


Frozen Sing Along by disneylori

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I actually made tumblr just to ask questions. I had one before but kinda deleted it. Anyway. I have few that probably take a bit longer to answer. I feel like an interviewer. 1. How did you come up with the idea of Novae? 2. What are the themes you wanted to focus on the comic when you first started it? Has it changed over time? 3. Is there some people or other things that inspired you in creating Raziol or other characters? You can answer them one at a time or all at once as you prefer it. :)

Hello satulehto! We’re so flattered that Novae has inspired these questions! Honestly we love talking about it so we’ll get right to it! :D

1. We are two creators so Novae is actually a combination of two stories. K created Raziol’s Story and J created Sulvain’s. We decided it would be fun to do a crossover and Novae was born (and ended up becoming the main story!) Raziol’s story was inspired by stargazing in my childhood and “Cosmos” with Carl Sagan.  Sulvain’s was inspired by DnD and the movie “The Man From Earth”.

2. The themes we wanted to focus on when we created Novae were discovery, friendship and the contrast of magic and science. Those themes changed when their friendship evolved into romance and things inevitably became more complicated. So the theme of love is a big one now. (there are some other themes we want to focus on but we don’t want to spoil ;P )

3. Hmmm this is a tough one. Raziol and Sulvain aren’t really based on anyone but they did sort of evolve from ideas we had. K wanted to create an astronomer who believed in aliens and J wanted to create a necromancer that went through many changes in his life. The characters really started to take on a life of their own when we started writing them and became what they are today~ (as many writers can relate too I’m sure ;P )

I hope that all makes sense! Thanks for asking! :D ☆*・。☆

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Have you ever seen a character's type change because of poor writing or different writers? I'm really into comics and it's something that happens so much there, it's frustrating. A character might appear in three storylines/runs at the same time (like Wolverine starring in Wolverine & the X-Men, but still appearing in All-New X-Men because it takes place partially at the school where Wolverine's story is taking place) so they're handled by different writers. But they change them in little ways.

I don’t change the type. Bad writers happen in comics, tv, etc. What I do is type what is consistent. Usually, even in bad writing they are using a different part of the same personality. Just like when we take the test in real life, with characters we have to ask, what is true historically, not the exceptions, but historically?

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So with all the Ultra stuff I have watched, I can't help but notice that of it, Leo seems to have the least focus in the Defence Team members (aside from Orb where he isn't with the team at all.) Like the only MAC members you can recognise beside Dan and Gen is the girl who relays orders from the base. Even 80 before the school vanishes gives you some taste for the members.


We also don’t seem to have anything like an actual Defense Team in Ultraman Geed, unless the folks in the suits watching everything count. I presume we’ll find out more about them in episode 4 though.

As for Ultraman Leo, the MAC crew really don’t get a lot of attention. In previous Ultra series (at least the ones I have seen) the individual members got a bit of focus, even entire episodes where the plot hinged on their characters.

Remember the one from the original where Fuji became a giant?

Or how Ide narrated the entire first appearance of Baltan as a way to explain how he got his black eye?

That’s just in the very first series and as much as I love it I would never call the characters exactly well-rounded or deep.  Still, I can name every single member of the SSSP team and that of the team from Ultraseven.

Then you get to Leo and the only members I can name off the top of my head are Dan and Gen.  Heck, the kid character in the series gets more screen-time and is more memorable than almost anyone on the MAC crew itself!

I had to look them up on Wikipedia just to get their names and well, this is what the info I got said, which just shows how forgettable and expendable they were:

  • Ichiroh Aoshima (青島 一郎 Aoshima Ichirō)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Captain Akio Kuroda (黒田 明雄 Kuroda Akio)
    Killed by Vekira in Episode 8
  • Captain Atsushi Hirayama (平山 あつし Hirayama Atsushi)
    Strangled and thrown to a tree by Alien Flip in Episode 9
  • Kiyohiko Akaishi (赤石 清彦 Akaishi Kiyohiko)
    Killed by Alien Boze in Episode 19
  • Junko Shirakawa (白川 純子 Shirakawa Junko)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Haruko Momoi (桃井 晴子 Momoi Haruko)
    Killed by Alien Atlar in Episode 16
  • Daisuke Satoh (佐藤 大介 Satō Daisuke)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Jun Shirato (白土 純 Shirato Jun)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Ippei Kajita (梶田 一平 Kajita Ippei)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Haruko Matsuki (松木 晴子 Matsuki Haruko)
    Eaten by Silver Bloom in Episode 40
  • Officer Suzuki (鈴木 Suzuki)
    Sliced in half by Alien Tsuruk in Episode 3

By the time we actually get to what should be a hugely traumatic episode where all the rest of MAC is destroyed by Silver Bloom, we have no real attachment to any of them save for Dan and Gen.  They are as consequential to the story as Red Shirt security officers in the original Star Trek. It should be a hugely emotional moment and yet, the character I was most worried for was Dan, who we all know would be ok because he’s Ultraseven and he has plot armor.

I think Ultraman 80 learned from this and really tried to flesh out their characters better.  We recognize the staff and students at the school, they get full episodes devoted to them and their issues and Yamato has a budding relationship with one of them before they just drop that whole plot altogether.

Even UGM has some memorable characters!  I really liked Emi Jouno and thought she was a pretty great character.  When she got killed in episode 43, that hit me harder than any of the deaths in the great die off of Ultraman Leo!

For all its faults, Ultraman 80 did a better job with characters than Ultraman Leo. Gen himself was well developed and Tooru was an actually well-done kid character with a realistic reaction to all of the tragedies in his life but the MAC crew were just there to die at the hands of various monsters. 

Thanks for the Askbox prompt!