spoilers: 999

reasons why you should play nine persons, nine hours, nine doors
  • the main character is dressed as a cheap knockoff marty mcfly
  • this turns out to be foreshadowing for major plot points
  • a character who is heavily implied to be a stripper ends up being a badass professional hacker and also a mother of two
  • prosopagnosia as a plot device
  • rediscovered young love between two characters who haven’t seen each other since grade school
  • (which is tooth-rottingly adorable)
  • you’re guaranteed to learn about at least one scientific phenomenon that you’ve never heard of before
  • an entire scene consisting of unintentional innuendo as two characters are about to get into an elevator together
  • so many plot twists you’ll forget what your initial impression of the game was by the time you’re halfway through your third playthrough
  • also, you have to play it like six times to get all the endings
  • worth it tho
  • hello naughty children it’s morphogenetic field time
  • fuck all conventional theories of time travel. fuck them in the ass. forget ‘em. this is how it works now. good luck
  • funyarinpa