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Episode 6x15
  • Killian: I need! Home!!!
  • Jasmine: Yes but can you-
  • Aladdin: do you know if like Jasmine is in to me or-
  • Nemo: We haveth no Kraken, we cannot-
  • Liam: I'm sorry brother, there's just-
  • Everyone: But like, Killian you are such a hero and you need to help us cause-
  • Killian: (please.)

Maybe I should make a video on this… or maybe not… I’ve reached the point ajere I think people don’t even watch my videos anymore.

Is not like I don’t make it clear that I don’t want spoilers like this out there, or that this exact same spoiler was what caused this whole Problem I’m in right now.

It also doesn’t take more than 1 second of using of brain to be like “wait, I am uploading someone else’s work without permission. If I upload this I’m just getting views off something I didn’t do, and that the creator probably wants to keep as a secret”

But NOPE, these dumb donkeys that act like a human do not think about that. AND THEY THINK IS COOL! Like they’re being a hero or some shiz by uploading a video that got deleted!

I haven’t been able to progress in my animtion at all this week, because I feel so uninspired to do anything because of this. Between the copyrighr strike, between the constant re-uploads of a full minute of animtion of my next wpisode without permisions, between my really crapy health condition at the moment (which gets worse and worse out of stress) it just… feels like it defeated me.

Makes me think, if people are clearly not watching my videos that don’t have the word Glitchtale plastered on the title (because if they had they would’ve realised that I don’t want spoilers somewhere) Then … crap man, I’ll be able to keep up woth this job for like another year or two and then what. I’ll probably live under a bridge or something.

I’m sorry I’m ranting ONCE AGAIN about this whole issue, but I have no one to share this with and I feel like if I keep it to myself I’m gonna break down.

But I find this spoilers in a daily basis right now. And I don’t feel like a video will fix it, people just don’t care, or they’ll do it anywaus regardless because they think is funny.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: Encounters


I absolutely love your writing!!! Would you make a Reggie x reader imagine, where the reader is a River Vixen and the Vixens are practising outside when the reader gets a bodycheck from one of the jocks because he full on goes for the ball… and then Reggie gets worried and helps her to the nurse and stuff with a lot of fluff? I’m sorry if it’s a bit vague…


A/N: Okay I changed it a bit, but not too much because I wanted to do justice for your request. Also I have 3 more to catch up now, so go ahead and send more requests imagines you want me to do! I hope you like this one. Requests open now. 

Words: 1811

Summary: Reader is a River Vixen and her first encounter with Reggie is at Cheryl’s party and second is when she get knocked out by a football and he takes her to the doctor

Spoilers: N/A

Warnings: I think there may be a curse word in there.

Living in Riverdale, that’s a tale to tell. Life in a small town, one would think that it would be like in the movies and TV shows. The perfect quiet place with the perfect people.

It wasn’t, at least not anymore. It was quiet but the whispers made their way around. It was quiet because it hid so many secrets and as for the people we were far from perfect.

Although its imperfections you loved the place even though you’d never actually confess it out loud.

Life was simple for you, you were a River Vixen in Cheryl’s cheerleading squad, you were single, and your parents well they tried their best to be updated on your life.

After the memorial pep rally for Jason you made your way to Cheryl’s after party. You didn’t want to, but Cheryl was your friend and she needed you now more than ever. You may have been viewed as popular because you were a vixen, but you weren’t as stuck up as plenty of the other girls.

You made your way next to Betty and Veronica hopefully to relax with them and ignore the whole scene. Suddenly Cheryl decided everyone should play seven minutes in heaven.

You weren’t fond of these games especially because Cheryl always tried to play some sort of angle, and she did.

“Okay, your turn (Y/N)” Cheryl gave you a smirk after Chuck and some girl walked out of the closet.

“Fine” you mumbled as you spinned the bottle as it landed on the one the only Reggie Mantle.

You sat there frozen until Cheryl grabbed your hand and the guys pushed Reggie in the closet with you and closed the door.

This encounter with Reggie made you a bit shy, you seen him before of course. He is the Captain of the football team, but this encounter it just felt different. and from the looks of it maybe this encounter would be different for him too.

“Uh, Hi” you spoke to Reggie who was staring at you as you placed a bit of your hair behind your ear.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to” The tall boy confessed.

“What?” you questioned him, since you heard all the stories about Reggie Mantle and secretly you had a thing for the football player “I mean, I’m surprised is all.”

“Yeah I get it, you’ve heard the rumors, who hasn’t” Reggie spat even though at that moment he wanted to kiss you. Ever since 8th grade he had a thing for you, but rumors spread and he’d never thought he could get a girl like you.

“I’m sorry, no I- uh” you felt bad, you’d never seen this side of Reggie before. He looked vulnerable and that intrigued you even more.

It took every ounce of courage in your body to do what you did next.

You stepped closer to the handsome figure standing in front of you, stood on your tippy toes and placed a kiss on his lips.

Reggie a bit shocked at first, but placed his hands around your head and leaned in closer for the kiss. It was passionate, and a bit sloppy at the end.

As you pulled apart you both fixed yourselves up and kept looking into each other’s eyes.

Cheryl announced the time and opened the door and grabbed you by the hand.

“Um, I’ll see you around” was the only thing you could get out before Cheryl pulled you out.

Then her plan was back on track.

She made Veronica go in with Archie knowing it would bug Betty.

You felt bad for her so you reached your hand to hers.

“Hey Bets, I’m sorry about Cheryl she can be difficult, but you know how she is” you whispered to the blonde.

“It’s fine” Betty stated with a sad smile.

“Congrats on making the squad” you said as you were interrupted by Cheryl.

“TIMES UP LOSERS!” the red head spoke as she opened the closet revealing Archie and Veronica.

It was too late though, Betty disappeared.

That was your call to leave the party as you gave a disappointed look at Cheryl and you left the party.


You wanted to find Reggie and talk about the kiss, you had feelings for him and now they were stronger than ever since the weekend. You hadn’t seen him since the party and were hoping he would return those feelings back. Hoping that maybe the last encounter was a good chance to start something with Reggie.

You were at River Vixens practice the air a bit heavy between Ronnie and Betty, but you tried to ignore it because it wasn’t your business and Cheryl had been bitchier about the routine.

“Hurry up idiots, we have to get these move down for the homecoming game” Cheryl shouted “It’s bad enough we have to practice in the field because they are fixing up the gym, just get into position girls.”

Since the party Betty had been ignoring Veronica and she wasn’t doing the routines well and Cheryl made her watch. She was enjoying her vengeance against Betty even though she had never done anything to her (only thing Betty did was be related to Polly; the girl Jason was in love with).

“Okay Betty I can’t have you messing this up, right now so you keep watch and maybe catch on” Cheryl spoke with a devilish smirk “Okay (Y/N) you’re one of my best for pyramids so you are going to at the top, okay” and you nodded as you made your way to the cheerleaders already beginning to form the pyramid.

As you made your way, your eye caught Reggie in practice and he caught your eye too, and you smiled at each other not realizing you hadn’t been paying attention until Cheryl called your name and you made your way to the top.

As you finally reached the top of the pyramid you made your hands into a V about to jump down when suddenly you lost balance as a football hit your head and you crashed down.

All you heard were gasps and you couldn’t keep your eyes open for long as all the girls surrounded you.

Although you were able to catch a glimpse of Reggie running faster than you’ve ever seen him run.

“Shit (Y/N)” he spoke as he kneeled down to you and rested his hand under you head and you tried to make an effort in getting up.

“No don’t, when you fall you’re not supposed to get up until you feel better” Reggie proclaimed as your eyes were closed and you couldn’t help but smile at his remark.

“Well I’m starting to feel better now” you retorted as you bit your lip and caressed his cheek.

“I’ll take her to the nurse” Reggie told the girls as he picked you up and you rested your head on his chest.

“But the nurse is close-” you heard Betty say as Reggie was already walking away with you.

“You know she’s not wrong” you told Reggie as you wrapped your arms around his neck.

“About?” the dark hair heartthrob asked.

“The nurse, it’s after school” you answered.

“I know, I’m taking you to my uncle’s clinic, you need to get checked out that was a heavy fall” Reggie informed you as he rubbed his thumb on your back which made the butterflies in your stomach go nuclear.

“That’s a bit far to walk don’t you think?” you heart was beating a bit quicker, your eyes still closed because of the impact of the grass, not knowing where you were heading but you trusted him.

“I have a truck you know, but if I didn’t I’d still walk” he noted reaching to what you guessed was door and placed you gently to the passenger’s seat as he made his way to the driver’s side.

You opened your eyes for a bit and saw it was and old model truck and the front seat was all connected and there was only a bit of space in the back which was only enough for his gym stuff and you laid yourself down and placed your head on his lap and he drove away from the school.

“I thought you had a jeep” you decided to make conversation.

“I just fixed up this truck, I want to see how good it runs”

“So we could stay stuck somewhere and you just might have to carry me to the doctor” you sarcastically answered.

“You have no faith in me” he pretended to be hurt as he turned.

“I trust you, anyways, do you listen to music or-” he cut you off turning up the radio.

You kept conversation until you arrived to the clinic and he insisted on carrying you still and made his way inside.

“Tell my uncle I’m here, any rooms open?” he demanded to the receptionist.

“Room three” she answered as Reggie opened the door that separated the patients and the workers as he made his way to room three and placed you on the examination bed.

“Well look who takes charge” you mocked as he took a chair on your left side

“I can take charge”

“Really? Last I remember Mantle I kissed you” you revealed as you turned your way to look at his reaction, but were interrupted by what you guessed was his uncle.

“What happened Reggie? Oh” the man with a white coat was a bit confused “I thought you got hurt boy, what seems to be the problem?”

“Oh I’m fine, (Y/N) took a football to the head at the top of the cheerleading pyramid and fell” Reggie stood up to shake his hand.

“Okay” the man made his way to you flashing a small flashlight in your eyes “So I’m checking for a concussion and maybe a sprain”

“Yes” Reggie spoke for you again.

“How bad was the fall?” The doctor asked placing his hands on your ankles to see if you had a sprain.

“I’m not dead, but I can finally open my eyes” you sassed and reacted to him putting pressure on your left ankle.

“You finally got one with a sense of humor didn’t you Reg?” his uncle encouraged as Reggie blushed a bit.

“I’m trying” he claimed and this time you blushed “So is anything too bad?” he asked making his way back next to you placing his hand on your head stroking your hair.

“Oh no, you got pretty lucky here, just a bit more rest on your head and you have a small sprain on your left ankle some medicine and you’re all good” the man reported to you as he grabbed some bandages and placed it tightly around your left ankle.

“Thank you sir” you told the doctor as he left the room.

You sat up the bed and tried to get up your legs still a bit weak and Reggie caught you, his hands on your waist.

One of the best encounters yet you thought.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you?” you asked as you placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh plenty” Reggie said with a smug look on his face as he closed the proximity of your faces and sealed it with a kiss.

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A kiss

The first time they kiss James feels like a toddler discovering a new world, eyes wide with the astonishment of what it has to offer. He hopes that what he is doing is right - he has been kissed many a times before, true, but never quite like this. It is as if he has forgotten everything he knew before.

Thomas is all softness, but demanding at the same time, guiding where James is unsure and yet molding himself around him, instinctively adapting to James’ insecurity. James can feel him smiling into the kiss when his arms come up to pull Thomas closer. It’s as much daring as he can procure at the moment but it seems more than enough for now.

When they separate again Thomas doesn’t step away, his hands staying on James’ shoulders. He says nothing, simply smiles, and James feels something inside him give way as it never has before.


“I never thought you’d be such a chaste kisser,” Thomas laughs as James keeps planting kisses between his shoulder blades. They are in bed, limbs entangled in their sheets but leaving enough bare skin for James to spoil Thomas a little. “Miranda didn’t teach you much, did she?”

James only snorts and kisses Thomas’ back again, this time pulling a little with his teeth. Thomas’ skin tastes faintly of the previous night still, sweat and saltiness and that soft taste that is Thomas’ own. Thomas grins but he wriggles a little close to James, humming under his breath when the kisses grow longer and more forceful, travelling down the entire length of his back.

“She certainly tried to,” Flint finally murmurs and the deep laugh that it draws from Thomas makes his chest vibrate. It always feels like a wave that’s enveloping him, that sound of richness and warmth and he wants to feel himself surrounded by it forever.


There is a beard on Thomas’ lips now and for a moment James asks himself once more if he isn’t dreaming all this. But no - the rest of him feels still the same, as incredible as it seems. It is still Thomas, beneath the grime and sweat and the scars, visible as well as invisible, that have accumulated over the years apart. The familiarity makes James’ heart ache, but it is a good ache, like that of a seed pushing its way through what used to be a surface made of nothing but hard rock.

They are both more hesitant and more forceful now, filled with incredulity that this is truly happening. The first kiss is hesitant but grows more desperate and longing soon - neither of them can quite believe that this will last yet, so used are they to fate ripping their happiness out of their hands.

It takes years for them to realise that this time, it truly won’t, that each kiss is a gift that can be given over and over again. As many times as they want.


Jeremiah’s return “definitely brings up a lot of questions, that’s for sure,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told reporters at a recent screening. “Alex so wholeheartedly wants to believe that he’s absolutely right and that everybody should just jump in and trust him, no questions asked, just from the standpoint of being a daughter and not having seen him in so long.”

Kara, on the other hand, is a little more skeptical of her father’s activities, which “creates some friction and tension, especially between Kara and Alex just trying to navigate the road of figuring out what to do now.”

“It’s really hard,” Chyler Leigh says of her character’s combative moments with Kara. “When we’re done with the scene, I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry that I yelled at you. It’s just strange, but I love her so much.”

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omg im in love with the parents headcanon one. i almost cried with the one for saeyoung. i dunno if you guys do these or not, but could you write like a small little ficlet sorta thing based on those hcs? like not a huge thing, maybe just with mc's mom??? pleaseeeee. sorry if im bothering you by asking. i just love all your posts

Aww, thanks so much! For those wondering, the anon is reference this post. This ficlet is set after the secret ends, so beware of spoilers. :) Hope you like it!

Saeyoung offered to help with the dishes because he always thought it the proper thing to do. But, now that he was alone in the kitchen with MC’s mother, he wasn’t so sure about his decision.

MC’s mother smiled at him before handing him another dish to dry. “I cannot thank you enough. You seriously don’t have to help me.”

“Oh, no,” he replied. “I’m glad I can be useful somehow. You’ve been so kind so far…it’s the least I can do.”

Saeyoung smiled awkwardly. He tried thinking of another small talk topic, but his brain failed him. Luckily, MC came into the kitchen with more dishes. “Sorry to bring more dishes, but I noticed a lot of side dishes were added.” She looked pointedly at her mother.

Her mother smirked. “I noticed that you ate a lot of those side dishes.”

Saeyoung snorted, but bit his lip when MC glared at him. He could see where she got some of her sharp wit.

“Thank you for all of the food. It was very delicious.” Saeyoung slightly bowed.

The older woman lit up, turning to face him. “Actually, I made extra because I was going to send you and MC home with some.”

Saeyoung eyes widened when he looked at some of the food. “Oh I couldn’t take all of this food. Please don’t worry about me.”

“Thanks,” MC pressed a kiss to her mother’s cheek. “And please don’t listen to him. He barely eats anything but chips when he’s alone.”

He blushed and continued to dry the dishes. “Not all the time…” He muttered under his breath.

A few moments after MC left, her mother let out a soft sigh. “I don’t think your mother would like it if you accidentally starved.”

Saeyoung chuckled distastefully. “She actually did it on purpose.” He continued to wipe the dishes as if he said nothing wrong.

It wasn’t until he looked up to see the woman gaping at him did he realize his slip up. “Oh–ah–” he stammered, trying to amend his mistake. But, how could he? He awkwardly put the dish to the side and grabbed another. “I…didn’t have a good relationship with my mother.”

MC’s mother was silent for a moment before she smiled. She dried off her hands then pulled him into a hug. “If you ever need some motherly nagging, just call me. My trash always needs to be taken out.”

Saeyoung tensed before hesitantly returning the embrace. As a kid, he remembered seeing boys being held by their mothers at church. He remembered the twinge in his chest as he watched, only to return home to find his brother tied up with another bruise. He grew up thinking he would never receive any sort of parental affection. Even V and Rika, who he thought might treat him like that…they failed him. Yet now, this woman unknowingly gave him everything he dreamed of. 

Still, he was shocked at the tears that stung his eyes. She pulled him back and lovingly patted his cheek. “So, you make sure you eat. Three meals a day, okay? And visit often.”

He nodded. “Yes, for you, of course.”

MC slid back into the kitchen. “Saeyoung, have you seen the time? We have to go–wait, were you cry–”

“Shh,” he pressed a finger to his lips.

Thankfully, MC didn’t ask any more questions then. Her mom sent them off with containers of food, her dad even gave Saeyoung and approving pat on the back, and now the couple was driving back to Rika’s apartment in his car.

“So,” MC said, casting him a glance. “What happened in the kitchen?”

A smile tugged on his lips and he shrugged. “I love your mom.”

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But, by that logic wouldn't Chara be 113? is this something that will be explained or a mistake? just making sure here sorry if it's a spoiler, also, Chara's birthday if a almost a month later than mine and I know this is in the future but I am going to see them as younger than me now just because it's fun and you can't stop me.

Do whatever is fun for you anon! Though I wouldn’t consider you older than Chara unless you are over 36 or born before 1999…

(And just like the chairs being oversized in the kitchen, the mathematical disparity is no mistake.)

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I don't know if you get that before, but i will write this again if you don't mind, MC is being brainwashed after meeting all the people

Ok,sorry for taking so long to do that, i ignore some facts just like you said, in Saeran’s and Seven’s part, Saeran is good.

This have a lot of “spoilers”

Sorry again, and i hope you like it, thank you for your patience and your request!


  • He just couldn’t believe when he saw you like that…So…
  • He doesn’t even recognize the woman he loves…
  • Everything was falling apart…Seven found his brother, and maybe he’s worse than him because of that.
  • Rika, the woman he always said that was good, an inspiration, is the one to blame.
  • He can’t even think right now, he can’t even see how destruction that woman caused…He just can look at you.
  • He tried to hug you, but you almost punched him…He knows that you’re going to get treated.
  • Jumin called some people that could drag you and Saeran, and all those mint eye followers to the nearest hospital.
  • When he was seeing you going, tears were falling from his eyes, and then he saw Rika.
  • She was looking at him, Yoosung eyes were filled with anger, Seven’s hold him back and said with a broken voice “….She’s not worth it…”.
  • Yoosung will not mess this up…But this woman pay for what she did with you.
  • On your treatment, Yoosung’s always here…He knows that you’re not in this state for a long time…So this will be easier than with Seven’s brother…
  • He’ll cry, cry so much, every night, wishing so much that you’ll be alright.
  • He’ll wait, a long time, until you’re ok.
  • And when you’re finally beginning to be good again, he’s going to cry again, this time those tears are tears of joy.
  • He’ll be there, by your side, for all the time you need him to be.
  • He’ll see that beautiful smile of yours again.
  • He’s sure of that.


  • He’s looking for you, he’s so worried!
  • He’s reluctant to ask for some people help like always he always thinks he can solve things by himself.
  • But this is different, you’re missing!
  • After a lot of days passed, a week or so, he can’t even count anymore, he’s smoking a lot, so he doesn’t lose his control.
  • When they finally found you, Zen’s so angry when he sees you in that state.
  • He’s even angrier when he sees Seven’s brother in that state too.
  • And he’s even angrier when he knows who did that with you.
  • He would punch Rika if he wasn’t a gentleman.
  • His anger is so strong…But after he saw how crazy you’re right now…He’s just sad.
  • He tried to get closer to you…But you almost hurt him.
  • When some people take you and all those other people to some hospital, Zen knows that Jumin was the one responsible to pay for your treatment.
  • Of course, he may not like the idea, but he knows being a stubborn and refuse Jumin’s help is not worth it.
  • He needs to think about you.
  • “Thank you Jumin…” Jumin look at him and sigh “She’s an RFA member, of course, i would help” And after that, he walks away
  • “…Trustfund kid…” He sigh.
  • Zen’ll be in the hospital every day, even if the doctors say that you might hurt him.
  • He doesn’t care about his appearance at all.
  • Every day he’ll bring flowers and tell you a love story…That was about you two.
  • He’s your knight, this means he’ll be forever here with you!
  • And he’ll save you!


  • She’s just praying and praying every night since you disappeared.
  • But after 5 days, they found you.
  • When she gets there, she’s just in shock…
  • Rika was supposed to be a nice person…
  • She saw you in distance “MC!”
  • When you looked at her, she knows that this isn’t you.
  • Jaehee doesn’t even recognize you. Your eyes, you look like a dead person…
  • She’s listening to Seven talking about his brother to Jumin, and she’s listening to you screaming.
  • She knows that’s better to back off.
  • When Jumin called some ambulances, some staff so they can take you, Luciel’s brother, and those other people.
  • Jaehee wants to show Rika why she has a black belt in judo, but she’ll restrain herself.
  • When she saw those people take you to the hospital, she looks down and start to cry, she felt a hand in her shoulder after that.
  • It was Jumin.
  • “I’ll pay for her treatment, you need to be strong for her.”
  • She didn’t expect Jumin sympathy, even at that moment, but she’s grateful for that.
  • Jaehee maintains a distance from you, so you don’t start screaming and things like that.
  • But every day when you’re sleeping, she left a single white rose on your bed, and she prays on that door every single night.
  • She knows it will take some time to you get well again, but she can’t wait to hug you again.


  • You’re his life right now.
  • The reason why he’s with that smile every day.
  • And now you’re gone.
  • So he paid everyone that he could to find you, and the RFA is searching too.
  • He’s too destroyed, he’s drinking too much.
  • But when they found you, he doesn’t even care about all those people there, he doesn’t care about Luciel’s brother.
  • He ran to you, and he already noticed that you’re not his wife.
  • You’re different.
  • He saw Seven’s struggling to talk with his brother…And Jumin knows that you’ll be just distorted…Like that men.
  • He can’t get distracted about that, he’s just in silence.
  • You’re screaming, but he still can see the woman the fell in love with, his eyes are with tears…While he has hope.
  • After some minutes, some people came to pick you, and all those people to treatment.
  • He saw Rika, his face is filled with disgusted, he couldn’t say a word to that woman, the Rika he knew was not there anymore.
  • He’ll just ignore her and he’ll make her pay for what she did to you and to all those people.
  • Every day on the hospital, Jumin ask Seven how his brother are, Seven says he’s fine…But Jumin knows he’s lying.
  • Jumin has hope that you’ll be fine, you were there for only a week.
  • You’re calmer when you’re with Elizabeth, this makes him happy.
  • He likes to watch you sleep..You look so peaceful, just like the MC he married to.
  • He knows you’ll come back, you’re a strong woman.
  • You’re his wife, and he’ll be waiting for you.


  • He thought everything was good…
  • But Rika came back and kidnaps you.
  • This time you aren’t here to help him, but his brother’s.
  • When they found you, and he sees you in that state looks like he’s looking at Saeran.
  • The old Saeran.
  • And this makes him so sad, he’s holding back his tears, while you’re screaming at him, about paradise…Those things.
  • This is a very distorted past.
  • Saeran put his hand on Seven’s shoulder “You saved me…You’ll save her…”
  • Those words made some thoughts go away from his head….“You made this, you made the love of your life be kidnapped.”
  • He’ll save you too…
  • He’ll endure everything, you can hit him, you can insult him, he’ll endure it.
  • Just like he did to his brother.
  • He knows that deep inside, you’re his MC.
  • You’re having the help that you needed.
  • And when you get better, he’ll not take his eyes off you…
  • He knows you’ll be alright, he can save you.
  • And he’ll save you.

V(He made the surgery on this one)

  • You made his life so happy!
  • So when you were missing, he’s thinking…Thinking a lot.
  • This can be Rika…
  • So he gave this time all the information to Seven, Rika ran away with Saeran, so all this information were not valid at the moment.
  • But now, that V gave all this information, this will be easier to track you down.
  • Seven doesn’t want to talk to V, but he wants to find you.
  • And when he does, V runs to you and hug you, you’re hitting on him, screaming.
  • You scratch his face, it’s bleeding now.
  • This time he wished he didn’t be seeing you, in that state, he’s crying so much.
  • He needs you so much right now.
  • He talks to Jumin and Jumin reassures about your treatment, Saeran treatment, and V keeps saying about that Rika must be punished for all that she has done to you.
  • But he doesn’t want to know about what happened to her.
  • He’ll be all the time with you in the hospital, he doesn’t care if you scream or hit him.
  • He’ll be there if you want it or not.
  • And he’ll be smiling, calm.
  • Even though on the inside he’s dying slowly.
  • But he’ll keep up because he knows you’re going to be fine soon.
  • You’ll be ok.
  • But he misses you.


  • Rika did it again…First, it was him, now it was you.
  • He can accept this fate twice…But now, it was with you!
  • He’s just a man, but he can make something about that!
  • It was not hard to everybody find where Rika was with you, she’s getting sloppy.
  • When he got there and he saw all those syringes, drugs…Tears are coming out of his eyes.
  • When he go to you, you were so crazy…You were not the MC that saved him…
  • He knows what you’re thinking, what’s going on in your head.
  • He already got into that…
  • And now he’s saved! So you have more changes because you’re not into that so much time!
  • When some people finally take you to some place so you can be treated.
  • He saw Rika, some guards were holding her, Saeran pick a syringe and run to her, he then injects that on her, brutally
  • “HOW DOES THAT FEEL?!!” Seven runs to him and holds him “SAERAN STOP”
  • Rika was screaming…That was music to his ears, and Saeran kept looking at the guard gun, while people were holding him.
  • But then he closes his eyes…And starts to think…He’ll not make a mistake…He’ll be by your side, calm and relaxed
  • He’ll never let you go.
  • So he’ll be calm, and he’ll be by your side, holding your hand.
  • He would kiss your hands when you’re sleeping.
  • He’ll wait and wait, but his hopes are there.
  • If he sees the bright on your eyes like before, he’ll cry and hug you.
  • Don’t leave him, please.
  • He wants his MC back.
Beauty and the Beast review and rant

So I just got out of Beauty and the Beast. So here my opinion seeing as my family’s reaction is to say “you need to let other people have opinions to.” as they ignore me.

I liked:

The opening scene. In fact it’s one of my favorites. The costumes are divine and the choreography is excellent.

The fight scene. OMG I couldn’t breath during the fight scene, every time I thought I stopped laughing I started again.

That one guy smiling when Madame Garderobe dressed him up. Little things make me happy okay. Leave my nb child alone.

Madame Garderobe. All time fave. She and her husband are adorable and my fave ship in this movie. Audra McDonald should have been cast as Belle. Yes I’m salty but that’s for the next part.

Agatha/the Enchantress. I enjoyed how she kept appearing throughout the film.

Gaston. Gaston is at the bottom of my list of villains  (who I rank by song). But Luke Evans and the ensemble managed to make Gaston’s songs my favorite out of the movie.

Lefou. I will fight people for Lefou. He is my son now. The part in the ending where he gets to dance with another boy made my heart swell.

The jewelry they paired with the yellow dress was so pretty and I’ll take two ear cuffs please.

The Potts. I love how they showed the spell made Mr. Potts forget, but even then it was still farmilar

The spell. Yes 8/10 on the world building. The edits to the spell were👌👌👌

The cast. There are so many talented people and such diverse ages and skin colors and ugh I want that ensemble to show up at my funeral and sing me to eternal rest okay that ensemble needs an award.

Things that make me salty:

Emma Watson. This is gonna take a while. Look Emma I love you okay, you are a great Hermione but as Belle well you were missing a certain je ne sais quoi.

Namely stays. And to anyone who tries to tell me that stays or corsets are antifemist, all I can say is: Do you (expect women to) wear bras every day? Because what Emma Watson was doing was basically running around braless.

Honey every other woman on that set was wearing period accurate clothing right down to the underpinnings and the fact that you had a defined bust instead of a smooth front was very obvious. You stood out and not in a good way.

The yellow dress. *insert long line of expletives* GLITTER GLUE?! AND TEAR OFF SKIRT?? GO SIT IN A CORNER AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!!

 *deep breath*

The yellow dress isn’t all bad. It moves beautifully and the color is gorgeous.


I could see the zipper in almost every shot. The neckline didn’t lie right. What fabric did they use for the bodice? (Seriously this looks like the monstrosity The Play Moms tried to force me into back in 5th grade.) The glitter glue was as obvious as the lack of stays; (I don’t even give a shit about the panniers that almost every other woman was wearing; just are you kidding me with the stays.) Especially next to the gorgeous embroidery on pretty much ever other costume. The tiers are the completely wrong era and the the silhouette is ridiculously modern.

And then she rode off in her formal attire. And RIPPED THE SKIRT OFF!!!! I’m sorry but as someone who is personally handstitching an authentic 18th century outfit FUCK YOU DO YOU KNOW THAT’S MONTHS OF WORK??!!!! AND WORTH ABOUT AS MUCH AS BELLE’S ENTIRE HOUSE???!! Belle would have known that. Clothing was handmade and a lot more expensive so formal wear wouldn’t have been worn on a ride through the forest!

you have a movie where every one is gorgeously costumed in fairly accurate garb and then your heroine looks like you bought all her costumes at a Halloween Express. Emma Watsons singing. She’s not bad. But next to everyone one else she’s obviously an amateur  (also her technique made me want to scream. Your mouth needs to be rounded not flattened). Seriously I could have done better. In case you couldn’t tell I wouldn’t have cast Emma as Belle. Nope. Audra is my Belle it is mycanon. That Lumiere and Cogsworth weren’t a couple. Cursed!Mrs.Potts and Chip are gonna give me nightmares just saying. Why was everyone speaking with a British accent? They’re French? In France? Speaking French? Like they didn’t even have her be born in England and move to France nope evidently England conquered France when we weren’t looking and everyone in France now speaks with a British accent. In the end it was an enjoyable movie. I would watch it again. But I’m SO tempted to start doing historical costume out of spite.

Man I keep thinking about how we thought about Takenaka before VS how we think now.

Like at first we were on guard and thought he was kinda annoying, mean, and out to call people out with telepathy, but heck!!! 

He!!! Is!! A Precious Son!!!! He just wanted some friends and have a good time!!!! He’s awkward and gets embarrassed!!!! He’s doing his best to create good memories!!! Despite having not the best childhood experience, he’s rational and isn’t out for revenge!!!!

Aaaaand he is part of the Esper Squad sorry I don’t make the rules.

anonymous asked:

Since we all missed their birthdays, do you think we can get some spoiler free info on Tegan and Karolina? Love you guys! Take it easy on the finals

Hey Anon!

I AM SO SORRY, really. Trust me when I say I did my best to keep up with Sweet Elite stuff, but now that my exams are over, I’m going to get back on track!

And of course you can get some info! I was planning on doing some trivia anyway if I hadn’t missed their birthday :)

Originally posted by itadakimasu-letmeeat


  1. Tegan was the third male character I created for Sweet Elite!
  2. Tegan was not initially planned to have a twin sister, and espacially not a twin like Karolina. But after considering all the possibilities, I gave in. 
  3. Tegan was initially supposed to have a more eccentric personality at first, but I decided to give that more to Tyler and instead go for the introverted blushing mess that he is.
  4. Speaking of Tyler, I initially didn’t plan on this iconic duo to be friends…but some things simply cannot be avoided!


  1. Karolina was initially planned to be a more developed than average bully character, but adding in a little backstory, story arc and deeper motivations really changes the dynamic!
  2. Karolina’s height was supposed to equal that of Tegan’s (6′1). It was later changed to be less than that (5′9-10), but still kind of tall! 
  3. Along with Axel, she is the only one of the main 10 who has an established professional portfolio in her industry: her modelling work.
  4. Karolina is one of the most fun characters to write while writing the script!

Hope that makes up for me forgetting!

Serena, Project Manager

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Everyone saying there was no consent from Magnus… Man, this is just fucking annoying at this point. I think we actually have a quite good picture of Magnus’ character and no way in hell 300 years old warlock who’s basically the loudest voice of reason in the show and has lots of experience with relationships wouldn’t have stopped Alec if he hadn’t want him. Like??? I bet if you got the actual sex scene, you wouldn’t be complaining about the fact that Magnus didn’t articulate “i give you my consent” (also HOW THE HELL DO YOU IMAGINE THIS GOING, HOW THE HELL WOULD THEY WRITE THAT IN THE SCRIPT SO IT STAYS NATURAL, PEOPLE DON’T JUST RANDOMLY SAY THIS WHILE GETTING THE HEAT ON, BODY LANGUAGE IS ENOUGH OF THE CONSENT). Some of you also seem to misinterpret Magnus’ hesitation. He wasn’t saying that he is not ready to have sex with Alec, he was saying that he’s scared that HE is rushing ALEC. Like imagine having a boyfriend with 17k exes, most of whom he probably had sex with, THIS IS A LOT, makes you wanna “stand up to the expectations”. Come onnnn. This is Malec, not a random virgin hook up. It’s been coming for a while now. Just let them get some and stop making a big deal out of nothing. You KNOW it was consensual. This time it’s not Alec who was overthinking this, it’s you. 

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I swear to God, JR! For real. You can make me ship Jackson with Miller out of f***ing nowhere. I'll ship Murphy/Raven. I see Roan's flirtations with Clarke (sorry, I just do). I was 10 seconds away from being like, "Well, guess Jasper's gonna sleep with Harper" (loved that Monty stayed though). But WHY THE HELL CAN'T BELLARKE FLIRT???????????? Or touch. Or anything. That damn man and the writers room are insufferable. That's right. I said it. Elizabeth Bennet style.

Oh my god. I have to go to bed, I can’t answer any more right now, but you threw it down, 

Elizabeth Bennet style.


Wild World, badly summarized
  • Good Grief: the one with the boobs and burning teddy bear video
  • The Currents: this one is just really gr9 11/10 would recommend
  • An Act of Kindness: powerful emo
  • Warmth: some sick synth stuff!!!
  • Glory: more synth times!!!
  • Power: Dan finally lets Will play guitar
  • Two Evils: The Vocal Range Of Death
  • Lethargy: there will be a lot of bad dancing to this one
  • Four Walls: really fucking sad times with sad funky bass at the end
  • Blame: basically the live version minus some of the deep voice stuff, it is very good though
  • Fake It: someone made a post like "don't tell mother tell mother i'm gay" on here at some point and now i can't unhear it thanks
  • Snakes: 🐍🖖🌶
  • Winter of our Youth: Dan Smith still has an existential crisis.
  • Way Beyond: The Song With Two Fucks, also some hip hop vibes
  • Oil on Water: first they didn't want us to listen to this one, now they do and it's gr8
  • Campus: it is a lot like that one time they played it live 3 years ago except it's a fuckton better
  • Shame: for some reason I can imagine this in a crappy 80s style music video, in a good way though
  • The Anchor: I Am Having A Lot Of Feelings and also there's brass
Only Time Will Tell

If you want to listen to a song while reading this fic, I recommend RIXTON “Hotel Ceiling.” I practically wrote this whole thing while listening to it on loop :’)

GENRE: Angst

SUMMARY: Namjoon writes you a song, just for the both of you.

WARNING: Death (tbh my warnings are pretty much just spoilers. sorry~)



Originally posted by daeguboy


He watches silently, following the trail of the ink as it dances across the paper. The words slip out endlessly and find themselves etched into the notebook. There’s so much he wants to say to you, so much he wants you to know. And even though he knows you’ll never hear them now, he can’t stop pouring his heart out onto the pages.

It wasn’t as if he could change what happened that day. He didn’t have the power to do something like that. But that didn’t stop him from beating himself up over what happened to you.


Oh, what he would do to hear your voice again, to see you again, to have you back here by his side. He knew it was a hopeless dream, but it was a dream nonetheless.

“Yah! Oppa!”

He turned to look at you running towards him with the wind and rain blowing your damp hair into your face. He felt a smile tugging at the corner of his lips; you’ve never looked more beautiful. The cars were zooming by, the lights were flashing, the sound of the rain drowned his ears. But all that he noticed was you. He stayed still, just watching, as you finally caught up to him. His heart fluttered as his eyes met yours.

“Y/N,” he breathed out quietly.

You reached out for his hand, and he let you take it. Your fingers wove together as if your hands were made to fit each other perfectly.


Keep reading

anonymous asked:

I'm worried about Soma and how he will survive without Agni. Thoughts?

Yes, I’m worried about him, too. And I feel so sorry for him. Agni was very important to him. And having to experience him being killed while Soma is unable to do anything must be even more terrible.

And now without Agni he doesn’t have anyone to protect him anymore and to be his company in England. Sure, he still has friends from Weston and then there’s also Ciel. But there’s no one like Agni who really cared for him and who Soma could trust completely. ;_;

I really hope that Ciel will be there for Soma now. Ciel knows how it is to lose loved ones so I hope he can understand what Soma must be going through right now and that he can be a real friend to Soma. But I’m worried since Ciel isn’t the emotional type and I’m not sure if he can handle such a situation. Knowing Ciel he will be all about finding out who did this and taking revenge which might not be what Soma needs right now. But who else is there who Soma could turn to? He’ll also need protection since there’s a possibility that the attackers will come back to finish what they started. But first and most important, he’ll need a friend.

Soma was always such a cheerful person. It pains me to see him so desperate and broken. T_T

I am still on such a roll, if anyone has any Voltron prompts they want done please send them. I am eager to write right now. 

Pidge and Keith fix it, cause why not (aka Christmas Lion Friends)

Season Two Voltron spoilers ahead. 

“Do you have ears?”

Keith glanced over at Pidge in utter bewilderment, fingers pausing over the keyboard he was typing on. “What?”

Pidge flushed and ducked her head, toeing the ground. “Um…ears. Like…Galra ears…”

She trailed off at his look and her face fell, hands flying up to rest in front of her chest. “Wait, quiznak, I’m sorry, Keith, that’s…that’s personal. I…”

Pidge wrinkled her nose and turned. “I’m sorry, I’ll-”

“I don’t know,” he answered with a shrug.

She looked at him over her shoulder, eyes wide, and he gave her a reassuring smile, sinking down into his seat and clasping his hands together. “It’s…I don’t know anything about my past,” he said softly, watching as she scurried over and sat at his feet, eyes wide and calculating behind her glasses. “But…you can ask. If you want. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, is all.”

Pidge raised an eyebrow, looking confused. “Why would you make me uncomfortable? I should have thought before asking that, it was insensitive.”

Keith stared at her for a moment, at her genuine curiosity, and he relaxed a little. “You’re not…uncomfortable?”

Pidge wrinkled her nose. “Is this about Allura?” she asked, aware she was treading on touchy waters. “Because I’m not her, Keith. Frankly, this is really cool to me, and I’m just interested to know if you have any of their characteristics. Like, would you grow fur? Or claws? Could you fight without a sword? Do you have the ears?”

Keith burst into laughter, grin wide, and Pidge started giggling right after him. “Sorry,” she managed to laugh. “I think they’d be kind of adorable.”

He shot her a glare and she dissolved into even more laughter, face flushed. “Sorry.”

Keith shook his head. “Don’t apologize,” he said sincerely. “It’s…weird, right now. I don’t feel any different, just more…understanding, I guess.”

Pidge calmed down and nodded thoughtfully, studying him with an intelligent gaze that was far beyond her years. “What are you going to do?”

“Defeat Zarkon,” Keith answered instantly, as if it was a no brainer. “And then…maybe join you, help you find Matt and your dad, search for my own family while we do it.”

Pidge gave him a warm smile. “I’d be glad to have your help.”

He grinned and leaned forwards on his knees, casting his eyes to the ground. “If you…I mean, if you have questions…I won’t mind answering them, if I know the answers.”

Pidge reached up and settled a hand on his forearm, gaze serious. “And if you need help with this, with anything, I’m here for you.” She glanced over her shoulder, at the rest of the consoles in the room, and then back at him. “All four of us are, you know that…right?”

Her face was anxious, and Keith reassured her by settling his hand over hers. “I do. Thank you, Pidge.”

Can you teach me how to give a blow job? Pt. 2

Heres Pt 1

Summary/Request: Your friend dares you to give Jungkook a blow job and ride him when you’re sitting on the couch together, you end up cuddling and a few confessions are there to be made. Maybe they end in sex spoiler alert they do

A/N: I am so sorry I haven’t written in ages, I just can’t do it as easily anymore and I promised this like 2 weeks ago but now for Jungkooks birthday I have finally finished writing this, thank you for everyone who is still here reading my shit. Here it is finally, the part where they finally discuss what needed to be discussed.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Reader X Jungkook

Word count: 2.3 k

You felt like something was tickling your face as you shifted around in bed. Mornings really weren‘t your thing and you didn‘t want to get up just yet. You sleepily opened your eyes and a ray of sunshine peeked through the curtains, hitting your face. You squinted before shutting your eyes again, wanting to fall back to sleep for a while. But when you were about to turn onto your other side you noticed the arm that was draped around your waist. It took you a while to recall all memories of last night since you still were in a half asleep state. But then it hit you. Your eyes flew open as you whispered oh shit under your breath, carefully turning to the other side.

Why were you in bed next to your best friend Jungkook. Was he even your best friend? You didn‘t know anything anymore. His face looked beautiful and peaceful when he was asleep. Did you have a crush on him? Or did you really just like the feeling of cuddling someone in the morning so your mind played tricks on you. You remembered his last words before you fell asleep last night.

„We can discuss any details tomorrow.“

Details about what? Why you suddenly asked him if you could give him a blowjob? Why you two fucked afterwards? Or why he decided to cuddle up next to you to sleep?

Jungkook shifted around as well and when he wanted to pull you up against him he realised you weren‘t in your initial position anymore. He groaned a bit before opening his eyes to look at you.

„Morning beautiful.“

Shivers ran down your spine at his low, gravelly morning voice. Jungkook turned on his back to stare at the ceiling as his fingers brushed through his disshelved hair. You still looked at him from the side as he continued doing that. When he noticed you staring at him he stopped and looked at you.

“Did you sleep well?”

To say it was one of the best nights sleep you’d gotten in a long time, snuggled up against him, feeling protected by his strong arms around felt like a little bit too cheesy right now so you just nodded your head.

“Yes I did.”

“Why are you blushing?”

“I’m not!”

Jungkook just laughed at you, not feeling like teasing you anymore. It felt awkward laying there like that with so many questions still open. You sighed.

“I really love this light, sweet morning talk but I can’t really do it before we haven’t talked about what happened.”

He turned to his side to face you and answered with a way too serious expression.

“First you asked me out of the blue if I could teach you how to give a blowjob, then things got really heated up and we fucked on the couch and then I carried you upstairs to the bed and decided you should sleep by my side since you couldn’t run away anyways. Are your legs still sore?”

You could feel the blush on your cheeks. Why did he always had to be so blunt, this was the downside to being best friends with him for years, he would just say everything straight to your face.

“Yes, they are.”

“Good, that means you still can’t run away.”

You looked at him questioningly before he pulled you in his embrace and looked down at you.

“I don’t know if you could really call this perfect timing or if this reaches up to your high movie like standards, but over the last few months I learnt to love you more than just as my best friend and I didn’t know wether to tell you or not cause I didn’t want to ruin our friendship.”

“You say this can’t reach up to my movie high standards but this is pretty much the most cliché sweet love story thing ever.”

“I just confessed to you, you can’t tell me off for being too cliché right now!!”

Jungkooks playful frustration had you laughing before you realised you had to actually say something to him.

“Jungkook we can’t be together.”

He looked like his heart just shattered, like a puppy you kicked out of the way, so you quickly continued your sentence.

“Emily would never ever let me hear the end of it, she has been trying to get us together for months now.”

The relief on his face was visible when he realised you didn’t properly turn him down. Yet at least.

“Because she knew!”

“She knew??”

“Yes, I had told her and wanted her to find out if I have an actual chance with you before I do anything stupid and end up ruining or friendship.”

“So she knew all along? Whenever she made a stupid joke about us crushing on each other she knew it would happen?”

“Does that mean your crushing on me?”

His stupid smirk spread over his face as you froze in your movement. Were you?

“Why didn’t you show me any signs of it so I could’ve judged my chances better?”

“I didn’t know myself!”

“Up until when?”

You were blushing like hell again as you spoke I a very quiet voice.

“This morning when I woke up and felt your arm around me.”

Jungkook sighed over dramatically.

“That took you a damn long time to realise, Emily knew it way before you.”

You turned slightly so you were face to face with him again and put on a fake annoyed expression.

“Why are we always talking about Emily here I thought this was about us crushing on eachoth-”

Before you could even finish your sentence Jungkook had put a hand on your neck and pulled you towards him, pressing his lips onto yours in a gentle kiss. You quickly got over your initial surprise a closed your eyes, leaning into the kiss as his other hand went to support your waist, his thumb drawing tiny circles on them. The kiss deepened quickly as Jungkook pulled you over his lap so you were straddling him. Your hands curled around his neck as good as possible, playing with the ends of his hair whilst he held your body close to his. After a while you pulled away to catch your breath looking down at Jungkook.

“I want to make this official before we continue.”

“Continue with what?”

“*full name*, will you be my girlfriend from now on?”

You giggled.

“Yes, I will Jeon Jungkook.”

“Good, then we will celebrate that right now.”

He pushed you over so you were the one laying on the mattress and he was hovering over you.

“What about your parents?”

“If you are concerned they will hear us, they are both at work right now, if you are scared about telling them we’re a couple now, they were shipping us harder than Emily was for sure.”

You had to laugh thinking about telling people you were finally together after everyone tried desperately to get you two to date. You linked your hands behind his neck before you carefully pulled him down into a kiss. But Jungkook was having none of you being careful and gentle. His kisses turned rougher and his hands were tangled into your hair whilst he grinded his hips into yours until you let out a soft moan. His lips wandered from your mouth to your jawline, then kissing his way down to your neck. When he found your soft spot from yesterday, he decided to suck a hickey right next to it. He pulled away to tug at the hem of his white shirt you were wearing to pull it over your head. You lifted your arms so he could easily pull it over your head and continue planting kisses over your collarbones. When he finally wraps his lips around one of your nipples and starts sucking gently your back arches off the bed with a moan of his name. He rubs the other nipple gently between his fingers as he continues to suck on the other.

“Jungkook please.”

“Please what? What do you want me to do baby?”

You started blushing. You knew exactly what you wanted and he did too but you couldn’t say that out loud. After all Jungkook had been “just” your best friend for such a long time that it’s quite hard to suddenly ask him to touch you in this way. But Jungkook was just messing with you, even without your answer his fingers travelled up your thigh till he reached your soaked panties. Slowly he started rubbing your clit through the panties.

“You know it’s pretty satisfying how you were always telling me I would never get a girlfriend and now you’re laying here, dripping wet, and I haven’t even started properly.”

“How about you stop being so cocky and do it then?”

He gave you another of his stupid smirks before he hooked his fingers in your panties and pulled them down your legs in one swift motion. You blushed, feeling so much more exposed than you did yesterday. He felt you stiffening up a bit and he bent down again to place a gentle kiss on your lips, letting his hands wander all over your body.

“Don’t worry, you look gorgeous baby.”

His lips nibbled at the shell of your ear, distracting you from his fingers until he pressed them against your clit and rubbed it in quick circular motions. A loud moan of his name escaped your lips as he continued with his pace. Your hands tangled in his hair whilst he kissed down your body again  until he reached your hips and pulled away. He stopped his fingers and looked in your eyes, the shit eating grin still on his face. His fingers slowly travelled a bit lower till he reached your opening and you nodded to give him the consent. He pushed one finger inside and twisted it upwards, reaching your spot perfectly. You moaned as he decided to add another finger and pick up the pace a bit. Your hands scrunched up the sheets since you couldn’t reach his hair anymore. You were close to reaching your high when he suddenly decided to wrap his lips around your clit. Your hands flew back to his hair as you let out whimpers and moans mixed with his name. He added a third finger to stretch you out a bit and picked up his pace even more. Thats when you came undone. Tiny stars danced behind your closed eyelids as Jungkook held you down firmly so you had to take it all. He rode your orgasm out fully and only pulled away when you were whimpering and trying to push his head away. He crawled back up to kiss you passionately.

“I sure can get used to you moaning my name.”

His voice was low and raspy at your ear and you could feel his bulge pressing against your bare thigh. You gave him a nudge to signalise you wanted to flip him over since you could’ve never done it on your own. He let you turn him on his back and watched you straddling him with curious eyes. You grinded on him still through his boxers and his face crunched up.

“It’s really not the time to tease me right now.”

You slid your hands over his chest and abs until you reached the hem of his boxers and peeled them down. You lowered yourself back onto his lap and started grinding again. This time you smirked down onto him as his voice was a bit shaky when he tried to suppress a moan.

“A-as much as I love you riding me, I really want to show you how good it feels when I am in control.”

He flipped you both back so you were lying underneath him, the tip of his dick ran teasingly along your dripping wet folds. You whimpered, still sensitive from your previous orgasm.

“Jungkook pl-please.”

“Please what?”

“Please fuck me.”

He was surprised at your bold words this time, but he didn’t waste any time to push inside of you. Agonizingly slowly he pushed his dick inside, stretching you out nicely. He gave you a moment to adjust, until you wiggled your hips impatiently, trying to get him to move again. He pushed all the way out just to slam back in and you let out a loud moan. The rhythm he picked up was hard and fast from the beginning and he made sure to hit your spot wth every thrust. His mouth was onto yours kissing you messily and wandering around your neck to plant lots of kisses there. You hands were tangled up in his hair again, pulling at it slightly as your back arched of the mattress when he lifted your hips to get a better angle.

“I c-can’t hold it any longer, I-I’m too close.”

“I know baby, just let go.”

With a few more thrusts he had pushed you over the edge. Your walls clenched around him repeatedly and it didn’t take long until he came as well. High pitched moans of his name mixed with low grunts of your name as he made sure to ride out both of your orgasms completely.

Both of you laid there on your backs for a while, panting, just staring at the white ceiling. Until you heard the key turn in the lock of the front door and a minute later Jungkooks mum greeting you loudly.

“Oh my god we are so fucked.”

“We are, literally.”

“Shut up and get dressed quickly Jungkook.”

You tried to get up off the bed and find some clothes, preferably your own ones, to wear before Mrs Jeon came to look after you. Jungkook crossed his arms behind his head as he watched with a cocky grin how you standing up ended in you giving up on standing on your sore and wobbly legs and falling back on the bed. You pouted.

“Stop laughing at me.”

“You’re so cute.”

He got off the bed, not before planting another kiss on your lips, and got you some clothes.

“I can’t wear your clothes to greet your mum that would be so obvious.”

“We gotta tell her anyways and now get dressed before she’s here.”

anonymous asked:

Can you do hc/minific of MC having severe anxiety and having an anxiety attack when seven is in the apartment with her? Thanks!

Of course anon, sorry this took a while. I tried to make this one flow with the plot as well as I could, I hope you like it~

WARNING: SPOILERS for Seven’s route. ANGST.

As unpredictable as Seven was, what surprised you the most about him was how uncannily quiet he could be.

You had thought that as soon as he entered the apartment he would be making jokes and pulling pranks, laughing as if the very universe were funny. But he just sat there, typing away at his computer, hardly glancing up. Of course, there was the bomb to think of, and the hacker, and V’s absence, but you thought that he’d try to make more jokes to compensate for all this. You didn’t think his spirit could be broken so easily.

You stood in the kitchen, quietly eating one of the sandwiches Seven made – peanut butter and jelly, not that it mattered – when he finally acknowledged you. Or, to be precise, he turned to you and said, “Stop staring at me, MC. I’m trying to work.”

He had been so cold to you this past while. You thought he’d had feelings for you, just as you had feelings for him, but then he shut himself off completely, going so far as to yell at you when you tried to help. 

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve his cruelty. You had tried to help him, you had listened to him tell you about his problems, and in return he had made you some fucking sandwiches and told you to go away so he could work.

Tears formed in your eyes and started to trail down your cheeks. You were hardly aware of them until one plopped onto your sandwich, the sandwich Seven made after he told you to stop trying to be kind to him, that he didn’t have feelings for you, and that you should leave him alone.

Your chest got tighter until you could barely breathe. Your fingers grasped the countertop, your tearstained cheeks heaving as you gasped for air. Did he really like you at all? Or did he hate you all this time, pretending to like you so you could help him find the hacker?

You clamped your hand over your mouth and sank onto your knees. You tried to stop breathing so loudly, because Seven would hear and then he would know, and then he would hate you even more for being so weak. It was getting harder and harder to breathe, and you felt like the bits of sandwich you just ate would come hurtling out of your body any second.

“MC! MC, what’s going on?” Seven had gotten up from his computer, coming around to the kitchen where you were kneeling on the floor. Seeing you like this, your chest heaving, tears streaming down your face, shocked him.

“Why are you so mean to me?” You croaked out feebly. “I’ve tried so hard to help you, I’ve supported you, I gave you space when you said you needed it, so what did I do to deserve this?”

He knelt in front of you, the beginnings of tears glistening in his eyes. “I’m so sorry MC,” he whispered. “I thought it would hurt you less if I told you I didn’t care, I thought you would just move on and forget me.”

“Forget you? Seven… even if I didn’t like you, you have to admit, you’re not very forgettable,” you said.

Seven laughed, a light, cheerful sound to chase away the gloom in your mind. “You’re the one who’s sad, yet here you are, cheering me up. What did I ever do to deserve you?”

He knelt beside you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you into his warm chest. You remained tangled up in each other in the middle of the kitchen until your chest felt a little lighter and breathing became a lot easier.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I never should have been cruel to you, never ever,” he murmured, kissing you on the forehead. “From now on, I will protect you from everything, even myself, like a true Defender of Justice would!”