spoilers. i dont know how else to tag it

the catch-22 of being critical of a writers treatment of female characters is u can find a way to justify believing pretty much any representation of girls and/or lesbians “doesn’t count” or isn’t good enough. we’re all pretty much trained from birth not to appreciate female characters, too. please please PLEASE dont discount the fact that this episode centers around an f/f relationship developing. i can’t believe i even gotta ask that

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You know what? I don't care if hate will be deleted. No one never asked for you to reply to any hate anyone else ever sent. That anon that asked for you to tag your spoilers was nice about it, and your goddamn reply was 'lolno i dont tag spoilers snk has been out for a year now you get my drift'. And thats fuckin' rude as hell. How about you actually make one second of your live productive, and do what someone else wants and tag a motherfucking spoiler. Have a goddamn nice day you awful person.

I’m still not tagging spoilers until season 2 of snk c;
And also my goddamn url is a spoiler and I tag the Manga spoilers for the most part so get off my dick
And thanks hope u have a nice day too

(also i work as a cashier at a grocery store and i help out my mother with daycare and i help out at the old folks home so my life is probs more productive than yours)