Chapter 338: Death Visits at Dusk [initial reactions]

Okay, I’m very late to the reaction party yet again, but things have been really busy for me offline at the moment and unfortunately they might stay that way over summer, though I’m gonna focus on putting out more meta content again very soon. Especially now that Berserk’s come back as a  monthly release and there’s going to be a lot to talk about in the near future! Anyway, if anyone’s still interested in reading my thoughts on Chapter 338, you’ll find them below the cut.

Spoilers for the latest chapter, obviously. Though I think you’ve all probably read it by now. XD

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Choice determinant items found in Nathan’s Room/Dark Room:

Decided to compile this list for anyone wondering why items were missing or present in their playthroughs. Hopes this helps anybody who is curious and anxious as I am about how your decisions affected your game.


EDIT: Thanks for the messages informing about the error I made, I’ve fixed the post so hopefully no one was too misinformed. Thanks for the feedback!

EDIT 2: I actually missed an item, but for what it’s worth over 90% of LiS players chose not do this lol.

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