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I’m not sure about everything that happened in Gotham last night. I just know that Umbrella Mayor got out of his appropriately shaped prison, along with Captain Question Mark, and that they spent most of the time they were locked up carrying out small acts of revenge on each other. They still won’t say they’re in love, but I’m sure that will come later.


The Doctor and the Master + favourite moments [4/?]

Ainley!Master and One, Two, and Three — “I came here to help you. A little unwillingly, but I came. My services were scorned, my help refused.”

Just when I was considering permanently hopping off the Nygmobblepot train, the writers blessed us with the ever popular fanfic prompt “let’s lock them in a room together until they sort out their problems and then make out”. Now I feel ashamed that my faith wavered.


congratulations, you now all get to see the worst thing my human hands have put any amount of effort into

…joke lovingly stolen from phineas and ferb. transcript below the cut bc my handwriting is not the greatest.

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Why the Universe Would Have Exploded If An Ember In The Ashes Didn’t Get a Sequel

Any book lover knows there’s nothing quite like the agony of turning the last page with burning unanswered questions in your mind. That’s exactly what happened with An Ember in the Ashes, which is why we breathed a ginormous collective sigh of relief when the sequel was announced. Because how could we possibly go on without knowing…

****Warning: semi-spoilers and many question marks ahead****


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Marcus is the WORST! Will she swear fealty to him?? 

And the love square in general!! WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!?!

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Will Elias and Laia get together? Helene and Elias? And what about Keenan??

What exactly happened to Laia’s parents??

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Who betrayed them?? They were the greatest leaders of the Resistance and then they were GONE.

And is Darin alive?? 

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Yes, he ended up at the prison where the foulest prisoners are sent but that doesn’t mean there’s still a chance right??

Who is Elias’s father??

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Maybe he has some answers??

And why does his mom, the Commandant, hate him so much??

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He’s your son, woman!

Speaking of which, why is the Commandant so nasty?? 

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Yeah, why you gotta be so rude?

What’s with the Nightbringer??

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It’s not just a myth, right??

What exactly is Mazen planning??

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That guy just gets more and more suspicious.

And what is Spiro Teluman planning?? 

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So full of kindness…but so mysterious.

And last but not least…will Laia free Elias??

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But let’s all calm down, take a deep breath, and remember that we can reread the book as many times as we want before #2 comes out. 

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