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everything i’m figuring out from the infinity war twitter yelling

because i just wanna put everything down somewhere. may be added to as it’s probably all wrong

  • steve’s a mess- “beard and messy hair, darker suit” not the nomad suit i dreamed off but stealth suit??
  • BUCKY’S AWAKE- “winter soldier and black panther leading armies” my baby is all grown up and killing people
  • peter’s spidey sense is now a thing?
  • thor got to earth with the guardians?
  • loki doesn’t die in the new thor movie!!!!!
  • gamora is gonna fuck shit up- preferably killing thanos
  • i didn’t see it anywhere but i still think that nebula and gamora should be the ones who finish thanos
  • nat and probably steve have gone into hiding/are undercover, explaining nat being BLONDE and steve’s general messiness 
  • tho again- could the russos finally be delving into steve’s PTSD because if so plEASE
  • eternal Lil Shit™ loki is on thanos’ side once again- marvel let my boy be a double agent or something
  • peter has the new suit from the end of homecoming- probs joined tony for something
  • the hulkbuster is back- tony’s attempt to defeat thanos???
  • bad feeling over steve- possibility of a Cap Death™
  • bad feeling over tony????? and peter???
  • peter apologising to bloodied tony???= classic Marvel Deflection™ petey is in the real danger?
  • thanos made a meteor storm?? attempting to do the whole end of the world thing
  • but if he’s able to do that, does this mean he’s got hold of the infinity gauntlet and all the stones?- tHAT MEANS…
  • vision is GONNA DIE
  • no signs of wanda- a Disgrace™
  • bucky has to have been woken up at some point in black panther and probs is working with t’challa to do something
  • MEANING buck is all good now?? yes?? GOOD
  • wakanda is still the best place in the world

The Doctor and the Master + favourite moments [4/?]

Ainley!Master and One, Two, and Three — “I came here to help you. A little unwillingly, but I came. My services were scorned, my help refused.”

I’m not sure about everything that happened in Gotham last night. I just know that Umbrella Mayor got out of his appropriately shaped prison, along with Captain Question Mark, and that they spent most of the time they were locked up carrying out small acts of revenge on each other. They still won’t say they’re in love, but I’m sure that will come later.

birth of an amazon

(hey friends guess who saw Wonder Woman today and had EVERY FEELING)

In your first true memories, you are drowning.

You don’t realize you’re drowning at first, of course. That requires conscious awareness, and understanding of the natural and physical world; knowledge of the body’s demands for oxygen, the lungs for equalized pressure to stop them from collapsing in on themselves. Later you will understand drowning; later you will witness it in person, you will watch men sink beneath the churning waves and see their bodies float back up, limp and bobbing on the water. Later you will tremble at the horror of it, at the fragility of life, god and mankind and Amazon and everything in between, that something so complex, so beautiful, could be destroyed by the life-giving sea.

You will think upon those first hazy, dawning moments of your second life, of the cold, cold water and its hand around your chest, of the darkness and the shadows and the burning in your lungs, the distant light rippling far, far above your head, and you will be proud. You will remember that the Amazons were drowning even as they came to be, and you will love your sisters for the strength that carried you up, up the rolling deep until you broke the waves and gasped your first eternal breaths.

In the beginning, of course, you know nothing of this. You are a soul with a body formed of clay and mud and will, and the sea is cold and dark and deep. You do not have the words to describe it but you feel, the pain and the fear and something greater: a raw, surging need to fight. And so you push off the bottom off the sea with clumsy feet, and you thrust with your arms and legs toward the light. The light is strange and frightening and beautiful all at once, and as the clay sloughs away and you see your fingers form, as the water around you turns from black to cobalt to aqua and the sunlight ripples on the surface above you, as your lungs burn and your vision sharpens and the roar of the waves reaches your ears, you know that whatever lay behind you, the light is what you seek.

Your head breaks the surface, your lungs expel the rough salt water and take in air, sweet and clean and beautiful. Your hands and knees touch sand and rock and bits of shell, slippery and sliding as the waves crash forward and back, pulling you with the force of the tide. You crawl to shore and see your sister standing there, hair a tangled mess about her shoulders and spilling down her back, smooth muscles in her arms as she flings her hands to the sky. She raises her face and she lets out a shout — of joy, of triumph, of defiance — the water could not kill us, we stand and we live and so we are — and you feel it in your very gut. And so you stand, and you shout, and you reach across and snag her fingers with your own.

You stand in the surf as the water crashes around your ankles and the sand hisses as the waves pull back toward the sea. You hold your sister’s hand and watch as the others swim ashore, all of them different colours, different shapes, all of them women and all of them your kin. You feel a connection to them like scarlet thread, and as each one passes you and your sister lay hands — on their heads, their shoulders, their arms — you press your lips to theirs, to their cheeks and foreheads and the flutter of their eyelids, and your heart swells with pride and love.

You are Antiope of the Amazons, sister to Hippolyta and daughter of the sea and sword. You were born fighting. You will die fighting. And in between, you will make men bleed.

Just when I was considering permanently hopping off the Nygmobblepot train, the writers blessed us with the ever popular fanfic prompt “let’s lock them in a room together until they sort out their problems and then make out”. Now I feel ashamed that my faith wavered.

artsekey  asked:

Yo, up until now, has anyone actually seen ???% aside from Teru? Ritsu was unconscious the first time, and I don't think Reigen's ever seen it either. Could be interesting.

ritsu wasn’t unconscious BEFORE ???% came out the first time… so ritsu has seen ???%. that’s how he knows “that wasn’t my brother.” and teru’s seen it, and mogami (if he’s still around.) i can’t think of any other named characters who have seen ???%… 


congratulations, you now all get to see the worst thing my human hands have put any amount of effort into

…joke lovingly stolen from phineas and ferb. transcript below the cut bc my handwriting is not the greatest.

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anonymous asked:

About why ???% immediately destroyed the pavement upon reappearing, maybe it's because it requires an enormous amount of psychic energy in order for it to maintain its form, and its surroundings are just responding to that massive amount of energy.

ohh, that’s a good thought! although i’d argue that the form will be retained either way, since it’s mob’s physical body. but you might be on to something