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This is @taahko and I’s au kid- called rogue 2.0 (this was the first post really)

  • So basically- short recap is we changed Jyn so she’d be around 13 years old. Her character was very badly written, in our opinion at least, and we figured actually giving her interest and a different view point on the rebellion would be fun. And we decided to face cast her as Quvenzhané Wallis because she’s so good and the perfect age.
  • Jyn is abandoned by Saw at around 12 this time, and stows away on a ship and manages to end up on Jedha. She pickpockets stuff from people- and then tries to pickpocket Chirrut because he’s blind.
  • Which is a mistake because he grabs her hand and stops her- but she really stands out to him because, “she’s skinny and angry looking and alone and they’re like… This Will Not Stand”
  • Chirrut also sees no future for her which is… weird and intriguing because she’s really small and what does that mean
  • Chirrut offers to buy her something instead of having her steal his stuff (Baze in the background: Do we even have any money???) and she’s pretty apprehensive because… she’s not used to this freely given affection
  • Chirrut offers to teach her how to properly pick pocket while Baze scrounges up some credits so they can give her some bread and after thanking them she runs away and Baze is like “Well that’s the last of her” and Chirruts like “I sense we’ll see her again” “You mean I’ll see her again” “Haha”
  • And she comes back the next day. And keeps coming back, and Chirrut makes good on his promise to teach stealing effectively from people and Baze offers to teach her how to shoot.
  • They offer her a lot and Jyn feels bad sometimes because what can she give in them return, but they provide them with company, new insight, and another pair of eyes when it comes to storm troopers basically
  • This goes on for a few months until a rumor about Jyn’s father is spread around the same time as a huge amount of storm troopers get stationed in Jedha and they start to think perhaps it’s best for Jyn to leave Jedha (which they hate but? they can’t be selfish)
  • They give her as much food and credits as they can, cupping her cheek and hugging her goodbye as she stows away on a ship to the next system. But when she gets there, there’s not even a trace of Galen and there’s less commercial traffic going to Jedha so she’s stuck
  • Probably three months later she runs into Cassian. Like she is full on running through the streets of a market away from people chasing her when she plows into him and they both fall to the ground.
  • She stows on his ship and he’s like, “What the fuck you’re that kid from the marketplace?”
  • aggie, “k2so wants to throw her out of the airlock but cassian recognizes the type of kid he used to be"
  • he’s a very grumpy big brother figure to her instead of local gay space dads chirrut and baze but she likes him and likes that he brought her to a rebel base and that he lets her sleep on his ship
  • Other stuff happens but this is getting long so ENJOY

“how come Leo didn’t just kill/get rid of Yuri if he knew all along he was a part of Zarc?!??”

it’s because he knows he can only kill Yuri by beating him in a duel and HE KNOWS HE CAN’T BEAT YURI IN A FUCKING DUEL.

The latest Undertale patch has a new addition?

Apparently in the latest patch, when you head to Sans’ lab you’ll find a new picture added inside the drawer!

So, when Frisk approached Sans about it…

I mean…it does say “poorly drawn”…


um hi this is beautiful and made me cry 


The Legend of Korra + Name Meanings:

Team Avatar

“…we’re still a team. The new Team Avatar!”

Chapter 86: Origin of Demons & Lore

Spoilers for Ch. 86!

Just a few thoughts concerning Satan’s place in the demon world, the origin of demons, and the lore that could be inspiring all of this and maybe even hinting at future happenings.

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