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Fading Fast

Okay, so this is an AU me and @meldy-arts came up with even before Zero Hour aired…and it’s so full of feels and angst and space fam-ness!

I based it off of three sketches mel drew, one of which she finished as a full picture, you should totally check it out here.

 I was planning on writing more this morning, but…I can’t seem to write today and the way I ended it last night seems kind of fitting. And there is room to write a sequal if I want to…though, technically, this could be a bit of a set up for the Memory Loss AU I wrote a while ago. 

I hope y’all like it!

Fic below the cut:

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Rebels "Zero Hour" Reactions/Thoughts

I finally watched the Rebels finale and stick a fork in me I am DONE. I literally trembled like a leaf the entire time and wasn’t sure my poor heart was going to survive it. 

(Image courtesy of @sarasvato)

Assorted thoughts below the cut (major spoilers abound):

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anonymous asked:

I was rewatching Zero Hour and during the Bendu/Thrawn interactions, I can't help but feel they're setting up Thrawn having ysalamiri in S4. What do you reckon?

Much as I’d like to see some lovely lizard friends, I know I saw an interview where they said it was the entire concept of an animal that could block the force that didn’t make sense, since the force is supposed to flow through all life. (imo this is bs because, well, it’s Star Wars, the whole thing is fantasy, why not have negative force lizards that can stop a Jedi if an author wants them to?) Of course, anything can change and sometimes things are said to deflect attention, so while I’m not hopeful, I’m ready to be pleasantly surprised, because after trying to fight the Bendu, having some ysalamiri around would make a lot of sense

i really want to see Kallus becoming a part of the rebels in season 4. and i want it to be difficult. it shouldn’t be likely other members will trust him easily, not only was he part of the Empire but a high ranking officer as well. plus i would think it would be very likely that not many would know he’s been helping as fulcrum. and even if they did learn, who’s to say they’d forgive him

i would love if there was an episode where Kallus is trying to find his place in the rebellion and some of the other rebels are harassing him but a member of the Ghost steps in and defends him. they then talk about whether or not it’s deserved and there’s reflection on the past and by the end Kallus at least knows there’s a few people who have trust in him