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tony having to put those parentless babies back down in their cribs and leave though. probably feels like ripping his own bleeding beating heart out of his chest and he does it repeatedly

Voltron Season 4 Trailer Analysis

I’m sure some people have done this already but I wanted to offer my own take on the new trailer as well as what we know so far from all the information we know, and make some predictions. This isn’t a frame-by-frame, it’s more all the connections I’ve been able to make so far. It’s pretty long so I’ll put the rest under the cut.

//Rebel Planet

-So we start with the team, minus Keith, standing on the bridge and ‘Shiro’
says, “Alright paladins it’s time to gather the coalition.”

- This is the same place as this from the first trailer:

- Keith says to ‘Shiro’ “They could be linked to Lotor. He hasn’t been seen in months. This might be our chance to track him down.”

- Hunk and Pidge are also seen with Nyma and Rolo on the same planet. Both Nyma and Pidge look weary of Hunk and Rolo getting along.

- What’s interesting is that Keith is there in the second one but not the first photo.

- I think that the team gets word that there is a rebel base on this planet.
Hunk and Pidge then run into Rolo and Nyma there. Keith then says to 'Shiro’ that he thinks they could be linked to Lotor and that he wants to go after him. Then I think 'Shiro’ says that they need help to be able to defeat Lotor. Keith then storms out. Then we have the first scene of the trailer where 'Shiro’ is talking to the rest of the team about gathering the Coalition.

I think that’s it for things that take place on that planet.

//Rebel Ships

-In the first trailer, we see this guy shooting a gun in front of what looks like
Nyma and Rolo’s ship.

It could also just be another rebel ship as we see a lot of them in the first
and second trailers.

-This seems to be the same place as the place pidge is fighting these Galra drones.

-It also seems to be the same fight as this:

-Here’s another instance in the first trailer where we see rebel ships:

It looks like the lions red, yellow, and green are going up to them.
Perhaps Allura is doing something else or maybe she is still wary of the rebels
considering how they betrayed them in the past,
although I think it is more likely that she is just doing something else
at this time. Also missing from this is Keith.

The rebel ships are also very prevalent in the final battle which I will
touch on later in this post.

//Where’s Keith

Keith is missing from a lot of both trailers. And even when he’s there he is usually separated from the team. We know Keith does something that caused a 'rift’ between him and team Voltron. I think he goes to try to fight Lotor by himself or doesn’t want to form a coalition by doing shows.

//The Coalition

There are two Coalition shows we see. I believe this is the first one:

These screencaps are from both the first trailer and the most recent one. This show happens at the beginning of the season before the first scene of the latest trailer. I think this is because Coran says, “Oh does that mean more Voltron events” Which implies that they have already done at least one Voltron event.
Keith does not seem to be at this show. We only see the beginning of it so maybe he joins later but I think he doesn’t want to do it because it seems silly or
unnecessary or a waste of time.

And this is the second one:

They have now formed Voltron which means Keith joined them. I am unsure what will change Keith’s mind to do one of the shows. (Maybe it is Lance who changes Keith’s mind)

//The Team vs. Lotor

-In this shot we see all 5 pods from the lions going towards a Galra structure:

-I believe this is where Lotor and his Generals are in the first trailer:

//Final battle

-I think we see bits and pieces of the final battle of the season in the most recent
trailer. I think it is the final battle because it seems everyone is involved, and some pretty intense things seem to be happening.

-I believe this is the same ship that Lotor is shown in front of in the first trailer
(Image 9). I think this is the shot before the battle officially starts.
(Basically an establishing shot)

-Then the rebel ships come in fighting the Galra drones:

The next series of images are images that would all be part of this battle:

-This is lance piloting red dodging the Galra laser beams. It is also worth
mentioning this is after there is a shot of Keith saying “Go” This could be Keith telling lance to go do the next part of the plan.

-This might be Lotor’s ship getting attacked for the first time in the battle.
It does seem like a surprise attack so this could be the first strike in the battle. Alternatively, this could be after this:

-Then we see the castle ship being attacked:

The particle barrier is already partially gone. I assume only Coran is on the ship
. It is also possible that 'shiro’ is also still on the ship although
since he is barly seen in the trailer he could be anywhere during the final
fight including being with lotors team (because he is either brainwashed or a

This is all I think that has been shown of the final battle.


This image is of the one alien saying he wants to be part of the Coalition:

-If you look to the left of him you can see the same girl from Space mall in
Season 2. Also if you look behind him you can see escalators and in general
a mall backdrop. This definitely leads me to believe they go back to the space
mall to get people to join their coalition. (I also like to imagine they put
up posters or something simple like that) This could mean a return of any and
all the characters from that episode such as the unilu girl and Vrepit Sal. I
should also note that this could be a different space mall but that seems
unlikely since they have already been to one. Although I don’t know why they would go back to a mall they were chased out of. Especially since there were
many Galra there. (I like to think the mall went rogue and is a secret rebel
base or something)

And last but not least we have Lance:

-He appears to be pointing and blushing at someone. Behind Lance, all the paladins besides Keith are shown. (In the short clip we saw a month or two back we could also see Shiro) They all look concerned or weary. This could be because Keith is proposing something that they don’t agree with but Lance then slides into frame agreeing with Keith because as his right-hand man it makes sense that he would support his decision. So while the rift is being made with the rest of the team I think Lance will continue to stay on Keith’s side throughout the season.

Sorry it’s so long. It took me about four and a half hours to analyze and write
out all my ideas cohesively. I guess we all just have to wait until October 14th
to see if anything I said has any merit.

Have a good day y'all!

voltron writer 1, trying to come up with ideas for the season four trailer: what do our fans like? what will get them excited for season four?

voltron writer 2, frantically scrolling through tumblr: gay girls i think

voltron writer 1, drawing shay and allura holding hands: i mean if you say so