spoilers in source!!!

pidge is trans

hello im here to provide some of that sweet trans girl pidge evidence from season 4 

firstly this scene 

what i got from this was that ‘pidge’ is most likely a childhood nickname of her birth name and therefore she hates when matt (who probably made it up) calls her it

but because she loves her brother so much and misses him when he leaves for the garrison, she’s come to have a fond association when she hears that name as opposed to the negative one she used to have before he left, so she uses it again 

and then this scene 

this is the second time that someone’s referred to pidge as a ‘he’ (s1 when she gets into the garrison) because! she’s trans and doesnt always pass thanks for coming to my ted talk 

anyway pidge is a trans girl and you can pry these facts from my cold dead hands 

  • Pepper: Now, ask me nicely.
  • Tony: Ask you nicely what?
  • Pepper: Ask me nicely to marry you... Tony.
  • Tony: What does that mean?
  • Pepper: You heard me. On your knee.
  • Tony: *kneels* Fine. Does this work for you?
  • Pepper: Oh, I like this. Yeah.
  • Tony: Here you go. Will you marry me?
  • Pepper: No. Say it like you mean it.
  • Tony: Pepper.
  • Pepper: Yes, Tony?
  • Tony: Sweet Pepper.
  • Pepper: I'm listening.
  • Tony: Would you please, with cherries on top, marry me?
  • Pepper: I don't appreciate the sarcasm, but I'll do it.
  • Widowmaker: We don’t have much time, we have to open this door!
  • Reaper: Right, right. Sombra, open it!
  • Sombra: Of course, what else am I good for.
  • Sombra: …It’s different than the other ones…
  • Computer: (several fail noises)
  • Sombra: Aha!
  • Computer: (fail noise)
  • Sombra: …I actually can’t figure this out at all.
  • Reaper: WHAT?!
  • Widowmaker: But Sombra, you’re a hacker!
  • Reaper: We don’t have time for this! Amélie, help me open this door! And Sombra, hack faster!
  • Reaper and WM: (fire at the door screaming)