spoilers if you haven't seen the movie


  • Danny’s character development in Hot Fuzz is great. He is first introduced to us as ‘a rotund drinker’ and ends up being the bravest man in Sandford.
  • he’s well-rounded character (pun half intended). he’s both cheerful but serious at times, he’s got a sense of justice but also a sense of humor. we get to see many sides of his personality in every scene he’s in.
  • Danny saves Nicholas’ life three times: by tricking the NWA to think he’s dead, by taking the bullet for him and becoming his friend.
  • at the beginning of the movie Nicholas tries to confront his three superior officers but isn’t able to do shit. he’s the best cop in the city but it’s out of his hands. later Danny tricks the NWA and confronts them on the field with Nicholas. But the part where he has to trick his superior officer – not the chatty inspector Kenneth in a safe office – but his father, the inspector, the chief of the police where there’s no other law around. Danny is just a PC like Angel was but this is more serious. there’s no room filled with cheerful cops with champagne bottles waving good luck but a bunch of murderous, heinous crazy people with weapons who control lives of a whole village. and Danny, knowing what the price is if he fails, fools this bunch to save Nicholas.
  • he’s too precious for this world fucking dammit
  • Danny’s life doesn’t seem very busy and frankly quite dull (until a certain sergeant shows up) but he’s got an avid passion for movies. in small villages and communities there are often alcoholism and other problems, even in a model village (the state of the other officers doesn’t look that good, at least for those without families). Danny is lonely but has something healthy to get a hold and to focus on. this isn’t obvious at first but we learn quite soon that his interest for movies is much bigger than for just a pint.
  • Danny’s appearance isn’t a big deal to his character development. We don’t see him being upset about his weight at any point or people saying constantly that he should lose a few pounds. He doesn’t need to become fit to take the bad guys down or to be charming and his roundness isn’t an awkward running gag. Well, more like a smash-through-a-fence-once gag. He’s introduced to us as round and stays that way. And it’s good.
  • also screw to hell anyone who says Danny is not attractive, he’s cute as heck
  • Danny deals with his mother’s death well: he misses her but he doesn’t go crazy like Frank or approve his actions. heck, he doesn’t even try to understand and he is not supposed to. Danny’s got photos of Irene in his house and he visits her grave every now and then and remembers her affectionately but also with reasoning. she wasn’t doing well and Danny knows it. but he’s brave and his whole life doesn’t revolve around it, at least not anymore.
  • Danny learns and wants to learn all the time. He craves to know more about being a police officer but it seems like no one else in the Sandford department has the knowledge or even interest.  Until Angel shows up there hasn’t been anyone who would have been even remotely interested in helping Dany become a better officer. And while the beginning is full of struggles Danny wants to know more. And he will.
  • many times when the audience thinks danny does or says something stupid he’s actually clever: the ketchup trick that makes nicholas laugh – giggle like a child! – also saves his life later on. I can’t emphasize that scene enough because…
  • …Danny is an honest person. he does everything wearing his heart on his sleeve and he’s just so genuine in everything he does. he doesn’t pretend to dislike Nicholas just because everyone else loathes him but rather makes his own mind and acts as he feels like. even if that first means that he’s buzzing around annoyed Angel and admires his every action it later becomes a fact that they become a perfectly equal pair.
  • someone should say more often how amazing Danny is PLEASE
  • Danny is the first person who says unconditionally good things about Nicholas and tells it. He’s open with his admiration and rather takes Angel’s side than goes with the others with their bullying. 'Hey. That weren’t me.’ he reminds Nicholas when the others snicker behind his back. You’ve still got me, partner.
  • later he doesn’t accept this behaviour quietly but fucking SLAMS his hand on the desk and raises his voice to tell the Andes how things are when they try to laugh at Nicholas’ face. Then he pats baffled and frankly a bit startled Angel on the shoulder. I’ve got you, partner.
  • even though he admires and loves Nicholas (don’t even try deny that) he doesn’t take shit from him. when Angel shouts at him in the churchyard Danny tells him off and leaves. next day he pretends not to care but is clearly hurt. but when Angel apologizes and asks for his help – a dream come true – he even forgets about his birthday to solve the mystery of the century with him.
  • by saving Nicholas from the gunshot at the end of the movie he doesn’t only save Angel but possibly most of the police department. while Tom Weaver’s blunderbuss is quite slow to reload (hence easy to take down between shots) it’s quite obvious he wouldn’t let anyone leave the room alive. christ, that’s some tough shit there. and Danny prevented it.

luckily Danny has surprisingly good portrayal in most fan works and he’s not pictured as all goody-goody goofball but he KICKS ASS and is sometimes foul-mouthed but always a decent chap. that’s awesome and needs a little applause to the fandom. REMEMBER HE’S AMAZING.

Oh my god things I never expected to see in a Batman movie (spoilers if you haven't seen the Batman Lego movie yet)

-the gremlins
-King Kong, the dinosaurs from Jurassic park

Harley scenes in Suicide Squad that were 100% in character:

  • Harley yelling ‘Stupid Bats, you’re ruining date night!’ and trying to shoot Batman 
  • Actually most of the car chase scene
  • Harley saying ‘this is me being cool’ before stabbing a guard in the face
  • Harley going 'WHEEE’ when they wheeled her out of Belle Reve
  • Harley kissing the 'Puddin’ choker with that look on her face I can’t find an adequate word for
  • Harley asking Chato if he could light a girl’s cigarette with his pinky
  • Harley beating up the dead guy with her bat and then poking him with her toe to prove he’s moved
  • Harley smiling while trying to look like she has not just been crying her eyes out on that car when the Squad came to pick her up
  • the whole Enchantress hallucination scene, including ‘He married me!’
  • Harley demanding an espresso machine
  • Harley reading a trash romance novel while drinking espresso

I hear hurricanes blowing
I know the end is coming soon
I fear rivers over flowing 
I hear the voice of raze and ruin

~ Bad Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sorry not sorry for the pun. All I could think of when I first heard his name…
I loooved that movie and I’m curious where they’re going with his story (cause that’s totally not over). Quick sketch, hope you like it!

  • Emma: Don't you get it? It's just like that Spider-Man movie, haven't you seen that? MJ and Peter Parker can't be together.
  • Julian: But, the whole point of Spider-Man 2 was that MJ and Peter Parker COULD be together in the end.
  • Emma: Yeah, I know, but the whole point of Spider-Man 3 is that everything sucks and it falls to shit! Julian, what I'm trying to say is...
  • Emma: I don't want my life to be like Spider-Man 3. I hated that movie.
Wonder Woman was AMAZING!!!

Minor spoilers for those who may not have seen it yet (nothing plot important).

So I may or may not be going crazy over the Wonder Woman hype right now… That was easily DC’s greatest hero film yet, and I am extremely hopeful that this movie can inspire more studios to make films like it in the future. I LOVED it so much, the action scenes were incredibly well done (even if there was a lot of slow-mo used at points) and that part where she kneed that dude through the window was so BADASS!!! I had to restrain myself from standing up and applauding when I saw that, it was SO COOL AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I think the movie got a bit exposition heavy during Act 2 but all of that changed once they left London, and that first battle scene was where it officially won me over. Bravo Warner Bros, you’ve done good.

And I’ll admit, I did not see that plot twist coming.

milleniumxhan  asked:

How did you like Pirates 5??? I noticed you saw it and I just saw it so I thought I'd ask

I’m happy you asked! i really loved it! I’ve seen all the other movies and it was fun seeing Jack Sparrow again. In my opinion, it was the best one. It was a perfect blend of everything. It was humorous, thrilling and abit alittle sad too.

Spoiler, (i think) if someone  haven’t seen the movie yet:

The funniest moment i think was when Sparrow and the crew robbed the bank, it was really funny xD Another scene that’s really good is when Hector sacrifies himself for Carina..i thought it was really sad but it was a good moment.

so i went and saw wonder woman last night (yes it was absolutely kickass) and like… i’m not that knowledgable about wonder woman lore/canon, but i’ve always been a big nerd about greek myths and the gods and goddesses and all that jazz (spoilers coming up if you haven’t seen the movie btw)

so near the end it’s revealed that wonder woman/diana is the god killing weapon because only a god can kill a god, right? so she’s a goddess. i know diana was the roman name of the goddess artemis and artemis was a huntress. but honestly i also started to think that she was kinda similar to athena in that she was the warrior goddess. and honestly wonder woman calling ares her brother before utterly destroying him is no help as athena and artemis are technically ares’ half-siblings.

so basically what i want to know is if diana/wonder woman is supposed to be a specific goddess in the greek pantheon? or is she kinda just an add on that was inspired by other goddesses? i’m just curious okay