spoilers i guess


Can… can we talk about these characters art styles for a sec?

Connie: as the fucking seen she is, uses a ficking anime style.

Amethyst: beauty

Pearl: I fUcKInG GrEAt aT aRt she signs her art and everything and just the whole “I Honestly can’t even draw a circle” quote is so relatable. Like someone will tell me that and I’ll see their art and I’ll just “HUN LOOK AT IT OTS BEAUTIFUL WHAT R U SAYING”

Garnet: I think she just really loves to draw herself and only herself in her free time.

So I’m just gonna rant a bit here (not that anyone would bother to read it but there goes). So many of you are still very against Lars just because of his attitude and personality in previous episodes, but he’s slowly CHANGING now. From a dinked up spoiled teen to a teen who wants to learn how to be accepted! It might have taken quite a while but this is what this show is about! Every moment everyone’s changing, even from moment to moment you’re different! Yet most of you can’t even see that. Y'all just keep on ranting on how Lars is a shit character and how you hate him just cus’ he doesn’t live up to your standards and his past mistakes he commited. But look at him now! He’s gone THIS far as a character! And this isn’t even PRESENT in other shows when it comes to background characters. But in SU, youre SUPPOSED to change for the better, be loved by the people around you, no matter how nasty you used to be in the past. Take Lapis for example, she HATED Earth and has trust issues. But slowly and surely she learnt to accept earth and started trusting people again. And I know most of you only forgave her just cus shes attractive to you and Lars isnt. Well, y'all aint no fucking prize either. And for the people who are like “OH MY GRAPPPES THERESIVY, WHO THE HELLAVUHFUCK CARES?! OH EM JEEEH YUCK” I do. I care because this is what the show is trying to teach us, to accept and forgive. And what’s the fandom doing? The complete opposite. Why can’t yall just give Lars a break. He’s trying his best after all. And I bet none of you even care about all this and are just watching the show just cus of the gems. Same goes for Aquamarine, “BUT THERESIVY, SHES A BITCH” Yes I know! But isnt that what shes SUPPOSED to be? a villain? portrayed as a villain? Y'all still love Navy and she’s basically like Aqua. I know most of you only judge the characters on their look and NOT for their personality. Cus you’d forgive Lapis, but not Lars. You’d love Navy, but not Aquamarine.
End of Rant. Thanks for reading.

Southern Talk™
  • Lance: Keith, did you see that? It was amazing.
  • Keith: Y'all did if I did.
  • Lance: Oh God.
  • Keith: What? It's my normal talk. Have you not heard it yet? It ain't something special.
  • Lance: OH GOD...
  • Keith: You're overeacting to my normal talk, Lance. Y'ain't gotta make such a big deal.
  • Lance: I need to go.
  • Keith: .... okay bye....