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When Magnus shows his cat eyes..what that mean exactly

Literally the whole fandom is waiting for that moment when Magnus will expose himself completely to Alec when showing him his warlock mark. His cat eyes. Because we all imagine it somehow to be a beautiful (intimate) scene when he does it.

Remember that smile when Alec noticed Madzie’s warlock mark? The Gills. Yeah, now imagine him when he sees Magnus’ cat eyes for the very first time. <3

my two favs being bros gave me so many warm fuzzies ~(ꈍᴗꈍ)~

Listen, I fucking love Ezekiel. I liked him from the very first moment, he has charm, he’s thoughtful, he’s even funny in his way. I think I’m going to love him episode after episode. His last speech was so emotional. When Carol said “Why you care?” and he was like “Because it makes me feel good” I was almost in tears. Great scene, honestly. I’m totally ok to see them become friends. The reason why I don’t “ship” him with Carol is because my heart and soul belong to Caryl and I can’t just let it go.

I also liked the other main characters of the Kingdom: Benjamin, Jerry and even Richard. And Shiva of course. I wanna adopt that tiger lol


- Max, take you things and run. every week i’m scared for her…

- i enjoyed the Flint/Madi scenes, they have good chemistry

- also, the don quixote quote and the parallel to Miranda… i’m not sure how i
  feel about that…

- Eme is beautiful and i’m glad she got screentime and is part of the story

- i was just beggining to think how much i like the Jack/Anne/Teach scenes… 

- the torture scene… holy shit that was horrifying. i actually couldn’t fully watch
  it, oh god :( i really didn’t think they’d kill off Teach… fuck and rip Blackbeard

- i’m also very, very scared of what happens next to Anne and Jack… this is so

- speaking of death: goodbye Barringer, noone will miss you. and wtf was that
  with his locket? were we supposed to feel sorry for him? yeah, no.
  let’s hope Woodes is the next one to die. Eleanor, run away from that psycho!

- the silverflint reunion… i gotta admit, the look they shared when they saw
  each other was… something else… (plus the music <3)

- but with the camera panning to Flint and his expression during the MadiSilver
  kiss… to me that screams one-sided pining bullshit and i’m not impressed. of
  course it’s all just speculation at this point, but yeah… as of right now, i’m not a
  fan… (i’ve read some people speculating that they will pull another  
  ThomasJamesMiranda reveal and i wish i had your confidence)

- Billy being back can only mean things will get worse (for Flint)…

- i said it last week, i’ll say it this week: more Flint. he needs more screentime,

I’ll suffer anything for my pineapple prince… just give him the happiness he deserves. 

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Rose’s Scabbard vs Cry For Help

Trials of Apollo, sort of spoiler alert...

I told myself I wasn’t going to be looking around the Solangelo tag for spoilers of Trials Of Apollo but I have failed miserably…


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