spoilers for hatoful boyfriend

little hatoful boyfriend let’s play things

  • seeing the word “everybirdie” and just fucking losing it
  • rating all the anime boys and then okosan happens
  • dumbfounded reactions to anghel and okosan’s endings
  • slowly realising what nageki’s deal is and dreading The Reveal the entire time
  • Ryouta Kawara Protection Squad
  • “!!” reactions to azami
  • either loving yuuya or hating him there is no in between
  • swapping from hating sakuya to loving him
  • “haha brian pigeon, i guess i will google tha - what the fuck.”
  • people who never do horror games playing hatobf and slowly realising that they’re playing a horror game whether they like it or not
  • actual physical terror at the sight of labor nine
  • seeing yuuya at the end and freaking the fuck out
  • stupid names for hiyoko (my personal faves are “cloaca mahoney” and “buttbag mcbutts”)
  • a sense of dawning horror throughout shuu’s route as they begin to realise that the game is not going to do a bait and switch with this
the signs as shit that happens in hatoful boyfriend
  • aries: okosan's human avatar being a bird in a suit
  • taurus: hiyoko actually living in a cave but also somehow having a doorbell
  • gemini: shuu sending hiyoko yuuya's dead body on christmas eve and hiyoko thinking it's a turkey so she eats it
  • cancer: okosan ascending into his true form as lord pudi
  • leo: tohri literally pulling a "how the grinch stole christmas" by trying to buy all the beans before legumentines
  • virgo: brian pigeon
  • libra: hiyoko getting bullied by a gang of pigeons and azami appearing out of nowhere to kick their butts
  • scorpio: shuu showing up in the first episode of holiday star after the tree was stolen and being disappointed that there isn't a corpse
  • sagittarius: anghel getting tricked by tohri and not knowing that people don't normally get their blood drawn at a publisher's office
  • capricorn: miru and kaku trying to break into sakuya's house with an army tank
  • aquarius: kazuaki displaying some "extreme" sleeping as he walks hiyoko home
  • pisces: pretty coore
Canon things about Hatoful Boyfriend that will get me every time:

-Sakuya genuinely cares for Yuuya in the bbl epilogue, after all these years of hating him, and starts calling him by his first name
-Shuu never had a proper childhood, and if he weren’t so detatched and cynical from being exposed to trauma that young, none of this would happen
-Kazu-kun’s depression made him revert back to his childhood, back to the last time he felt happy
-Sakuya and Ryouta bonded so much over the course of bbl, and they were both so incredibly happy to see each other again. Sakuya has never cared for someone like that before
-Hitori’s photo of Nageki in his wallet, scratched out a thousand times over in a cycle of desire to forget and shame for forgetting
-All this time Hiyoko could see Nageki and Hitori couldn’t
-Yuuya put up with years upon years of nothing but hatred and disgust from the one person he cared about and wanted to protect the most. He beared through all of this with a smile, and planned to never tell him the truth
-Shuu’s colorblindness (bonus points that both Ryuuji and Ryouta’s eyes are red)
-Giving country millet to Hitori and Nageki on Legumentine’s elicts a bittersweet memory, before you even know any of their backstory
-Yuuya still feels extreme remorse over the egg, knowing that he did the right thing given his situation, but still wondering what would have been different
-Sakuya winding up lost and alone after bbl, with no direction to who he really is or where he belongs
-Narcolepsy is sometimes caused by extreme stress
-Kazu-kun and Hitori’s relationship being abusive on both sides in different ways, not just the often unrealistic story of abuser/victim
-Ryouta never knew that Shuu had even met his father, and upon learning that information and hearing their story, he understands a lot more about him
-All the underlying political commentary about racism and war
-The picturebooks
-“You were a friend of mine when I was alive! I remember!” “…I have never met anyone like you.”
-Shuu taking in Miru and Kaku, showing compassion for them and treating them as his own children even though they annoy him
-Sakuya finally realising how awful his father’s ideals are and how he’s been suppressing his doubt his whole life
-The relationship Sakuya has with Albert and their ultimately unnecessary but interesting history
-Shuu often sees parts of Ryuuji in Ryouta
-Tohri talks a big game, but he’s really just lonely and is in need of love
-Anghel is capable of speaking normally but chooses not to

“I think we need to have a long, serious discussion. …Alone.

when you download a game expecting cute nonsensical birdy romance and get biological warfare and political murder mystery conspiracies


“Your plumage is so nice. It’s bright and cheerful, unlike mine.”
And it wasn’t just our coloration.
He was my opposite, in every way.
He was earnest, and smart.
He didn’t mumble when he talked.
But despite all that… He understood me, more than anyone else in the world.

Hatoful Boyfriend Ship Week Day 4: Dark/Light

Quails!! Pretty self explanatory, I wanted to play with power shifts.

(If you wanna join in, check out the details at @hatofulshipweek!)