spoilers for hatoful boyfriend

the signs as shit that happens in hatoful boyfriend
  • aries: okosan's human avatar being a bird in a suit
  • taurus: hiyoko actually living in a cave but also somehow having a doorbell
  • gemini: shuu sending hiyoko yuuya's dead body on christmas eve and hiyoko thinking it's a turkey so she eats it
  • cancer: okosan ascending into his true form as lord pudi
  • leo: tohri literally pulling a "how the grinch stole christmas" by trying to buy all the beans before legumentines
  • virgo: brian pigeon
  • libra: hiyoko getting bullied by a gang of pigeons and azami appearing out of nowhere to kick their butts
  • scorpio: shuu showing up in the first episode of holiday star after the tree was stolen and being disappointed that there isn't a corpse
  • sagittarius: anghel getting tricked by tohri and not knowing that people don't normally get their blood drawn at a publisher's office
  • capricorn: miru and kaku trying to break into sakuya's house with an army tank
  • aquarius: kazuaki displaying some "extreme" sleeping as he walks hiyoko home
  • pisces: pretty coore

“I think we need to have a long, serious discussion. …Alone.

when you download a game expecting cute nonsensical birdy romance and get biological warfare and political murder mystery conspiracies