spoilers for america


America’s very cool speech in Ultimates 2 #5

This was a good issue, where several members of the cast got to shine as they defeated their respective opponents. Then we got some answers what Simon Rodstvow is – namely that he isn’t human at all. He is something masquerading as a human. Something serving the same being that chained Eternity, drove Order and Chaos into becoming corrupted Logos and launching war across cosmic beings, claiming lives of Living Tribunal, In-Betweener and Celestials and restoring Galactus’ hunger. And that being? That’s something that was before the Multiverse. Before the previous Multiverse. Before any of 7 previous Multiverses. It’s the First Firmament, that wishes to consume everything and return back to old, simple times of one rule and one cosmos.

Totally not a jab at nostalgia-driven editors and writers, not at all.

Can we talk about this for a second? Bucky literally runs and shields Sam. Even after all the hate from him. HE SHIELDS HIM WITH HIS OWN BODY. Because he knows how much Sam means to Steve and how bummed he’d be if he was hurt. Don’t try and tell me Bucky Barnes is anything less than a precious cinnamon roll because I will fight you.
Someone get this man a blanket and a damn hug.