spoilers at source

  • Widowmaker: We don’t have much time, we have to open this door!
  • Reaper: Right, right. Sombra, open it!
  • Sombra: Of course, what else am I good for.
  • Sombra: …It’s different than the other ones…
  • Computer: (several fail noises)
  • Sombra: Aha!
  • Computer: (fail noise)
  • Sombra: …I actually can’t figure this out at all.
  • Reaper: WHAT?!
  • Widowmaker: But Sombra, you’re a hacker!
  • Reaper: We don’t have time for this! Amélie, help me open this door! And Sombra, hack faster!
  • Reaper and WM: (fire at the door screaming)

Phoenix (about Maya): She’s been kidnapped. She thinks she’s totally alone and that we gave up on her. What kind of effect would that have on a girl’s psychology?! I wonder what she’s thinking…

Maya (thinking): How come Aquaman can control whales? They’re mammals! Makes no sense.

  • Riverdale Writers: Episode 12 will reveal Jason's Killer.
  • Me: I AM READY
  • Narrator: They were not ready...