Here’s the full story of the false copyright claim on “Do or Die”

So yeah, Do or Die has been taken down UNFAIRLY by some angry kid with no proof whatsoever.

Because… youtube is a totally not broken place, and their copyright system is 10/10 right?

So.. I actually recognize the “name” of the guy who took the video down, it’s a Chinese channel with an incredible amount of 6 subscribers.

I recognise the name because I’ve been keeping track of their videos. They go onto my twitch channel when I’m animating episode 4. Then whenever I make a preview they CROP the video and upload that preview to their channel like “omfg spoilers for epizod 4  !!11!!”

So I noticed they did this twice, and I commented on the video “Please take this down I don’t want any spoilers out there”.

The guys disabled the comments. So then I proceeded to claim the video and take it down. I successfully took down 1 of his/her videos. The other one is… probably still there.

THING IS, this same guy probably got pissed, and as revenge, he probably uploaded Do or Die to his channel, set it as unlisted and filled a copyright claim against ME, and claimed MY video as theirs.

Of course, good guy Youtube thought it was legit. And now the video got deleted…. and I also have a copyright strike on my channel.

I did contact my network to get the issue sorted out as soon as possible, apparently they can solve this no problem. For now I’m still losing the views on the video until it gets restored to its’ full glory once again.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my twitter/tumblr as soon as I receive news about this issue.

For now I hope you can enjoy the other videos I’ll be uploading to my channel. I won’t let this ruin my day and the day of the people I might make better with one of my silly videos.

Thank you all for your support, stay safe ♥

“He just goes around the world and he holds babies.”

“When he has trouble sleeping. Which is a lot.”

Invincible Iron Man 11 

honestly after chapter 146 I really want it to be a running joke that Rappa will just seek Fatgum and Kirishima out to have a fight at the most random times. Like the two will be out on patrol and all of a sudden Rappa is blocking their path and says “FATTY! RED! LETS HAVE A MATCH!!!” and the two of them are just like “Didn’t we fight last month? How do you keep escaping prison???” Like he hasn’t joined another organization or anything he just does underground fights and then when he’s in the mood he’s like time to challenge my two favorite people!! Like it gets to the point that he is more of an expected nuisance than a surprise threat. The two of them are just like oh Rappa is back lets see if we can convince him to fight us on another day. Most conversations kind of just end up being like this:

“Lets fight!!!!!!”

“Rappa its the end of patrol we’re tired.”

“Who cares!”

“You wanna go at us when we’re 100% dontchya?”


“You aren’t the kind of guy that wants his opponents to be fighting him with a handicap right?”


“Then lets rumble some other day ‘kay?”

“hm… ALRIGHT! I’ll see you two another day! Then we’ll see who lives!”

“Bye Rappa”

“Bye-Bye Rappa-kun!”

11-11-17 || Huevember Day 11

Taako’s fingers tightened again on the Umbrastaff, and he shifted it out of his lap and to the side, partially out of Lucretia’s line of sight. “… Sorry, uh, noooot really picking up what you’re putting down.” It was obvious he wasn’t super-duper keen to discuss it, but why was impossible to read. His expression had changed, though, to one much more careful, much more shrewd.

Taako based on @thelastkurta‘s NaNoRiMo prompt- the quietest scream, linked in the above quote from the fic!