i just saw split

i was foolish enough to think “theyre gonna deal with DID in a positive light right? like sure the villain has DID and all of the trailers show him to be unstable and violent but im sure he gets the help me needs and is able to find a proper ending right? this will bring awareness to those actually suffering from DID right?”

nah. he literally turns into an actual real monster at the end that crawls on walls, can survive point blank shotgun shots, and can bend metal bars with his hands

so much for using the movie as an opportunity to bring light to a subject that the public ignores, or is too afraid to approach.

Highly specific shit that is in both Gravity Falls and The Adventure Zone:

A vague, spooky prophecy with multiple symbols, each one representing a major character that plays a part in the coming apocalypse.

An emotional rescue from an inter-dimensional portal.

A main character with a secret twin whose existence is predicted by the fandom and is later revealed to be real.

A gnome that only says his own name and is later revealed to have unexpected hidden depths.

A main characters’ body getting temporarily possessed by a cackling, taunting enemy with a penchant for sadistic games.

Memory erasure as plot point.

An excitable, emotionally open character that gets a pet early on and immediately falls in love with it.

A different main character that is a grumpy, sarcastic, kind of sleezy old man who emotionally adopts the other two mains by the end.

Goofy joke characters who turn out to be sad in retrospect, and silly one-off comments that turn out to be foreshadowing.

A murder mystery story, a time travel story, a story involving magic crystals, and at least one race involving tricked out Mad Max style vehicles.

Coming soon:

A main character who, at the end of the world, is presented with two equally unacceptable choices and who instead finds a third way.