Dear Mashima(Revised)

After the lastest chapter spoilers, I wanted to rewrite this:

How many times do we have to explain it to you?

Its not:

“Kiss Kiss drop down dead.”


“Kiss Kiss I have a fiance.”


“Kiss Kiss I am END.”


“Kiss Kiss drag to hell.”


“Kiss Kiss kill the one you love.”



These ships deserve protection from you. Make these corrections or we will revoke your shipping license. 


The shippers of the Fairy Tail fandom

Two things after today’s episode of Love Live Sunshine:

  • I can die in peace (finally~!)
  • I love Dia even more. She is a wonderful supporter, who cares of her friends deeply (and no one will convince me otherwise!)

(Plus - how cute of Dia! She was the one who wrote Aqours’ name on sand… she was writing it there even after 3rd years ‘gave up’ on being school idols… can you imagine how much she missed it??? How she missed them??? SHE DESERVES A HUG TOO!!!!!!!! GIVE DIA KUROSAWA HER HUG!!!!)

I feel like this is going to be Gray’s big break. He’s going to lose Juvia, feel a tingle of his old self slip in, but try to be above it. For her. He has grown so much. If he just slipped back into his old self it would be a tragedy to him and his character.

And then – Juvia is going to come back. She’s going to be alive and this spiral of death will literally have ended with her. I think this could be a really symbolic moment if it’s done right. Proof once and for all that not everyone close to Gray will die “because of him”. That not everyone will suffer. This could be a moment for him to stay strong and fully realise his feelings.

There has to be one more hurdle before he can fully heal.