spoileralert: im not gomen

  • Me : I want to make an idol group parody for Naruto fandom.
  • BF : what idol group--
  • Me : KNH88. A kunoichi idol group established by local idol management. And there's sister group from other villages like "KIRI88" or "SNG88" or "IWA88".
  • BF : WHAT
  • Me : And if one day i make a KNH88 comic, the title would be "LEAF LIVE".
  • BF : .......
  • Me : YOU GOT IT?
  • BF : Babe, please stop.
  • Me : you know why i make Banri as a 'wota' (idol fan).

Imagine reading a book, with this guy sitting on the other side of the room. Suddenly you feel uncomfortable and turn to see a pair of eyes looming over your shoulder, checking out what you’re reading.

i bet if you poke his eye they even go in like a snail’s does

I’m not gomen.

So yeah he can do wiggle squiggle squaggle stretching stuff with his body

and he’s a mute. He’s very good at miming! :D

But usually resorts to sign language when he actually has something important to say. :3c

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May I please get a fluffy Akashi drabble please <3 ^u^ good luck with the new blog ~*~

Of course, and thank you dear!

By your side, Seijurou sighed heavily and you looked at him worriedly. The red-head, sharp as always, noticed your gaze and gave you a soft smile, caressing your cheek with his thumb.

“I appreciate the concern, _______, but it is nothing you need to worry about. Now come, wipe those wrinkles off that beautiful face.”

For a few days now, the workload on Seijurou’s shoulders had increased greatly, and it was starting to show. Of course, to everyone who didn’t know him he was still as flawless as ever, completing his tasks as he always did.

But you knew the signs. He was more easily irritated, and often changed sitting positions, rotating his shoulders in a sign of muscle pain. His sleep was deeper, and he took slightly more time to complete what he had to do. Yet, he refused to rest, claiming that he was fine and that you didn’t need to worry.

Trying to ease off the frown on your face, you decided to snuggle up to him, resting your head on his shoulders and effectively distracting him from his homework.

“What is it, _____?”

You only hummed in response, wrapping your arms around him.

“I’m tired, Seijurou. Let’s rest for a little bit, please?”

He could never deny anything you asked, especially when you asked like that. So he sighed quietly with a small smile, and guided you to the couch on his room.

“Very well. I’ll indulge you this once.”

It was a lie, and you both knew it. He wouldn’t ever stop indulging you. You only grinned up to him and buried your face in the crook of his neck, sighing happily. He wrapped his arms around your waist and rested his head on top of yours.

If you could give him a few moments of rest at least, then that was enough.

What had he been doing as of late? 
(Other than getting killed –)

Jack took to mundane things he could do around the city. It was hard to find working cogs and such to make music boxes here, and it’s not as if he even had a job to begin with! But when he did manage to scrounge up whatever money he could, don’t ask how he got it, not that he’d tell the truth anyway but details, details –
The Vessalius had chosen to more often than not, spend his fortune on his most favorite thing that he could find in this city. If you assumed oranges then you would be correct, as Jack had bought a bundle just now. However he had made the mistake of denying a bag or anything to carry them with, bundling them in his arms instead. Which, admittedly, not one of his better ideas. Solely for the fact that his arms simply could not contain all those oranges. He continued to drop them on the floor, panic and pick up the dropped fruit, only to repeat this several times as he tried to take them home.   

After about an hour of repeating this cycle, Jack had to stop, glancing around and trying to find any kind soul to help the poor obsessed man with his plight. He very slowly approached whatever presence he felt closest to him, though he couldn’t tell whom he was talking to, a pyramid of oranges obstructing his view. He hoped that it was someone willing to help him at the very least!

Excuse me! I can’t seem to hold all these oranges, will you please help me?