Episode Prompto

i though it will be useful for all the writers in the ffxv community to have a written record of all the stuff that appear in Episode Prompto in chronological order ;) 

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International K-drama fans

Like every international k-drama fan will understand this. When a new episode from a drama comes out we first have to wait for the subtitles to be made, which will take a few hours. But all the people who do speak Korean can watch it already and post on Tumblr about it, so I can’t go on Tumblr in those hours otherwise people will spoil what happened and then I am all confused. I do love the gif’s and the post tho. :)


Poldark  S03E03 - fragment


Ashley Benson mentions that Spencer could have done an amazing job being AD. Does this mean that her twin isn’t the big reveal? And also at the very end of the video Shay mentions Lucas… no one mentioned Ezra so maybe it’s him? Guys this video is really important.

A Yahoo review of War just specifically stated that Caesar’s wife and son are killed by the Colonel’s troops. We see the baby in scenes that takes place after that, so its clear which son gets killed. Which means that female ape that we’ve seen images and clips of is not Cornelia, because she also appears in scenes after that.

I know this is exactly what a lot of you guys didn’t want to hear confirmed, and trust me, I didn’t either :/ I’m so upset.

How about no endgames...

I understand Jace and Maja is nothing from the books

I understand the Seelie queen and Sebastian should be from the books but unfortunately she’s a child in the show so……….

………….I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for every so called “endgame” and I’m so in for screwing them up in the tv-show (except Malec, they’re law, period.).