spoiler: she only likes the pillow because someone got it for her

What comes before (and shall forevermore)

Tiny bitty pre-wedding snippet. School is done for the year and I’m giddy. Expect lots of fic soon! Happy Once Day! xxo


He hates this. Loathes it. Who bloody came up with this sodded tradition anyway? He tries to concentrate on the waves beneath him, tries to let them lull him to sleep as they used to so effortlessly. It doesn’t work. He looks over from his spot in the Captain’s bunk to where David is deep in slumber, arm slung over the small, rickety cot Granny had lent them. He tries to quiet his thoughts, or dull the ache in his empty arms, but he can’t. Bloody hell. 


She despises this. Detests it. She rolls this way and that in the upstairs bed at the loft, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t fall asleep. Who the fuck made up this stupid rule? Half the reason she’s marrying this guy is because she has no idea how to sleep without him holding her. And now she’s gunna look like a legitimate zombie on her wedding day (holy fuck, wedding, woah) all because of some dumb, age-old ritual. God. 


He knows she can’t sleep either. To be honest, that’s why he’s even this keyed up in the first place. Ever since he got back from his tumble in Neverland, he hasn’t been able to walk 3 feet from her without her turning slightly pale and getting up to take his hand. She sleeps with her head in the crook of his collarbone and with one of her legs cinched between his two. Otherwise, she doesn’t sleep at all. He knows this. And it’s eating at him.


She knows he’s worrying about her. She’s okay, sort of, cause she’s got her mom and Elsa downstairs and she knows her dad is with him on the ship, but still. She’s upset, and also upset because she knows he’s upset. (And knows he’s upset cause he knows she’s upset.) It’s all just so upsetting. And these blankets are too hot. And the pillow is too fluffy. And screw this. She’s getting out of bed. 


He simply can’t stay in this bed. If, eons ago, someone had told him that one day he’d be aching to be anywhere but his ship at nighttime, he’d’ve called them mad. But now, he throws back the covers and tiptoes to the ladder, careful to avoid the creaky spots so as not to wake up Dave. Maybe some fresh air will help.


She thinks about walking straight to the docks, but she doesn’t want to get a rise out of her father. And maybe she’s wrong, and he is sleeping soundly. It is his ship, after all.  So instead, she settles for the next best place, where at least there’s his things and sheets that smell like he’s there. She walks through the empty streets of their quaint little town, the only sound that of the rustling wind. She thinks of how everyone is snug in their beds, and how they all have outfits picked out for tomorrow, probably laid out and everything. Cause they’re gunna watch her get married. She shakes her head at it all, but can’t help the smile that creeps. Damn that smile. It’s been creeping up on her a lot lately. 


He thinks about going to the loft, and sneaking up the stairs like he used to before they had a house together. But he stops himself, because what if he’s wrong? Whether she admits it or not, she’s been dreaming about her wedding since she was a lass, he knows it. And maybe she’s into this whole don’t-see-the-groom travesty. She agreed to it, after all. So instead, he settles for the next best thing, where at the very least he can gaze upon the photos they’ve hung on the walls and maybe take a half-assed nap against her pillow.


When she gets there, the front door is locked. At first she kicks herself for being an idiot and forgetting her keys, but then she remembers that she’s got an ample supply of light magic. With a flick of her wrist, the door is unlocked, and as soon as she steps inside she feels herself start to calm down. She’s tired, honestly. She flicks her wrist again to lock the door, before heading straight for the stairs. On her way up, she takes her time, letting her eyes play over the picture frames that hang on the wall, reaching out to caress ones that house his beautiful, smiling face. By the time she reaches the top of the stairs, she realizes there’s no way in hell she’s going to be able to sleep. (She’s way too excited to marry this man.)


When he gets there, he skips up the front porch steps and reaches in his pocket for his keys. The night is quiet, the air is cool, and even though he hasn’t even made it into the house yet, he already feels better. He unlocks the door swiftly and steps inside, inhaling the comforting scent of home. He takes off his shoes and puts them in their proper place, before making his way up the stairs to his room. (Their room. Theirs. The room he’ll soon share with the one he’ll call wife.) 


It takes her a few beats to notice. She’s laying on her back, on his side of the bed, hair sprawled out against his pillow as she stares at the ceiling. She fidgets and wiggles, trying and failing to get comfy enough to sleep. He watches her from the doorway, his heart doing all sorts of things in his chest. Gods above, he thinks to himself. This woman. I love her more than anything that shall ever exist. He exhales with the weight of it all, and she hears the quiet huff. She snaps her head toward the noise and sits up, letting out a jittery exhale of her own as she lifts her arms in beckoning. 


He crosses the room wordlessly, climbing onto the bed and wrapping her up in his embrace in one graceful, fluid motion. She wiggles over to give him more room as he maneuvers her leg between his own, smoothing his hand through her hair as he guides her head to where it belongs, against his chest. She wraps her arms around him, reaching up with one to brush at his scratchy-soft stubble that she loves so much. They’re quiet for a minute as they settle into one another, inching closer and closer until there’s no space left between them. His stumped arm is held strong against her back, kneading at the flesh there. 

“You couldn’t sleep,” he says softly, his lips at her forehead. 

She rubs at the stubble, her fingers always in motion there. “And you couldn’t sleep, because you knew that I couldn’t,” she states. 

“Aye, love. Whomever came up with the strange notion that-” 

“I know. They can rot in hell. I missed you so much,” she says it and she means it and he knows it and it melts him. He rubs his nose against hers. 

“I just love you, darling,” he whispers, cradling her face, “I love you so much and I couldn’t-”

“I know,” she whispers back, closing the short distance between their lips to kiss him softly. “Till death do us part, right?” she jokes. 

He chuckles, shaking his head before dipping to kiss her again. “Oh my love,” he breathes at her playfully, “Not even then, and you know it.” 

Some domestic hcs for these gays bc hiwthi cleared my skin and saved my crops


  • who owns what clothes? no one fucking knows except trixie who has a mental inventory of all the clothes but good fuckin luck finding anything clean because no one puts things back in the right fucking place
  • Two words- pillow. forts.
  • first one up has to make coffee for the others but only patsy and cynthia remember how everyone likes it
  • barbara isn’t allowed to make breakfast anymore, not after she got three pancakes stuck to the ceiling (she swears she was just trying to look cool when she caught them)
  • They have a colour coded schedule for the tv because someone (*coughs* valerie) is very defensive over the remote
  • making prank gifts every christmas aka how the fuck does delia manage to top last year’s time after time
  • pumpkin carving at halloween always goes wrong theres pumpkin guts everywhere but no one hits trixie because if her hair gets ruined, all hell will break loose (*points to ugliest pumpkin* “that’s you” “shut the fuck up patsy”)
  • *sends text at 3 am* oh my god valerie we’re in the same room pls stop”
  • cynthia always has the heating turned up way too high and delia always turns it down way too low. eventually the rest just cave in and buy cynthia a space heater because they’re not sure the thermostat can survive much more
  • trying to sleep = “who the hell is kicking me” “jenny if i wake up in the middle of the night again because of you snoring, im gonna divorce you” “please get your arm off my face” i stg if you keep taking the blanket im gonna scream” “who the fuck is playing candy crush it’s one in the morning” (spoiler alert: it’s trixie and she’s using delia’s credit card)
  • barbara is the only one who likes pineapple on pizza so she always asks for it when they order it but they just look at her like “we love you but what the fuck”
  • “hey patsy did you remember to put gas in the car” “uhhhhhh…”
  • if you’re sitting closest to the kitchen, congratulations you’re now the only way to get snacks.
  • *some of them start flirting/being sappy* “guys that’s gay” “you’re gay too” “…i meant what i said”
  • delia always has to shower last because she takes forever
  • valerie isn’t allowed to get the messages herself because she just dumps 15 packs of noodles in the trolley and calls it a day
  • can’t reach something? ask patsy
  • everyone thinks cynthia is so innocent and gentle but every so often she’ll come out with so much salt and obliterates everyone
  • taking ugly selfies and spamming the others with them
  • speaking of which, jenny uses the pure anime lookin filters because she’s a fuckin nerd
  • also ? delia teaching the others how to play video games and somehow jenny is better than her within half an hour of playing
  • jenny, trix, patsy and deels are the salt squad
  • jenny is constantly coming up with really sappy nicknames for everyone and she uses them so often, everyone else just starts using them too
  • also pats and jenny are always fighting over where everything should be, no matter how small or boring it is- “i can’t believe you put the forks back on the left hand side, everyone knows they go to the right of the knives” “that’s stupid, they should go on the far left so it’s in alphabetical order” “but when you hold a knife and fork, the fork is in the right hand so it makes more sense for it to be on the right side of the cutlery drawer!”
  • “hey jenny can you get me x?” “no” *does it anyway*
  • delia, cynthia and jenny spamming the group chat with memes
  • cynthia always changes the group name to the most recent inside joke
  • everyone’s always bumping heads while trying to fix their hair in front of the mirror

here it is!! the big post of textual evidence as to why kamet and costis’ relationship is intended to be romantic, even if there’s no love confession or kiss scene.

i can understand why people would see it as being platonic — we are, after all, swimming in a sea of heteronormativity at all times — but i think that reading of the text requires willfully ignoring a lot of stuff.

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Diana’s Room and what a room’s design can tell us about a person.

Warning: This is long. Really long. And probably not that important or interesting.

*Cracks his knuckles*

Ok, so, as always, this is going to relate to diana. 

Yet that doesn’t mean it’s actually about Diana, it just relates to her character.

Today i will analyze everything i think it’s important in Diana’s Room and how it conveys things to us without speaking.

Let’s begin for this first shot. 

It’s remarkable that they start here, and not with the whole room. Focusing the camera first on the Desk let’s us know that that’s the important thing on this room, at least for now. Yet here we can see things that are already telling us something.

The Books, aligned as they are, are not in a shelf but in the desk, meaning that they probably don’t belong there. Maybe burrowed from a library, or maybe just there temporarily while they are being used, probably because the readers of those books study them constantly, so having them there saves time and effort.

At the sides of the line of books we can see: A Crystal Sphere, Ink & Quills and a mirror.

The left side, with the Crystal Sphere and one set of Ink & Quill well aligned, shows us that, whoever sit’s there, is probably interested in foreseeing and is well organized, while the other, with the mirror and the other set of Ink & Quill not aligned, shows a more down to earth personality, someone who probably doesn’t take his studies as seriously as the other person.

I must point at the fact that here we can see only 2 chairs, when by instinct we know that there should be 3 students per room. Which, knowing who’s room is this, makes us thing automatically in Hanna&Barbara.

Then we have this.

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Blood of my Blood { Prologue }

Part: One/? ( part two )

Pairings: Gendry x reader; jonerys

Imagine: Imagine being Jon Snow’s twin sister but looking more like a Targaryen than a Stark, so Ned decides to say that your mother was a Valyrian bastard to cover up your Valyrian looks.

Warnings: None

Reader gender: Female

A/N: Hello, friends! This is the very first story that I’m publishing here on Tumblr, and I would love to hear what you think about it! It would really make my day. The imagine posted by the amazingly talented @thranduilsperkybutt inspired me to write this piece which I’m really proud of. The story is set near the beginning of season 7, so it is not spoiler free. I still don’t know where this story is going, I just let words flow and wrote. I really hope you like it as much as I do. xoxo

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AN ~ so I promise I haven’t abandoned people’s prompts, but I wrote some Post-Framework Fitz-Daisy brotp because I have a LOT OF FEELINGS I had to share. I hope you like it, in a bittersweet angst-hurt-comforty way. title is from Satellite Call by Sara Bareilles which is one of my favourite Fitz-Daisy songs.

Contains: 4x16 spoilers, & some discussion of non/dubcon themes but no depiction of this behaviour. Rated T.

Read on AO3 (~1300wd)

this broken earthly life

This morning, the kitchen was quiet.

The whole base was quiet, but especially the kitchen, where Jemma and Daisy made breakfast for the team and did not speak. Eggs crackled in the pan. The kettle whistled. They found themselves not looking forward to real food nearly as much as they had been last night.

“I’m worried about Fitz,” Jemma confessed, as she filled tea and coffee cups to the brim. “He’s barely said a word since we got back. He’s barely even moved. It was a struggle to get him to have a shower and when he did I’m pretty sure he just stood in the water. I’ve tried talking to him about it, but I think he feels guilty about all this. He felt pretty bad before. Now? I can only imagine. But he won’t talk to me about it. I don’t want to push, if struggling with words will make it worse, but…I’m afraid if I leave it he’s going to sink into some sort of depression.”

Daisy shovelled eggs and sausages onto plates.

“Maybe I could talk to him? Let him know I…forgive him, or whatever, for the whole…torture thing.”

Jemma nodded. “I’m sure that would help.”

She pushed two cups of tea toward Daisy, but didn’t suggest that they bring him breakfast. That, Daisy felt, was a bad sign. She felt a sour taste in her mouth as she walked through the corridors with small but purposeful steps, as reluctant as she was eager to see him.

When she finally reached his door, Daisy braced herself for no more than a second, refusing to let herself lose her nerve. She knocked, and only an indistinct mumble came from the other side, so she pushed slowly into the room.

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I’m sorry, Tony: Chapter 3

When Peter woke up, the first thing he was aware of, were the voices. They came and went, some familiar, others new, but they gave him comfort all the same.

“Can we keep the lights low, and the noise to a minimum in here? He’s…sensitive, and if there’s too much going on it’ll just make it more difficult for him. How’d the scans go?”

That was Tony, and he sounded tired. It felt like he’d been there a long time, although Peter didn’t know how long had passed since…whatever happened, happened. He wasn’t exactly sure on the details, everything was too fuzzy or scary to think about for too long.

Then there were other voices, and someone was holding his hand. Their touch was gentle, and there was the occasional splatter of water on his skin, accompanied by sniffles and sobs. It sounded like his Aunt May. He hated it when she cried.

“He looks so little, oh my poor baby. He needs another blanket, he isn’t even wearing a shirt!”

His hand was let go, and something was making noise, like fabric rubbing against itself, but it was soft and soon it was the weight that settled on top of him.

He could feel his body now, and it hurt. Something was wrong with his chest, it was far too tight; but something told him that it had been worse before. When was before? What had happened to him? And what was that incessant beeping?

Peter frowned a little in his sleep, eyebrows furrowing just enough that the three people in the room took notice. They’d been watching him for hours, waiting for any sign that he’d wake; they wouldn’t miss it now.

Aunt May’s voice came again, letting out a gasp as he took his hand. “Oh, Peter? Wake up, that’s it. Come on honey, open your eyes.”

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‘I Can Try’

A/N: Ok this was a short scene inspired by TWD 167.

Apologies if Andrea is OOC. I’ve never attempted to write her before. Also, this is cheesy as fuck and stupid, but nobody said inspiration always led to good things.

Writing under the cut.

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Take Care-Tommy Shelby Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: Some fluff and mentions of being sick

A/N: I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I’ve been watching Peaky Blinders so I decided to write an imagine about the leader of the Peaky Blinders taking care of the reader. Also, I’m only on Season 1 so please no spoilers.

Originally posted by ohfuckyeahcillianmurphy

 The plan was that Y/N would attend another meeting with the Shelby’s at their home in Small Heath to discuss strategies on taking down their competition. The Y/L/Ns and the Shelbys had a long history of working together. In fact, the Y/L/Ns helped introduce the Shelbys to a life of crime. Therefore, Y/N had practically grew up with the Shelby boys and knew them all like the back of her hand. So, she knew that Tommy would be furious that she would not be attending the meeting this afternoon due to the fact that her throat felt as though someone lit it on fire, her head felt like it weighed fifteen pounds, and the nauseous feeling in her stomach kept her from keeping down any food or drink.

  Y/N moaned as she rolled over in her bed, dragging her warm blanket up higher onto her body to stop the chills she felt. “Jane!”

  A few minutes later, her older housekeeper walked into her bedroom with her hands folded delicately in front of her. “You called for me, ma’am?”

   “Yes, were you able to reach the Shelbys and tell them that I will not be able to attend the meeting this afternoon?” A cough escaped her throat.

   Jane smiled sadly. “No, unfortunately, no one is at their home right now.”

    Y/N sighed. “Perfect. Tommy will have my head when he finds out I’m sending Patrick in my place.”

   Patrick was Y/N’s hot-tempered cousin who would rather solve every problem with his fists rather than his words. Y/N was insulted when her father insisted that he help her run the family business since her parents stepped down as the leaders. Y/N was much smarter and rational than Patrick but she would rather not be on her father’s bad side. However, she knew that Tommy loathed working with Patrick and the only thing stopping him from putting a bullet between his eyes was Y/N. 

   “I’m sure Tommy’ll understand, ma’am. How are you feeling?” Jane asked.

   “Like the Good Lord is going to come and take me any second,” Y/N said.

   Jane pursed her lips. “Don’t worry, dear, it’s just a bug. I’ll go get you some more tonic and a hot water bottle.”

   “All right.”

   Y/N closed her eyes and tried to force herself to relax. The doctor had visited her yesterday and prescribed some pills, a tonic, and “good ole bed rest”. Y/N hated being stuck in bed because she felt like she wasn’t doing anything. For all she knew, Patrick was about to run her family into the gutter because he was attending the important meeting. 

   Y/N must’ve fallen asleep because she felt herself opening her eyes to the sound of yelling. The voices were muffled but she could pick up Tommy’s and Jane’s. Her heart skipped a beat just hearing her old friend’s voice. She would be lying if she said she never felt anything for Tommy that was more than platonic. Before the war, they had flirted with each other and would go out dancing together. He had been so much fun and sweet. Then, he went to war and returned as the shell of a man she once knew. At first, Y/N was hurt and cried often during the night. Then, she decided to keep her distance and would only go to the Garrison or the Shelby’s when it was absolutely necessary. But Tommy wouldn’t let her sever the connection and insisted on Y/N joining him on many “business trips” because of her experience. 

   The door to her room opened and Tommy walked in, looking a bit disheveled in his black suit. She noticed the fresh cuts on his face and had the desire to inspect them herself but chose to wrap herself up even more in the covers.

   “Don’t you ever knock?” Y/N grimaced at the sound of her sickly voice.

   “Why would I do that when I know you’re decent?” Tommy walked closer to the bed. “So you’re sick, eh?”

   “No, I always look like death in this time of year,” Y/N snapped.

   Tommy “tsked” at her. “I told you that you should’ve left the track before it got too cold.”

   “Are you here to rub in how right you were? If so, the door is right over there,” Y/N said.

   Tommy smiled a little at her words. At that moment, Jane came rushing into the room.

  “I’m sorry, Miss Y/L/N, but he just barged right past me,” Jane said.

  “It’s fine, Jane. Why don’t you get ‘im a cup of tea?” 

   Jane nodded. “All right.”

   “Bring her a tea as well and soup.”

   Y/N shook her head. “I can’t keep anything down, Tommy.”

  “That’s because you haven’t tried soup.”

   Y/N opened her mouth to protest but then closed it when she realized Tommy was right yet again. She let Jane go and fetch the food and tea, leaving her alone with Tommy.

   “How did you know that?” 

   “Because when we were kids, you would always try to eat your favorite foods whenever you were sick because you were too stubborn to admit it,” Tommy said.

   Y/N smiled. “So, how did the meeting go?”

  Tommy’s expression fell grim. “As well as it could when you send your idiot cousin in your place.”

  “I had no other choice, Tommy. I didn’t want to infect everyone!” Y/N fell into a coughing fit. Once it was over, she shivered. “Do you really think I like having a cousin as thick as him as a work partner?”

   “You need to get rid of ‘im, Y/N. He’s going to put you and your family in danger one day.”

   Y/N leaned back against her pillows and shrugged. “My father’s wishes is that Patrick and I run the business together. I cannot go against his wishes, Tommy, you know that.”

  “There’s always a loophole, Y/N. You’ll find it, you’re too smart not to.”

  “Thank you, Tommy.” 

  Tommy nodded as he lit a cigarette and turned his back to her as he blew out some smoke. “So, do you know exactly what you have?”

  “Some form of the flu. It should be gone in about a week.”

  “Good, I won’t be able to tolerate Patrick any longer.”

  “Do those scratches on your face have anything to do with my beloved cousin?”

  Y/N took Tommy’s silence as a “yes”. Of course, they had gotten into it when she wasn’t there. She was usually the one to break them up if she wasn’t fortunate enough to leave Patrick at home. 

  Jane returned with tea and soup and didn’t leave before scolding Tommy for smoking around the sick woman. Tommy apologized and put out his cigarette.

  “Do you remember the days we used to give that poor woman hell?” Tommy asked.

  Y/N nodded as she sipped her tea. “Of course, I do. You and Arthur used to sneak over here all the time because of those pastries she used to make.”

  “And she never let us have any before dinner so you helped us steal them.” Tommy smiled fondly at the memory.

   “She used to chase us around, yelling about the hell our parents would rain down on us once she caught us,” Y/N said with a laugh.

   “But she never did.” Tommy sat down next to Y/N. “Everything was so much simpler then.”

  Y/N trained her eyes onto her tea. “Not everything, Tommy. I remember the day you put a bloody frog in my tea and I almost swallowed it.” 

  “I thought it would be funny,” Tommy said with a shrug. 

  “I could have choked to death!” Y/N burst out laughing before drinking more tea.

  Tommy looked down at his hands. “You really scared me that day. I thought that I was actually going to lose one of my best friends.”

  “You weren’t going to lose me that easily, Thomas Shelby. Besides, I still had to exact my revenge.”

   Y/N ate more soup and drank more tea as she and Tommy reminisced about their childhood. Both of them skirted around their late teenage years since that’s when their relationship got complicated. Jane returned and took away the dishes just as they were talking about their secondary school days, when Y/N ran a small scale gambling ring after she learned how to play poker. She had made at least five hundred pounds within a week and Mr. Y/L/N was extremely impressed with his daughter.

  “You were always a mastermind, a leader,” Tommy said.

   “Maybe, but you’re a better one.” Y/N buried her face in his chest. “I must look awful being this sick and not being able to wear any makeup or do anything to my hair.”

  “You’ve never looked awful a day in your life,” Tommy said.

   Y/N felt her heart beat faster at his words. She didn’t know what to say so she just relaxed against him. There was something so calming about Tommy, perhaps it was his solemn nature and the way he never really talked a lot or maybe it was the fact that Y/N was comfortable around him since they had known each other nearly their entire lives. He also felt very warm under her touch. Tommy began running his hands through her soft y/h/c locks which relaxed her even further.

    “Tell me what you discussed in the meeting,” Y/N said with her eyes closed.

    “We’re simply going to move in on the competition when they least expect it if they don’t accept our offer and leave the area. We have more men than they do and more guns. But they have connections as well.”

   “Shouldn’t be a problem,” Y/N mumbled. “When will this happen?”

   “In a few days but don’t worry about it too much. I want you to get better before you get yourself into fights,” Tommy said. “Hopefully, Patrick will be able to control himself in the meantime.”


   Tommy sighed. “Y/N, I know we haven’t talked about what happened before…before France and I’m tired of not addressing it. Honestly, I couldn’t stop thinking about you the whole time I was away. In fact, I wanted to impress you with the medals and honors I would get for fighting. But so much happened in France, things that I’m still trying to get over. I know that I came back a different man and that it made you stay away for a while and I don’t blame you for it. But I can assure that one thing hasn’t changed: I’m in love with you. I have been since you helped my brother and me steal pastries from Jane.”

  It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. He had expressed everything he had felt for the last few years which was a job in itself since Tommy did not express his emotions openly. The fact that he got silence in response made him anxious and angry. 

   Y/N lifted her head up and he saw that her eyes were closed and her mouth was parted a little so that she could breathe. Y/N was asleep and there was no telling if she heard any or all of what Tommy had to say. He didn’t know whether to feel relieved or a little crestfallen that the woman he loved hadn’t heard his confession.

  Suddenly, someone cleared their throat. Tommy’s eyes snapped to the housekeeper standing in the doorway with a bottle of pills and a cup of juice in her hands.

  “I came to give Y/N her medicine but it looks like she’s already asleep,” Jane said.

  “I’ll give it to her when she wakes,” Tommy said.

  Jane nodded and set the medicine and juice on a side table. She turned to Tommy. “She’s loved you since you were six and she was five. I see it every time she looks at your or your name is mentioned in her presence.” 

  “Thank you, Jane.” 

  She nodded her head and exited the room.

  Now, Tommy had to decide whether or not to repeat his words to Y/N once she woke up.

anonymous asked:

Can you write drabbles based on the gifs of the boys and candy cuddling that you posted earlier? I love how you write <3

Aw thanks anon! I hope you enjoy the drabbles! Castiel’s drabble is a bit more sexual in nature, thus making it slightly mature/suggestive content though it’s not NSFW nor is it explicit.

In reference to this post. I’ve also included the same gifs I used in that post for each drabble.

Originally posted by loveviral


She was already asleep when he entered the room, causing him to shake his head with a small smile. Leave it to Candy to fall asleep in the same amount of time it took him to shower. He really should have expected it as she was fairly tired when they reached his apartment after a long date. It was a miracle he was able to get her into the apartment at all before she fell asleep.

At least she had time to change, he noted as he spotted the white tank top and sweat shorts – a standard, comfortable pair of clothes she kept at his apartment for nights such as this. He yawned and sluggishly headed for the bed, the excitement and energy he had previously were now long gone.

He had just began to climb into bed when Candy stirred. Her eyes were still closed peacefully from what he could see as she still (for the most part) had her back to him.

“Careful,” Candy’s voice was soft and barely even half-awake, “Watch out for White.”

He glanced down. Sure enough, the white bundle of fur was fast asleep against Candy’s back, but was stretched out across a relatively good portion of Nathaniel’s side of bed.

“I thought you were asleep,” he commented with a yawn as he very carefully plucked White up from the bed and moved her to where she was supposed to be sleeping – the small bunch of old blankets that were an impromptu cat bed.

“I was,” Candy muttered, her voice muffled as she buried her face into the pillow, “But it’s hard to sleep when I’m alone.”

Nathaniel’s expression softened as he finally got into his spot beside her in the bed. The blankets barely covered them – partly because it was a tad too warm for them and partly because White had claimed a majority of the blanket for her cat bed. He tenderly wrapped his arms around her as he snuggled into her back, burying his face into the nape of her neck.

“You’re never alone.”

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Everyone had a particular after-sex routine they followed. Some took showers. Some napped. Some ate. But in their case, Castiel felt as if there was no special after-sex routine. It was always different. Sometimes, Candy wanted to cuddle, other time she wanted her space. There were a few times that one of them would even just get up, get dressed, and leave (usually because something came up and they needed to leave immediately – there were never hurt feelings when that happened). Usually, one or both of them would jump in the shower before going to the kitchen for a snack.

But he never had never seen her like this. She had never wanted to just stop right before the actual sex started. She was tired. Her head hurt. She didn’t feel like it. She explained it carefully to him, apologizing for the sudden lack of sex drive, as if he would get mad at her. He wasn’t. While sex was nice and he was looking forward to it, he was okay with whatever she wanted to do. Just being with her was enough for him.

Candy’s head rested tenderly on his shoulder, her hands resting on his chest. He was still shirtless, having planned on their little ‘sleepover’ to be a bit more active, and even she was only half-dressed with a simple white sports bra and a pair of his boxers. He wasn’t sure when she had gotten hold of his underwear, but it suited her.

He wrapped an arm around her, his hand resting on her shoulder as he brought her close to him. His eyes glanced down at her. She was barely even awake, her chest rising and falling in slow, deep breaths. A protective, loving feeling rose in his gut. The strong, powerful emotion to protect her from everything. That he loved her too much to ever let anything happen to her.

He placed a chaste kiss on her forehead, I’ll never let you go.

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Lysander (Minor Episode 31 spoilers)

Lysander’s eyes were droopy, sad. His eyebrows furrowed with concern. He couldn’t help the growing worry in his chest when Candy slept next to him in the midst of what he knew was a bad dream. She tossed and turned, her feet kicking slightly as if she were running. Her eyes were shut too tight, a light sweat gathered on her brow, and he could hear her frantic breaths over the small fan they had in the room.

Candy never talked about whatever she dreamed about. She usually claimed to forget whatever it was the next morning. Other times she was more honest about just not wanting to talk about it. He respected that, even if it did nothing but make his worry for her grow.

But what hurt the most was that he could guess what the subject of her nightmares was. She had talked in her sleep in the past and a few times, she slipped up about the subject. His memory may never be all there, but when it came to her, he remembered each word and he was soon able to put the small pieces of the puzzle together.

His nightmares were about him. It was a painful stab to his chest that even now, after the accident, after he recovered,  after his memory returned, that she was still having nightmares about him getting ran over. About him not remembering her, their love, their memories.

He reached out to her, bringing her to close to him. She curled onto his chest as his arms kept a loving, if a bit tight, grip around her. His own heart was beating rather quick, but it wasn’t long before Candy calmed in his arms. Her muscles relaxed as she rested her head peacefully on his chest, her arms between their bodies, and a stray leg sneaked between his own.

“I’m here, love,” Lysander whispered tenderly, placing a kiss on her head, blinking back any emotions and tears, “I’ll always be here.”

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He woke up to the sound of someone saying his name. It was a familiar voice, if a bit jokingly whiny. He blinked back to reality, groggy and tired, smacking his lips at the morning taste in his mouth. It took him a minute to finally see the source of the voice. Candy was straddling him, her legs on either side of him, dressed in her most comfortable pajamas- panties and a tank top. She was relaxed, leaning back slightly, but with big pouting lips and puppy dog eyes.

He almost forgot that Candy had, once again, spent the night at his house for (yet another) all-nighter. This time they had binge watched all of the first season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. They had started with the movie at around three thirty in the afternoon the previous day, followed by the unaired pilot episode of the TV series, and then completed the entire first season by the insane hour of four-thirty in the morning. He glanced tiredly at the clock. It was only eight o'clock in the morning.

“Candy,” he groaned, not even making an effort to get him off of her, “it’s too early. Go back to bed.”

With a speed he didn’t even know he was capable of with just under four hours of sleep, he grabbed the pillow under his head and tossed it at her. She made a squawking noise of surprise at the sudden attack, but he didn’t give her a chance to throw the pillow back at him as he sat up, wrapped his arms around her waist, and then fell back onto the bed, taking her with him.

“Armin,” she squirmed in his grasp on top of him, “Let me go.”

His eyes were already closed, mimicking sleep, and he’d be lying if he said he was completely awake. His arms relaxed a bit around her, but she didn’t make any true attempt at breaking free. She placed a loving kiss on his lips briefly before placing a quick one on his neck. An attempt at bribery for freedom. It was tempting, but he didn’t let go.

“Nope,” he didn’t even open his eyes, “I’m going back to bed and so are you.”

She relaxed in his arms, accepting defeat as she rested her head on his chest.

“Why because I need my beauty sleep,” her tone was a bit snarky, but lacked any real menace.

“No, but with less than four hours of sleep even Alexy could defeat you at Mario Kart.”

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Candy rested peacefully on the couch. She wasn’t asleep, but it was clear she was fully relaxed as her eyes lazily read the magazine in her hands. A half glass of wine sat on the coffee table beside her. Kentin couldn’t help but think she looked rather mature and yet cute at the same time as she wore his old sweater. They both knew that now that his days as Ken were over, he wouldn’t be wearing the old green sweater anymore. Candy took it upon herself to use it as her favorite overnight pajamas.

“Do you ever think about the future,” he asked, a bit groggily as it was the later evening.

Candy raised an eyebrow, a small questioning hum rising in her throat. Kentin huffed a bit, coming toward the couch before slowly plopping down on top of her. She sighed, setting her magazine aside, before she adjusted herself more comfortably on the couch so all of his weight wasn’t on top of her.

“I mean about our future,” he explained, resting his head on her chest, his arms gently draped on either side of her, “What it holds for us? A marriage? A family? What if we can’t even have kids? Or what if I get deployed before we can get married and then die in battle?”

He buried his face into her chest, the uncertainty of the unknown weighing heavily in his mind. Candy’s expression softened, any shard of irritability at the interruption of her quiet time faded away. Her face buried into his hair as one of her hands rested on his side, the other rubbing comforting circles on his head.

“I think you’re thinking a bit too far ahead.”

Kentin hummed, muttering a few words she couldn’t quite make out, before he looked up at her.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. As long as we’re together, there’s nothing to worry about.”

Can’t Sleep (Newt x Reader)

Character: Newt

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Can’t Sleep

Warning: Little spoiler of the first book of the Maze Runner saga.

Summary: It’s a stressful day in the Glade, so during the night Y/N can’t really bring herself to fall asleep. Even if she weren’t so nervous and worried, she knew she wouldn’t have fallen asleep. Luckily, Newt is awake too and will keep her company.

When it got late, I went to sleep even if I knew I wouldn’t sleep any. The boys snored around me, and I wondered if I should ask for a place to rest where I wouldn’t be surrounded by boys everywhere. But it would sound too preppy.

The worries of the life in the Glade filled my head and haunted sleep away from me, as I had imagined.

I softly sighed and lied on my back. The hammock swayed as I moved.

“Y/N?” A voice called me, which I recognized instantly.


“Can’t sleep either?”

“Won’t do”

I heard someone noticeably stir in his hammock and figured it must be him. It sounded in front of me, a bit to the right.

It actually surprised me that he was sleeping with the rest of us out here. Didn’t the Keepers -as well as the leader and second in command - have their own beds inside the Homestead?

I forced my eyesight to look around the half-lit place, as the stars were the only light, for his slim figure and soon spotted him.

“Come’re” He asked me in a whisper.

“What, why?”

Even if Newt was one of the boys I got along with best, we weren’t really that close.

I was still the Greenie, and would be for a few weeks more, and Newt was the nicest one out there. Most of the boys didn’t really pay much attention to me at all, but he of all of them was the kindest and who worried about my wellbeing the most.

I really liked Newt. I appreciated him and enjoyed his company, and to be honest a smile broke in my face everytime I heard his husky voice calling me ‘love’ to get my attention towards him. Shuck, I think I had a crush on him, but what girl wouldn’t? With that British accent of his and those piercing warm brown eyes and that charming and caring personality.

I heard a light chuckle that brought me back to reality.

“Will you bloody come already, love?”

I tried to hide the smile that wanted to break in my mouth when he called me ‘love’ again. I complied and awkwardly walked to his hammock. I stood there, looking at him, and he grinned.

I was glad of the slight light, because I probably blushed when I saw that gorgeous smile.

“Come” He held his arms open, inviting me to sit with him.

I shyly obliged and carefully sat in the hammock, trying my best not to make it sway much so we wouldn’t end up in the ground.

He scooted over to make room for me. Still, the hammock was really small and we were really close to each other, our sides brushing.

“Decided anything yet?” I whispered, trying to make conversation.

Alby, Minho and Thomas were stuck in the Maze overnight. That meant that it was most likely that, sadly, they wouldn’t make it. And since Alby was the leader, they had to make up their minds about choosing someone to take his place.

“You could say that” He answered, not giving any further details.

I sensed reluctance in his voice. He didn’t really want to talk about it, and I understood why. I had spent less than a month in there and I got attached to everyone and was fearing for their lifes, so Newt had more reasons than anyone to feel sad and worried about it all.

“Shuck…” I breathed, not knowing what else to say. We were feeling very  gloomy.

Newt heavily sighed one of those sighs that feel like you let all your worries go even if you know they’re still there, locked in your chest.

He then lied down, causing the hammock to rock from side to side. I looked at him, trying to make out his face and his blond hair in the semidarkness. It seemed disheveled and messy, even more than usual.

I did the same and lied down next to him. We were so close that my shoulder blade rested against his collarbone. Not that he seemed to mind.

“Sorry about being a whiny little baby back there” I mumbled, trying not to wake anyone up. I envied them, really, they could sleep like babies.

I heard him smiling, though.

I wasn’t really proud of my reaction when I saw the Doors closing before the Gladers could get out of the Maze. I freaked out and wanted to go inside myself, and Newt had to hold me back as I screamt and cried like a baby.

“Don’t bloody apologize” He softly shook his head, and I felt the pillow sinking under us. “Tommy used to say you should never be ashamed of crying”

“Thomas…” I didn’t know if I was supposed to say ‘is’ or ‘was’, so I just omitted the verb. “Nice guy”

He noticed and changed the subject.

“Anyways” He lied on his side and looked at me. “You were worrying about them, it wasn’t something stupid”

“I know, but… I’m ashamed of being afraid”

“At least it’s not a selfish fear. You feared for your friends, not for you”

I was amazed how he tried to comfort me although he was probably the one that needed the comfort. He seemed so selfless that it made me admired him even more. He always managed to keep us all together.

I faced him as well and looked into his eyes for a moment before looking away.

“Thanks for everything, Newtie”

“Nloody hell, don’t call me that ever again” I saw him closing his eyes as he cringed and shook his head while making a funny face. “It sounds bloody ridiculous”

I laughed a little and closed my eyes, embracing the closeness and the warmth.

I could feel him staring at me, so I opened my eyes and saw that I was right.

Then Newt wrapped his arms around me and rested his hands in the little of my back. I felt the warm touch through the fabric of my shirt.

“What are you doing?” I asked him, shy but comfortable.

“You mind?”

“N… no, but…”

“Great then” I heard him grinning again.

I looked down and rested my forehead in his collarbone. His warmth amazed me, he felt like a stove.

He smelt like sweat and dirt, but like Newt as well. His scent also reminded me of cocoa, for some reason.

He tightened his grip against my skin and pulled me to him so we couldn’t be any closer.

“Minho mentioned that he was sure that you fancied me” He whispered in my ear, and I could picture a smirk in his lips.

I rested my hands on his chest and shoved him hard. He held onto me tighter to avoid falling off the hammock as it violently wobbled.

“Shut up, Newtie”

His soft and adorable laughter tickled my ear as I felt his breath against my skin.

But Minho’s mention brought us back to reality. 

Maybe we both liked each other and were comfortable lying and cuddling together. But our friends were stuck in that terrifying place and even if we wanted to forget it that was the shuck truth.


I don’t know when I fell asleep.

But I woke up feeling Newt waking up by my side. His arms were around me still. It was so cozy I didn’t want to move.

He carefully let me go trying not to wake me and stood up. I missed his touch as I sleepily shifted.

I wouldn’t know how long it was since he left until he came back. But it felt like just a second.

“Oi, Greenie” Newt shook my shoulder.

I opened one eye and saw him crouching by the bed, right in my nose.

He smiled when he saw I was awake. But it was a restless smile.

“The Doors are about to open”

“Coming” I said, and he left.


Paring: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: I have no clue, CW spoilers? (TELL ME IF I MISSED SOMETHING THOUGH)

Words: 2,673 (Woah…)

A/n: Hey!! Remember when I said I’d post a fic? Me neither because it’s been so long, but here it is! There are probably a plethora of mistakes and if you could point them out it’d be great. P.s. I legitimately gave the reader powers pointless to the plot because I changed the plot a hundred times.

Summary: You let the runaway avengers crash at your place and form a connection with one of their new recruits.

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TBBT: The Birthday Synchroncity (10x11)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

OMG!!! And the fandom goes wild… wow, wow and wow. 😆 This precious episode is everything. 💖 All hail to TPTB for a wonderful season. My ShAmy shipping heart is beyond excited!!! So much so, that I’ve watched it multiple times since yesterday. 🙈 Heads up, this may be long but there’s lots to talk about. 

Let’s get to it!

1. Amy’s Birthday:

First, lets remember that Sheldon is set on routines and has an pre-established bedtime. So you all know he waited for Amy to fall asleep (he must have pretended to fall asleep too) and he waited for it to be midnight - he was staring at his watch when the scene started.⌚

BONUS: Sheldon’s party horn had me dying, lol!😂

Then his gift:

A functional MRI of his brain!!! Sheldon is the best gift giver ever. 👍 He may lack some romance but his gifts always go above and beyond and I’ll share a tid bit. 😍

The orbitofrontal cortex is lit up because I was thinking of you

Amy, who is a Neurobiologist, knows what this means. The orbitofrontal cortex of the brain signals an affective reinforcement in decision making. In other words, it assist in decision making and provide sensations of reinforcement to make the decision. The OFC is linked to addictions as people who engage in addictive behaviors are said to be reinforced by feeling good even if the outcome is not good. 

I don’t know if you follow what I getting at but if he was thinking of her when it lit up, Sheldon is saying that he feels awesome and has the feels in any decision where she is concerned. 😲💖💖💖 (He’s not scared, nervous or anxious.) She’s like an addiction that he decided he want because he feels he needs.  

Also, lets not forget Sheldon says the basis of any gift is reciprocity. He believes when you give a gift, the receiver is obligated it to give something in return. We know what he wants - wink.

Sheldon planned every detail.

“I didn’t put on my come-hither plaid pj’s for nothing

He wanted her! This was another of Sheldon’s planned seductive moves! And this for me was EVERYTHING! 

Then we get a scene I have only read or written about in fanfics; Sheldon kissing Amy and gently leading her to her pillow while climbing on top of her. Oh my!!! He got comfy quick, didn’t he?

Let me just say I could watch this a million times and not get tired. Sheldon was sooooo ready! Why, oh why do the TV gods hate this fandom and had them interrupted? 

2. False alarm:

Quick shout out to nurse Althea played by the actress Vernee Watson-Johnson. Her sass and sarcasm is always a welcome surprise on TBBT. Her mamma mia nonsense line had me in stitches. I’m surprised she doesn’t remember Howard since this is the 3rd time she has seen him. I would think a nurse wouldn’t forget the man who came into the ER with a robot hand grabbing his penis, lol. 

Howard, Raj and Stuart are trying so hard to be helpful and they are truly concerned. I’m not surprised Howard’s doesn’t know how far apart the contractions were but Raj did.

Too bad it was a false alarm that interrupted our favorite power couple, who in the meantime are rushing down the stairs. A few quick one liners had me cracking up: Penny’s did she sneeze the baby out (funny). Sheldon rethinking The Flash onesie he got the baby. (cute and funny) Lol! 

But most importantly Sheldon and Amy totally can communicate with their eyes. Anyone catch how they went zooming up the stairs?

3. Raj: new level of cringe worthy:

I know its not Raj’s fault, its the writers. But that was really crappy. Raj blew it by revealing the baby’s sex. Ugh! I literally face palmed. Why? 😠

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

BONUS: Stuart adding fuel to the fire “Told me it was a girl and I didn’t say it” 

4. Second attemp:

Sheldon is not feeling the mood as before. Amy ever so patient and understanding “we don’t have to rush”. Sheldon doesn’t want to disappoint Amy either. This is why this relationship must be protected at all cost, because they do so much for each other. ❤💙💚💛💜

Amy decides to bring out her “surprise” and we learn that trains also turn Sheldon on. The man is a mystery, I tell you.

Amy lets Harry Potter make things hotter. YEAH AMY!!!👍 Can we take a moment to admire how sexy she looks and how nice her legs are? I appreciate this scene much more knowing how hard they are for Mayim and she embraces them and the result is magic. 

Wowza!!! Amy sure knows how to get her guy. Sheldon’s face is everything! 

Amy! You naughty girl! 😒😋🙊And then we get an awesome kiss, Sheldon pulling her close in by the waist, Amy holding him tight. They were already melting in each others arm. Hoo! Then Raj… REALLY?!?!?!


Raj - People just keep kicking me out wherever I go.

 Amy - Good, then you are used to this. (Door slam!)

5. The car ride:

Raj commiserates while the gang tries to help. He blurts out that Howard took 5 minutes conceiving the baby. And we get a little secret…

It took them hours! SCREAM FANDOM!!! 🙈🙉🙊😲Because we knew it! No wonder Amy said he had rocked her world. We know Sheldon is a perfectionist and according to him he excels at many things (except at getting over Amy). 

It’s OFFICIAL ladies - Sheldon is a monster in the sack. ✌✊👏 Sheldon, keep it up. 👍👍👍You are doing it VERY RIGHT! No wonder Amy was okay waiting a year. ROTF And Amy’s smile is represents the fandom.😆😉

BONUS: Nose “boop”. Btw, did you catch how he looks at her? I want someone to look at me the way Sheldon looks at Amy. #feels

6. Howard and Bernadette’s sweetest scene EVER:

I love Howard and Bernie and their on screen time together. But I have to say this is by far my favorite. It was sweet and honest. What a way to honor Carol Ann Susie’s Mrs. Wolowitz.😇 A++ to both of them on their acting an a special nod to Simon Helberg for conveying such real emotion. Did you all see when his eyes welded up? So heartfelt.💔 I personally would have liked for them to name her Debbie which would have been the Jewish tradition but I like Halley.

BTW, lets get this clear - the right answer is SNICKERS. SNICKERS ALL THE WAY!😺🍫

7. They come a long way:

I felt nostalgic with this scene. They really have come a long way, especially our babies. I kind of felt like they are preparing us for the series finale in the upcoming season. Tears.

  • Howard and Bernie are married: Who would’ve thought our favorite perverted mama’s boy would have a stable relationship?
  • Penny and Leonard are married: Who would have thought this 2 would stop behaving like teenager sabotaging their relationship and learn how to communicate better?
  • Amy and Sheldon in a healthy 50/50 relationship and living together: we are all invested in this particular journey so we know how far they have come. (But if Mary Cooper asks, they have bunk beds. Do they think they are fooling her with that? She knows.)
  • Penny has a stable career as a Pharmaceutical Rep: Whether she’s willing to admit it or not, Penny was a struggling actress. I felt bad when she had to live paycheck to paycheck and borrow money.
  • Howard went to space: even thought he was always made fun of for “only having a masters”.
  • Bernadette got her doctorate: Remember when she worked at the cheesecake factory while finishing her degree?
  • Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are working with NASA on gyroscope. I will always root for my guys. They deserve to make way in the scientific community.

7. Raj is a loser?:

Poor Raj 

(gif credit @mavikonvers​)

For God sake just drive in the knife why don’t you?

And Sheldon’s reprimanding Raj for being mean to Stuart: 

Raj, show some compassion. Those are thing we think but don’t say. 

LOL!!! 😂😂😂 Amy has definitely been teaching Sheldon some social skills. And Isn’t Stuart the best? He takes it like a champ but he can dish it to. Example of sarcasm at its finest…

Still a loser or did you turn things around while you were gone?


BTW, the quick take of Bernie yelling in the room when Raj poked his head in made me appreciate the fact that the writers decided not to cover the whole episode in that push, breath, scream, sweat dynamic.😷

8. Baby Halley is born:

Raj being the Godfather is expected. He deserved it. So what if he did blow the whistle with her gender? We can forgive him. He’s been there all thru the pregnancy. I would have like to see Bernie and the baby.

I soon got over it when the baby cried, I almost wet myself!!! That was gold.

9. Hankius Pankius:

Amy looked tired coming up the stairs. Sheldon looked sexy as hell to me.🔥 (I’ve followed HP and let me tell you, he made that look HOT!)

“And now it’s time to complete your birthday celebration”

Enough to shift Amy’s spirits. Notice how Amy went from tired to happy in seconds. Her smile lights up the world.😆 Sheldon went to The Wizarding World but he was totally thinking about doing it. Sheldon could barely wait. Feels and more feels. And we know they did it… FOR HOURS! 🙌

Needless to say, I loved this episode. It had a million Shamy love; kisses, nose boop, Amy and Sheldon side by side at the hospital, hand touching, stares, smiles, flirting and more kissing!😉😍

(gif credit @tbbt-faves)

I’m still recovering from all this. 😉Hopefully it will last me for the Christmas break. I just hope we don’t have to wait another year to see them intimate again. More please?😚

Credits: All gif credits that (except for the 2 identified before the pic) are thanks to the one and only @platypus-quacks-too​. I love her work! Go follow this talented shipper! The still pics belong to CBS.

12x03 Coda: Jet Lag

After Mary leaves, Sam calls up Cas. Sastiel friendship, Destiel

Sam didn’t really expect a heartfelt, grownup conversation about this—having Mom back has made kids out of both of them—but he’d also hoped that Dean would at least say something.  No such luck.  As soon as the door clangs shut behind Mom, Dean darts for his room without a word.

Great.  Sam sinks into the nearest chair, massaging his temples.  Too good to be true has always been too good for the Winchesters.

As much as it hurts, though, he gets it.  Why Mom had to go.  He understands the itch to escape, the conviction that there is something better out there somewhere.  Mom is chasing a pipe dream, a mirage.  He’s going to let her, because he chased the same one a long time ago.

She deserves that, at least.

He knows Dean is going to take this hard, though.  His brother has a way of taking each and every blow and stacking them on his shoulders, refusing to let anyone else take the weight even though everyone can see how his frame is shaking.  By the time he reaches his room, Sam knows, he’ll have constructed a million different reasons why this is his fault.

He did the same thing when Sam left for school, but there’s someone who wasn’t around when that happened.

He picks up on the third ring. “Sam.  Is everything all right?”

Sam could have prayed, but frankly, he’s done with his prayers being intercepted.  The last thing he needs right now is for Lucifer to find out that his vulnerable, totally possess-able mother is alive and kicking.

“Yeah, we—we’re fine.  No missing limbs or anything.”

Cas’s sigh of relief is audible through the phone. “Then what is it?”

“Mom.  She, uh.  She left.  I’m okay, I think, but Dean…Dean’s taking it a little hard.”

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Arrow Recap: 4x01

Now that I’ve had a full 24 hours to process, I may to actually able to formulate the words and feelings from the episode. As I rewatch it.

I love the way they start off each season with Oliver running.

Only this time, he’s running into a suburb. He’s running towards something, towards someone. 

And I will never get over the fact that she feeds Oliver. And his little bounce, hip thrust thing. It kills me.

They’re so comfortable, so content.

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Dylan O'brien Imagine - Christmas

Each year for Christmas and your birthday, it was a running joke in your family that someone would buy you some sort of a gift that would represent a boyfriend. Wether it be a blow up doll, a giant teddy or some sort of male porn magazine, you basically had a cupboard full of the stuff. It started when you were 13 and everyone had brought some sort of a date to a celebration except for you. Your parents made a joke about you being forever single and ever since then, you had received the stupid presents from your family. But this year was different. This year, you had met the love of your life. Your parents knew about your boyfriend but told you to keep it a secret from the rest of the family so you could surprise them at this years Christmas celebrations. 

“Ok Dylan, I have to warn you, my family are very weird and very confronting people and one of them has bought me some weird stupid present that is supposed to substitute for a boyfriend. Just play along and act natural. None of them know I even have a boyfriend…” I warned him before we got out of the car. I could already hear my younger cousins playing in the pool and a few of my uncles talking loudly in the backyard, probably about some sporting game or what not.

“I get it babe. Don’t worry, I’ll win them over with my devastatingly good looks,” he winked, make me scoff and shove his shoulder lightly.

“Don’t act too modest,” I teased, making him stick his tongue out at me playfully. 

“Come on lets go! Stop procrastinating!” he yelled excitedly, jumping out of the car and grabbing the bundle of presents I had stuffed in the backseat. I followed suit, carrying a few of the lighter ones. We marched around to the back gate, walking through together making all conversations cease and all eyes turn to us. 

“HOLY CRAP Y/N HAS A BOY!” one of your older cousins yelled, making everyone laugh.

“Yeh yeh laugh it up,” I rolled my eyes, continuing my journey into the house, Dylan following suit. We dropped the presents down by the tree before going into the kitchen to greet my mum and various aunts. 

“Y/n darling who is this?” one of them asked, looking at Dylan with adoring eyes. 

“Uh this is Dylan… My boyfriend,” I smiled, tugging his hand so he was standing next to me. He smiled cutely, greeting all of the swooning women with hugs and kisses on the cheek, making me face palm. 

“Its lovely to meet you all,” he grinned, returning to my side after he had said hello to everyone.

“Y/n why didn’t you tell us you had a man. A cute one at that,” my oldest aunt whined, gripping my hands tightly.

“Because you are all crazy and he is mine so get your own,” I joked, sticking my tongue out at her. She rolled her eyes, mumbling something under her breath. As you can see, my entire family is pretty sassy, so it isn’t just me. 

“Come now sweetie. You two love birds go sit outside and we will be out with lunch shortly,” my mum ushered us out, pushing us to now get interrogated by the men and all my cousins. Oh joy. 

“Dylan my boy, how you been,” my dad boomed, pulling my poor unsuspecting boyfriend over to the men. I pray for his soul. I however, went to go terrorise all my little cousins who were wrestling on the grass. The younger ones squealed, running at me and tackling me to the ground, giving me kisses and hugs whilst the older more normal ones decided that they were too cool to give me a hug. 

“So y/n, your dating Dylan O’brien. Worldwide super star, famous actor from Teen Wolf who you used to obsess over whenever someone brought something up that you could relate to him,” Serena, my 16 year old cousin, grinned, raising her brows suggestively.

“Yes and no I do not give any of you permission to go and tell him any of that stuff. He already knows that I liked him as an actor and he does not need to know how much I obsessed over him. God why are you such a pervert,” I groaned, shoving her arm lightly. 

“Kiddies! Lunch is ready!” a voice broke us from our conversation, all of us jumping up and racing to the table. Yep. This was a typical Christmas celebration for my family. Twas basically centred around food. I sat next to Dylan, both of our plates piled high with various foods, mentally starting the timer on who could eat it the fastest. The adults chatted about various things, the kids were shouting over each other and us 2 were just sat quietly, playing footsie under the table. 

“So Dylan, any new projects you can tell us about?” my mum asked, making us stop our game. 

“Oh uh yeh, I recently got cast for The Maze Runner,” he smiled proudly, making all my female relatives start screaming at him, asking him about the rest of the cast and any spoilers he could give them. I guess its good to know that my family likes him. I honesty haven’t met a person that doesn’t like him. He is just so loveable. The chatter went on through the rest of the evening, the parents telling embarrassing stories about all of us kids until a particularly horrid one popped up.

“I JUST REALISED WHERE I RECOGNISED YOU FROM!” one of my uncles shouted, standing up like he just had an epiphany. “Your the young boy Y/n used to have posters of all over her room!”

“Oh yeh! And she used to bring him up it literally every conversation,” my aunt chimed in, making my cheeks redden. 

“Didn’t she used to make us all watch that show he was in whenever we came over?” my eldest cousin added, winking at me.

“ALRIGHT THATS ENOUGH ABOUT MY EMBARRASSING CHILDHOOD!” I tried to stop the conversation, emphasis on the try.

“Awkward moment when this was only like last year,” another cousin joined in, literally almost pissing herself. It was really hard to make me blush ironically and this is the only story that can get me like this. I scooted my chair back as I had had enough of my family embarrassing me in front of my boyfriend. I walked inside, flopping on the couch face down, hiding myself under all the pillows in shame. I was lying there quite peacefully for a few minutes until I felt the cushions sink, letting me know that someone had just sat down next to me.

“You don’t have to be ashamed of anything baby girl. I think its cute,” Dylans soothing voice rang through the room, his hand rubbing small circles on my lower back.

“I don’t want you thinking I’m some freak who was obsessed with you…” I turned my head so I was looking at him, my cheeks still a bright red.

“It’s ok though. I don’t care about any of that stuff… It’s nice having a girlfriend who supports me and actually likes what I do…” he smiled, leaning down and giving me a peck on my forehead. I smiled gratefully, turning my body and pulling him on top of me, linking my arms around his neck and bringing his lips to mine. If anyone walked in right now it would be extremely awkward. 

“Oh Dylan did we tell you about Y/n’s fan account she had dedicated to you,” someone piped in. I groaned, picking up a pillow and throwing it in their direction, hearing a squeal in response. 

“You had a fan account?” he asked, a shit eating grin spreading across his face. 

“Do not even,” I grunted, pushing him off me and onto the floor.

No One Puts My Baby In A Corner (Part 2)

               Sam looked at Dean, a smile on his face. “She came with me. Shes with me” he grinned as Dean glanced at me. “I carried a watermelon” I said quickly. Dean looked at us like we were geeks before scoffing and walking away. I sighed and looked toward my left. “I carried a watermelon?” I couldn’t believe I had just embarrassed myself in front of the most attractive man I have ever seen. Sam looked at me and chuckled. “Ignore him, he’s just worried” I sighed looking toward the dancing couple. “You’d think they were a couple” Sam said “Aren’t they?” I asked looking up at him as he shook his head. “Nah, not since we were kids” I didn’t respond. I couldn’t see how they weren’t together, they were perfect together, moving in sync with each other. It was wonderful to watch.

               I moved to the music a little as the song Love Man began playing, everyone in the room made room for Dean and Penny to dance together. They were perfect. Dean left her side and danced his way toward me. I instantly stopped moving, what could I possibly have done to spark his interest now? I looked up at him as he smirked and motioned me toward him with his finger. I looked at Sam who shrugged and then reached out taking his hand letting him pull me toward the dance floor. Once he found a spot that he liked he pulled me in front of him. “Bend your knees. Down.” He pointed toward the floor. I bent my knees and began looking at everyone else dancing. His hand lay against my arm. “Watch. Watch my eyes” he said over the loud music. I stared up at him, moving my hips in an odd circular motion. “Good” he said smiling some. “Good, now roll this way” he began moving his body in the opposite direction. I followed awkwardly. I honestly had no idea what I was doing, but how could I possibly tell this gorgeous man that? He let an amused smile fall on his relaxed features. “Now watch” he began to move his shoulders with his hips. Yep. I was lost. I tried it and felt like I looked stupid. There was no way I could do this; I might as well have just died from embarrassment.

               “Look” he said slowing it down to show me once more, I let my eyes fix over the muscles bulging from his shirt, the way his arms flexed as he moved his shoulders. ‘Why am I watching him again?’ I snapped back to reality and he smirked, putting his hands on my hips pulling me closer. Then his hands came up to wrap my arms around his neck, and placed his around my waist again. “Relax” he breathed against my ear. “Go with the beat” I swallowed as we began dancing. The way our hips moved together, in sync. I smiled our faces inches apart. I couldn’t contain the smile on my lips as we danced.

               I hadn’t noticed but Penny was staring. Her arms crossed as she leaned on the table by Sam. “What’s he doin?” she asked, Sam shrugged smiling. “Guess he’s breaking the rules now” Penny scuffed. “Since when did he follow them?” she uttered before walking off to get a drink.

               Dean dipped me back before bringing me back up, his green eyes seemed intimate, playful tone lying underneath the green. He began to grind a little harder, pressing me closer. I bit the inside of my lip and rolled my hips with his. He smirked as the song ended; standing up straighter I grinned and spun around clapping only to notice he was gone. I sighed lightly searching the crowd for him, be he was gone. I walked back over to find Sam, only he was gone as well. I took that as my queue to leave. So I headed back toward the cabin. I showered and changed, hiding the smoke and alcohol smelling dress in the bottom of my suitcase.

               I snuggled under the blankets, thinking back to that dance, how he’d wrapped me in his arms; how they tightened around my waist, how the muscles clenched against my waist. I sighed remembering the way his eyes gleamed, and how confident he looked. His eyes, that inquisitive green, staring back into my blue eyes; I rolled over and buried my face into the pillow trying to ignore my mind, falling into a deep sleep.

               When the morning sun came into my room, I groaned burying my head under my blankets. I didn’t want to get up and do other “family activities” I wanted to go off and explore on my own. I sighed as Lisa came out of the bathroom and smirked at me. “Looks like someone didn’t get their beauty sleep.” She smirked and began going through her suit cases picking out something to wear. I got up and showered, putting on denim jean shorts, a tank top and a button down shirt over it.

               I let my hair dry naturally and slipped my shoes on, leaving before Lisa could comment anymore about how horrible I looked. I knew I wasn’t attractive. So why bother putting me down? Because Lisa always had to feel like she was better than everyone else. I smiled and waved to my parents as I made my way, book in hand toward the sandy shore. ‘Let’s do what we planned to do on this vacation’ I thought to myself. I walked the trail, my sunglasses resting comfortably on my nose. I looked around noticing Penny working the Wig area. She was pretty, you could tell blonde wasn’t natural, but she looked pretty with it anyways.

               But Penny isn’t what made me almost stop in my tracks, I noticed Dean walking with Sam talking about something. I cast my eyes back down, I probably looked terrible. I just wanted to spend the day on the beach reading. I wasn’t expecting McHottie to be out on a stroll with his brother. I was almost past them. But almost isn’t close enough. “Baby, what are you doin out here?” Sam said stopping me. I smiled up at him. “Oh just heading down to the beach to do some reading….what about you guys..?” I asked glancing at Dean who was staring at me with those bright green eyes. I bit the inside of my lip to hide my nerves. He was too gorgeous to be single, there’s no way he and Penny weren’t together.

               “Oh? What are you reading?” Sam asked smiling lightly. I held up my book. “Tale of two cities…personal favorite” you said laughing slightly. Dean smirked, as Sam grinned. “I love that book!” he said as he went to ask another question when Dean elbowed him. “Sammy we gotta go. Nice seein ya again…Baby” he said a small smirk permanent on his features. Sam nodded before smiling slightly at me. “Bye Baby, see ya later!” he said as they walked past. I waved some before walking forward more, but there it was. That need, that want, that….I had to do it.

I turned slightly and looked back at them.

And there he was. Staring right back at me with those green eyes.

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A compilation of my favorite Yumikuri fics for those who are searching. I know it’s hard because the tags on AO3 are full of mostly Levi/Eren and JeanMarco with Historia/Ymir as a side or even just “implied” pairing.

That doesn’t fly with me

WARNING some of these fics are marked for spoilers but most aren’t. Assumption made if you actively know who Ymir is and are shipping this ship you’re caught up with the manga or at least have made it to chapter 50. Read at your own risk. 

Putting them under a read more because there are currently 70 fics and to not would just be impolite

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What We Were - 10.2 (Final Chapter)

AN: Hi! This is it.

Final Chapter - White Noise - 1.1k+ words

It all makes sense, now. The first loves, the heartbreaks. They’re all special, they’re all something. And she had talked about that one summer, reluctantly. About school, occasionally. The pieces fit together, now. They all make perfect sense. Now.

Too late.

Too late?

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