Kurt gets an email from Sam that night.

He plugs in his headphones and opens the audio attachment curiously, wondering if it was perhaps one of New Directions’ newest group numbers.

The opening is of a beautiful piano melody, one he didn’t instantly recognize, but it was slow and enchanting.

Then a very familiar voice begins to sing, and Kurt’s eyes grow wide.

Blaine is singing with his entire soul - Kurt can feel it, hundreds of miles away through crappy earphones, he can feel it. It’s like Blaine is right there in the apartment with him, playing for him, to him, laying everything down and opening himself up. It’s raw and genuine and fuck, when did I start crying?

Kurt doesn’t even make it to the end of the song before he’s pausing the audio and hitting speed dial.

Blaine picks up on the second ring.

So, I did a really geeky thing, and naturally I want to share it with tumblr.

Being in Motion by @marswithghosts​ is an absolutely incredible zimbits fic. In the epilogue (spoilers I guess?), Jack says that “zimbits” sounds like the name of a cookie, which Bitty decides would be:

OH MY GOD. A zimbit would be a soft n chewy maple and pecan cookie with cinnamon cream cheese frosting I AM A GENIUS #bittysbakery

I thought that sounded really good. So, uh. I made them. And I present to you, up there ^^^, zimbits. :) And they are FREAKING AWESOME. Seriously, these may be the best cookies I’ve ever made… though I’ll concede that Bitty’s would look better. 

  • Cookie recipe from here
  • Frosting recipe from here
  • Inspired by this awesome fic here
SBB 2016 ENTRY #16: AFTERLIFE (1/8): shineebigbang

This….this messed me up so bad……