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steven: oh i get it now! i’m not rose quartz, i was just meant to be her kid. these identity issues that have been plaguing me for months can start to subside

steven: (gets captured by a duo of homeworld gems and therefore has to assume the full identity of rose quartz)

steven: this is fine

Lucretia in front of you, your memories behind, your umbrella held to her chest like accusation. Her face half-full of regret, and oh, doesn’t that make you mad, that she has the audacity to feel bad for what she has done.

“You took fucking everything from me,” you say.

Here’s to a century of memories, here’s to another seven-odd decades without Lup. Here’s to being lonely, here’s to never caring about anyone or anything. Lucretia has scooped the heart out of you. You’re done.

Magnus draws your sword and isn’t it strange, to see Magnus in double vision like this, Magnus who you met last year, Magnus who you have known for a century. How could you forget?

You know that you exist in relation to your sister. It’s fucking codependent, you know, but she’s been the only constant in your long long life. Without her, who is Taako?

You hold the umbrella at Lucretia, one of the six real people in the multiverse, point it square at Madame Director, who lied to you, and you count down. Ten, nine, eight…


“I’ve never had to introduce a new bodyguard to the ins-and-outs of my life. It’s not just going to be a Day In The Life of Maximoff Hale. It’s a permanent position that’ll last decades unless he turns out to be an incompetent prick.”



Lord of Shadows Spoilers - This scene

“Any Lightwoods?” asked Alec.

“One or two looked like they might be.” Livvy frowned.

“The Herondales have always been famous for their good looks,” said Bridget, “but if you ask me, the Lightwoods are the more sexually charismatic of the bunch.”

Alec spit out his tea.

Magnus seemed to be keeping a straight face, but with an effort.

itsb ch 19 totally out of context snippet teaser....

so i’ve retreated fully into the writing cave, which means i’m yet fucking again behind on messages and doing a promo blast 🙈  but it also means that ch 19 is well underway…. 

so. i posted this snippet on twitter, but i know there’s many of you who aren’t are on there. sharing it here (under the cut) now!


i posted this particular part because the word “boyfriend” won a poll of which snippet itsb readers wanted to see and it’s a MAJOR SPOILER for ch 19 and contains MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS if you’re not caught up on the chapter.

let me repeat that.


ok. here you go :) xx







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C'mon guys! First, Cassie said Ty would do something because of Livvy’s death that would lead to The Wicked Powers, and then she post a “unidentified snippet” that is SO obviously Julian, that it simple can’t really be Julian, otherwise, why not just call it a “Julian snippet”? She knows everyone would think in him immediately, and that’s exactly what she wants!


People can post snippets and headcanons and theories however they want, but to me the cutest thing about Kit and Ty is that Ty is interested in Kit not for being a Herondale or a secret shadowhunter, no. He admires the Rook part of him, the criminal aptitude that he thinks fits into his Sherlock thing. He could probably see Kit pickpocket someone or pick locks to break into a car, and think it was the coolest thing ever.

He likes Kit for who he is, not who he thinks he’s supposed to be.

I think that’s majorly important. 

rorochan92  asked:

Cassie, I'm so sorry, but some 'fans' are sharing a lot of LoS spoilers and snippets here on Tumblr - and on Twitter, too. What do you think that we should do to avoid them?

This does happen, even with books that are embargoed. There’s always a bookstore or a website that doesn’t comply with the embargo and sends the book out early. After all these years I’ve come to accept this as inevitable.

I am against spoilers, as you know — I think they ruin the experience of reading a book. I think if you’re going to post spoilers, no one can stop you, but please — don’t tag your spoilers with anything that will bring unwary fans to your page (”TDA” “Lord of Shadows”) and please put the spoilers under a cut. 

If you are trying to avoid spoilers (and I hope you are) — blacklist “los spoilers” and “lord of shadows spoilers” as tags. If you can’t blacklist and you see someone spoiling, ask them politely to put their spoilers under a tag. If you see someone spoiling on Twitter, mute them for the next week.

Some people like being spoiled — I never understand why because information about a book out of context can give you the completely opposite impression or idea of what actually happens in a book (say someone is reading the book and tells you Emma murders Julian*; maybe you if you read it, you’d find out a few paragraphs later that was all an illusion, or faked or a dream: but if you came across that as a spoiler you’ll never know and it may well influence you to never read the book.) Also, you’ll get their take on what happened, which wouldn’t necessarily be yours: I’ve already seen some spoilers that to me don’t seem to bear any resemblance to what happens in the book at all. :-(

Spoilers are part of the internet, and we’re all kind of stuck with them: all we can do is politely ask people who are spoiling to make sure they’re only spoiling people who want to be spoiled. I would be desperately unhappy if someone prevented me from experiencing a book (or movie) the way it’s supposed to be experienced by telling me beforehand what happened. There’s a reason they’re called spoilers, because they spoil/ruin the experience of reading for many, many people: please just do your best to make sure that in your eagerness to talk about a new book you’re not wrecking anyone else’s enjoyment of the experience.

How canon gay Rufus was revealed

*tragic broken romance story* (at least that’s what it looked like to me)

How it should have been revealed:

Rufus:I take it you’re escaping to go clear your name and revive Aaron?

Call: Umm…maybe.

Rufus: I’ll catch up with you later then.

Call: Where are you going?

Rufus: I just know how these things go with you. I should at least tell my husband in case I’m found dead with two kids and a chaos wolf.

Tamara: Husband?

Call: You’re married?!

Rufus: Is it really that surprising? =/

very interesting that it’s how one sees the universe that affects one’s actions.

we get “I don’t think she ever saw anything” in regards to Missy and her pact with the Doctor to see the universe

we get Clara and Twelve showing Rusty the Dalek a star and Twelve’s speech about seeing beauty (that backfires though, but that’s a different post)

there’s a star in Heather’s eye and she sees the world differently

and that being able to see the wonder and goodness despite of or because of or amid the horror and badness, simply seeing the universe differently and finding the beauty in it, drives the Doctor’s hope

it’s hard to restrain

Searching for Oswald... and Chicken

So, to get this off my chest quickly:

Best thing about the TV show is the original content, you all know I say this, and the best part of that original content is the Berserker siblings: their individual journeys, their reunion, and, now, their combined search for their father following clues left by a Diary of Death. Keep your ‘not-really-canon filler’ stuff and just give me a decent spin-off of this, please.

That said, Oswald is ringing some strong Grimbeard vibes here…

Astrid: I’ll watch the kids, babe

Speaking of, the only person with more bloodshot eyes than Astrid is Dagur

SO DAGUR STRAIGHT UP WALKS INTO HIS DEAD FATHER’S BODY? I called the morbidity getting a little high, but this was craaaaaay. Loved that. Now that’s a fun twist.

Again, just give me a TV show about these kids.

To end it off… I had been under the assumption that Oswald was big and hefty with a Mead-gut like we see most of the older generation… not…

Like, damn, Agreeable was an apt name if you catch my drift.