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Chapter 0.5: The Observational Diaries Of Saeran– Living With My Idiot Brother And Sister-In-Law

“Today sis in law finally threw a fit over bro’s terrible eating habits but they made up 5 minutes later and started making out so I left the room. The popcorn was nice.”

(I’m sorry lol I just felt like drawing a nonchalant Saeran eating popcorn…)

I hope no one misunderstands this episode and starts like… twisting it up to be a real awful mess…

I mean i think the message is really clear…

Don’t be an asshole and don’t think you have the same voice weight as an “ally” that as a real part of the minority.

Art giveaway prize for @malo-mart !

A parallel to the scene in Skywardsword where Zelda was giving Link and the Master sword the goddess’ blessing :O

((This is not a spoiler guys I don’t even have this game ;;))


Look at the lake and trees and furries

Look at how the just-starting-to-set sun falls on her face

Look at how Ymir looks back and Christa and just doesn’t even say anything

Listen to the music in this scene. The piano.

The emotion on their faces,

the way they totally give away how they feel,

even more romantic scenery,

how much time Christa spends gazing intently at Ymir under a gorgeous sky,

the devotion, and the explicit question of why

the intensity.

These two seem even gayer in the anime than in the manga.

Like I have no worries. The u gay herring can scene will come.

I watched the episode with two anime-only friends, and they both were like “lesbians” almost immediately. The gay was not subtle.

  • Emma: We're giving up rum!
  • Hook: But--!
  • Emma: And dessert
  • Hook: Aw okay.
  • Hook: Wait does that include pop tarts?
  • Emma: Well...
  • Hook: And onion rings?
  • Emma: That's not dessert...
  • Hook: But they're very unhealthy!
  • Hook: What about grilled cheese? It's so fattening!
  • Emma: Oh wow I did not think this through.
  • Hook: And no more hot chocolate with whip cream and cinnamon? That's a dessert for sure!
  • Emma: Okay fine! We're giving up rum and that's it!
Ashi wasn't just a plot device

So irritated that that’s all people see when they look at her.
It’s as if she ISN’T one of the most amazing female characters we’ve gotten in a long time.
Why? Why do people minimize her like that? I’ve seen so many “feminists” complain that she’s only there to fuel Jack(a man)’s story. As if it’s some terrible thing for a woman to be supporting a man who’s been alone and depressed for 50 years.
Doesn’t that kinda negate her as a female character, and moreover a character in general?
Yeah the plot is affected by her but that’s how writing works. She’s not a plot device, she’s a good character that tons of people like, myself included, that is tied to the plot.
As a feminist, there’s no one I’d put at Jack’s side other than Ashi, and I’m pretty sure that was Genndy’s intention with her to begin with.

The Samurai Jack fandom rn
  • <p> <b>Jashi shippers:</b> Nice! Our ship is Canon and Jack gets to be happy with another human being.<p/><b>Anti- Jashi fans:</b> HOW DARE THEY BE STRAIGHT! JACK IS GAY AND ASHI IS A LESBIAN AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT! THIS SHOW IS HETERO-PANDERING GARBAGE AND I'LL NEVER WATCH IT AGAIN!!!<p/><b>Me, over in the corner:</b> *headcanons bi Jack quietly and gives a thumbs up to the Jashi shippers.*<p/></p>