spoiler alert there is a proposal

Y’all know my obsession with mer!Stiles but what about professional merman!Stiles and single dad!Derek whose little girl is obsessed with mermaids?

Derek understands it’s probably not healthy to try indulge all of his daughter’s impossible wishes, but she rarely asks for anything and if she wants a mermaid for her 6th birthday he’s going to find a way to make it happen.

Enter Stiles - professional merman. Derek isn’t exactly sure if a dude is quite what his daughter wants in a mermaid but between not wanting to ruin the surprise and the fact she pretty much squeals MERMAID!! MERMAID!! MERMAID!! when she sees anything that even slightly resembles a fish, he thinks a guy will be fine. 

Derek is expecting…well, he’s not actually sure what he’s expecting. Do professional mermaids grow up wanting to be professional mermaids or does the job just come with a particular…lifestyle, like surfers and lifeguards and people way too obsessed with Disney? Whoever Derek is expecting to show up at his door though, it certainly isn’t someone who greets him by saying, “holy shit, you’re gorgeous” followed by “wait, I mean…holy shit you’re gorgeous.” Derek hasn’t felt his cheeks turn red since he was fifteen, which is why he’s totally not to blame when all he manages to say in return is, “do you come with your own tail?”

“Why, you planning on supplying one for me, big guy? I do have my own tail but if kitting me out in a different one is something you’re into….” he winks, like he was fucking born to, and for a moment Derek is kind of terrified he’s accidentally hired a hooker who thinks Derek has a weird mermaid fetish. 

“Um…no….that’s….okay.” He swears he used to have better game than this. Not that he’s trying to flirt with Stiles. He hired him for his daughter’s birthday party, for fuck’s sake. There are rules. He’s almost certain. 

“Great, well, if you could just lead me to the pool….” Stiles squints. “You….do have a pool, right? Once someone hired me to sit in a bathtub all day and while you might think getting paid to sit around in bathtub all day is the world’s best job, believe me when I say it’s not.”

Half an hour later, Derek blushes again - this is really getting out of hand - when Stiles knocks on his back door, panting, “okay, so, I know my website says professional and please trust me when I say I am but…could you help me get my tail on? Usually I have my buddy Scott to help me set up but it’s his anniversary today and, well,” he shrugs. Derek doesn’t stop blushing for the rest of the day, in fact. Especially during lunch when the kids go inside to watch The Little Mermaid and Stiles flops up onto the pool side, the moles scattered all down his neck and chest doing funny things to Derek under the glare of the sun. Not even the way Stiles’ nose starts to burn puts him off. All it does is force Derek outside, awkwardly standing over Stiles, shyly holding out some sunscreen. 

It doesn’t help that Stiles is perfect with the kids, either. No question is too silly for him and he even manages to coax his daughter’s friend Isaac to the edge of the pool even though Isaac is frightened of mermaids and the only reason he came today is because his daughter promised to hold his hand all day and protect him (which Derek noted fondly Isaac couldn’t stop talking about all week, according to his older brother).

The real problem starts, however, when his daughter asks Stiles if he will fall in love with her daddy because her daddy deserves true love because he’s he bestest daddy in the whole world and mermaids always always make sure when they fall in love it’s the “big explody” kind of love, right? You’re not an evil mermaid, are you Stiles? You won’t try to drown my daddy if he kisses you, will you? 

No, sweetheart, I won’t drown your daddy if he tries to kiss me.” He looks over at Derek, waggling his eyebrows. Derek, god help him, has never been so endeared in his life. 

See, daddy,” his daughter yells, putting her hands on her hips. “I told you.”

Stiles bites down on a laugh and Derek crosses his arms, raises an eyebrow at her. “Lacy, what have I told you about trying to set daddy up with strangers?”

“But Stiles isn’t a stranger, daddy. He’s got a tail.” 

Derek sighs, leading Lacy into the house. “I’m sure Stiles already has a lovely mer…person waiting for him at home.”

“You won’t ever find love if you don’t take a chance, daddy,” Lacy pouts, sounding scarily like Erica whenever they get onto the topic of his love life (which is horribly frequent these days).

“Yeah,” Stiles call after them, “take a chance, daddy! I promise, we merfolk don’t bite.” He pauses. “Much.” He winks and Derek blushes for probably the 100th time that day.

He hates everything.

Except, he really doesn’t because after putting Lacy to bed, he comes back down stairs to find Stiles’ number on the envelope of cash he had left out for Stiles to take. 

We merfolk don’t have use for money but if you want to buy me dinner some time, we do like to eat.

P.S. Curly fries are optional but highly encouraged.

P.P.S. If you bring me this money instead of curly fries, this relationship is not going to work. 

(Spoiler alert: Derek doesn’t bring Stiles his money. Instead he puts it in a box, still inside the envelope, which neither of them touch until Stiles proposes five years later when they use it to buy celebratory engagement pizza and that fancy ice cream that Lacy loves so much - which she henceforth insists on calling “finally ice cream” because, well…..finally.)

Emmys: ‘Flash’ Song May Bring Pasek & Paul Closer to EGOT 

The Pasek & Paul song, “Runnin’ Home to You,” is sung by Barry (Grant Gustin) to the love of his life, Iris West (Candice Patton), just before he — spoiler alert — proposes to her in the final moments of the emotional episode, which has received near-unanimous praise, with Vanity Fair going so far as to proclaim it “the best musical TV episode of all time.”

watch video here. retweet/reply here.


Steggy AU: Six months after Steve goes down in the Valkyrie, Howard and his team find his wreckage in the middle of the Arctic and, much to their surprise, he is still alive. Once recovered, Steve returns to the Commandos while Peggy stays on in New York with the SSR. That is until the Commandos requests the SSR’s help with an undercover operation and Steve chooses the worst time to propose.
Spoiler Alert: The next time Steve pops the question, Peggy says yes!

Merry Christmas to my Steggy Secret Santa, @mrgaretcarter

So besides flipping over the proposal (which I am!!!!!!!!!AAaaAAaAaHHAhHHh) Can we talk about these cuties and how much I’m shipping them?????? ps click for caption because I think I’m funny (spoiler alert: I’m not)

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Well, you're a male right? So will you disagree if I say that Kaneki is not a gay? (I don't know but most of people in this fandom are disagree with it)

Whether or not I’m male is irrelevant, I mean…

Spoiler Alert: Kaneki is not gay

People can continue to headcanon whether Kaneki is bisexual or not, because there’s nothing to prove or disprove that. However, proposing the idea of Kaneki being homosexual at this point in the story is ludicrous.

Not to say that people can’t have their fantasies or AU’s of Kaneki being gay, because there’s nothing wrong with using your imagination of course. It only becomes absurd when you try to deny things which have actually happened in the story.

Malia finally admits she’s in love with Lydia and in return, Lydia confesses the same and they start dating.

Isaac comes back for the final fight and decides to propose to Scott on the spot after they almost lose their lives, yet again, because “fuck, I’m tired of pretending I’m not in love with you.” (Spoiler alert: Scott says yes.)

Stiles and Derek take Stiles’ jeep and leave Beacon Hills together for good this time (maybe they’ll go back for special events). Derek reaches out and takes Stiles’ hand in his, “you sure you wanna do this?” Stiles has never been so sure of anything in his life. He tells Derek this with a kiss.

How about PhD candidate!Derek and writer!Stiles who both spend most of their days at the same coffee shop because they offer free refills and their muffins are to die for.

Derek usually takes up two tables with all of his research materials and his laptop.  He’s got his usual spot in the back corner where the windows and outside world can’t distract him, but he’s always getting distracted by the guy who, in recent months, has taken up residence at the table next to his.  Whose long fingers dance over the keyboard of his old MacBook so quickly it’s like he’s scared the words will leave him if he doesn’t get them out. He can’t tell if he’s a mega hipster or if he just really likes flannels and beanies, but either way he’s just Derek’s type with his full lips and whiskey eyes.

And Stiles, well he’s working on his second novel and he’s behind on his deadline because he couldn’t focus at home with Scott and Kira planning their wedding and now he can’t even focus at the coffee shop because this guy with his soft dark hair, his pale, ever changing eyes, and his fucking glasses that slip down his nose when he’s really focused.  At this rate the second book in his time traveling mystery series will never get written, especially not if the sweater clad hottie keeps growing out his mountain man beard out. 

They don’t ever really speak except for the occasional hello or good morning, but they notice each other all the time. Derek knows that if hot hipster is struggling with whatever he’s writing that he get’s an iced mocha and gnaws on the straw in a way that really shouldn’t turn Derek on, but it does. 

Stiles knows that if Hottie McBeardie is having a bad day of research that he get’s a brownie and eats it bit by bit while scowling at his books.  He also knows that when he’s having a good day with whatever he’s doing he gets a small smile on his face while he types.

It all comes to a head when Stiles goes to the university library to get some information on Aztec rituals and the librarian directs him to the Latin American Studies office where he finds Hottie McBeardie sitting in the small office lobby area with a stack of papers in front of him. 

There’s an awkward moment when Derek looks at Stiles and asks, “Are you stalking me?’

Stiles turns bright red and then says, “No I’m looking for Derek Hale, he’s suppose to be the guy to ask about Aztec rituals.”

Then it’s Derek’s turn to blush because of course hot hipster is here about that and not stalking him. “I’m Derek Hale.”

“Oh, well in that case I’m looking for you, I’m Stiles Stilinski and I need some help,” Stiles says reaching his hand out to shake Derek’s.

Derek accepts it and feels his stomach flutter when they touch before he asks, “What can I help you with?”

Derek gives Stiles all the information he needs and then some and by the end of the conversation he’s pretty sure he’s in love.  They both laugh about the fact that they’ve been working next to each other for months and it took a trip across town to find each other.

“What do you need all this for anyway?”

“It’s for my book,” Stiles says a little sheepishly, cheeks going red.

“Anything I might have heard of?” Derek asks, really wanting to know more about Stiles because he’s 99% sure he’s the one

“Uh, it’s my second book for a series called Out of Time,” Stiles says, running a hand over the back of his head, he didn’t love talking to people about his books, they always had suggestions about the characters and who should end up with who or how he should move the plot forward. 

“I love that book,” Derek says, his eyes soft as he looks at Stiles, “It’s historically accurate and the characters are so well formed. Can you give me a hint at where they go after the Tutor Era? Is it straight to the Aztecs or somewhere else first.”

“I can’t spoil it for you,” Stiles says, then blushes deeply then and gives Derek a smile, “Can I get your number?”

“For more research?” Derek asks, feeling a little hopeful, but at the same time trying to not get his hopes up.

“No, so I can take you out to dinner,” Stiles says with a sly smile and then Derek’s ears turn pink.

“Yeah, sure,” He says, trying to play it cool but he’s sure Stiles can hear his heart pounding. 

They end up going to dinner that night at a local 24 hour diner and talk until 2 am and then Derek takes Stiles to his favorite section of the universes library when they leave. It’s the best first date either of them has ever had and when they run into each other at the coffee show that evening, both looking exhausted but happy, they share a table instead of sitting at separate ones.

And when the book comes out 8 months later (on time thank you very much you can stop riding me Lydia) the dedication reads “For Derek: Who taught me a lot about the Aztecs, but a lot more about love.”

Three years, 2 more time travel books, one completed and published dissertation, and a move across the country for a professorship later, Stiles proposes to Derek in the dedication of his most recent novel, the final in the Out of Time series, and uses a hollowed out copy of his second book to give him the ring.  

Spoiler alert: He says yes. 

My Savior - A Mitch Rapp Series / Chapter Two

Chapter One << Chapter Two << Chapter Three

Auther’s Note: Sooo I don’t know what to think about this one… There isn’t a lot happening here, but it’s a slow burn story, so bare with me. In the next Chapter they’re gonna get closer though, so look forward to that *wink*

Warnings: the beach scene is discribed… so spoiler alert I guess? But not really, because everyone knows what happened there… Still I am gonna insert a spoiler alert in the story, so you can still read it ;)

Word count: 4,2k

Pairing: Mitch x Reader (but only further in the story)

You blinked several times, before the black spots didn’t blur your vision anymore. As soon as your vision cleared you sat up straight, head still spinning.

“Ah Y/N. You’re awake.” You heard Stan’s voice at the other end of the room. You turned your head, seeing his angry glare which made you slouch down on the black leather couch you sat on. “Would you mind, telling me what the fuck happened back there? I thought you finally had yourself under control!” His voice rose with every word, but you just sat there, staring right back at him without a readable expression whatsoever.

“For fucks sake, Y/N!” Stan strode towards you, his face bright red with anger.

“I am sorry, Stan.” You croaked out.

His expression softened as he realized the state you were in. He normally just knew you as the tough girl everyone else also believed you were. “I am sorry too, okay? But if that keeps happening I need you to go…”

Your head swiveled in his direction, an expression of utter hurt and fear resting on your face. “No Stan, listen! I promise this won’t happen ever again! Please don’t do this!”

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This Is What You Came For;

Prompt: A one shot based off This Is What You Came For by Calvin Harris and Rihanna sent by anon. 

Summary: It’s Riley’s 21st birthday and after a fight with her long-term boyfriend Lucas, Riley heads to the club in an attempt to forget her troubles. 

Word Count: 1658

○ ○ ○

♫ ♫ ♫  Baby, this is what you came for
Lightning strikes every time she moves
And everybody’s watching her
But she’s looking at you ♫ ♫ ♫ 

It’s no secret Lucas Friar can be a little jealous when it comes to Riley Matthews, even after dating for almost seven years.

The two high school sweethearts attend colleges two thousand miles apart but they’ve managed to survive the distance. Although they are still together the distance has put a strain on the long term relationship.

Riley is a person you either love or hate and there are very few people in the world that don’t love the quirky brunette. It’s her bubbly and positive nature that has people gravitating towards her and this means Riley is socially thriving in college.

With all the new friends Riley was making there came just as many jealous reactions from Lucas. The Texan isn’t jealous Riley’s making friends he’s just triggered by the all male attention she’s receiving.

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Jake & Amy || The Toitest of Nups [5x06].

(SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t watched 5x06 of B99 yet!)

I already wanted to use that song for the proposal but… finally I’m glad I waited haha. These two are so happy to get married, it’s beautiful ♥

In case it gets block in your country (especially if you’re in the US or Canada), you can still watch it here.

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Lams fic recs?


i’ve found a lot of new ones since my first/last rec, and i’m giving you everything i’ve got. let’s go.

first and foremost, one of the fics i mentioned in my last rec, in the place to be, wrapped up. BUT there’s a sequel that’s in the works, “more than anyone bargained for”. the sequel picks up three years after ITPTB left off and washington’s up for reelection. (spoiler alert) john’s father dies and so john goes to south carolina for the funeral. alex fucks up some shit while john is away, so he goes to SC with the intention of coming clean and apologizing but ends up proposing instead. the rest of the fic basically revolves around all the secrets that come out about alex and john’s pasts as they’re trying to plan the wedding. and holy shit. holy shit. this fic is DRAMATIC. there are so many secrets, so many giant things, but the reader doesn’t learn about any of it until someone in the fic finds out, or john or alex finds out that someone knows or something like that. it’s insane, the cliffhangers, the amount of stress this fic gives me, in a good way. it’s such a slippery slope of everything going to shit but i LOVE IT. i personally think it’s even better than the original, but you kinda gotta read ITPTB first in order for half of this to make sense.

“concrete jungle where opportunity awaits” is another lams college au, which i just started. pretty standard. fans of the (hhh)eoy universe would probably get a kick out of this since it’s almost the same thing.

“e=mc^2″ is one of the most creative plots and characterizations i’ve seen in fic. coffee shop au, technically, but alex is mute. v original and good, but a couple things to note. not for the easily triggered. there’s use of cigarettes, mentions of suicide, and probably a couple other things that aren’t in the tags that i can’t think of. also the author started doing alternate endings to the chapters. these have no relation to the events of the story and technically don’t have to be read, but they’re not as happy as the events in the actual chapters. those also have trigger warnings for blood, hospitals, and people being dicks, so far. it’s also something to be aware of if you’re gonna binge read it so it doesn’t get confusing. it starts around like chapter 3 or 4.

even though it’s the asker’s fic, i’m also recommending “eyes like broken christmas lights” because it’s another one of the most creative plots i’ve seen. college au technically, but with the ultimate heartbreaking plot twist that affects the entire rest of the story. so good. i want to wrap alex in blankets.

if you’re looking for cute cute and more cute, there’s the “finding their home” series. it’s your standard modern au of the revolutionary set living and adventuring in new york city. lots of adorable lams and also LOTS of very heartwarming friendship interactions that make my heart all fuzzy.

another fake dating au to add to the mix is “frankly, it’s a tad exhilarating”. john enlists his roommate alex to pretend to be his boyfriend to prove to his homophobic father that he’s actually gay. alex is super happy to help and also a coy little flirt. john’s feelings don’t stay fake for very long. pretty standard, lots of pining, so much pining, and it’s still in progress so things are heating up in more ways that one ;D

ham school musical”. a lams hsm au. john is troy. alex is gabriella. do i really need to say any more?

the “king’s college” series is yet another college au but it’s just a bunch of schmoopy adorable one-shots that are just cute schmoop because who can get enough of cute schmoopy lams?

can’t remember if i put this is my last one, but there’s also the “leg day” series which is nice. john has purple hair and works at the ice rink where alex practices. not a lot of major plot, and some might consider their laurens really out of character, but it’s written really well, i like it a lot.

there’s another really creative one called “skylark” which is supposedly going to involve lots of activism and nuclear weapons? it only has one chapter so far, but it’s by the same person who writes rochambeau so i’m really excited for it, it should be good. the first chapter is great too.

quite possibly the only canon era fic that’s going in here is the “there must be 50 ways to please your lover” series. no plot, just sex. very delicious.

another one that’s not for the easily triggered is “where it wasn’t supposed to be”. john is at the laundromat and the guy at the machine next to him, alex, is washing blood out of his clothes. turns out alex is in an abusive relationship, but john happens to work at a crisis center, so. updates pretty often. alex needs to be protected at all costs. i feel like this rec isn’t as exciting to read as the last one. oh well. we’re still going.

another short fic to throw at you, “you’ve got something i need”. john is a high school history teacher, and alex subs for him one day. told over social media and texts. a few ocs but it’s cute af. there’s only one chapter left to be posted though apparently.

a few excellent one-shots before i finish up. “take it, just don’t break it” aka 5 times john told alex to be gentle and one time he didn’t. way cuter than i anticipated???? the end kills me so much, it’s so great. i might just go back and read it again now that i’m talking about it.

don’t trust too much your bloom”. alex is a poetry nerd, john not so much. or maybe he is? there’s not that much plot, but i put this in here because i actually remember getting dizzy when i read this. like, in a good way. it was so sweet and adorable and fluffy, but it was also SO SENSUAL and hot and delicious and i can’t even explain it. it filled me with something.

my body ten thousand rings wrapped around you”. kind of an office au, but you don’t have to know the office to appreciate this, cuz i don’t and this was so good. i read it this morning cuz it was probably posted within the last day and oh my god it’s so good. alex has body image issues and is also in love with john but super oblivious to how john feels about him. same with john and how alex feels about him. but then things happen and it’s SO GOOD i couldn’t thin of words enough to put in the comments but it’s really really good. ugh. alex needs to be protected. again.

but the ultimate one shot is “evoking spirits”. written by the same person who writes (hhh)eoy, this is a reincarnation au where alex realizes who he is but john doesn’t, and alex is determined to “wake john up”. holy shit. i have no words of praise strong enough for this piece of writing. it’s nice and long, but none of it feels like fluff or unnecessary. the characterization is amazing, the writing is extraordinary, the sexual tension and the build, the ending. everything is so good. this is a must read imo.

AND FINALLY, even though this isn’t technically lams, i’m including it because it’s one of my faves. “the chat where it happens”. skype chat between the hamilsquad and eventually several other historical figures from the revolution, whether they were characters in the musical or not. no plot. pure crack. ridiculous as hell. meta as hell. updates often. lots of memes. anime talk that i don’t really understand. funny as FUCK, oh my GOD, the amount of times i laughed so hard i couldn’t breathe while reading this fic, i can’t even count. i’m putting this in because it’s the ultimate feel-good, side-splitting laughter fic in the hamilton fandom. HOWEVER, it’s elams, not lams. also jeffmads and lafucles as well as other couples, but jeffmads is featured a lot. if that really doesn’t float your boat, “marijuana squadjuana” and “ravioli ravioli give me the squadioli” are similar in terms of crack, lack of actual plot, and me crying because i’m laughing so much, AND they are lams.

PHEW. THAT’S IT. WE’RE DONE. thank you so much for sending me another ask, i kinda love putting recs together like this now. i had a lot of fun making this. as i said in the beginning, this plus my first rec is pretty much everything i’ve got, but don’t be afraid to send me more messages asking for recs, i’m sure i’ll find more soon. and as with my last rec, my ultimate recommendation is refreshing the alex/john tag on ao3 several times a day ^-^


A New Spamano Rec List!

Hi! So lately, I’ve been feeling the need for a new rec list for spamano fics. Probably because I’ve read most stories on most other lists, I don’t know. I write Spamano too, so if you’re interested, you can check out my fics here and here (some shameless self-promotion, hahaha), but I also have a very long list of spamano fics that I absolutely *adore*, written by some wonderful writers. 

I think she’s pretty popular as a spamano writer, and she’s a dear friend, but Spinyfruit has some amazing fics for this pairing. My favourites are The Space Between the Balconies, Tesoro Mio and Before the Snow Falls

For the rest, I’ve made a list!

All these stories are complete, and include both oneshots and multichapters. Warnings have been provided wherever required. 

1) Exasperation by ReinMaker - 
Lovino reflects on how it came to this, thanks to himself and his mother-in-law.

What I love about this fic is that it’s short, cleanly written and highly realistic. It gives you an idea of life beyond the happily ever after - it gives you an insight into what may happen next. The open-ending leaves it up to the reader to decide what needs to happen between Antonio and Lovino. 

2)  Five Steps to the Perfect Wine (or Romance) by BlackRoseGirl666 -  Spain and South Italy fall in love in steps that may or may not be comparable to those that go into making wine, if Spain were to be asked. Other nations stumble around them, slightly amazed.

I feel like this oneshot needs to be more popular because it’s hopelessly romantic and it just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Also, it’s beautifully written. 

3)  All of Our Sins by Terminally Introverted -  Lovino is Catholic, but he’s not entirely sure what he believes. Nevertheless, he and his brother Feliciano are forced to attend confirmation classes. When Lovino meets their group leader- bizarre, cheerful Antonio; one of the first people to treat Lovino like he matters- things get complicated. When they find this church is much darker than it appears, things get terrifying. Fast.

While this one has trigger warnings for self-harm and anxiety and suicidal themes, I know that it’s fairly well-known. I like it for how realistic it is and how it addresses the themes of homophobia. The fic is both frightening and heart-wrenching, but overwhelmingly hopeful. 

4) glory hallelujah by boys and girls look to the sky -  “Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I had gay sex to music that wasn’t Gospel.” – Lovino/Antonio

Short and outrageously funny, this fic had me in splits, saying, “Holy crap!” over and over again. 

5)  strangers by 2degreesabovefreezing -  Lovino’s music was missing one thing…him. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, the optimistic busker who changed his life in ways he never could have guessed. Love can be lost as easily as it’s found, especially when it’s found by two broken-hearted kids still trying to find their way in life. A slice-of-life tale about the healing power of music, based off the award winning musical Once.

This is another fic I think deserves more recognition than it has. Sad, romantic and powerful, I love the portrayal of the characters. It’s just a really well-written story. 

6) All’s Fair in Love and Football by stellariums -  “There, there, you blubbering goddamn pansy.” — A protective Lovino, his hysterical Spanish boyfriend, a massacre on the soccer field, and a moment of silence for Lars’ ridiculously expensive car.

Written after Spain’s disastrous FIFA defeat, this is a short but adorable (and funny) series about how Romano deals with his heartbroken boyfriend.

7) Project Bastard by LogicalDreamer -  Romano is conducting a study. Or maybe not so much a study as a critical review, or maybe just some nice memories he can talk about when that ring comes into play.

Who doesn’t love a Spamano Artist AU set in Rome?

8) Please Don’t Cry by Lady-Pyrien -  Antonio has a knack for making the other kids smile when they are upset. His mother always did say he had a ‘fectious smile. However, when he meets Lovino, a child who won’t stop crying on his first day of school, what is Antonio to do? Should he give up?

There’s nothing to say except that I love every single thing about this fic. The Spamano is adorable and the young characters are the cutest things ever. 

9) Tomato Poetry by JokertheMatrix -  Gakuen AU. Lovino and his brothers have moved into town, and a certain Spanish teen has made it his life mission to befriend this troubled Italian through the use of tomato poetry. Rated T for Lovino’s swearing and other sorts of language from others, although it’s mildly used.

This fic is probably one of the best High School AUs I’ve ever read, it’s as simple as that.

7) Tocar by superhoarding -  It’s almost 4 am, freezing cold outside and something is bothering Spain.

This oneshot is really interesting. I love the role-reversal when it’s Spain that needs taking care of, but I love Lovino’s take on it here. It’s vague, but in a pleasing way, and the whole story has this quiet, secretive, midnight-ish kind of feeling that I really enjoyed.

8) You Can Bet It’s Love by ShippingEverything -  In which no one understands how Romano and Spain aren’t dating, and America wants to make some money.

This is a delightfully funny spamano oneshot where everyone’s betting on Spamano. I really like how many countries get involved. It’s an easy read for when you’re feeling stressed and you just want some spamano perfection.

9) Surrender by ChampagneSly -  In the midst of the Spanish Civil War, Romano makes his way to Spain’s door to make amends.

This fic is really…melancholy. And heavy, of course. But it’s realistic, which is what I love in a story set in historical times. 

10) Hold Me Close While I Fall Apart by TheAlmightyMochaLatte - Romano goes over to his old boss Spain’s home, just to check on him, what ends up happening -is a surprise. No, they don’t … “do it”, you nasties. Trigger warning for self harm(also a spoiler alert)

As the description says, this fic contains dark themes such as self-harm, but is ultimately a beautiful fic about finding acceptance. Told in sixteen short chapters, the fic’s style gives each scene incredible intensity. 

11)  Two Ways About It by VIII of XIII -  In which Romano realizes that he does not know the proper way to accept a marriage proposal. Spain/Romano, some America/England and Greece/Japan

This is a very long two-shot, but it’s punchy and extremely funny. I particularly enjoyed how Romano and Spain were portrayed. 

12) How to Read for Dummies by Cutthroat Pixie -  Spain/Romano, plus Prussia and France!: The Bad Friends Trio teach Romano to read using their own patented method.

Some might say that this is actually more of a BTT story than a Spamano fic, but I think it’s a bit of both. I loved the concept, and its execution. I was giggling the whole way. 

13) Terra Rossa by Idlesana -  Romano has an artistic vision and Spain provides the color. -He shouldn’t have followed the red stains into the bathroom…

This is a very intense oneshot. I guess it has several interpretations, and I find it terribly sad, but I also think it’s vivid and glorious. Each time I read it, I fall in love with it some more. 

14) Door to Door by Canadino -  Do not open the door. It could be a zombie, an unwanted boyfriend of your brother’s, or a persistant salesman by the name Antonio Carriedo. Spain/Romano, implied Germany/Italy, AU.

Canadino is such a good writer, and I think this AU really suits spamano for some reason. 

15) Falling by Frostwhisker -  Antonio always comes up with the stupidest ideas. But sometimes, the suffering his brainless schemes can cause is worth it in the end. AU Spamano. Fluff

Just tooth-rotting Spamano fluff and left me grinning. I’ve read this multiple times because it just cheers me up so much. 

16) The Poison Dance by Scarabsi -  In which, to Romano’s dismay, Spain discovers the Delicious Tomato song and listens to it. Rated for bad language and references to organized crime.

This is probably one of the most interesting Spamano fics I’ve read. Initially, I’d expected it to be funny, but it’s not. This fic is more like a study of their relationship, and of Romano in particular, and the whole thing is just tackled so gracefully. There are some references I don’t really get, but I don’t think it makes a difference, because this fic remains powerful regardless. It actually inspired my fic Lentamente. For the concept and its execution, I feel like The Poison Dance is an extremely under-appreciated fic, which is a real shame because it’s probably one of the better Spamano oneshots out there. 

 17)  Chocolate Kisses and White Board Markers by LionAmongTheSheep -  Antonio works at a sweets shop at Disney, making taffy and other random assortments with his coworker Francis. His shop and the chocolate shop next door are only separated by a large glass wall, and one day he sees a beautiful man who he communicates with using said wall.

Tooth-rotting fluff, as you can imagine.

18) How to care for your Spaniard by  IggyThePunyTweeling97 -  Romano has written a journal which contains all his observations revolving around keeping his Spaniard alive.

I see this as a snapshot, or perhaps a short insight into how their relationship works. It left me smiling all throughout. I basically live to see caring!Lovino (I cannot tell you how SICK the conventional “Damaged Lovi needs love and Spain saves the day” crap makes me), so seeing their relationship from Romano’s point of view is a great way to see him reciprocate in the relationship. 

19)  Desaparecido by Happymood -  When Spain goes missing one day, Romano set his mind on finding him, discovering a lot of things along the way. Spamano. Plus other minus pairings.

This was probably one of the first Spamano fics I’d ever read, and it left me feeling quite sad. It has a happy ending, sort of, but still. But the fic is beautiful, of course, and it’s not something you can just leave half way. 

20)  Dolce Propuestas by OwlinAMinor -  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. And then again. And again. Spamano.

This super cute oneshot is nothing but pure fluff, a story about how they propose to each other. 


I hope you enjoyed these fics! I may put up another rec list, probably of another pairing or character. I think the beauty about Hetalia is that there is a lot that fans can explore, from AUs to pairings to friendships and family bonds, and there are thousands of wonderful writers out there who are eager to delve into these aspects. 

Anyway, see you next time! 


NEW VIDEO! Our proposal video is up! Spoiler alert - she said yes 😜

anonymous asked:

what do you think prompted hook to want to ask emma to marry him

Well, not that exact moment. We’ll have to see if there are any clues dropped during the Charming/Killian conversation on the topic, but I actually think Killian has been in that head space for a long time. 

He’s probably wanted to marry Emma since he realized he was in so far deep, he was willing to give up his ship, his home of 300 years, to get back to her. Ever since then he’s been waiting to build a relationship and for her to be ready and for them to have a breather from certain death. 

As to what prompts him to know that she’s ready, I think her asking him to move in together and then finally being open to him about everything probably was the game changer. We know from his conversation with Ashley that he felt like they were taking things slow and it was pretty clear that was on Emma’s side. (though it’s only slow in Fairy Tale relationship terms where you have a magical first kiss and run directly to the alter, in real world timeline they’re moving fast!) 

So, my guess is that since we know that (SPOILER ALERT) she changes her mindset about her own fate and destiny in 6x11, her new outlook prompts Hook to realize she’s ready and it’s time. 

the Heartbreak Hoard No. 1 - fuck you homer

Blurb: Greece in the age of heroes. Patroclus, an awkward young prince, has been exiled to the court of King Peleus and his perfect son Achilles. Despite their differences, the boys develop a tender friendship, a bond that blossoms into something deeper as they grow into young men.

But when Helen of Sparta is kidnapped, Achilles is dispatched to distant Troy to fulfil his destiny. Torn between love and fear for his friend, Patroclus follows, little knowing that the years that follow will test everything they hold dear. 

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17.05.22 Kizoku Tantei EP6 Selected Kizoku Scriptlines - Aiba Masaki [English, Spoiler alert]

(Satsuki proposed Kizoku marrying Yayoi)
Gozen: No way. While Yayoi-san is very beautiful, I have a favour of sun-like brightness like Satsuki-san.

(In tent)
Gozen: How special that there are three murders, my servants will each handle one. You are permitted to move around in Earl’s house freely. You three, do as you can.
Yamamoto, Tanaka, Sato: At your pleasure.

Takatoku: So you will not do anything?
Gozen: What are you talking about. It is me who am using tools.
Takatoku: I thought it before, you call your servants as tool, isn’t it too rude?
Gozen: They are lucky ones. To be able to be used by me.

(In tent, Earl came)
Gozen: Earl Sakuragawa, thanks for coming.
Sakuragawa: You don’t have to thank me. It’s about solving the mystery.
Gozen: However, it is the onna tantei-san who is going to do deduction.
Sakuragawa: I have expectation on you. Kitami Kiriko’s apprentice-san.
Gozen: Apprentice-san, please.

(After Takatoku accused Yayoi as murderer)
Gozen: Yayoi-san, do you have anything to refute?
(Hanagata was about to arrest Yayoi)
Gozen: (Clap hands) Bravo!
Takatoku: Wait, it is not appropriate, at this moment.
Gozen: Applause for splendid things, what is the problem?
Takatoku: I don’t need this.
Gozen: I have no idea of what you talk about.
Takatoku: I mean I don’t need you clapping hands for my deduction.
Gozen: My applause is for the splendid master-servant relationship heritage in Sakuragawa family. As for your naniwa-bushi deduction with no evidence at all, I feel embarrassed just by listening to it. There is nothing as disgraceful as a tantei who is obsessed with himself.
Takatoku: So my deduction is wrong?
Gozen: Extremely wrong.
Takatoku: Yayoi-san has confessed her sin.
Gozen: But, she has not disclosed the truth.
Takatoku: Then… so you tell us the truth.
Gozen: Of course. Because you two (Tomoya & Yayoi) cannot be separated by false charge. Let me save you. Yamamoto.
Yamamoto: Yes.
Gozen: Tanaka.
Tanaka: Yes.
Gozen: Sato.
Sato: Yes.
Gozen: Tell them.
Yamamoto / Tanaka / Sato: Noted.

Satsuki: (To Gozen) What is it about? You do not do deduction yourself?
Gozen: You all of the prestigious Sakuragawa family should understand. Trivial such as deduction is fine to be done by servants. (Sakuragawa family nodded) Thanks for your understanding. So Yamamoto, start from you.

(After nazotoki)
Gozen: A last moment suitable for these foolish people. But Sato.
Sato: Yes.
Gozen: My name card…
Sato: In order to correctly convey the situation, I handled your name card with such rudeness, it was a bitter decision. Please forgive my rudeness.
Gozen: You made a correct decision. Thanks for such decision.
Sato: (About to cry) Thanks for your words.

Takatoku: Why did Yayoi-san not refute that my deduction was wrong?
Yayoi: Because…
Gozen: Because she wanted to protect that servant. Last night, after sending her to her room, Tomoya-san went to the crime scene, she saw this. Yayoi-san, did you not misunderstand the situation too? That Tomoya-san was the murderer. Then to the servant who has saved you, this time you thought that it is your time to repay him for his kindness, so you followed the funny deduction of this onna tantei-san and took the liability. Yayoi-san. Servant, as to master, is just tool. While tool can help the human being who uses it, is there person who risks his life for tool? This is also not the wish of servant. What servant wishes for is the fortune of the master. And then, the master, for the servant, should become fortunate. You are the successor of Sakuragawa family. Please remember this.
Yayoi: Thank you for your words.
Gozen: Earl, a third party as me said too much, my apology.
Sakuragawa: No, it’s fine.

(In Earl’s room)
Gozen: As expected Sakuragawa family. You have splendid servants.
Earl: Not as splendid as your servants.
Gozen: Compared with this, that Kanayama-something who drank the poison, he was somehow excellent.
Earl: (Paused for a moment) What is it about?
Gozen: Have you heard about the fable “Three piglets”? Piglets living in straw house and wood house escaped to the brick house and were not eaten by wolf. What a stupid story. In fact, there is another ending which is more interesting.
Earl: Another ending?
Gozen: The three piglets escaping to brick house cannot endure the fear to wolf, in order to save itself, they thoughtlessly ate each other.
Earl: Is there such terrible ending?
Gozen: What are you talking about. Is it not the story written by you Earl?
Earl: Me?
Gozen: Earl Sakuragawa is, the wolf. Drinking poison, leaving suspicious message, the performance of Kanayama-something was under your instruction.
Earl: Why do I make such act?
Gozen: To chase the three piglets. Originally, to Sakuragawa family, the families of those husband candidates who have helped you before were a trouble like a bone in your throat. Therefore Earl you chased them to doubt about each other. By this the thoughtless candidates would destroy themselves. And then, the foolish piglets just fell into the wolf’s trap. Calling me, or involving the onna tantei-san, all are under your calculation?
Earl: Even I am so skillful I cannot control one’s heart to such extent.
Gozen: You are a horrifying person.
Earl: Not as horrifying as you.

(About Takatoku)
Earl: Maybe one day she will surpass her master and be a threat to you.
Gozen: You are kidding.
Earl: Would she not soon notice that? The fact that you… killed… Kitami Kiriko. 

Theory time, kiddos...

Okay. So hear me out – This is how I think The 100 will end. (And this will only be about Bellarke, because I couldn’t conjure up whatever will happen to everyone else. Lol rip)

I honestly believe that Bellarke will be endgame.

 I don’t know if you’ve read the books, but in the most recent one…


Bellarke literally get ENGAGED (Sidenote: Holy fucking shit. THEY GET ENGAGED.) and I am absolutely convinced that Bellamy will propose to Clarke in the final season (whenever that is) OR there will be a flash forward and Bellarke will already be married (most likely in the final episode).

Anyways, that’s not really my theory but merely a small aspect of a larger picture, I believe that ‘The List’ was foreshadowing Bellarke being endgame. Mainly because one of the reasons Clarke chose the people she chose was because she wanted people who could reproduce together. Now I understand Clarke mostly chose Bellamy because she’s not pragmatic when it comes to him (Aaaand obviously he’s very useful as far as strength and etc.). Plus, I can’t imagine she would choose Octavia and NOT include Bellamy. Knowing Clarke, she would rather him be happy with his sister instead of spending the next few months waiting to die and is selfless enough to exclude herself from the list. But Bellamy being himself and being madly in love with Clarke Griffin insisted on her being on the list.

All the selflessness and love aside, Clarke AND Bellamy understood how the list worked. They understood that if they had to reproduce children with anyone on that list, it would probably be each other. I seriously have no doubt in my mind, that they realized in that moment that in the end it would be them together, even if they can’t admit they have feelings for one another out loud.