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#okay but this scene?? #isak initiating their first eskimo kiss?? #and like you can tell Even is a little surprised at first #but then he returns the gesture and smiles with so much fondness #probably thinking how cute this boy lying next to him is #and how happy and in love he feels at that moment

Share (OMGCP Drabble)

For prompt #20 from @checkplease100: share. Should be self-explanatory. :)

At the reception, Bitty pulls Alicia aside and presents a small, flat gift box.

“Eric!” She laughs. “You’re supposed to get these today, not give them.”

“I know, I know. But I didn’t want to wait because you’ve been wanting this for so long.”

With a perplexed smile, Alicia pulls out a folded piece of paper. She gasps when she opens it, revealing the words Moo Maw’s Blue Ribbon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

“She said I could share now that we’re all family,” Bitty explains.

“Oh Eric!” Alicia says, pulling him into a teary hug. “I’m so glad Jack met you.”


“Cousins forever.”

If anyone needs me, I’ll be over in the corner, drowning in feels.


bokkle-oran-doove  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you could give some examples of lesser used Greek mythology monsters, and what kind of personalities they may have. Thank you so much. I love your blog so much.

Ooooh boy, this was my obsession growing up.  Here are my favorite top five that you probably haven’t heard of.  

Spoiler alert:  they’re weird.

5.  Ichthyocentaurs. 

“Ichthyocentaur,” by Chrisgiz12@DeviantArt.  

Or as I prefer to call them, mercentaurs.  They’ve got the arms and torso of a man, the front legs of a horse, and the tail of a fish.  They also have “lobster claw” horns on top of their heads.  

The two best known Ichthyocentaurs are the wise Aphros and Bythos, who are half-brothers of the Centaur Chiron (the fella who raised Jason, a la Jason and the Argonauts.)  In some version, it was the Ichthyocentaurs who hoisted Venus out of the ocean on her clam shell.

Their names really do translate roughly to “fish centaurs.” 

4.  Amphisbaena.

It’s like CatDog, except both ends are snakes.  In Greek mythology, when Perseus killed Medusa, the Pegasus was born out of her corpse but her blood on the ground birthed the Amphisbaena.  In some versions, it rolls across the desert by biting onto its other  head and forming a wheel, and it feasts on insects and human corpses.  Not friendly.

3.  Phorcys.

You heard of mercentaurs, now get ready for mercrabman.  Crabmerman.  Mermancrab.  Whatever, I’m still working on the name.  In Greek mythology, they called him Phorcys, and he was essentially a merman with the front claws of a crab and spiked red skin.  He’s purportedly a child of either Oceanus and Tethys or Pontus and Gaia (it varies from myth to myth) and is the father to a host of notable monster children, including the Gorgon sisters and possibly Echidna. 

Sufficed to say, he’s a big player in Greek mythology.

2.  Ophiotaurus.  

(Art via: https://mrpsmythopedia.wikispaces.com/Ophiotaurus

This one’s part bull and part serpent:  it’s got the front half of a bull and a snake’s tail.  That might sound like the end of it, but whoever burns the entrails of the Ophiotaurus is said to possess the power to defeat the gods.  It was attempted by an ally of the Titans during their war with the gods, but Zeus took the form of an eagle (or sent an eagle, depending on the myth) to retrieve them.  

I’m inclined to be fond of the Ophiotaurus, but I might be a bit prejudiced because of how endearing it was in Percy Jackson.

1.  Hippalectryon.


I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.  It’s part horse, part rooster, specifically in that order:  the Hippalectryon has the head (and sometimes front legs) of a horse and the hind legs, body, and wings of a rooster.  Its function and any notable myths about it remain unknown, but Aristophanes described it as “an awkward looking creature.” 

I’d imagine so, Aristrophanes, I’d imagine so.

anonymous asked:

Imagine either Dipper or Bill accidentally doused with Love potion in the Familiar AU? Think Dipper will slowly turn psychotically obsessive and possessive if it continues? While Bill likes a crazy Dipper, this is too much for him.

Dipper spits out the juice halfway through his swallow. Half a mouthful goes down before he coughs, holding a fist to his mouth. He wipes at his lips, grimacing at the taste, which can’t be normal. 

Oh, for - 

He turns, and shouts.

“Bill! Did you do something weird to the orange juice?”

“Not recently!” Bill replies, loud, from somewhere across the Shack. “Why’d you ask?”

Dipper licks his lips, and frowns at the cup in his hands. 

It’s weirdly sparkly. Almost iridescent. Mabel better not have put glitter in the juice again. He thought she was over that habit, and it’d be really annoying if she picked that up again.

Dipper tilts the thing in his hand a few times, and coughs again. He feels weirdly warm inside. 

“What’s this?” Bill says, leaning over Dipper’s shoulder. “Got a problem, kid?”

Dipper doesn’t flinch. That’s what Bill wants him to do, by appearing so suddenly, but after the first dozen times, it’s not going to work again. He holds the cup up for Bill to inspect without turning around, feeling Bill rest his chin on his shoulder. “This looks weird.” And because Bill, for all his faults, knows so much, and loves to prove it - It doesn’t hurt to ask. “You know what it is?”

A soft hum vibrates through Dipper’s shoulder as Bill takes a close look. “Hand it over.” Bill snags the cup from Dipper’s hand. 

Dipper rolls his eyes and lets him take it. He hears Bill sniff a,few times.

“Oh, gross,” Bill says suddenly, with deep disgust. Dipper straightens up, slightly surprised, and watches as Bill charges over to the sink, and dumps the whole glass out, lip curled up. “How the hell did this crap get in here?”

Dipper watches him with a rising sense of alarm. Bill’s whole posture is tense, Hell, if Bill doesn’t like it. If it’s - 

Dipper clears his throat. “Is it poison?” He got a swallow down, maybe if he gets it out of his stomach fast enough, he won’t die-

“It might as well be,” Bill grumbles, pulling open the fridge door - he takes the carton of orange juice out, gives it another sniff - the contents join the glassful in the sink, before Bill sets the whole carton aflame, looking disgusted. 

“Love potion,” He says, with a tone that’s better suited to saying ‘slug mucus’, or maybe ‘pus drippings’. “Keep that crap away from your system kid, it’s no good for anyone. Good thing you spotted it.”

Dipper quietly does not have a heart attack, slamming his hands onto the counter. He stays focused on Bill, who’s making gross faces at the ashes building in his hand.

“Ahaha, yeah, good thing I did,” Dipper says brightly. He grips the counter tight. “How does that stuff work?” 

“Ah, it’s just your usual emotional manipulation potion. ‘First person seen’ kinda deal here, if I don’t miss my mark. And I don’t!” Bill says easily, smiling. Pleased to prove his knowledge about all things magical. Calm. Like nothing’s wrong at all and like things aren’t going to be completely horrible in moments, and Dipper isn’t sweating, he just needs his heart to stop pounding so hard. 

✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. five )   ❜

          (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.  ’
‘  bad idea.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect. her son’s feeding her sedatives. yeah, he was like, ‘go on mother, eat these pills.’  ’
‘  you just made this go so much more dark than it needed to be.  ’
‘  well, i just don’t trust this boy.  ’
‘  yeah, have some pills, smoke this cigarette. goodnight.  ’
‘  this is a very irresponsible landlady. if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  this is gonna get a little morbid, but who’s to say that a burning body doesn’t small like barbecue?  ’
‘  no, of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s weird!  ’
‘  has any skull shrunk at any other point in history?  ’
‘  now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.  ’
‘  you don’t think it’s weird that all of her was gone except for a skull, parts of the spine, and a fucking foot that was still completely intact like nothing happened?  ’
‘  i bet if george clooney was on the tonight show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe. clooney’s flammable.  ’
‘  clooney is probably flammable, you’re probably right.  ’
‘  so, a fire that was too hot for firemen did not damage her apartment?  ’
‘  too much fire here. what do i look like, a fireman?  ’
‘  soot and a foot. that’s all they got, huh? soot, foot, and a cup skull.  ’
‘  that’s a bizarro version of a dr. seuss book right there.  ’
‘  the foot did not catch on fire… one of ‘em anyway. that other one? phew. donezo.  ’
‘  the first theory… is ridiculous. i’m just gonna say that right now, it’s ridiculous.  ’
‘  i don’t trust anyone who says, ‘it seen it happen.’ that sounds like a country bumpkin if i’ve ever heard one.  ’
‘  it seen it! i seen it with my own two eyes!  ’
‘  i seen it happen while i was playing my banjo!  ’
‘  yeah– well, okay… keep going.  ’
‘  can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? and you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,’ can you imagine just exploding? just catching on fire. all your pals would be like, ‘huh?’ not a good night. for him or his friends.  ’
‘  is it very european to burst into flames?  ’
‘  put that pen down. you look like a jackass.  ’
‘  a lot of people explodin’ in europe. something you might wanna look into. this runs deep.  ’
‘  when i think spontaneous combustion, i think, like, ‘bam!’ like a popped balloon, just shards of person just exploding.  ’
‘  that asshole in fantastic four? what do you have against him?  ’
‘  if my clothes are on fire i’ll do a little dance to try and get ‘em out, stop, drop, and roll, what have ya.  ’
‘  maybe she just passed out or died or something.  ’
‘  i’ve never had a doctor speak to me like that. i would love it if i showed up and a doctor just started unraveling strange little tales.  ’
‘  the answer could lie with extraterrestrial origin.  ’
‘  what if aliens just get drunk and fly around the universe and shrink people’s skulls and turn them into little piles of ash?  ’
‘  i can see how aliens would be involved in kind of like shenanigans and be hooligans.  ’
‘  i don’t even smoke, but i would love to have one last cig before i go.  ’
‘  this is a weird case! this is just sinking in! what are we doing here?!  ’
‘  what if we’re just lab rats to these aliens?  ’
‘  they’re gonna shrink her into a little tiny titty.  ’
‘  no… no. what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  if you used voodoo for evil, you would kill me!? you would murder me?!  ’
‘  it’s a hypothetical, i wasn’t thinking of doing that.  ’
‘  sometimes we argue, but i don’t want to murder you.  ’
‘  i never said i wanted to murder you!  ’
‘  you wanna kill me!  ’
‘  this is a hypothetical situation!  ’
‘  alright, yeah, no. continue to tell me about it now that i know you want me dead.  ’
‘  i think you might intellectualize too much.  ’
‘  so this is kind of a night out… with spirits.  ’
‘  wha– you look so scared already.  ’
‘  i do find that more compelling than any of the other dumb ‘evidence’ you’ve dug up.  ’
‘  any time i can get you to do that shrug, it means i make a great point. it’s a great point. it makes me heart warm.  ’
‘  i’m gonna buy you one of those haunted dolls for christmas.  ’
‘  put away your fear and just focus on what you feel.  ’
‘  i’m bad at feeling. i really wanna believe in something outside the norms of, you know, physics.  ’
‘  i took an improv comedy class once because… well, i’m a white guy.  ’
‘  so, the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?  ’
‘  the takeaway here is that sounds that don’t belong in that environment may or may not be ghosts.  ’
‘  my jacket just moved in a way that it felt like somebody touched me on the shoulder and i think if you had felt it, you would scream.  ’
‘  wait, what? that was never part of the bargain.  ’
‘  a lot of times i just do these because i know you’ll hate it.  ’
‘  i feel like i’m gonna fucking cry.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna talk about it. i wanna leave.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the hell up.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the fuck up… i stepped it up with the bigger curse word there.  ’
‘  i’m not even trying to be a jerk about this, i’m just getting tired of you asking me if i get scared about things i don’t believe in.  ’
‘  it’s like asking me if i’m concerned that, when i fall asleep, the moon turns around and winks at me with a big, evil face and has a boner or something.   ’
‘  tell me what’s more probable: the moon having a boner or a ghost being real.  ’
‘  the dark side of the moon just has a giant, dusty boner. that’s about as real as ghosts.  ’
‘  now we’re heading into the belly of the beast.  ’
‘  i’m excited. this is maybe he only time i believe in what you’re talking about.   ’
‘  bigfoot’s meat and bone.  ’
‘  no, that’s dumb. it’s not supernatural, it’s natural.  ’
‘  this is the heaviest sandwich i’ve ever embraced.  ’
‘  my organ’s are starting to shut down. i’ll be dead in five minutes. i think i might need to go to the hospital.  ’
‘  could you imagine being the guy who coined the phrase ‘bigfoot’?  ’
‘  ain’t that like a couple of funny brothers… destroying their father’s legacy.  ’
‘  don’t make bigfoot believe in your little ghostly energies bigfoot is meat and bone.  ’
‘  i don’t think that’s how bigfoot rolls.  ’
‘  the vest is gonna make me look more festive… and i won’t get shot, so there’s that. that’s an added bonus. having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  you honestly think we’re going to encounter a sasquatch, the sasquatch is going to attack you and your life is going to be saved because you’re wearing a helmet? it’s gonna bring a rock down upon your head, we’re gonna get it on film, and we’re gonna say, ‘thank god you had your helmet on your head.’  ’
‘  i think we’re ready to rock and roll, man.  ’
‘  you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  if i see people taller than me i get concerned about them because i think they’re gonna die young.  ’
‘  i wasn’t fat-shaming bigfoot. i was just mentioning that this is a creature of enormous strength.  ’
‘  his name is cedric. he struck me as a cedric when i first saw him after i destroyed his apartment.  ’
‘  well, if it’s any consolation, you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  i think it’s time for a little beer break.  ’
‘  if a bigfoot actually walked out right now, this would be the greatest thing ever captured on camera, if we lured out a bigfoot with a beer.  ’
‘  they said that… i agree, but they meant it more, so hit them!  ’
‘  nah. this guys inhaling too many… cat… shit… fumes.  ’
‘  yeah, this is all jolly right now, but can you imagine what this is gonna be like at night?  ’
‘  it is a very old piece of footage, but so is… die hard. still good.  ’
‘  i’m saying just ‘cause something’s good doesn’t mean it’s bad, or–  ’
‘  that’s a completely different train of thought. what the fuck is going on here?  ’
‘  (wheezing and laughing) it’s been a long day.  ’
‘  now you look like a man i would never talk to under any circumstance.  ’
‘  don’t judge a book by it’s cover? it’s a hell of a cover. this place is beautiful!  ’
‘  i don’t wanna kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on, it’s a hotel.  ’
‘  holy shit! it’s a jacuzzi tub!  ’
‘  this is the best place we’ve ever ghostbusted.  ’
‘  like a ghost sitcom? sign me up!  ’
‘  well, he can go to hell.  ’
‘  oof. i don’t even wanna talk about that evening.  ’
‘  i stole this off the woman who died in the titanic!  ’
‘  …shadows do tend to follow you, though. that’s sort of how they work.  ’
‘  you gotta fuckin’ calm down, man!  ’
‘  ghost 101. week one, knock books off shelf. week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of a hallway. week three… sheets.  ’
‘  this is one of the best days of my life.  ’
‘  i freaked out because i thought something flew in front of me, but come to think of it, it could’ve been the reflection of my light turning off.  ’
‘  you know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were too busy going, ‘ugh ugh okay, oh, what did i do? oh, what did i do? i always get myself into these things ooo.’  ’
‘  are we doing more of this or can i use the jacuzzi hot tub that we’ve been blessed with?  ’
‘  are we gonna spend the night here and not use the jacuzzi?  ’
‘  the jacuzzi jets don’t work… we’re just two guys sitting in a tub.  ’
‘  yeah… it’s daft punk. the dj’s daft punk came into our suite at night and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.  ’
‘  it’s not haunted. i know it’s not haunted. it’s not haunted.  ’
‘  you’re like a stupid string puppet that i can just bring along with me and i can pull it when i wanna hear something dumb.  ’
‘  no– they’re. no. no. nope.   ’
‘  the ball also stopped at the ‘i love pot’ graffiti, so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it.  ’
‘  wha– what are ya doin’?  ’
‘  look it up. it’s a thing on the internet.  ’
‘  who are you pointing to?  ’
‘  i bet i could squeeze an apple till it exploded.  ’
‘  you hear that in the distance? it’s the excuse train coming.  ’
‘  great. that’ll be good. i’m gonna snap that.  ’

Monsta X: How they react when their chubby GF gets insecure about her body before they’re about to have their first time together

This request aw! I feel like everyone in MX is a total angel baby sweetheart so they’d all be really positive to you in this situation. And just a reminder that all body types are beautiful!!! Regardless of your weight, height etc you’re beautiful and lovely and magnificent okay :’)) ♥


Shownu would be such a sweetheart honestly. “Are you insecure? Why? You’re so beautiful, you don’t need to be.” Would try to make you feel secure and beautiful. (Spoiler alert: he would succeed) 


Wonho would probably just give you a look like in the gif XD He would be 100% into you and would want you to be confident about yourself around him. Would want to show you how beautiful he thinks you are >:)


Minhyuk would literally love everything about you and your body, and would want you to know it. Would try to make you as comfortable and confident as possible. He’d be super sweet and loving, and compliment you a lot. 


Wouldn’t really understand why you were insecure. Would probably be really sweet and warm, and wouldn’t pressure you at all. “Your body is so beautiful, I don’t understand why you’re insecure. You know I love you no matter what, right?”


I feel like he’d probably be a little insecure and awkward himself. In this situation he’d be really shy. Would want you to know that he likes your body, wouldn’t know how to express it. “Um…you know you have a really *turns red* pretty body, right?”


Would find it a bit endearing that you were insecure, and would probably not have too much trouble making you feel comfortable around him. “I love your body, jagi, and how curvy you are. Stop being insecure, okay?~” 


Probably wouldn’t know how to approach this situation. Wouldn’t want to seem too thirsty desperate but also wouldn’t want to seem uninterested. Would probably just try to make you feel beautiful. “You know you’re beautiful, right? And I love your body. You have nothing to be insecure about~”

I hope you like it!! ^^