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#okay but this scene?? #isak initiating their first eskimo kiss?? #and like you can tell Even is a little surprised at first #but then he returns the gesture and smiles with so much fondness #probably thinking how cute this boy lying next to him is #and how happy and in love he feels at that moment


Spoiler Alert: He did say yes :D
And Loric probably immediately ran to Josephine after it to tell her the news.

Ok so this is my contribution for the Dorianmance Week and jeez this got alot more detailed then I actually planned. I wanted to make it more sketchy and simple but I guess I did end up putting a bit more work into it.
But I really, really wanted to do soemthing for this week cause I really like my current Inquisitor, Loric, and I love Dorian in general so you can figure out the rest. I feel like I kinda screwed up the first two panels but I’m actually pretty proud of the rest, which is probably a bad thing to say but eh. 
So yeah, I hope you guys like it, I really wanna get back into drawing more Dragon Age stuff but I got so much other stuff lined up right now that it will probably take a bit ;;

But if you have like, any questions about Loric or something, just feel free to ask, I would love to talk a bit about him, even though I still ahev to figure out alot of stuff about him!

Splinter’s Death, April Fault? And apparently Apritello is dead...What?

So apparently the death of Splinter is April’s fault….and Apriltello is dead….oh the people in this fandom….

Okay, since Im calmer, I can rant more appropriately.

Lets take in onto why April didnt save Splinter…shall we?

Remember back in the chompy episode they talked about the Aeon made April’s powers a little weak? ((I cant really remember what exactly was said.)) Well theres one of the reasons. 

Another reason is, she used up most of her levation during the Shredder fight.

Oh and after you just witnessed your Sensei getting gutted, then Im pretty sure you’d be paralyzed and shocked. After Splinter had fallen, April summoned enough of her last bit of powers to try to end Shredder once and for all. Hear me out, when you see someone die in front of you, something just snaps inside you making everything you do is beyond your bounds. Meaning when April blasted Shredder off the roof, she wasnt in her right mind. That or she didnt know she could even save Splinter, let alone shove Shredder off the roof. 

In the second part of the Finale, SPOILER ALERT!

She stopped Donnie from falling probably to his death since he was gonna land on his head, when he was on his feet, he told April he needed to get back up there. She told him she couldnt levitate him. Which makes me think she has limitation to these powers of hers.

Shes not an all magical goddess who can save people just whenever. She’s also still young, the death of splinter shocked her, she tried to save him by warning him, but sadly that wasnt enough. I mean look at these faces!

 These two were witnesses to this

Now of course she’s not gonna think “Oh let me use my unlimited use of powers to levitate this heavy pound rat to saftey” Plus even if she did, she wouldnt of saved him from death. Look how deep those blade are?

Those blades come out of his back!! They went into his stomach and out of his back. I may not be a doctor but Im pretty sure that would kill anyone. 

Not only the stabbing, but Shredder holds Splinter high, making the blades go deeper into the body. Making the wound worse.

Then theres the fall.

That fall was in slow motion for us audience so we could grasp what was happening. But in reality, it was in a blink of an eye moment. There was nothing April nor anyone could of done. Knowing April, she would of used up so much of her powers to save Splinter. But with those wounds, and the impact a fall can have, he was already dead. That fall from a building that high would of killed him during his falling Im sure. ((Dont quote me on that))

Now lets talk about April’s sudden powers when she puts down shredder.

Right here is where I think she’s gathering all of her powers that she can, her eyes becoming murderous in the process, 

You can see it in her eyes, shes going to take this guy down, shes gonna avenge her sensei, shes gonna make him feel pain and die for what he’s done. You see that murderous look as I pointed out above.

This is probably her last bit of power she has in her before she collapses from using up so much of her powers already.

And dont forget again, the crystal weakened her. So this might be at her most powerful? Maybe. I could be wrong.

With Casey’s help she, they achieved something, at that time. They  avenged Splinter, their teacher, so they thought.

Lets talk about the wound.

Yes, Leonardo’s hand is soaked with blood. It this was on another network, this would be the gory. Im glad this show doesnt show much blood cause I wouldnt be able to stomach it. But Splinter’s top half of his robe would be covered in blood. Mikey probably would have some on him 

As the picture says, notice how Mikey is positioned, he isnt on top of Splinter like he was back in season three, hes holding his father’s hand and laying his head on it, it could be that theres so much blood he doesnt wanna get closer to it. That or, something else I cant really theorize it properly. 

What Im trying to say is, blood. LOTS of it.

Donnie and Leo would at least be sitting in the pool of blood of their fathers, meaning levitation or not, he would of died from the amount of blood. And the impact of that fall.

I do close this subject with this… APRIL IS AND WILL NEVER BE AT FAULT FOR OUR PASSING SENSEI. So whoever started this frenzy need to just really speculate before just blaming.


So is this why April is being blamed? Cause she’s apart of a ship that some dislike? If so, thats obserd! This person who started this was obviously a Capril shipper.

Because gosh forbid, one cant comfort another and not be tied into stupid romance.

Is this why Apriltello is dead? Cause he comforted her? I mean, I dont care either way, Capril is adorable and I do like them, Like all ships. I honestly dont care. What Im getting at is its pretty immature that you try and rub this in Apriltellos face claming that ship is dead.

Apriltello will never die, as long as it has shippers, it wont ever die, just like the ship Capril. That ship wont die cause it too has fans. Do I ever claim that its dead, hell no, cause that would be incredibly rude to the Capril shippers, like its rude to Apriltello shippers.

Most of dont like Caprils cause fans like the ones who are immature ruins it, well atleast that goes for me, I dont mean to speak for all. Its just….incredibly offensive is all.

Ships never die. Canon or Fanon, EVERY ship will live on. Cool it with the immatury, it makes you look like spoiler kid. 

I know im gonna get a lot of flack from this, but this needed to be said before this crap grew worse and more irritating.

If you wanna discuss you can 


Be mature, please, I dont babysit. Also feel free to add onto this. But be respectful to one another. I dont condone with jerks.

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1) I can cater for extremely large numbers of people with a minimal budget
2) I have the ability to turn H2O into alcoholic beverages
3) People pray to me……no wait, this is all Jesus
4) Sarcasm
5) My love of the number 5

One Last Shot

Jaal walked next to me quietly, surveying the landscape all around us. We finally found Meridian… finally had a home. It was beautiful yet after months of study we still barely understood how it functioned.

Thousands were being thawed from cryo every day, the promise of home in a new galaxy finally coming true. Yet, I still didn’t know what my place was in everything that was happening. Tann and Addison still came to me for advice but how long was that going to last?

I laced my hand into Jaal’s, looking for comfort in the turmoil of my own mind. He smiled and looked at me lovingly. Then, using my hand to pull me to him, he caught me in a hug that I thought would crush me.

I giggled and pounded on his chest lightly, “Jaal, you’re gonna suffocate me!” He laughed and released me slightly, then kissed the top of my head. Suddenly, my Omni-tool began to chime loudly, ruining the moment.

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Ok, omega verse, mpreg, nursing... what otjer things would you like to see Obi-Wan trying in fanworks? Alien sex? Something even more rare?

I mean yes? 

I have so many kinks that all can very happily be applied to Obi Wan it’s sort of hard for me to list them all (or remember them all). 

I know, I’ll go find and reblog one of those “rate the kink things” and you can all just send me any your curious about.