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‘’Series 4 and 5 spoiler alerts. I’m only moderately clever but I’ve probably deduced some things correctly. Like who kills, who dies and who lives. And what they’re probably going to call her*.‘’ 

one of the hardest things about writing is like… learning to accept imperfections. when you’ve gone through numerous edits and there are still lines of dialogue that stand out to you because they just DON’T SOUND QUITE RIGHT even though you don’t know why and they convey everything you need them to. sometimes your inner-voice is right and something needs changing (and spoiler alert you probably need to cut something), but sometimes there is just NO reason and you just need to move on and accept it and feel your editing soul WITHER

Hannictober Drabble - Day 29 | Prompt: Possession

The stench of sulfur hit Hannibal hard as he entered the kitchen. Will stood at the counter, eyes dark as shadows.

Hannibal stepped forward. The stench grew stronger. “Will?”

He smirked. “Guess again.”

“I’ve been expecting you for quite sometime. Years. You don’t have to take him as well.”

“Do I not? He is your favorite pet, after all.”

Hannibal rounded the counter and let his fingers trail across a knife’s blade. There’d be no way to kill that which possessed Will without taking them both.

“Alright,” Hannibal said, hands falling to his sides. “Where would you like to begin?”

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Imagine memes in the OP universe. Like everytime something important happens, the navy soldiers say the one responsible has to be a relative of Luffy. Marco fighting back BB? Luffys bro. Law delivering 100 hearts? Luffys bro. Aokiji fighting Akaino. Luffys uncle. Vivi throwing shade at Reveri. Luffys sis. Rayleigh helping Luffy? Luffys 2nd dad/granddad. Hancock helping Luffy escape Sabaody Archipelago as well. Luffys ???

PFF YES i love the thought of there being a new joke between marines where if they hear about something going wrong and garp is in the room they’ll all just turn and look at him 

and garp is like “IT’S NOT MY FAMILY THIS TIME I SWEAR” (spoiler alert: it’s probably his family)

ooh yeah that’s interesting…..and yeah i always wondered about that convo too!  i don’t think rayleigh’s really in with the revolutionaries but he definitely seems to know more than he’s letting on.  but then the entire thing with kuma is one big fascinating mystery i can’t wait to know more about (i get the feeling drake might have some knowledge regarding it too….idk)

ahaha it’s ok, i gotchu.  though i do like how even the marines seem to kinda respect the fact that the asl bros are bros, like they may not be related by blood but it seems like the world is starting to accept that yeah these three are bros, that’s just how it is lol.

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[txt: Myc] 
   Apologies for nearly giving Anthea a heart attack.

[txt: Myc]
   I meant those flowers as more of a gag gift.

[txt: Myc]
   She seemed to take the secret admirer note seriously, though.

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taz is So Good!!! the story is really in depth so thats where the dark moments come in like... the backgrounds of the characters are all kinda dark compared to how they act (for example like spoiler alert i guess their backstories are - 'probably killed a whole lot of people on accident' 'someone killed my wife' 'i abandoned my family' (this is a bad explanation theyre really great characters and i get super emotional about it))

certainly seems more interesting than most dnd stories ive heard about… i guess ill try listening to some of it

oxford, england
november, 1987

          The group of seven has now turned into a group of six – Robbie Dawson’s suicide has shaken up the campus and most importantly, his friends. The death came unexpected; the boy was thought to be the charismatic, ever-so-cheerful leader with great things ahead of him. Now, with him gone the group is struggling to stay together; some of the boys are trying to figure out how it got to this point without anyone noticing anything about Robbie and some of them are just trying not to think about the whole thing too much and just get through the semester. 

          Exeunt is a 3x3, all male characters RP set at Oxford University in 1987. Read under the cut for more info!

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Natural and non-toxic makeup ideas

(Spoiler alert: If you follow me on my Croatian blog, you probably saw this already. I’m translating some 2015 post here so please be patient for the new reviews.)

If you are a natural beauty enthusiast like me, you always try to incorporate natural tips and trick to make your beauty rituals as clean and body-friendly as possible. Now, it’s easy with skincare: most drugstores today sell a good range of organic or even natural products , but makeup it’s a lot harder. Most natural makeup I’ve seen can be only purchased via Facebook pages, Etsy or some indie websites. There’s a small chance you’ll find natural and non-toxic makeup products in local stores (mostly because they don’t contain any conservative ingredients, so they has extra short shelf life - under 6 months and are produced in small batches or custom made after ordering for individual clients and their needs.)  

So, the question is: how to find these products? My answer: make it! It doesn’t take much to make natural makeup and you probably have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already. Here are some of my suggestions:

Liquid/cream foundation with sunscreen: mix your mineral makeup foundation (in a powder form - the stronger the coverage, the better) with your go-to non-toxic sunscreen cream or lotion - I use Kiss my Face 3in1 SPF30 Sensitive side because the formula is gentle and I can even apply it around my eyes (if you use cream it’s going to be thick and you’ll use less product every time, but lotion will be easier to apply and less cakey). The amount can be customized to your needs: add more powder for more coverage and add more cream/lotion for moisturizing properties, natural coverage and better sun protection. I also advise you to make super small amounts of this products because it can get really dry in no time. It is kind of annoying, but it can turn into a no-fuss habit.

For a matte face/T-zone: use cornstarch! Cornstarch is a common ingredient in many commercial face powders (along with talc and silica, except cornstarch is less likely to clog your pores and cause acne). Simply dip your brush in a small amount of cornstarch (I keep mine in baby food containers or empty powder jars - recycling points! or even in a salt shaker so I can use it as dry shampoo). A dry shampoo made entirely out of cornstarch works best on bleached, blonde or silver hair. If you are a brunette or redhead you can add cinnamon, cocoa powder or activated charcoal for a color matching dry powder. Make sure it absorbs well and brush off any excess powder. Most local food stores sell cornstarch and it dirt cheap: few dollars for at least 200 grams, which can last you a whole year.

If you want to use a natural blush, try beet root powder or raspberry powder (although I think beet root powder is way cheaper). You can mix in different natural and edible ingredients with it to make custom shades, which can also be used and mineral eyeshadow or (mixed with a DIY lip balm with some shea butter and coconut oils) lipstick or lip gloss.

For bronzer: use cocoa powder and cinnamon along with cornstarch (you’ll save a lot of money on bronzers and dry shampoo with one DIY product). For matte black eyeshadow: use activated charcoal, but be careful if you have oily lids because it can smudge a lot and make a mess (the same goes with mixing charcoal with coconut oil to make a DIY eyeliner - tried it, smudged like hell).

If you add cocoa powder to shea butter and some other unrefined oils you can make an instant bronzing body lotion for summer or special occasions where you don’t want to or can’t tan outdoors or in a salon (which I don’t endorse, but some people like getting tanned).

For colorful eye makeup, mascaras, highlighters, concealers and opaque lipsticks: you CAN make these but the raw ingredients are often expensive and the recipes are quite tricky. Also, mascaras are super tricky to make because you’ll need a lot of testing to ensure you won’t wake up with a pink eye in the morning and they require a sterile environment for packaging which most of us don’t have in our homes. I advise you to buy from small indie companies that produce good quality, safe and affordable makeup, like the ones on Etsy. Ask your neighbors and friends is someone they know makes natural makeup, but if you can’t find any, check the links on my Cruelty-Free page (in the middle of the list, under “Mineral Makeup”). My favorites are: Everyday Minerals (great foundation formulas and shade selection + amazing brushes!), Concrete Minerals (awesome shade selection for both shimmer and matte shades + the best eye primer ever!) and of course - Meow Cosmetics (my absolute favorites when it comes to eye makeup - thousand of shades, effects, collections and styles. Their Egyptian Treasures eyeshadow collection is so perfect I almost cried when I got it - check this post for swatches.)   

incidentally (and you can look it up if you don’t want to use my affiliate link) the countess conspiracy is a romance novel that’s really stuck with me because

actually consider this a spoiler alert, i could probably put a cut but i don’t wanna so just hit j or scroll fast

setting aside the plot of a brilliant lady scientist who gets her man-friend to present her theories as his own because she is not allowed to Science, the primary impediment to the relationship is the fact that she has trust issues because she was married to a man who consistently refused to allow her to maintain her boundaries and who wore away at her until she became incapable of allowing any kind of intimacy. the absolute beautiful patience of the male protagonist in waiting for her, in always stopping at the slightest hesitation from her, is just. idk. it’s not a plotline you see very often, a woman who wasn’t necessarily assaulted or battered she just stopped giving inches because she was sick of getting talked into giving up miles.