spoiler alert he's not


young bum is a blessing


Boom!Cafe Au ! Where Amy opens up her dream Cafe with the help of her friends, assisting around the place! ( 6//v//6) A borrowed au from soaspersonal on Twitter!

Viktor Nikiforov is the living embodiment of ‘Is He Gay or European’


my SuMo trainer’s name is Haru, and he missed out on his pokepilgrimage in his native region because he was very ill the year he turned 10. Though he’s recovering, his health in generally not good, his appetite is low, and he’s prone to weakness and stomach problems. His mother hopes the Alola climate will be good for him (spoiler alert: it is)

He has a particular affinity for ghost and dark types, perhaps influenced by his prolonged illness.

Initially I was disappointed in Litten’s final evo, but the more I learned about it, the more I came to love it, and I think it made for a nice parallel to Haru’s implied growth and regained strength over the course of his journey.

You read this line and I dare you to say my child is not gay

What if McCree had this thing where whenever they got a new member in OW he always tried to guess their favorite type of coffee by bringing what he thought was their favorite back to them. Spoiler Alert; he never could get it on his first try for anyone for ages………

Now imagine this, Hanzo is a new recruit and McCree goes on a coffee run for the team. He comes back and slides one over to Hanzo.
Hanzo of course is confused because he didnt request any coffee??? Everyone else tho is watching n waiting as Jesse tries this for the billionth time.

“Figured you’d want one! You strike me as a venti-chai latte sorta guy. How’d I do?”

Hanzo blinks, then turns a bit confused then suspicious as he picks it up, “… Yes, it’s my favorite.. Who told you..?”

>Cue Jesse and the team freaking tf out



After Cassian knew where Galen was, he didn’t have to go back for Jyn when she was on that platform. He had no orders to bring her back, nor did he have to go and get her before leaving Jedha. He didn’t even have to keep her alive after finding out that Galen was on Eadu. In fact, the smart thing would have been to leave her on Jedha, or put her out of her misery so that he could complete the mission without further complication.

She was expendable at that point, and not imperative to his orders. She was a liability, because any reasonable person knows that she wasn’t just going to stand aside when she had a chance to be reunited with the father she hadn’t seen in 15 years, who sacrificed himself out of love for her and for the sake of the rebellion. Cassian especially would know better than that. The smarter thing would have been to dispose of her just like he disposed of the informant on the trading outpost.

He couldn’t even pull the trigger to fulfill his orders because of Jyn. He not only knew in his heart that Jyn was right, but he couldn’t hurt her like that. “I had every opportunity to pull the trigger, but did I? Did I?”

He even tried to call off the Rebel Squadron on Eadu because “Jyn’s on that platform!” At that point, she was entirely irrelevant to his orders, but instead of running away from the fight, chaos, and distraction, he runs TOWARDS it to go get her and save her from the Alliance bombs. He wouldn’t leave her behind, or let her get hurt beCAUSE HE LOVES HER.