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What if lotor saw those plays and now thinks allura is keith and keith is altean so when they actually meet its gonna be a "who the fuck are you" moment

lotor: i want to speak to the black paladin

shiro: that’s me

lotor: so you were the one hunting me down?

hunk: no, that was keith

lotor [to allura]: you are the black paladin?

allura: i am the blue paladin

lotor: then who -

keith: i’m the one you’re looking for

lotor: you’re not even wearing a paladin armour!

keith: that’s because i’m not a paladin


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whats so great about lotor?

i can’t tell if this ask is genuine or passive-aggressive but either way you gave me an opportunity to yell about lotor so here i go

  • analytical, cunning and manipulative
  • reads people like books and has his way with words
  • adjusts his behaviour, body language and even choice of words depending on who he’s talking to like bitch i do that too
  • aj locascio’s voice
    • no seriously. his v o i c e
  • made his Big Entrance in a gladiator arena in front of thousands of galra and just waited for the right moment to make his Dramatic Reveal why is he so extra
    • gained the empire’s faith in one (1) carefully planned-out speech even though his ideals are vastly different from zarkon’s
  • charismatic and charming
  • fangs
  • acknowledges his enemy’s strengths just as much as their weaknesses. he doesn’t look down on people unless they’ve given him a valid reason to do so
  • knows how to exploit his opponent’s weak points but also how to use their strengths to his advantage
    • throk’s fiery spirit led to lotor provoking him so he couldn’t focus
    • keith’s determination to track lotor quickly turned into lotor playing the paladins against themselves
  • actually explains his plans and intentions in detail when questioned by his subordinates
  • does the dirty work himself instead of having others do it for him
  • UNLESS said others are his enemies
    • “we’ll just wait right here until team voltron get their asses back and THEN snatch the comet ore right from under their rusty robot nose. genius”
  • lectures throk in the middle of battling him and gives him genuine advice like i bet he does this with every opponent
    • “your technique is flawless”
    • “you should probably work on your personality tho”
    • “wait a sec i gotta - no, you’re doing it wrong let me show you -”
  • let’s not forget
    • “well played, paladin”
  • he’s cute as shit
  • the “let’s invite our guest aboard” facial expression
  • claws!!!!!!
  • Oh No I’m Handcuffed Better BREAK MY BONES
  • ripped a dude’s arm off in order to be able to dramatically throw it at haggar’s feet 
  • season 3 episode 6 “Tailing a Comet” 22:45
  • Daddy Issues™ 
  • Mommy Issues™ 
  • i s s u e s ™ 
  • is pretty self-analytical and doesn’t overestimate himself, he’s aware of his own limits and knows when he’s lost a fight
    • fuck you dad i’m gonna fly into the fucking SUN that’ll show you
  • saved keith’s ass
    • seriously i owe him for that one
  • [busts in 5 minutes early without starbucks] “yeah so paladins listen the Fuck up i know the entire universe wants me dead right now and we’ve had our differences in the past but - no LISTEN -”
  • he’s literally the meme of the grinning cat that’s being pointed knives at by 47 people
  • he looked so tired and sad after escaping his ex-team it broke my fucking heart man
  • prince lotor was neglected by his parents, exiled, betrayed by the only people he genuinely cared for and now it’s literally him against the universe

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Have you already heard theories about who the high collar coat guy from Three Buckets is?

well he talked for a bit so he ended up in the credits thanks for reminding me to check

andy milonakis is apparently NEPTR, but fred melamed as an imdb page

which lists all his known works, and-

i guess we’re finally gonna find out who pb’s great uncle gumbald is?

he Does look a lot like PB


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Do you think the red lions so attached to keith cause maybe their afraid they might lose them like their last paladin?



I was thinking that maybe the Galra had Red cuz they captured her paladin and killed them/ejected them into space but I know that the Lions were hiddEN SO IDK HOW LIKELY THAT WOULD BE

she loves him so mu C H  I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE HER

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I was relistening and in Moonlighting (ep 9) Lucretia says "As far as we know, the, the- the rogue wizards, who called themselves Red Robes--as far as we know, the- the rogue wizards who created all of these, uh, weapons of mass destruction, these, these Red Robes, are - all gone." (cause they asked if there was an anti BOB) and I find that really funny now cause literally everyone but Barry was in the room at the time. 😆

On a scale from having the whole team choosing red as their null suit colour when their old uniform before their mindwipe was also red to having a magical umbrella that absorbs the power of defeated magical energy when you yourself are a lich, that’s about as ironic as dying by the hands of your own meat monster as the wizard who’s been calling you a shitty wizard is proven right.

What I think I’m saying is that The Adventure Zone is quite a big fan of dramatic irony for a mostly-unscripted D&D podcast.

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But seriously, how high is lotors pain tolerance level, that move had to hurt like a bitch and he could have just tried to step over his arms but nooo he had to be extra

the type of extra fanon predicted: overly elaborate hair care routine, galra’s next top model, has 76 different outfits and 18 swords

the type of extra lotor actually is: dislocates his shoulders and breaks a few bones out of fucking spite,