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Tell us all how you feel about that preview don't keep your feelings bottled up Lo. It's a new era of Robron, we tell each other everything now.

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some stuff is absolutely not appropriate for me to say, but it all boils down to a few things:

i feel absurdly chill about literally everything now that aaron knows the truth, is finally on the same page as robert in this story and can actively be involved

somehow i’ve just spread my wings into actively and irrationally disliking rebecca, even though i can sort of see where she’s probably supposed to be coming from and what her motivations are (thin and inconsistent as they are) if i bother to look hard enough. i’m sort of bored of doing that though, i’ve spent enough time trying to treat rebecca’s character in a reasonable way and it’s less fun to do than to just let myself be annoyed with her lmao.

for some reason, the thing that made me go from simply confused at and annoyed by he writing of her character, to actively disliking her was her yelling at chrissie yesterday

apparently i’m more protective over chrissie white than i thought


idec anymore i’m letting myself have this irrational double standard i’m all about it

anyway everything rebecca says or does currently annoys me and the day she leaves i will throw a party 😌

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Spoilers!!! Since Zeref and Acnologia, two main villains, are defeated, the rest of chapters are maybe going to be about that thing on Lucy's right arm and Natsu (not)being human. What do you think will happen now???

I have no idea! And that’s the magic of Mashima’s writing, it’s hard to predict what he’ll do sometimes. I’m hoping with this weeks chapter Lucy and Natsu can save each other - with true love’s first kiss maybe 😂😂😂

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I think it's possible their arms will stay disfigured, which isn’t a massive price to pay considering its a war.  

so sorry for the late response btw, I’m trying to catch up

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Do you think Tamaki Or Mirio will die during this arc? I mean someone will probably die and both of them has gotten a lot of character development and both of their death would have a big impact on the story

From the subreddit

Kidding aside, I don’t think either of them will die. Maybe a serious injury, but not death. A lesson to be learned…

You know what would be interesting to me? If Toogata gets an injury like All Might, further cementing their similarities. Not enough to decommission him completely but significant. That will also effectively stop Nighteye from insisting Toogata to be the rightful successor, and also highlights the difference between Izuku and Toogata (and by extension, All Might). What those differences are will probably be shown in the following chapters and again, emphasize why Izuku is the “right” choice.

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Can you tell us about Bucky and Steve's future in GEH please? :)

[here is a rough time line that due to the last chapter, obviously a few things are different now (you’ll pick up what! haha) [click but be cautious because it tells you how/when Bucky dies]

Outside of that timeline, I see them going on lots of family vacations, adopting strays, feeding the whole neighborhood when its spring time and all the kids are over playing with their kids, I see Steve shouting at a principal for lgbt discrimination when he finds out some other parent is pissed that there’s a gay couple who have kids that go to the school. I see their first thanksgiving together being a total disaster because neither can cook, but they’re trying really hard to impress Bucky’s parents and they end up totally ruining the turkey. And it’s so bad that the Barnes laugh so hard and end up taking them out to dinner instead. I see them sharing bad days and good days, just regular days. Fighting about taxes, Bucky’s student loans, what color they’re going to paint the fucking bathroom. I think Steve is always the first to cave and say he’s sorry. He can’t go to bed angry. It’s just something he seriously disagrees with doing. 

Overall, I see them being that rare couple who never ends up falling out of love with each other. I attribute that also to that Steve has to cherish each moment like it’s their last, because they truly never know when it actually will be. And they don’t get to live long into their elderly years. (Read the link to see what year Bucky dies). But yeah, they’re the parents the kids talk about fondly long after they’re dead to their children, who tell stories to their children. :D

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Do you think the red lions so attached to keith cause maybe their afraid they might lose them like their last paladin?



I was thinking that maybe the Galra had Red cuz they captured her paladin and killed them/ejected them into space but I know that the Lions were hiddEN SO IDK HOW LIKELY THAT WOULD BE

she loves him so mu C H  I DON’T WANT HIM TO LEAVE HER

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IF they're going to animate the uprising arc one day. They're gonna draw the tiny part where Levi sits on Eren's bed right? I hope they don't make him sit nowhere else.

Oh, they better not change that! It’s one of my favorite moments.

It takes place after a long (and hilarious) day of experiments. Eren transforms several times until he reaches his limit, and then he sleeps for a whole day. When he wakes up, Levi is sitting on his bed. It doesn’t last much, because during the conversation Levi turns around, and goes to sit on the other bed, so he can speak to him face to face. But hey, it did happen!

This scene is also a favorite of mine because it contains one of the best Levi moments, too. He starts explaining how bad it is that Eren couldn’t harden, and that they were dissapointed because of it, and when Mikasa tries to defend Eren, Levi says this:

He’s not saying it’s Eren’s fault, he’s just being an asshole because he thinks complaining about it it’s a necessary step. Well, we know Levi’s not always the best at communicating :P.

Thankfully, Hange is there to help:

Was he actually trying to cheer him up the whole time…? Good job Levi… haha.

I would be upset if they change all of this when animated, of course. Honestly, I already wasn’t ok with the changes on episode 28 (especially because we barely have scenes with them together this season, so it stings more because of that).

Also this moment was very loved by the fandom, I remember people writing fics and headcanons, about Levi being there the whole night, taking care of him, just waiting for him to wake up… (〃ω〃).

But well, we can’t know what the anime team will do. I can’t say for sure that they won’t change anything, because it’s happened before with other characters (if I remember correctly, Armin was sitting on Eren’s bed in another scene in the manga, and this was removed in the anime). 

But right now I don’t see any particular reason why they would need to change this scene, so for the moment I will keep being hopeful, and looking forward to seeing Levi sitting on Eren’s bed in animated form one day ♡.


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Okay but can we honestly talk about how much rick hates the people who hurt his grandkids?!? Like when Mr. Jellybean tried to pull that shit with morty he played it really cool at first because he knew if he was drastic it would upset morty more and he didn't want that but later on when he saw just how uncomfortable morty was he killed the guy when morty wasn't looking. Then with summer he slick planned and worked out just to beat the shit out of the devil himself. Like he loves his grandkids.

He DOES. And no matter how much he denies it, we all know he’s LYING. We’re all just like that Council Member Rick!