They all look so cool. So perfect. Its nice to see all of their official titles too.

Jaal - Resistance Fighter

Drack - Veteran Warrior

Liam - Crisis Specialist

Peebee - Rogue Academic

Vetra - Drifter Mercenary

Cora - Biotic Commando

(I mean I dont think we’ve seen them all before, especially not together, so its nice to see)

Jaal’s makes me think that the Angara have probably been fighting the Kett for some time which is why they’re so okay with the new species. (At least some of them. Maybe there is also infighting among the Angara. Who knows? I’m excited to find out though)

Well I never thought that I could have suffered from a Starco hug…
But let’s try not to focus on Star’s reaction, the reaction of a girl who is dying inside and who knows that she’d do anything for her bestie, but who right now can’t enjoy the intimacy they always shared. Let’s… let’s focus on Marco, who put “Making sure that Star is ok and telling her that she’s the best of friends” above “Making out with Jackie”. 


doombly  asked:

A depressing Just Friends theory: the part Star and Marco lipsync to is about having had, and wasting a chance to be more than just friends; that coupled with how reluctant Marco was to have Jackie come with them and her lack of appearances. What if Marco was getting over Jackie (possibly due to Running With Scissors) and Star unwittingly rekindled Marco's feelings for Jackie, thus wasting her chance?

I don’t think that’s the case, to me it looks like Marco was mostly worried about Star monopolizing Jackie’s attention: remember that, to Marco, Star is the coolest girl around; he said it in the first episodes, he agreed to it again in Just Friends

So to someone as insecure as he is, the idea of someone like Jackie, another cool girl, wanting to spend time with him over spending time with Jackie sounded absurd

So it wasn’t as much as Marco getting over Jackie, more like Marco still not feeling completely comfortable around Jackie, still worried about losing her over the slightest of mess ups.

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What if ... during one of Rob's visits he notices Aaron fiddling with his finger, where his ring is supposed to be, so he takes his off and slides it across the table to Aaron. Aaron doesn't want anyone to see, but he takes it and immediately puts his hands under the table and puts the ring on. It's of course too big on him, but he wears it for their thirty minutes. It's just... he needs anything to keep him grounded to Robert, any tiny thing and he just misses his ring.

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