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Hey, I was wondering if an analysis on Kureno is okay. We don't see a whole lot on him, but I thought it was really interesting how his kindness was compared to Tohru's.

Tohru and Kureno are similar characters in terms of personality. Kureno is a genuinely kind person who feels very deeply I’m sure, so deeply he ended up in a very toxic relationship with Akito. Was he in the right to stay with Akito for as long as he did? No, but is it understandable? Based on his personality, yes.

Let’s say that he was about 14 or so when his curse broke. I think it is reasonable for any child to act the way he did when confronted with Akito’s intense grief over the breaking of his curse. This was a little girl who up until that moment he had loved deeply due to the curse. On top of that he was now “other”, for years he lived as the only zodiac with a broken curse. This isolation mixed with Akito’s pleas to stay by his side clouded his vision, he could not see what he was doing was enabling Akito’s god-complex while disallowing himself any pleasure in life.

Honestly it’s a pretty good depiction of how people end up in toxic relationships. One person feels that they are the only person that can “save” the other, while the other may use manipulative tactics to get the other to stay. Kureno’s circumstances may be more fantastical, but like most things in Fruits Basket his story is an honest take on how abusive relationships work. Kureno is so focused on doing everything in his power to keep Akito happy that he loses sight of the big picture. He is so close to the situation his vision becomes obscured.

In a way, Kureno’s story has more in common with the foolish traveler than Tohru. Tohru is able to learn what it means to be selfish before Kureno does. In order for him to learn he has to get stabbed by Akito and almost die. His last outreach of kindness was a borderline death sentence. Kureno gives up everything about himself for the sake of another person, his identity, his relationships, his own emotions. Even when you look at his appearance one thinks, “oh he’s a pretty plain looking guy”. I think this was intentional on Takaya-sensei’s part. By making Kureno’s character design and personality so plain, it brought to the forefront Akito’s outlandish personality and behavior.

I like how Kureno’s story ends because it is not like he stops loving Akito, or doesn’t forgive her for the things she has done, but he knows he needs to go away. Even this is for the sake of Akito, so she can grow. Deep down though this is also for the sake of himself, so that he may grow and spread his wings.

Sorry, but as a queer and depressed person myself I totally agree on the opinion the last episode was bad.

 I don’t wanna hate on any of the writers, to make that clear. Still, this is not an appropriate way to deal with suicidal characters. Giving the message that there is no hope, that the way to deal with depression is killing yourself, and that taking your life is an heroic action where people then miss you and honor you gives a totally wrong message.

What we need is a depressive character that does not kill themselves but is instead a strong role model showing that there are other ways to deal with your depression. Someone who gives hope to people like me.

The other thing is, killing a queer character is not edgy and cool, and I am tired of seeing my LGBT+ role models die. Supernatural is a master of this, but the Magicians came close to it with the finale. Please tell people that there are happy endings for them, that being part of the LGBT+ community is not only sadness and pain, but instead that this okay and that you can be queer and still live a healthy, successful and joyful life. 

My ch82 Impressions

- as usual, the pic above is from the author’s Twitter. And of course he would use this as a cover. Of course.

- we start with a kid reminder that Nino really loves her sisters, and is very worried about what is going on right now

- when I said “I thought you had some business with Ichika”, I should have taken it as a sign

- Itsuki sure has gotten very bold and aggressive lately. The revelation that three of her sisters are in love with Fuutarou must have really done a thing on her. I still care little for her scenes though as she is the only sister whose emotional development towards Fuutarou we did not see

- yeah, looks like he may have realized that Itsuki is Rena. Interesting fact though: the author said that he dislikes the “First Girl” trope and the only reason why Itsuki was so prominent in ch1 was because the editor told him that the story needs to start with one sister as the poster girl in order for readers to have easier time getting into the story. In translation: her being the “first girl” greatly reduces her chances of victory. Possibly also the reason why the author did not want to give her a satisfying character arc

Chapter 45:

Chapter 82:

- we sure have come full circle here!

- Nino, this is unnecessarily- *remembers how Nino was very enthusiastic about practising mouth-to-mouth kissing with Ichika* Oh, so that’s what Fuutarou meant with “Nino loves her sisters more than anybody else”! Watching the first ep of the new Season of Game of Thrones must have awakened something in her again!

- Nino looking like she about to drug Fuutarou for the third time and…

-…obviously fulfil the destiny that Fuutarou predicted for her! (she even has the same expression!)

- Miku, dear, we are long since the point where anyone should try to be like Ichika. YOU saw what she did to you the day before! You should be furious, not jealous!

- yeah, she truly is amazing! In any case, Nino is wrong about Fuutarou not needing it spelled (though it’s probably due to Nino’s confession that he realized that other sisters may like him so she is not TOO wrong) and if he thought about it, he probably realized that Miku was not role-playing that day

- my exact thoughts for the last few weeks. Glad to see that she realized it as well. And maybe I am being cruel, but she really should be reaping what she sew. She is lucky that her sister is there to help her, even if she is the rival

- since we are having all these parallels already, I wonder if Miku will also change a piece of her character design after this. Hmm, now that I think about it, Nino basically reverted to her one-shot design after cutting her hair. Maybe Miku will as well? What design did Miku have at the time… hmm, what is this strange nothingness in my memory… let me just check real quick…

- ah… oh… ahhh…

-no… nononononno….


- ah, sorry… moving on

- OH COME THE FUCK ON ICHIKA! I hoped you would try to FIX your mistakes! But whenever I think you may have some regret for your actions, you come and do this! 

- I’ll forget about ethical issues here, and say this: are you dumb? Miku, Yotsuba, and Nino all know that you are masquerading as Miku! Any Miku camouflage is gonna hit you back into your head! Continue to play dirty if you want, but at least change the tactic! You do NOT want Fuutarou to learn about what you did! (though he already knows that someone was cosplaying as Miku)

Overall: Nino’s stocks as the best girl keep growing.

EDIT: this post was flagged as “Possibly Inappropriate Content” by tumblr. Not sure if due to Dominatrix Nino, or the One-shot Miku

so i have finally watched mk11 storymode

i do not even know enough words to describe how much i am dissapointed with what i have seen

even “kill it with fire”, “hans, bring flammenwerfer” and many other quotes like this cannot express my disgust to something that was expected to be worth 4 years of waiting

i’ve figured out some facts for myself:

  • sonya’s death was the best part by far. mostly because for the first time i’ve seen it in german, i suppose
  • i’ve skipped the most part of sm because it moves the plot in no way
  • kotal kahn is a fucking pussy now (literally)
  • besides being a pussy, kotal kahn is also a fucking henpecked now
  • besides being a pussy and a henpecked, kotal kahn is also a whiny brat now
  • there is nothing left of badass mkx-kotal
  • sheeva disagrees to coop w kotal for some weird reasons despite of the fact that she saved his ass at shang tsung’s island by her own will
  • jade has her finger in every pie and kotal got paralysed because of her
  • mighty shao kahn the conquerer got defeated by a girl (which is kitana but it doesn’t really matter cmon this could not just happen)
  • same w kotal kahn. the person who nearly killed goro w his bare hands got defeated by some bodyguard
  • yes, kotal kahn can not feel his leg(s)
  • kollector plays no role in the whole story. just like the half of the shown characters
  • jade the fucking rat finally got what she wanted and passed the trone to her friend
  • baraka is also a fucking rat who betrayed his emperor
  • jade’s actions can be considered as treachery but kotal is too dumb now to understand it
  • dvorah looks like irene from wolfenstein
  • skarlet behaves and kinda looks like dvorah and still reminds me of irene
  • fortunately, raiden is not as bad as he could be
  • the whole plot is such a shitty shit and even a 5yo would do better than this
  • the ending(s) is(are) completely fucked up because most characters’ storylines get cutted at the half

i am so dissapointed that i don’t know what else to add besides these facts. i can’t even write a full review now. for me it is no doubt the worst game in the series and now i kinda regret spending money on this piece of rubbish.

i gotta be back later but the only thing i want to do now is to cry