EDIT/UPDATE: I am not lying/hoping. They discussed the very brief scene they shot BUT Larr started improvising, and they saw a screening where it was cut from the theatrical version. So, that being said it MAY be on the DVD/blu-ray, but that obviously can’t be confirmed yet, even by them. But they did shoot a scene, they talked about it on the stream tonight. I won’t post details, but if anyone’s curious watch tonight’s live streamed podcast. :)


the Hannibal necklace

Tarnished upturned brass wings support a spray of blood red Czech glass drops. More ruby glass beads adorn the chain alongside two cast pewter bones. A pewter toggle clasp finishes off the necklace, with another hint of red glass. Loosely inspired by NBC’s rendition of Hannibal, a show with lots of blood, class, and an eventual fall.


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Naver Star Real Live Broadcast


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I see lots of batboy headcanons but not too many batgirl ones. Have any batgirl headcanons you'd like to share?

i’ll put down just a few from the top of my head!


  • loves having her hair petted!! only by her s/o, alfred, and maybe bruce if she’s in a good mood. she’ll squint happily at them like a cat
  • she’s so good at carnival/fair games and will win her s/o all of the prizes. all of them. they’re both banned from several carnivals because everyone assumes they’re cheating
  • she really doesn’t know the difference between their clothes any more. what’s her’s is their’s and maybe that flannel was their’s at a point but not any more.


  • loves DIY projects it’s ridiculous. why the fuck did she put a tiny plant in a light bulb and give it to her s/o. that makes no sense
  • impulse buys anything that reminds her of something her s/o would like. they have a steady collection of stuffed animals
  • she’s completely wack with yoga. she takes them to every new experimental class at the YMCA


  • sends them e-cards for every occasion. they’re not sure as to whether or not she made them herself, but every one looks vaguely familiar (she scans hallmark cards)
  • she’s the queen of the dvr. if there’s something they want to watch, she’s probably already recorded it. 
  • she leaves giant kiss marks on their cheek. bright red lipstick. it looks like clip art it’s so perfect

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i know you don't ship them but i'm so happy zervis is apparently canon! *3*

I’m very happy for the shippers, if the spoilers prove to be true! Which they tend to do, this fandom isn’t usually wrong on that front.

It seems to have been a while since we established a canon couple. I suppose in a sense this proves fruitful for the NaLu shippers as well, as far as parallels go. Though let’s hope their end isn’t tragic, eh? :P

I don’t care what the outcome with ships is as long as I get lots of angst.