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By ze awesome grouchythefish

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Her questions:

  1. How do you take your coffee

    I don’t drink any haha xD I’ve tried it many times but I still hate it

  2. What’s the first thing in your life you can remember being a fan of? (if you’re part of the fandom side of tumblr, your “gateway” fandom)

    The first series I was big about was Fullmetal Alchemist for sure
    was OBSESSED with it from late 2005 till like 2007 (then Death Note took control of my life and so on)

  3. Make yourself a bucket list.

    Makes me sad when I think about a bucket list but.. hmm.. I would love to travel all across the globe. Be fluent in Japanese, Italian and more… create a comic book… hmm there so many other things but I can’t think of them now

  4. What/who is your biggest inspiration? Why?

    There was WAAAY too many inspirations… that all inspire me in different ways so :/ I really can’t say

  5. What do you wanna be if you grow up?

    An art/history highschool teacher.. and make my own comic on the side :)

  6. If you could have any profession in the world (regardless of money/ skills/ connections/any other conceivable obstacle) what would you do?

    The above :D (but hoping that my comic would be really popular haha)

  7. What would you say is your favourite place you’ve visited/lived?

    It’s sad cause I really don’t know

  8. Make a list of places where you want to visit/live in the future.

    ALLL of Europe
    More of Canada
    and maybe San Fransisco 

  9. If you could live in any fictional universe (one from a book/tv show/comic/movie etc NOT one you made up) which would you choose and what would you do there?

    Assassin’s Creed or Hunter x Hunter :P

    In AC I would use the Animus to view my ancestor’s past and find out more historical information.

    In HxH I would be a hunter who can use awesome nen abilities :D.. don’t know what I’d hunt for though.. information? Historical stuff?

  10. What would you say was you favourite moment of 2012?

    Not really sure :/

  11. What are your resolutions for 2013?

    To continue aiming towards my fit weight
    Improve my drawing
    Improve my video editing
    To be not as lazy… might not work
    Keep up the good grades


    How did you find tumblr?
    What are the main books/shows/movies/games you’re into at the moment?
    What is your favourite drink?
    What countries have you visited?
    What is your favourite holiday?
    How many languages do you know? (Or wish to learn)
    Do you want to live in a different country or stay in your own?
    What type of music genres do you listen to?
    What type of house would you like to have?
    What was your favourite toy as a child?
    Did you like my questions?

    I don’t know if I have that many people to tag but.. I’ll tag as many as I can?


I was tagged by mituna-bigdaddy-captor


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1) What kind of blog do you have?

the whatever the fuck i wanna post blog

2) Favourite fandom?


3) Let me tell you about homestuck.(?)

theres kids and trolls and death

and cherubs…

thats…all i know…

4) Favourite colour and why?


idk actually…might be cause of money??? or nature??? idk

5) Where do you live oue?

in a house

6) Any other languages you can sorta speak?

spanish some cause of school

7) Something you like about yourself?

my anxiety

8) Something you want to change about yourself?

my anxiety

9) Why your best friend is your best friend?

she helped me through a lot of shit

10) A good memory?

gettin asked out by mah moirailll <> <> <>

11) Favourite game?

this bubble shooter game thing

as of right now, its my fave


  1. Favorite character in any fandom?
  2. Chicken or steak?
  3. Favorite number?
  4. Favorite letter?
  5. Play pinball?
  6. Favorite band?
  7. Do you drive/own a car or even have a license?
  8. Got a fantroll?
  9. Best game ever??
  10. Worst game ever???
  11. Can I have dem digits?? *wonk wonk*

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