I just fucked my boyfriend in his camaro. His Porsche, BMW, and Vintage Chevelle is next. Note that it’s rush hour right now. We pulled into a busy parking lot. All his windows are tinted though. I love kinky public sex. I really want to fuck him in the Holt fitting rooms and a public washroom.

Lobster at Lunch with the SugarBF.

This was my first time eating lobster and I didn’t realise I could use my hands,… I also didn’t know how to use the utensils or why I had a really skinny fork and spoon but no knife. 🙈 So I sat there struggling to remove the monster from it’s shell when the sugar-bf just pics up his plate and swaps it with mine. It was really cute, he gave me his perfectly de shelled lobster and tried to salvage what could be of my own crustacean. (at HKK London)

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