spoiled rotten cats

everyone assumes aph austria spoils his cat rotten - and this is true to some extent. he lets his cat sleep on all the good chairs and walk on all the shelves with dangerously fragile memorabilia and asks it for an honest opinion on his latest interpretation of liszt. but hes also a very “ah, hell be fine” cat parent. he lets his cat roam free and feeds it the cheap stuff and only takes it to the vet sporadically  

the Real doting cat parent is, if were all being honest with ourselves here, absolutely aph prussia. he spends hours grooming his cat (it helps ground him but also Isnt she the prettiest) gets it a million custom bows and name tags buys the expensive food (mb even cooks something fresh on its birthday) and just try to look me in the eye and tell me he wouldnt argue with a judge about his cat not making first place (but also why wouldnt she make first she is the Prettiest) 


The many faces of Edgar.

So, since Edgar Allen Poe is nearing his 4th birthday, I thought I’d share some of the pictures of him growing up. Did I ever mention that he was so little when we found him that we had to feed him out of a bottle? Yep, it was cute.

P.S. Most of the pics are of him cuddling with the BF, who is his designated human.