spoiled lil shit

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Can you draw south park pairing of stendy and kybe with son and daughter In your art style?

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Siren twins Hux and Techie being bored and spoiled lil shits that lure people for fun, until they both take a liking to the same handsome darkhaired pirate, they both want to play with him some more and seduce him and Kylo likes the fairhaired creatures that swim around the ship, he can hear them bicker at night. But all of that changes when he takes his cousin Matt with him on his next voyage to see the mermen that swim around the bay where he leaves his loot.

With Matt enamored with the shyer siren, Kylo can focus more on the bolder one. They spoil their sirens with riches worth more than the Queen’s jewels. They save the best for them.
In turn the twins protect the secret cove where the loot is stashed. They devour anyone who tries to steal from them.


He fucked up

Reads Right to Left (for some fuckin reason; i noticed too late).  I wanted to draw more Bakufam stuff and ended up crunching out a comic what in the fuck.  Any time you think, “Bakugou why are you like this?” the answer is obviously “his parents.”  they spoiled raised him


Surprise, bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.
—  Ogiwara Shigehiro
The story of a sneaky Park Jimin getting his love message from Suga

Remember on Suga’s birthday Jimin was all like ‘hey hey hey look I also get a message from Yoongi it says don’t lose weight awwwww he is so considerate YALL JEALOUs?’ and made Yoonmin shippers all go crazy?

But the fact is–

Yay first pick of ma man’s messages (aww chubby fingers)

Yoongi: kay. (too tired to stop dat kid)

Jimin: I’m going to pick out the one I like the most~♪


Jimin: Hahahaha 【don’t lose weight】 I love this! Makes me happy ❤

Jimin: I’ll take this one~ (chubby fingers again awww I mean sealing the box to show how his message from Yoongi is different from the others)

Jimin: I’ll never lose weight then~ (←Thanks Suga)

For PreciousTaoBar’s 3rd anniversary on baidu, Tao specially wrote a small note and had someone to send it to the bar’s staff, it was totally a surprise gift for the fandom.

“To HuangZitaoBar~ ♥VVHL-EXOL, happy 3rd anniversary!

So happy and honored to have you guys being with me all the time. Thank you very much. I will always work hard, to offer the best. To us, nothing in this world is impossible ♥

Love you all ♥”