Things I witnessed during Jurassic World (In the Theater) WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS

1) When we see the T-Rex near the end my mom goes, “Look, it’s Rexy.”
And I shook my head and told her, “Screw that it’s Chomper.”
And then one of the very hot guys behind me said, “No way, it’s name is Tom.”
And his friend says, “Fuck you it’s name is Kevin.”
To which the first replied, to my utter amusement, “Keeeeeeevin,” in the SpongeBob voice.

2) The two guys behind me, whenever a serious part would come on, would make a joke and make me laugh, all while it’s dead silent.
I think they were keeping a tally because every so often one would say, “Point for me,” when I laughed.

3) At one point in the movie, Claire makes a comment about Owen not having assets or something like that, and then it shows his behind as he stands.
And in front of my were these three old ladies and one looks to her friend and says, “Oh trust me, he has assets.”

4) Before the movie started, I barely hit my drink, and my mom flipped the fuck out.

5) When the Mosasaurus eats the Indominus, the guy behind me (One who imitated SpongeBob) says in the same accent Pietro uses, “You didn’t see that coming?”
And his friend answers. “No I didn’t see that coming you fucker.”

6) At the end when Claire walks up to Owen, the second guy behind me goes, “Kiss her.”
And his friend states, “Procreation.”

7) When the movie was over, someone started clapping, and this mother that was sitting a few seats away goes, “Don’t be that guy.”
And the clapping stopped.

8) When the two brothers go into the original Park center, some guy goes, “It’s the original Visitors center.”
To which another guy says, “No shit Sherlock.”

9) When Owen states that the Raptors have a new Alpha, SpongeBob guy goes, “Yeah it’s me fucker.”

10) Two of my friends and I have a joke about ‘Jurassic Pratt’ and when Owen came on screen I said that and the guys behind me go, “That’s a good one, I like that one,” and started laughing.
And so I looked back with a raised eyebrow and they say, “Don’t be all eyebrow judgy.”

11) My mom gasped and/or screamed at least every five minutes.

12) Whenever a Raptor died, the guys behind me would gasp. When we found out Blue lived they said, “Fuck yeah. Girl power.”

I’ll just say it’s was good overall, with the movie and the reactions.


Mr. Saudi just sent me confirmation of my plane ticket to Dubai. :)

Since he works in Saudi Arabia, we’ll spend one weekend together in Dubai. Then he’ll go back to Saudi for work and I get to spend the week in Dubai. 😈

Then he’ll be back the next weekend. :)

I can’t believe this shit. I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai. On top of that Saudi is so ideal, ugh. Intelligent, attractive, successful and “young” - 39.

This will also be a perfect way to end my summer. I decided to take 18 hours, 6 classes, this summer. Literally 12 weeks of class 10:30am - 3:15pm Monday through Friday. I only had about two weeks off between the Spring semester and my first session of classes. Which will also be the case between my last summer session and the beginning of the Fall semester. SO I DESERVE A WEEK AND A HALF IN DUBAI, DAMMIT!

I’ll also be returning two days before the first day of class; not looking forward to being jet lagged and trying to stay alive throughout the first few days. But hey, trade offs haha.

I guess my ambitions of becoming an international spoiled girlfriend may be within my reach after all. :)

Happy sugaring babies!



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