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My phone has a pin code. Why?

• Photos: gay ship fanarts
• Social media and google: OTP in search history
• Messages: fangirling w/ internet friends
• Notes: fanfic ideas
• Lockscreen/background: fave character

Need I go on?

More Daddy!Hannibal Headcanons:

  • Hannibal so pretentious, he’d probably compose a lullaby just for his child.
  • His child would learn at least TWICE the number of languages he knows.
  • When his child is curious about junk food, I doubt he’d even let them try it. He’d just create healthy, delicious alternatives right off the bat.
  • Hannibal partaking in children’s media with his child (watching Disney, playing video games, etc).
  • If his child REALLY wanted a pet, he’d probably get them a sphinx or smth like that.
  • Hannibal’s almost always well behaved child in formal wear attending the opera and other events with him and everyone cooing over them, d'aww.
  • Their nighttime routine: Dinner, some visual media like TV, bath time, Hannibal reading smth like ancient mythology to them, and a lovely massage (not necessarily for just the child (tiny hands so soft)) to put them to sleep with soft music or environmental sounds playing in the background.
  • Hannibal’s child politely asking their Daddy to carry them. Hannibal agreeing to do so more often than not.
  • Hannibal teaching his child when and when not to bite someone.
  • Daddy-Child Yoga, can I get an Amen!
  • Hannibal making sure that if he was caught, his child would be taken care of financially and in other ways. 

While I am happy to know filming is going on for s4, I’d prefer to not know what exactly is being filmed. As this will be my first season following live I want to stay as unspoiled for what’s to come as possible!

I am going to try to keep this blog spoiler free. If you are a spoiler free blog as well, let me know, so I can keep my dash clear :)

Don’t think about Sam one day getting a call from Jody to come to the hospital. Don’t think about him, Dean, and Cas getting there only to find Jody, Claire, and Alex waiting, a little girl of maybe two years old sitting in Claire’s lap. Don’t think about Jody having to explain to Sam that the little girl is his, from a team up with another hunter that didn’t stay completely professional behavior.

Don’t think about Sam looking panicked and scared, or choking on his words as he introduces himself to his daughter for the first time, and don’t think about him having to explain that her momma wouldn’t be coming back because she got hurt doing her job and saving people.

Don’t think about Dean clamping a hand on his shoulder and giving him a smile of reassurance, or him introducing themselves as “Uncle Dean” and “Uncle Cas”. Don’t think about Jody pulling the old child’s bed frame out of the attic for them, or the girls offering to babysit or help out whenever.

Don’t think about Sam nearly having a panic attack when they get back to the bunker with this small human and suddenly it all seems so much. Don’t think of Cas taking the little girl into his arms and softly asking her questions about her likes and dislikes, while Dean grabs his brother’s shoulders and forces him to look him in the eye. Don’t think about Dean promising they’ll get through it together and “Three men and a baby this”.

Don’t think about how all three of them just take to her immediately and love her fiercely. Don’t think of her dressed in her princess costume and tiara surrounded by towers of books and reading to her stuffed animals. Don’t think about Cas teaching her the names of all the plants and animals and how to put a seed in the earth and make it grow. Don’t think about Dean teaching her everything she’ll need to know about cars, as well as how to be proficient in the kitchen.

Don’t think about Sam tucking her in at night and settling in to read her the next chapter of a book before bed, wondering what he ever did to deserve something so good.

Don’t think about it.

Things that are iconic in the BTS fandom

In no particular order 

  1. Bangtan bombs
  2. Cyphers 
  3. Eat jin
  4. English with rapmonster 
  5. SOPE
  6. RMusic
  7. Kimdaily
  8. HopeOnTheStreet
  9. #JIMIN
  10. Birthday memes
  11. BTS dance practice funny version
  12. BTS Festa radio show
  13. Satoori lessons with 95z
  14. Twitter updates 
  15. BTS gayo track “go, go, go” 

God our fandom is so spoiled. P.S feel free to add more if I forgot any :) 

i’m still feeling Emotions from all the stuff that was going on in nier automata like holy hell. but, i figured since i’ve been posting a lot about it, i also may as well give a warning list, as spoil free as possible, so folks know what they’re getting into.

nier automata discusses and involves themes such as:

• existentialism
• some vague unreality
• suicide
• genocide/racism (between androids and machines)
• theism (in a broad sense, no specific deity)
• there is a robot orgy but there’s no explicit things since no one has any bits?
• gender roles do come up but everyone is robots and they’re mostly confused about their purpose
• there are like two naked people who have no bits so it’s fine i guess
• vague child death?? death in general tbh.

the biggest warning i can think of is to be careful if you are sensitive to discussion and examples of suicide, suicidal ideation, and existential funk. there’s a lot of sad stuff, and it takes a bit for you to find more hopeful stuff in the game.

there are also a couple gameplay issues, the main ones being:

• platforming is hit and miss, climbable areas are missable and areas that look climbable often aren’t. it’s also common to just completely miss grabbing onto ledges and end up plummeting.
• the intro has no save points, you gotta do it all in one go, good luck.
• there are a couple sections of the game meant to evoke helplessness. their sudden difficulty and unpredictability can also evoke frustration. good luck.

thoughts on power rangers (2017)

ok but like, i just watched the new power rangers film today and i loved it???? apart from maybe their morph suits, which i’m still a little eh about, but i can live with it. 

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Show rant for a second

Okay, you might not have any idea what I’m talking about but I have to freak for a second so here I go:

Basically this nice, protective, acts-dumb-but-is-really-smart girl was kidnapped by the bad guys (more like told to come with them no questions asked or her friends would die). A large group in the show things she’s a traitor, and won’t help save her.

So she goes, and her friends are all like “wtf? She’s not a bad guy shed never go willingly” and they go to save her. Keep in mind that the group that took the girl are all hellishly strong and there is a high chance they’ll all die.

Now the bad guy that’s supposed to be watching over her is one of the top 10 main bad guys, besides the three leaders. He’s this really cold, unfeeling, I-will-kill-you-without-hesitation guy. Not the type to mess with.

Well, he goes to force her to eat, and mentions that one of her friends was dead. She keeps repeating that he’s not, and he goes on this tangent about how at the end of the day, they’ll all be dead, she shouldn’t concern herself with them, they’re lambs to the slaughter, yada yada. It becomes a bit much for her to handle, what with everything she’s been through.

Now, this girl? Sweet. Gentle. Wants to help her friends. Her strongest abilities are defense and healing. Her weakest? Attack. Fighting isn’t her thing. She would never hurt someone unless she absolutely must.

How does she react?

Straight up bitch slaps him across the face.

I love this girl and I legit screamed. My jaw hit the floor.


There seems to be a dent in the wall over him, and the window is covered in soot as well.  On the floor across from him is a broken scroll.  Whatever happened here, it’s amazing neither of you heard it.

“Look, Shorty, if you’re here to do some act of kindness, just hand me a screwdriver and close the door on your way out.”

The number is 0006.  Please suggest an action.


“Louis, whose green eyes are soulful, the very mirror of patient misery, soft-voiced, very human, weak, having lived only two hundred years, unable to read minds, or to levitate, or to spellbind others except inadvertently, which can be hilarious, an immortal with whom mortals fall in love…” - the Vampire Armand

Next Season On RWBY:

– Ruby and the remains of Team JNPR face difficulties on the road when they realise the only navigator their friend group ever had was Pyrrha, thanks to her innate sense of magnetic north. Eventually, in the dead of winter and with their supplies completely gone, they end up resorting to cannibalism. But don’t worry - Jaune is eaten first.

– Utilising both her keen sense of business acumen and utter ruthlessness, Weiss is able to enact a successful coup at Schnee Corp. She now spends her days enforcing her rule with an army of Penny 2.0s, and while she looks fondly on her tenure as a member of Team RWBY, she can’t help but think they were holding her back from her true potential in matters of world domination.

– The first day Yang decides to get back out there and live life a little, she loses her other arm in an unfortunate accident involving a particularly ravenous woodchipper. When she hears the news, a guilt-ridden Blake returns to offer to transplant one of her own arms to her partner, but ends up running away again before the surgery once she learns just how big the hospital bills will get.

– Neptune not only gets over his fear of water but turns out to be a swimming prodigy, and abandons his Huntsman career to pursue it. Once his teammates discover they too want to become swimming champions, the four of them become a swim team loaded with ambiguous boy love the likes of which the anime world has never seen. Their brief attempt to help their friend Yang out of her depression by turning her into the world’s greatest double arm amputee swimmer, while admirable, does not amount to anything.

– Mercury and Emerald, lost without Cinder, are soon captured by Ironwood, and tasked to join his and Winter’s secret project: The Suicide Squad. However, when DC decides to make a Suicide Squad movie, Mercury and Emerald are quietly killed off to avoid confusing audiences with the movie versions of the characters.

– An out of work Neo soon returns to her original passion: writing, and she produces a script for a Valeway play called Springtime For Torchwick. The script is controversial to say the least, and hasn’t gotten picked up yet. Still, she’s hopeful. We believe in you, Neo.

– Ozpin remains missing. Even Raven Branwen has to concede to his superior hiding skills, though she claims she did a more effective job by leaving behind a daughter when she disappeared. Nobody will at least give her that much, especially her completely armless daughter to whom Raven only briefly thought of sending a Get Well Soon card to before thinking better of it.

– One night while flying around in his crow form, Qrow hits a window and breaks his neck. Don’t drink and fly, kids.

– In the afterlife, Pyrrha discovers her destiny in the form of Tukson, the two falling in love after bonding over their shared experience of being killed by bad guys. Amber, meanwhile, manages to end up in a coma in the afterlife, then comes out of it for four seconds before dying again. Somehow. Nobody knows where she ends up beyond the beyond, but it’s fair to say wherever she is, she’s suffering.

– Bonus leaked concept art of Volume 4 Yang:

anonymous asked:

Does this blog contain any V3 spoilers because I 100% want to look through it but I also do not,, want to get spoiled :c

//mun: spoiler-free fam