spyota, spuhura, spohura, whatever

not gonna lie, i have sooo many mixed feelings about them. why jj decided to put spock and uhura together of all things confuses the hell out of me, but i thought it was sweet none the less. 

i like it. but spirk is my OTP no matter what. i just hope they develop the spock/uhura relationship well in Into Darkness. 

jim and uhura having a bros night in and watching old films in jims quarters in footie pyjamas with popcorn and then spock comes in for no reason and they both kind of stare at him and then he says something about amanda liking one of the films they were watching and jim and uhura invite spock to cuddle with them out of sympathy and half way into the film jim and uhura start to fall asleep and lean on spock and spock has that little smirk and eventually falls asleep anyway

Am I the only one who thinks that the portrayal of Spohura in Star Trek (2009) was a little bit crap? I’m not bashing the ship here, and in fact once I watched some of the old stuff with Spock and Uhura, I understood the ship SOO much more, and I really like it, and their dynamic. But I’m fairly new to the Star Trek fandom, so when I watched 2009, it was my first time seeing Uhura, and their relationship just seemed to be there just ‘cause. I mean, unless I missed massive chunks, there wasn’t really that much interaction between them, apart from them kissing. Like I didn’t see any playful banter, or anything that showed much of a spark or chemistry between them, apart from physically. In fact I didn’t see all that much of Uhura at all, which is a shame, since she’s so unbelievably sassy and amazing. I just wish we had seen more of their interactions to make the ship more fleshed out, and I hope they did that more in Into Darkness.