i dunno what words to use

with no one who wants to hear them

i can’t seem to find a muse

becasue no one wants me near them

i don’t know what i’m made of

what is there to be so afraid of

if i shatter i’ll just implode

but if you touch me i’ll explode

just leave me here to rot my man

i’m better off forgotten trust me fam

i hope you’re constantly on tiptoes around me,
trying to peak over the fences shielding my heart,
trying to quietly shuffle past the army of men
who hold shields and armour so i won’t get hurt again;

and then i hope you charge into my life
with purpose and a tendency to trip over your own feet,
i hope i hear you from a mile away
so that i can wait with my arms open;

i hope that you dive deep into my inner-most workings
and don’t get scared - i hope when you dive
you land without a ripple but still
proceed to splash water at me at every chance you get;

i hope you love me viciously and calmly,
scream my name from the top of our hill yet
whisper me to sleep when
i can’t cope with the wonders of the world;

i hope you love me however you can,
and you paint my name onto buildings and bridges
for the whole world to know who we are,
but only ever show me why.

—  I hope you just know by Rose
You’re cute and I’m feeling tipsy and fuck you because I want to be calling you right now, laughing, but instead I’m sitting in denial with all the lights on making everything seem brighter than it really is. The world is so dark, or at least it is inside my head; and for a second you made it seem a little better. But then I remembered I’m nothing special and I’d be far too lucky if I meant anything to you.
—  untitled